Mitcheldean, Moreton in Marsh, Newent & Newnham, Gloucestershire


1868 - The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland

Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

The following is a combined list of names of the inhabitants of Mitchell-Dean, Moreton in the Marsh, Newent & Newnham transcribed and sorted into alphabetical order.
MITCHELL-DEAN is a market town in the hundred of St Briavell's 11 miles from Gloucester City and 8 miles from Coleford on the borders of the Forest of Dean. The church is dedicated to St Michael the gift of Maynard Colchester Esq. The rector in 1830 was Rev. Edward JONES and the curate was Rev Heathfield HICKS. At the last return the parish had 556 inhabitants

MORETON-IN-THE-MARSH is situated 20 miles from Cheltenham. Lord Redesdale was Lord of the Manor at Batsford Park. In the last returns (1821) the population was 1,015.

NEWENT is a market town and is eight miles from Gloucester, and has hot springs. The Vicar in 1830 was Rev Archdeacon ONSLOW and the curate was Rev James ARCHIBALD. On 29th January 1673 the church steeple fell down immediately after evening service but nobody was hurt. At the 1821 census the town had 2,660 inhabitants.

NEWNHAM is a market town 12 miles from Gloucester City and six miles from Mitchell-Dean. In 1821 the parish had 1,112 inhabitants.

ABELL Joseph Surgeon Mitchell-Dean
ABRAHALL James Watchmaker Mitchell-Dean
AINSWORTH & CADLE Attorneys Newent
ALLEN Susannah Inn & Public House The King's Arms, Newent
ALLEN William Grocer Moreton in the Marsh
AMBROSE William Esq. Hagloe House, Newnham
ANDREWS Francis Saddler &c. Newnham
ARCHIBALD James Revd. Newent
ASTON Samuel Esq. Compton House, Newent
ATKINS Thomas Boot & Shoemaker Moreton in the Marsh
AVERILL George Boot & Shoemaker Newnham
BACON Thomas Brazier & Tinman Newent
BAILEY William Maltster Newent
BAILEY William Saddler Newent
BAKER Wm. Beresford Gent Moreton in the Marsh
BARNARD Eliz. Draper & Grocer Newnham
BATHURST Charles Rt Hon Lydney Park, Newnham
BEADLES Charles Fowler Surgeon Mitchell-Dean
BEALEY James Carpenter & Joiner Newent
BELE Theophilus Esq. Moat House, Newent
BEMAN Robert Coal, Slate & Timber Moreton in the Marsh
BENNETT Thomas & Co. Maltster, Corn Dealer Mitchell-Dean
BERNARD Richard Carpenter Mitchell-Dean
BETTINGTON Edward Tiler & Plasterer Newnham
BETTINGTON William Tiler & Plasterer Newnham
BIGGS James Shopkeeper Newent
BILLINGHAM Richard Tailor Newent
BIRD John Baker Moreton in the Marsh
BIRT Elizabeth Tailor Newent
BISCO James Linen Maker and Maltster Newent
BLUNT Harriet Mrs. Mitchell-Dean
BOSSOM Henry Postmaster Mitchell-Dean
BOUGHTON John Butcher Mitchell-Dean
BOWKETT John Coal Dealer Newent
BOWREY John Blacksmith Mitchell-Dean
BOWYER Onesiphorus Currier &c. Newnham
BRADLEY Eliz. Baker & Confectioner Newent
BRADLEY Thomas Watch & Clock Maker Newent
BRAY Harriet Milliner & Straw Hat Maker Newent
BROWN Lawrence Inn & Public House The Bull, Newent
BROWN Lawrence Auctioneer, Maltster &c. Newent
BRUTON William Butcher Newent
BUCKLAND George Shopkeeper Newent
BUCKLE Benjamin Baker Newent
BUDDING William Cooper Newent
BURDEN Richard Master Free School Moreton in the Marsh
BUSBY Henry Goodear Linen manufacturer Moreton in the Marsh
BUSHELL William Revd. Vicarage House, Newent
BUSHELL William Revd. Boarding School Vicarage House, Newent
CARELESS Elizabeth Maltster Newent
CARELESS Hannah Milliner &c. Moreton in the Marsh
CARELESS James Slater & Plasterer Moreton in the Marsh
CARELESS Thomas Slater & Plasterer Moreton in the Marsh
CHADBUNN Clement Attorney Newnham
CHINN Ann Miss Newent
CHURCHILL Jos. Sieve & Basket Maker Moreton in the Marsh
CLARK Joseph Gent. Newent
CLARKE William Cabinet Maker Newnham
CLAYFIELD Samuel Cooper Newnham
CLIFFORD James Saddler & Rope Maker Newnham
COCKERELL Charles Sir Bart. Sezencott Hse, Moreton in the Marsh
COLCHESTER Maynard Esq. Wilderness, Mitchell-Dean
COLEMAN Josiah Currier Mitchell-Dean
COLEMAN William Gardner & Seedsman Mitchell-Dean
COMMELINE James Revd. Redmarley, Newent
COOK Edward Coal Dealer Newent
COOPER Samuel Boarding & Day School Newent
COWMEADOW Thomas Blacksmith Newent
COX G. Revd. Actuary Savings Bank Newnham
COX George Revd. Newnham
CRAVEN John Auctioneer, Carpenter &c. Newent
CRAVEN Jon. Boot & Shoemaker Newent
CRAWLEY Charles Revd. Broughton, Mitchell-Dean
CRAWLEY Thomas Sir Bart. Flaxley Abbey, Newnham
CRAWLEY Thomas Sir Bart. Flaxley Abbey, Mitchell-Dean
CUE Mary Draper, Grocer, Ironmonger Newent
CUE Richard Grocer/Draper/Tallow dlr Newent
D'OYLY Robert Attorney Bourton, Moreton in the Marsh
DALE Ann Grocer/Draper/Stamp distributor Newent
DAVIES Jno. Revd. Pauntley Vicarage, Newent
DAVIES William Butcher Mitchell-Dean
DAVIS John Cooper Mitchell-Dean
DAY Sophia Straw Hat Maker Newnham
DEAKIN Benjamin Coal Dealer Newent
DRUMMOND John Esq. Boyce Court, Newent
DRURY John Grocer and Butcher Moreton in the Marsh
DYER John Blacksmith & Clothes dealer Moreton in the Marsh
DYER Thomas Blacksmith Moreton in the Marsh
ELLIS Daniel Butcher & Shopkeeper Moreton in the Marsh
ELLIS John Timber Merchant Newent
ELLIS John Inn & Public House The George, Newent
ELLIS Thomas Maltster Moreton in the Marsh
EVANS George Boot & Shoemaker Newent
FIELD Richard Coal Merchant Moreton in the Marsh
FLETCHER Thomas Joiner Moreton in the Marsh
FORD Richard William Revd. Risington, Moreton in the Marsh
FOSTER Thomas White Saddler &c. Moreton in the Marsh
FOX John Ironmonger & Brazier Moreton in the Marsh
FRANKLING George Draper & Tailor Moreton in the Marsh
FREEMAN Samuel Blacksmith Moreton in the Marsh
FRYER John Plumber & Glazier Newnham
GATFIELD Hannah Shopkeeper Newent
GATFIELD Joseph Nail Maker Newent
GIBBS George Stone Mason Mitchell-Dean
GILLETT William Gardner & Seedsman Moreton in the Marsh
GOISE Jno. W. General Flaxley Grange, Newnham
GOODYER John Carpenter & Joiner Newent
GOORE William Henry Attorney Moreton in the Marsh
GRAY George Linen Manufacturer Moreton in the Marsh
GREEN Eliz. Painter/Glazier &c. Newent
GREEN John Painter/Glazier &c. Newent
GREEN Joseph Shopkeeper Newent
GREEN William Carpenter Newnham
GRIFFITHS John Nail Maker Mitchell-Dean
GRIFFITHS Thomas Stone Mason Mitchell-Dean
GRIFFITHS William Boot & Shoemaker Mitchell-Dean
GROVES William Carpenter Moreton in the Marsh
HALE John Inns & Public Houses The Red Lion, Mitchell-Dean
HALE Thomas Inns & Public Houses The George, Mitchell-Dean
HALE Thomas Surgeon Moreton in the Marsh
HALL George Baker Moreton in the Marsh
HALL John Robert Revd. Batsford, Moreton in the Marsh
HALL Mary Painter Glazier &c. Moreton in the Marsh
HANDY Thomas Tailor Moreton in the Marsh
HARRIS Mary Miss Moreton in the Marsh
HARRISON William Inns & Public Houses The Union, Newnham
HARTLAND John Attorneys Newent
HARTLAND William Bryan Surgeon Newent
HARTLE Thomas Postmaster Newent
HARTLE Thomas Grocer & Draper Newent
HAYES Thomas Tailor Newent
HAYWARD Henry Organist Newent
HERBERT Jos. Boot & Shoemaker Newent
HERBERT Peter Tanner Newent
HICKS Heathfield Revd. Mitchell-Dean
HILL James Butcher Newnham
HINE Henry Painter glazier &c. Moreton in the Marsh
HINE Thomas Stone Mason Moreton in the Marsh
HIRON James Shopkeeper Newent
HOARE W.E. Mrs. Mitchell-Dean
HOBBS John Blacksmith Newnham
HOLDER Elizabeth Blacksmith Newnham
HOLDER Mary Inn & Public House The Red Lion, Newent
HOLLISTER George Surgeon Newent
HOOPER William Gent Moreton in the Marsh
HOPE Samuel Boot & Shoemaker Newent
HORNE Jane Inns & Public Houses. White Lion, Moreton in the Marsh
HORNE Thomas Grocer Moreton in the Marsh
HOWELL Edward Esq. Taynton, Newent
HUMPIDGE James Miller & Flour dealer Newent
HUNT John Ship Builder Broad Oak, Newnham
HUTCHINSON George Currier Mitchell-Dean
JACKSON Mary & Eliz. Milliners &c. Newnham
JANCEY Mary Shopkeeper Newent
JEFFERSON Christopher Revd. Longboro' Moreton in the Marsh
JEFFREYS Thomas Linen Manufacturer Newent
JELF James Sir Bart Oaklands, Newnham
JELFS Hannah Straw Hat Maker Moreton in the Marsh
JENKINS John Draper & Grocer Mitchell-Dean
JENNINGS John Inn & Public House The Crown, Newent
JEYNES Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Moreton in the Marsh
JOHNSON Robert Baker Moreton in the Marsh
JONES Edward Revd. Hay Hill, Newnham
JONES Edward Revd. Hay Hill, Mitchell-Dean
JONES John Tailor Moreton in the Marsh
JONES John Linen Manufacturer Newent
JONES John Saddler Mitchell-Dean
KEEN John Painter Glazier &c. Moreton in the Marsh
KEITLEY John Maltster Moreton in the Marsh
KEY Harriet Miss Newent
KING George Boot & Shoemaker Newnham
KNOWLES John Draper/Grocer & Stamp distributor Newnham
KNOWLES William Liquor Merchant Newnham
LANE Richard Weight Bookseller &c. Moreton in the Marsh
Lardner John Postmaster Moreton in the Marsh
LARDNER William Inns & Public Houses. The Swan Inn, Moreton in the Marsh
LAUDER Abraham Boarding & Day School Newent
LEONARD Edmund Boot & Shoemaker Newnham
LEWIS Benjamin Clerk to the Canal Coy. Newent
LEWIS William Druggist & Grocer Mitchell-Dean
LINDOW Henry L. Esq. Slaughter, Moreton in the Marsh
LITTLE George Cooper Newent
LLOYD Jos. Paper maker Gun's Mills, Mitchell-Dean
LONGFORD George Surgeon Moreton in the Marsh
LOVERIDGE Richard Baker & Shopkeeper Newent
LOVESY Richard Surgeon Newent
LUCAS John Attorney Newnham
MALPAS Jos. Henry Revd. Awre Vicarage, Newnham
MANN John Revd. Moreton in the Marsh
MANN John Revd. Boarding & Day Academy Moreton in the Marsh
MARFELL John Maltster & Butcher Mitchell-Dean
MARK Thomas Stone Mason Mitchell-Dean
MATHEWS James Maltster Newent
MATTHEWS Daniel Blacksmith Mitchell-Dean
MATTHEWS James Blacksmith Mitchell-Dean
MATTHEWS John Grocer & Draper Newent
MATTHEWS William Esq. Mantley House, Newent
MAXWELL Mrs. Newnham
MEEK Charles Blacksmith Mitchell-Dean
MERRICK Richard Carpenter Newnham
MERRIMAN James Baker Mitchell-Dean
MERRITT John Boot & Shoe maker Newent
MERRITT Robert Cabinet Maker Newent
MILES Robert Gent Moreton in the Marsh
MILLS James Nail maker Mitchell-Dean
MINCHIN John Watch maker Moreton in the Marsh
MOODY James Butcher Newent
MORGAN John Weaver Mitchell-Dean
MORGAN John Draper & Grocer Newnham
MORGAN William Shopkeeper Mitchell-Dean
MORSE John Revd. Huntley, Newent
MORSE John Butcher Newnham
MORSE John Inns & Public Houses The True Heart, Newnham
MORSE John Nourse Gent Newent
MURDOCK John Shopkeeper Newnham
MUTLOE John Shopkeeper Mitchell-Dean
NELME John Balinger Tailor Mitchell-Dean
NEWMAN James Inns & Public Houses. Black Bear, Moreton in the Marsh
NICHOLLS Robert Carpenter & Builder Newent
NICHOLLS William Carpenter & Joiner Newent
NOEL William M. Hon. Clanna Falls, Newnham
ONSLOW Richard Foley Esq, Oxenhall, Newent
ONSLOW Richard Fran. Revd. Old Court, Newent
PAGE John Corn Dealer Moreton in the Marsh
PALMER Catherine Mrs. Newnham
PALMER John Boot & Shoemaker Mitchell-Dean
PARKER Richard Coal Merchant Moreton in the Marsh
PARSONS George Stocking Weaver Newnham
PARSONS James Revd. Little Dean, Newnham
PARSONS William Boot & Shoemaker Mitchell-Dean
PATRICK Thomas Butcher Newent
PAYNE Alexander Cooper Moreton in the Marsh
PAYNE Thomas Slater & Plasterer Moreton in the Marsh
PEACE Charles Grocer, Draper & Tallow Newent
PEACE Sarah Milliner & Straw Hat Maker Newent
PEARCE Thomas Painter, plumber, glazier Mitchell-Dean
PEARCE William Inns & Public Houses The White Horse, Mitchell-Dean
PEGLER Samuel Inns & Public Houses The Lower George, Newnham
PEGLER Samuel Baker Newnham
PETERS Thomas Boot and Shoemaker Newent
PHILLIPS Chas Taylor Surgeon Newnham
PHILPOTTS Jos. Druggist & Grocer Newnham
PHIPPS George Inns & Public Houses. The Unicorn, Moreton in the Marsh
PICK Thomas Gent Newnham
PITT Israel Day School Newent
PLAISTED John Tailor Newnham
POCKETT Thomas Inns & Public Houses The Swan, Mitchell-Dean
POOLE Hannah Inns & Public Houses. The Bell, Moreton in the Marsh
POWELL James Postmaster Newnham
POWELL John Clothes Dealer Newent
POWELL John Stone Mason Mitchell-Dean
POWELL William Inn & Public House The Royal Oak, Newent
POWELL William Stone Mason Mitchell-Dean
PREECE Jonathan Baker & Maltster Mitchell-Dean
PREEDY Peter Baker Newent
PRICE David Tailor Newent
PRIDAYS Henry Butcher Newnham
PROBYN Henry Captain Royal Navy Mitchell-Dean
PROSSER John Revd. Moreton in the Marsh
PROSSER Joseph Marble Working Co. Bullo, Newnham
PROSSER Joseph Agent Marble Working Co. Newnham
PURNELL Onesiphorus Currier Newent
PYRKE Joseph Esq. Dean Hall, Newnham
REDESDALE Rt Hon Lord Batsford Park, Moreton in the Marsh
REED George Esq. New Court, Newent
RICARDO Osman Esq. Bromsbenow Place, Newent
RICHARDS George Captain Royal Navy Newent
RICHARDS Joseph Inns & Public Houses The Anchor, Newnham
RICHARDS Thomas Esq. Preston's Court, Newent
RICHARDSON Margaret Mrs. Newent
ROBERTS James Ironmonger &c. Newnham
ROBINS Mary Mrs. Moreton in the Marsh
ROE Richard Inns & Public Houses The Lamb & Flag, Newnham
ROE Richard Tailor Newnham
ROSSER Henry Attorney Mitchell-Dean
RUDGE John Baker & Shopkeeper Newent
RUDGE John Draper & Grocer Mitchell-Dean
RUDGE John Carpenter & joiner Newent
RUDGE Thomas Butcher Newent
RUSSELL Elizabeth Shopkeeper Newnham
RUSSELL Richard Inns & Public Houses The George, Newnham
RYDER William & Thos. Spirit Merchants Newnham
SAYER John Revd. Slown Arlingham, Newnham
SELWIN Elbina Miss Batsford, Moreton in the Marsh
SELWIN Elizabeth Miss Batsford, Moreton in the Marsh
SELWIN Mary Miss Batsford, Moreton in the Marsh
SHIRLEY William Joiner & Cabinetmaker Moreton in the Marsh
SHORTMAN Samuel Watchmaker Newnham
SIER John Stone Mason Newent
SIER Martha Grocer & Draper Newent
SILLEY Richard Butcher Mitchell-Dean
SMALL Benjamin Carpenter Mitchell-Dean
SMITH Absalom Baker & Flour Dealer Mitchell-Dean
SMITH David Inns & Public Houses. The White Hart, Moreton in the Mars
SMITH John Engineer & Surveyor Moreton in the Marsh
SMITH Rachael Milliner &c. Moreton in the Marsh
SMITH Robert Inns & Public Houses The Bear, Newnham
SPARROW Lettice Milliner & Dress maker Newent
STANLEY John Wheelwright Moreton in the Marsh
STEVENS William Basket Maker Newent
STOKES Charles Esq. Murrel's End, Newent
STOKES John Esq. Pauntley Court, Newent
STONE Edward Baker & Shopkeeper Moreton in the Marsh
STONE James Stone Mason Newent
STONE Richard Tailor Newent
STRODE Simon Ratford Academy Hill House, Newnham
SURL John Brazier & Ironmonger Newent
SWAIN Mrs. Newnham
SWAIN Joseph Bark Merchant Newnham
SYMONDS J.Dymock Revd. Newent
TALBOT George Esq. Temple Guiting,Moreton in the Marsh
TAYLOR John Tanner Newnham
TAYLOR Richard & Son draper &c. Moreton in the Marsh
TAYLOR William Flax Dresser Moreton in the Marsh
THACKWELL John Esq. Milton Place, Newent
THOMAS John Coal Dealer Newent
THOMAS Jos. Painter plumber &c. Mitchell-Dean
THOMSON Thomas Sidney Surgeon Newnham
THURSTON Henry Saddler Newent
THURSTON John Baker Newent
THURSTON Robert Baker Newent
TOVEY & JAMES Attorneys Newnham
TRIGG James Wheelwright Mitchell-Dean
WAIT John Esq. New House, Newnham
WALDOCK Mary Day School Newent
WALKER Robert Carpenter Moreton in the Marsh
WALLIS Thomas Esq. Tibberton Court, Newent
WARJON Richard Tailor Newent
WARNFORD Samuel Wilson Revd. Dr. Bourton on the Hill, Moreton
WATKINS Edward Schoolmaster Mitchell-Dean
WATKINS John Inns & Public Houses The Seven Stars, Mitchell-Dean
WEBB John Esq. Brown End, Newent
WEBB John Nail Maker Newent
WEBB Robert Slater & Plasterer Moreton in the Marsh
WEBLEY Aaron Tailor Newent
WEBLEY Thomas Tailor Newent
WEIGHT Henry Inns & Public Houses The Ship, Newnham
WELLING William Woolstapler Newent
WELLS Ralph Inns & Public Houses. The Crown, Moreton in the Marsh
WEST Thomas Blacksmith Newent
WHATLEY George Lawson Attorney Mitchell-Dean
WHEATLEY David Boot &c. Maker Moreton in the Marsh
WHEELDON Thomas Shopkeeper Mitchell-Dean
WHITE Richard Tailor Newnham
WHITE William Maltster & Hop Dealer Moreton in the Marsh
WHITFORD Benjamin Druggist Moreton in the Marsh
WILKES Charles Hair dresser Newnham
WILKES Elizabeth Dress maker Newnham
WILKS George Tailor Newent
WILKS George jun Tailor Newent
WILLAN Samuel Boot & Shoemaker Newent
WILLIAMS Mrs Bourton on the Hill, Moreton
WILLIAMS Frederick Tailor Mitchell-Dean
WILLIAMS George Cooper Newnham
WILLIAMS John Baker Moreton in the Marsh
WILLIAMS Thomas Revd. Bourton on the Hill, Moreton
WILMOT John Boot & Shoemaker Newnham
WINTLE James Boot & Shoemaker Mitchell-Dean
WINTLE John Boot & Shoemaker Mitchell-Dean
WINTLE John Capt. Newnham
WINTLE William Boot & Shoemaker Newent
WITTS Edward Revd. Upper Slaughter, Moreton
WOOD Samuel Governor of Workhouse Newent
WRENCH Jacob G. Revd. Under Dean, Newnham
YEARSLEY George Boot & Shoemaker Newent

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 25th October 1993]