Mitcheldean, Moreton in Marsh, Newent & Newnham, Gloucestershire


The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - 1868

Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

The following is a combined list of names of the inhabitants of Mitchell-Dean, Moreton in the Marsh, Newent & Newnham transcribed and sorted into alphabetical order.
MITCHELL-DEAN is a market town in the hundred of St Briavell's 11 miles from Gloucester City and 8 miles from Coleford on the borders of the Forest of Dean. The church is dedicated to St Michael the gift of Maynard Colchester Esq. The rector in 1830 was Rev. Edward JONES and the curate was Rev Heathfield HICKS. At the last return the parish had 556 inhabitants

MORETON-IN-THE-MARSH is situated 20 miles from Cheltenham. Lord Redesdale was Lord of the Manor at Batsford Park. In the last returns (1821) the population was 1,015.

NEWENT is a market town and is eight miles from Gloucester, and has hot springs. The Vicar in 1830 was Rev Archdeacon ONSLOW and the curate was Rev James ARCHIBALD. On 29th January 1673 the church steeple fell down immediately after evening service but nobody was hurt. At the 1821 census the town had 2,660 inhabitants.

NEWNHAM is a market town 12 miles from Gloucester City and six miles from Mitchell-Dean. In 1821 the parish had 1,112 inhabitants.

ABELL JosephSurgeonMitchell-Dean
ABRAHALL JamesWatchmakerMitchell-Dean
AINSWORTH & CADLEAttorneysNewent
ALLEN SusannahInn & Public HouseThe King's Arms, Newent
ALLEN WilliamGrocerMoreton in the Marsh
AMBROSE WilliamEsq.Hagloe House, Newnham
ANDREWS FrancisSaddler &c.Newnham
ARCHIBALD JamesRevd.Newent
ASTON SamuelEsq.Compton House, Newent
ATKINS ThomasBoot & ShoemakerMoreton in the Marsh
AVERILL GeorgeBoot & ShoemakerNewnham
BACON ThomasBrazier & TinmanNewent
BAILEY WilliamMaltsterNewent
BAILEY WilliamSaddlerNewent
BAKER Wm. BeresfordGentMoreton in the Marsh
BARNARD Eliz.Draper & GrocerNewnham
BATHURST CharlesRt HonLydney Park, Newnham
BEADLES Charles FowlerSurgeonMitchell-Dean
BEALEY JamesCarpenter & JoinerNewent
BELE TheophilusEsq.Moat House, Newent
BEMAN RobertCoal, Slate & TimberMoreton in the Marsh
BENNETT Thomas & Co.Maltster, Corn DealerMitchell-Dean
BERNARD RichardCarpenterMitchell-Dean
BETTINGTON EdwardTiler & PlastererNewnham
BETTINGTON WilliamTiler & PlastererNewnham
BIGGS JamesShopkeeperNewent
BILLINGHAM RichardTailorNewent
BIRD JohnBakerMoreton in the Marsh
BIRT ElizabethTailorNewent
BISCO JamesLinen Maker and MaltsterNewent
BLUNT HarrietMrs.Mitchell-Dean
BOSSOM HenryPostmasterMitchell-Dean
BOUGHTON JohnButcherMitchell-Dean
BOWKETT JohnCoal DealerNewent
BOWREY JohnBlacksmithMitchell-Dean
BOWYER OnesiphorusCurrier &c.Newnham
BRADLEY Eliz.Baker & ConfectionerNewent
BRADLEY ThomasWatch & Clock MakerNewent
BRAY HarrietMilliner & Straw Hat MakerNewent
BROWN LawrenceInn & Public HouseThe Bull, Newent
BROWN LawrenceAuctioneer, Maltster &c.Newent
BRUTON WilliamButcherNewent
BUCKLAND GeorgeShopkeeperNewent
BUCKLE BenjaminBakerNewent
BUDDING WilliamCooperNewent
BURDEN RichardMaster Free SchoolMoreton in the Marsh
BUSBY Henry GoodearLinen manufacturerMoreton in the Marsh
BUSHELL WilliamRevd.Vicarage House, Newent
BUSHELL WilliamRevd. Boarding SchoolVicarage House, Newent
CARELESS ElizabethMaltsterNewent
CARELESS HannahMilliner &c.Moreton in the Marsh
CARELESS JamesSlater & PlastererMoreton in the Marsh
CARELESS ThomasSlater & PlastererMoreton in the Marsh
CHADBUNN ClementAttorneyNewnham
CHINN AnnMissNewent
CHURCHILL Jos.Sieve & Basket MakerMoreton in the Marsh
CLARK JosephGent.Newent
CLARKE WilliamCabinet MakerNewnham
CLAYFIELD SamuelCooperNewnham
CLIFFORD JamesSaddler & Rope MakerNewnham
COCKERELL CharlesSir Bart.Sezencott Hse, Moreton in the Marsh
COLCHESTER MaynardEsq.Wilderness, Mitchell-Dean
COLEMAN JosiahCurrierMitchell-Dean
COLEMAN WilliamGardner & SeedsmanMitchell-Dean
COMMELINE JamesRevd.Redmarley, Newent
COOK EdwardCoal DealerNewent
COOPER SamuelBoarding & Day SchoolNewent
COWMEADOW ThomasBlacksmithNewent
COX G. Revd.Actuary Savings BankNewnham
COX GeorgeRevd.Newnham
CRAVEN JohnAuctioneer, Carpenter &c.Newent
CRAVEN Jon.Boot & ShoemakerNewent
CRAWLEY CharlesRevd.Broughton, Mitchell-Dean
CRAWLEY ThomasSir Bart.Flaxley Abbey, Newnham
CRAWLEY ThomasSir Bart.Flaxley Abbey, Mitchell-Dean
CUE MaryDraper, Grocer, IronmongerNewent
CUE RichardGrocer/Draper/Tallow dlrNewent
D'OYLY RobertAttorneyBourton, Moreton in the Marsh
DALE AnnGrocer/Draper/Stamp distributorNewent
DAVIES Jno.Revd.Pauntley Vicarage, Newent
DAVIES WilliamButcherMitchell-Dean
DAVIS JohnCooperMitchell-Dean
DAY SophiaStraw Hat MakerNewnham
DEAKIN BenjaminCoal DealerNewent
DRUMMOND JohnEsq.Boyce Court, Newent
DRURY JohnGrocer and ButcherMoreton in the Marsh
DYER JohnBlacksmith & Clothes dealerMoreton in the Marsh
DYER ThomasBlacksmithMoreton in the Marsh
ELLIS DanielButcher & ShopkeeperMoreton in the Marsh
ELLIS JohnTimber MerchantNewent
ELLIS JohnInn & Public HouseThe George, Newent
ELLIS ThomasMaltsterMoreton in the Marsh
EVANS GeorgeBoot & ShoemakerNewent
FIELD RichardCoal MerchantMoreton in the Marsh
FLETCHER ThomasJoinerMoreton in the Marsh
FORD Richard WilliamRevd.Risington, Moreton in the Marsh
FOSTER Thomas WhiteSaddler &c.Moreton in the Marsh
FOX JohnIronmonger & BrazierMoreton in the Marsh
FRANKLING GeorgeDraper & TailorMoreton in the Marsh
FREEMAN SamuelBlacksmithMoreton in the Marsh
FRYER JohnPlumber & GlazierNewnham
GATFIELD HannahShopkeeperNewent
GATFIELD JosephNail MakerNewent
GIBBS GeorgeStone MasonMitchell-Dean
GILLETT WilliamGardner & SeedsmanMoreton in the Marsh
GOISE Jno. W.GeneralFlaxley Grange, Newnham
GOODYER JohnCarpenter & JoinerNewent
GOORE William HenryAttorneyMoreton in the Marsh
GRAY GeorgeLinen ManufacturerMoreton in the Marsh
GREEN Eliz.Painter/Glazier &c.Newent
GREEN JohnPainter/Glazier &c.Newent
GREEN JosephShopkeeperNewent
GREEN WilliamCarpenterNewnham
GRIFFITHS JohnNail MakerMitchell-Dean
GRIFFITHS ThomasStone MasonMitchell-Dean
GRIFFITHS WilliamBoot & ShoemakerMitchell-Dean
GROVES WilliamCarpenterMoreton in the Marsh
HALE JohnInns & Public HousesThe Red Lion, Mitchell-Dean
HALE ThomasInns & Public HousesThe George, Mitchell-Dean
HALE ThomasSurgeonMoreton in the Marsh
HALL GeorgeBakerMoreton in the Marsh
HALL John RobertRevd.Batsford, Moreton in the Marsh
HALL MaryPainter Glazier &c.Moreton in the Marsh
HANDY ThomasTailorMoreton in the Marsh
HARRIS MaryMissMoreton in the Marsh
HARRISON WilliamInns & Public HousesThe Union, Newnham
HARTLAND JohnAttorneysNewent
HARTLAND William BryanSurgeonNewent
HARTLE ThomasPostmasterNewent
HARTLE ThomasGrocer & DraperNewent
HAYES ThomasTailorNewent
HAYWARD HenryOrganistNewent
HERBERT Jos.Boot & ShoemakerNewent
HERBERT PeterTannerNewent
HICKS HeathfieldRevd.Mitchell-Dean
HILL JamesButcherNewnham
HINE HenryPainter glazier &c.Moreton in the Marsh
HINE ThomasStone MasonMoreton in the Marsh
HIRON JamesShopkeeperNewent
HOARE W.E.Mrs.Mitchell-Dean
HOBBS JohnBlacksmithNewnham
HOLDER ElizabethBlacksmithNewnham
HOLDER MaryInn & Public HouseThe Red Lion, Newent
HOLLISTER GeorgeSurgeonNewent
HOOPER WilliamGentMoreton in the Marsh
HOPE SamuelBoot & ShoemakerNewent
HORNE JaneInns & Public Houses.White Lion, Moreton in the Marsh
HORNE ThomasGrocerMoreton in the Marsh
HOWELL EdwardEsq.Taynton, Newent
HUMPIDGE JamesMiller & Flour dealerNewent
HUNT JohnShip BuilderBroad Oak, Newnham
HUTCHINSON GeorgeCurrierMitchell-Dean
JACKSON Mary & Eliz.Milliners &c.Newnham
JANCEY MaryShopkeeperNewent
JEFFERSON ChristopherRevd.Longboro' Moreton in the Marsh
JEFFREYS ThomasLinen ManufacturerNewent
JELF JamesSir BartOaklands, Newnham
JELFS HannahStraw Hat MakerMoreton in the Marsh
JENKINS JohnDraper & GrocerMitchell-Dean
JENNINGS JohnInn & Public HouseThe Crown, Newent
JEYNES ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerMoreton in the Marsh
JOHNSON RobertBakerMoreton in the Marsh
JONES EdwardRevd.Hay Hill, Newnham
JONES EdwardRevd.Hay Hill, Mitchell-Dean
JONES JohnTailorMoreton in the Marsh
JONES JohnLinen ManufacturerNewent
JONES JohnSaddlerMitchell-Dean
KEEN JohnPainter Glazier &c.Moreton in the Marsh
KEITLEY JohnMaltsterMoreton in the Marsh
KEY HarrietMissNewent
KING GeorgeBoot & ShoemakerNewnham
KNOWLES JohnDraper/Grocer & Stamp distributorNewnham
KNOWLES WilliamLiquor MerchantNewnham
LANE Richard WeightBookseller &c.Moreton in the Marsh
Lardner JohnPostmasterMoreton in the Marsh
LARDNER WilliamInns & Public Houses.The Swan Inn, Moreton in the Marsh
LAUDER AbrahamBoarding & Day SchoolNewent
LEONARD EdmundBoot & ShoemakerNewnham
LEWIS BenjaminClerk to the Canal Coy.Newent
LEWIS WilliamDruggist & GrocerMitchell-Dean
LINDOW Henry L.Esq.Slaughter, Moreton in the Marsh
LITTLE GeorgeCooperNewent
LLOYD Jos.Paper makerGun's Mills, Mitchell-Dean
LONGFORD GeorgeSurgeonMoreton in the Marsh
LOVERIDGE RichardBaker & ShopkeeperNewent
LOVESY RichardSurgeonNewent
LUCAS JohnAttorneyNewnham
MALPAS Jos. HenryRevd.Awre Vicarage, Newnham
MANN JohnRevd.Moreton in the Marsh
MANN John Revd.Boarding & Day AcademyMoreton in the Marsh
MARFELL JohnMaltster & ButcherMitchell-Dean
MARK ThomasStone MasonMitchell-Dean
MATHEWS JamesMaltsterNewent
MATTHEWS DanielBlacksmithMitchell-Dean
MATTHEWS JamesBlacksmithMitchell-Dean
MATTHEWS JohnGrocer & DraperNewent
MATTHEWS WilliamEsq.Mantley House, Newent
MEEK CharlesBlacksmithMitchell-Dean
MERRICK RichardCarpenterNewnham
MERRIMAN JamesBakerMitchell-Dean
MERRITT JohnBoot & Shoe makerNewent
MERRITT RobertCabinet MakerNewent
MILES RobertGentMoreton in the Marsh
MILLS JamesNail makerMitchell-Dean
MINCHIN JohnWatch makerMoreton in the Marsh
MOODY JamesButcherNewent
MORGAN JohnWeaverMitchell-Dean
MORGAN JohnDraper & GrocerNewnham
MORGAN WilliamShopkeeperMitchell-Dean
MORSE JohnRevd.Huntley, Newent
MORSE JohnButcherNewnham
MORSE JohnInns & Public HousesThe True Heart, Newnham
MORSE John NourseGentNewent
MURDOCK JohnShopkeeperNewnham
MUTLOE JohnShopkeeperMitchell-Dean
NELME John BalingerTailorMitchell-Dean
NEWMAN JamesInns & Public Houses.Black Bear, Moreton in the Marsh
NICHOLLS RobertCarpenter & BuilderNewent
NICHOLLS WilliamCarpenter & JoinerNewent
NOEL William M.Hon.Clanna Falls, Newnham
ONSLOW Richard FoleyEsq,Oxenhall, Newent
ONSLOW Richard Fran.Revd.Old Court, Newent
PAGE JohnCorn DealerMoreton in the Marsh
PALMER CatherineMrs.Newnham
PALMER JohnBoot & ShoemakerMitchell-Dean
PARKER RichardCoal MerchantMoreton in the Marsh
PARSONS GeorgeStocking WeaverNewnham
PARSONS JamesRevd.Little Dean, Newnham
PARSONS WilliamBoot & ShoemakerMitchell-Dean
PATRICK ThomasButcherNewent
PAYNE AlexanderCooperMoreton in the Marsh
PAYNE ThomasSlater & PlastererMoreton in the Marsh
PEACE CharlesGrocer, Draper & TallowNewent
PEACE SarahMilliner & Straw Hat MakerNewent
PEARCE ThomasPainter, plumber, glazierMitchell-Dean
PEARCE WilliamInns & Public HousesThe White Horse, Mitchell-Dean
PEGLER SamuelInns & Public HousesThe Lower George, Newnham
PEGLER SamuelBakerNewnham
PETERS ThomasBoot and ShoemakerNewent
PHILLIPS Chas TaylorSurgeonNewnham
PHILPOTTS Jos.Druggist & GrocerNewnham
PHIPPS GeorgeInns & Public Houses.The Unicorn, Moreton in the Marsh
PICK ThomasGentNewnham
PITT IsraelDay SchoolNewent
PLAISTED JohnTailorNewnham
POCKETT ThomasInns & Public HousesThe Swan, Mitchell-Dean
POOLE HannahInns & Public Houses.The Bell, Moreton in the Marsh
POWELL JamesPostmasterNewnham
POWELL JohnClothes DealerNewent
POWELL JohnStone MasonMitchell-Dean
POWELL WilliamInn & Public HouseThe Royal Oak, Newent
POWELL WilliamStone MasonMitchell-Dean
PREECE JonathanBaker & MaltsterMitchell-Dean
PREEDY PeterBakerNewent
PRICE DavidTailorNewent
PRIDAYS HenryButcherNewnham
PROBYN HenryCaptain Royal NavyMitchell-Dean
PROSSER JohnRevd.Moreton in the Marsh
PROSSER JosephMarble Working Co.Bullo, Newnham
PROSSER JosephAgent Marble Working Co.Newnham
PURNELL OnesiphorusCurrierNewent
PYRKE JosephEsq.Dean Hall, Newnham
REDESDALERt Hon LordBatsford Park, Moreton in the Marsh
REED GeorgeEsq.New Court, Newent
RICARDO OsmanEsq.Bromsbenow Place, Newent
RICHARDS GeorgeCaptain Royal NavyNewent
RICHARDS JosephInns & Public HousesThe Anchor, Newnham
RICHARDS ThomasEsq.Preston's Court, Newent
RICHARDSON MargaretMrs.Newent
ROBERTS JamesIronmonger &c.Newnham
ROBINS MaryMrs.Moreton in the Marsh
ROE RichardInns & Public HousesThe Lamb & Flag, Newnham
ROE RichardTailorNewnham
ROSSER HenryAttorneyMitchell-Dean
RUDGE JohnBaker & ShopkeeperNewent
RUDGE JohnDraper & GrocerMitchell-Dean
RUDGE JohnCarpenter & joinerNewent
RUDGE ThomasButcherNewent
RUSSELL ElizabethShopkeeperNewnham
RUSSELL RichardInns & Public HousesThe George, Newnham
RYDER William & Thos.Spirit MerchantsNewnham
SAYER JohnRevd.Slown Arlingham, Newnham
SELWIN ElbinaMissBatsford, Moreton in the Marsh
SELWIN ElizabethMissBatsford, Moreton in the Marsh
SELWIN MaryMissBatsford, Moreton in the Marsh
SHIRLEY WilliamJoiner & CabinetmakerMoreton in the Marsh
SHORTMAN SamuelWatchmakerNewnham
SIER JohnStone MasonNewent
SIER MarthaGrocer & DraperNewent
SILLEY RichardButcherMitchell-Dean
SMALL BenjaminCarpenterMitchell-Dean
SMITH AbsalomBaker & Flour DealerMitchell-Dean
SMITH DavidInns & Public Houses.The White Hart, Moreton in the Mars
SMITH JohnEngineer & SurveyorMoreton in the Marsh
SMITH RachaelMilliner &c.Moreton in the Marsh
SMITH RobertInns & Public HousesThe Bear, Newnham
SPARROW LetticeMilliner & Dress makerNewent
STANLEY JohnWheelwrightMoreton in the Marsh
STEVENS WilliamBasket MakerNewent
STOKES CharlesEsq.Murrel's End, Newent
STOKES JohnEsq.Pauntley Court, Newent
STONE EdwardBaker & ShopkeeperMoreton in the Marsh
STONE JamesStone MasonNewent
STONE RichardTailorNewent
STRODE Simon RatfordAcademyHill House, Newnham
SURL JohnBrazier & IronmongerNewent
SWAIN JosephBark MerchantNewnham
SYMONDS J.DymockRevd.Newent
TALBOT GeorgeEsq.Temple Guiting,Moreton in the Marsh
TAYLOR JohnTannerNewnham
TAYLOR Richard & Sondraper &c.Moreton in the Marsh
TAYLOR WilliamFlax DresserMoreton in the Marsh
THACKWELL JohnEsq.Milton Place, Newent
THOMAS JohnCoal DealerNewent
THOMAS Jos.Painter plumber &c.Mitchell-Dean
THOMSON Thomas SidneySurgeonNewnham
THURSTON HenrySaddlerNewent
THURSTON JohnBakerNewent
THURSTON RobertBakerNewent
TOVEY & JAMESAttorneysNewnham
TRIGG JamesWheelwrightMitchell-Dean
WAIT JohnEsq.New House, Newnham
WALDOCK MaryDay SchoolNewent
WALKER RobertCarpenterMoreton in the Marsh
WALLIS ThomasEsq.Tibberton Court, Newent
WARJON RichardTailorNewent
WARNFORD Samuel WilsonRevd. Dr.Bourton on the Hill, Moreton
WATKINS EdwardSchoolmasterMitchell-Dean
WATKINS JohnInns & Public HousesThe Seven Stars, Mitchell-Dean
WEBB JohnEsq.Brown End, Newent
WEBB JohnNail MakerNewent
WEBB RobertSlater & PlastererMoreton in the Marsh
WEBLEY AaronTailorNewent
WEBLEY ThomasTailorNewent
WEIGHT HenryInns & Public HousesThe Ship, Newnham
WELLING WilliamWoolstaplerNewent
WELLS RalphInns & Public Houses.The Crown, Moreton in the Marsh
WEST ThomasBlacksmithNewent
WHATLEY George LawsonAttorneyMitchell-Dean
WHEATLEY DavidBoot &c. MakerMoreton in the Marsh
WHEELDON ThomasShopkeeperMitchell-Dean
WHITE RichardTailorNewnham
WHITE WilliamMaltster & Hop DealerMoreton in the Marsh
WHITFORD BenjaminDruggistMoreton in the Marsh
WILKES CharlesHair dresserNewnham
WILKES ElizabethDress makerNewnham
WILKS GeorgeTailorNewent
WILKS George junTailorNewent
WILLAN SamuelBoot & ShoemakerNewent
WILLIAMSMrsBourton on the Hill, Moreton
WILLIAMS FrederickTailorMitchell-Dean
WILLIAMS GeorgeCooperNewnham
WILLIAMS JohnBakerMoreton in the Marsh
WILLIAMS ThomasRevd.Bourton on the Hill, Moreton
WILMOT JohnBoot & ShoemakerNewnham
WINTLE JamesBoot & ShoemakerMitchell-Dean
WINTLE JohnBoot & ShoemakerMitchell-Dean
WINTLE JohnCapt.Newnham
WINTLE WilliamBoot & ShoemakerNewent
WITTS EdwardRevd.Upper Slaughter, Moreton
WOOD SamuelGovernor of WorkhouseNewent
WRENCH Jacob G.Revd.Under Dean, Newnham
YEARSLEY GeorgeBoot & ShoemakerNewent

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 25th October 1993]