Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

MINCHINHAMPTON is a market town lying 14 miles from Gloucester City. In 1830 the Rector of Minchinhampton was Revd. William COCKIN. In the 1821 census which included the chapelry of RODBOROUGH and part of NAILSWORTH, the population was shown as 7,843 inhabitants. The parish of BISLEY contained 5,421 persons in the last returns, and HORSLEY contained 3,565 inhabitants. In 1830 the Revd Peter HAWKER was rector of WOODCHESTER, which had 1,030 inhabitants.
ADAMS JamesEsq.Tower House, Woodchester
APPERLEY JohnWoollen ManufacturerWoodchester
BAKER JohnMaltsterBisley
BAKER JohnCarpenterBisley
BAKER JohnTavern & Public HousesThe George, Bisley
BAKER Thomas ??Tavern & Public HousesThe Maidenhead, Minchinhampton
BALL John G.AttorneyMinchinhampton
BALL WilliamTavern & Public HousesThe Crown, Nailsworth
BALLINGER JohnGentScates Hill, Chalford
BARNARD,BLISS & BARNARDWoollen ManufacturerNailsworth
BARTLETT EdwardBakerMinchinhampton
BATH JacobEsq.Chalford
BAXTER JohnWoollen ManufacturerAvening Mill
BEVIN ThomasSurgeonMinchinhampton
BIDMEAD SamuelPlastererBisley
BIGGARS JosephSaddlerNailsworth
BLACKWELL Jno.Bookseller &c.Nailsworth
BLACKWELL WilliamStone MasonWall's Quarry
BOULTON JosephWheelwrightFrogmarsh
BROTHERTON IsaacDay SchoolBisley
BROWN & Co.Woollen ManufacturerNailsworth
BROWNING RichardPainter/Plumber/GlazierNailsworth
BROWNING ThomasCarpenterMinchinhampton
CALDWELL AnnGrocer / DraperMinchinhampton
CAMPBELL HenryRevd.Dunkirk House
CHANDLER LeviHatterNailsworth
CHANDLER ThomasHatterMinchinhampton
CHAPMAN JosephTailorNailsworth
CHAPMAN William & Jas.TailorNailsworth
CHEW JohnBlacksmithBisley
CHILD StephenTavern & Public HousesThe Red Lion, Chalford
CLARK JohnWheelwrightNailsworth
CLIFT ThomasButcherMinchinhampton
CLIFT WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerBisley
CLINCH AlexanderStraw Hat MakerNailsworth
CLISSOLD JosephPainter/Plumber/GlazierBisley
CLUTTERBUCK Elizabeth Miss Hyde
CLUTTERBUCK SamuelWoollen ManufacturerSt Mary's Mill
CLUTTERBUCK ThomasCarpenterNailsworth
COCKIN WilliamRevd.Minchinhampton
COOK AliceInn KeeperClothiers' Arms, Nailsworth
COX Abraham DanielWoollen ManufacturerBliss's Mill, Chalford
COX ElizabethTavern & Public HousesThe Companys Arms, Chalford
CRISSOLD AnnMaltsterNailsworth
DAMSELL SamuelMaltsterBisley
DAMSELL SamuelShopkeeper & SundriesBisley
DANGERFIELD SamuelSaddlerBisley
DANIELS SamuelCooperMinchinhampton
DAVIS Charles & Fredk.Woollen ManufacturerNailsworth
DAVIS Daniel & ThomasGrocer / DraperMinchinhampton
DAVIS GeorgeTavern & Public HousesThe Greyhound, Chalford
DAVIS HANDY & JESSEWoollen ManufacturerChalford
DAVIS James & SonDyerNailsworth
DAVIS ThomasTavern & Public HousesThe Bear, Bisley
DAVIS, HANDY & JESSEFancy DyersChalford
DEAN ---Revd.Chalford
DRYSDALE JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierNailsworth
DUCIERt Hon LordSpring Park
DUNN AnnLadies Boarding SchoolWoodchester
DUTTON WilliamTavern & Public HousesThe New Inn, Bisley
DYER NathanielEsq.Nailsworth
ELLIS WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerNailsworth
EVANS AaronWoollen ManufacturerJones' Mill
EVANS SamuelBrazier & tin Plate WorkerNailsworth
EVANS ThomasBrazier & nail makerNailsworth
FISHER HenryGrocer / DraperNailsworth
FRANCIS & FLINTWoollen ManufacturerWoodchester
FRANKLIN SarahShopkeeper & SundriesChalford
FURLEY WilliamInn KeeperCrown Minchinhampton
GARDNER JohnCarpenterChalford Hill
GARDNER JosiahMaltsterChalford
GAWM JamesTavern & Public HousesThe White Hart, Bisley
GIBBONS RichardBakerBisley
GILKES RichardBoarding SchoolNailsworth
GILLMAN JohnBoot & Shoe MakerHorsley
GOUGH DanielCarpenterLittle Britain
GRIFFITHS MissesBoarding SchoolNailsworth
GRISTE MatthewFlock MakerBennett's Mill
HALLIDAY WilliamEsq.Frome Hall
HAWKER ----Revd.Woodchester
HAYCOCK Thomas & SonWoollen ManufacturerWoodchester
HAYWARD ThomasCutlerMinchinhampton
HAZEL GeorgeShopkeeper & SundriesBisley
HESKINS ThomasTavern & Public HousesThe Boot, Horsley
HILL BenjaminTavern & Public HousesThe Bell, Bisley
HILL BenjaminButcherBisley
HILL RichardButcherNailsworth
HILL ThomasTavern & Public HousesThe Ram, Minchinhampton
HILLIER WilliamShopkeeper & SundriesHorsley
HILMAN JamesMillerWoodchester
HITCHINGS JohnWoolstaplerMinchinhampton
HOLMES SamuelInn KeeperThe George, Nailsworth
HOOPER MaryShopkeeper & SundriesNailsworth
HOUSE AndrewTavern & Public HousesThe New Inn, Nailsworth
HOUSMAN WilliamAttorneyWoodchester
HOWELL ThomasGentBrown's Hill
HUTTON CharlesRevd.Chalford
HYETT ThomasTavern & Public HousesThe White Lion, Minchinhampton
ILES JosephMillerChalford
ILES JosephWoollen ManufacturerChalford
ILES RobertMaltsterMinchinhampton
ILES RobertBakerMinchinhampton
JAMES EdwardTailorMinchinhampton
JEFFERIES jno.Boarding SchoolMinchinhampton
JENKINS CharlesBakerNailsworth
JONES DanielTavern & Public HousesThe George, Minchinhampton
JONES DanielBakerMinchinhampton
JONES Nathaniel & Joe.Woollen ManufacturerClayfield Mill, Chalford
JONES ThomasWoollen ManufacturerDarke Mill, Chalford
KINGSCOTEColonelKingscote Park
LAMB ThomasTavern & Public HousesThe Blue Boys, Minchinhampton
LAMBERT EdwardWoollen ManufacturerSpring Mills, Chalford
LAMBERT WilliamGentHyde
LAMBERT Wm TrotmanAttorneyChalford
LAWRENCE WilliamTavern & Public HousesThe King's Head, Nailsworth
LEONARD SamuelMillwrightNailsworth
LEWIS JosephButcherMinchinhampton
LIDDIARD WilliamPlastererBisley
LLOYD SamuelRevd.Nailsworth
LONG WilliamGrocer / DraperChalford
LOWE CharlesSurgeonMinchinhampton
LOWE JohnSurgeonChalford
LUGG GeorgeTavern & Public HousesThe King's Head, Bisley
MacLEAN ThomasShopkeeper & SundriesNailsworth
MANNING SamuelCarpenterMinchinhampton
MIDDLEMORE RichardTavern & Public HousesThe Trumpet, Minchinhampton
MINTY WilliamTailorNailsworth
MONK WilliamBlacksmithMinchinhampton
MORGAN JohnButcherMinchinhampton
MORTON MosesTavern & Public HousesThe Old Red Lion, Chalford
NEEMS JosephMaltsterInchbrook
NEWMAN DariusButcherMinchinhampton
ODELAND ThomasMillwrightHorsley
OGDEN SamuelSpinning Machine MakerMinchinhampton
OSBORN SamuelCooperNailsworth
PARK FenningMaster Free SchoolMinchinhampton
PARSONS JohnBlacksmithMinchinhampton
PARTRIDGE WilliamLetter Press PrinterNailsworth
PEACEY WilliamTavern & Public HousesThe Ram, Woodchester
PEGLER HannahBakerNailsworth
PLAYNE & SMITHWoollen ManufacturerDunkirk Mill & Packers Court London
PLAYNE GeorgeBrewerMinchinhampton
PLAYNE William & Co.Woollen ManufacturerLongford Mill.
POOLE William Fredk.CarpenterMinchinhampton
POWELL JohnChymist & DruggistNailsworth
PREVOST GeorgeRevd. Sir Bart.Chalford
PRICE GeorgeWheelwrightMinchinhampton
RELPH Jos.Tavern & Public HousesThe White Hart, Minchinhampton
RELPH WilliamBakerMinchinhampton
RICARDO DavidEsq.Gatcomb Park
RISBEY RichardMillwrightNailsworth
ROBERTS JohnSurgeonMinchinhampton
RODWAY JohnBakerBisley
ROSE EdwardGrocer / DraperCoombe, Woodchester
ROSS J.P.AttorneyChalford
SCUSE GeorgeMaltster & Wine MerchantMinchinhampton
SCUSE JacobGrocerMinchinhampton
SEVILL SamuelWire Card ManufacturerChalford
SHEPHERD Mrs.Boarding & Day SchoolMinchinhampton
SMART JamesWoollen ManufacturerHalady's Mill Chalford
SMITH HenryAttorneyInchbrook
SMITH James & SonSaddlerMinchinhampton
SMITH Jno.jun & SolomonPainter/Plumber/GlazierHorsley
SMITH JohnMaster National SchoolHorsley
STEPHENS WalterTavern & Public HousesThe Red Lion, Nailsworth
STOCKMAN JamesCooperBisley
STOCKMAN ThomasCooperMinchinhampton
STOKES ThomasSurgeonNailsworth
STRACHEY GeorgeEsq.Bownham House
STRATTON AllthioBrazier & IronmongerMinchinhampton
TAYLOE WilliamGentChalford
THOMAS GeorgeGrocerNailsworth
THOMAS J.Tavern & Public HousesThe Greyhound, Minchinhampton
THOMAS RichardPainter/Plumber/GlazierChalford
THOMAS RichardTavern & Public HousesThe Clothiers' Arms, Chalford
TILLEY WilliamButcherWoodchester
TOWNSEND AlexanderGentChalford
TROLLOPE MissesStraw Hat MakersNailsworth
TUFFLEY PaulStone MasonNailsworth
TYE JohnGrocerChalford
UNDERWOOD ThomasBlacksmithNailsworth
UNDERWOOD WilliamMillwrightNailsworth
WALKLEY CharlotteTavern & Public HousesThe Swan, Minchinhampton
WALL EdwardMaster St Chloe's SchoolMinchinhampton
WARE JosephMaltster & Coal DealerHyde & Chalford
WARMAN Robert M.Woollen ManufacturerChalford
WATHEN & CORKWoollen ManufacturerWoodchester
WATHEN SamuelSir Knt.Woodchester
WEBB John junWoollen ManufacturerWimberley Mill, Chalford
WEBB SamuelFlock MakerDutton House
WESTLEY WilliamAttorneyNailsworth
WHITERN WilliamTavern & Public HousesThe Bell, Chalford
WHITING JohnTailorBisley
WHITING WilliamBreeches MakerBisley
WHITTA ? ThomasRevd.Chalford
WILBRAHAM EdwardEsq.Horsley
WILLIAMS ThomasWoollen ManufacturerInchbrook
WILLIS JohnBoot & Shoe MakerNailsworth
WILSON PeterMaltsterBisley
WINDEY MatthewGovr House of CorrectionHorsley
WOOD GeorgeBlacksmithMinchinhampton
WOOD RichardWoollen ManufacturerDye House Mill
WOOD RichardWoollen Manufacturernear Chalford
WOOD ThomasTavern & Public HousesThe Red Lion, Bisley
WOOD ThomasCarpenterBisley
WOODWARD W.Tavern & Public HousesThe Salutation, Minchinhampton
WORKMAN ElijahGrocerWoodchester
WORKMAN GeorgeCarpenterWoodchester
WORKMAN HenryPainter/Plumber/GlazierWoodchester
YOUNG JamesAdmiralBarton House, Horsley
YOUNG ThomasShopkeeper & SundriesNailsworth

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 25th October 1993]