Northleach, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

The following list of some 650 names covers the following towns:- Northleach, Painswick, Chipping Sodbury, Wickwar, Iron-Acton, Stow in the Wold, Burton on the Water.
"NORTHLEACH lies 22 miles from Gloucetser and 13 miles from Cheltenham, and 11 miles from Cirencester. The Grammar School was founded by Hugh WESTWOOD, and the Charity School was founded by George TOWNSEND. The Alms Houses for women was founded by Mrs DUTTON and for men by Mrs ALLEN. In the returns for 1821, Northleach had 773 inhabitants."

"PAINSWICK lies six miles from Gloucester and four from Stroud. A Sunday School was established by Mr Raikes was the first of its kind in GLS. In 1821 the parish ad 4,044 inhabitants."

"CHIPPING SODBURY Town lies 25 miles from Cirencester and 14 miles from Bath. The church is dedicated to St John the Baptist, and at the 1821 census contained 1.059 inhabitants."

"WICKWAR lies between three and four miles from Chipping Sodbury and in 1821 had 919 inhabitants."

"IRON ACTON lies about three miles from Chipping Sodbury and in 1821 had 1,122 inhabitants."

"STOW IN THE WOLD lies 25 miles from Gloucester and 9 miles from Northleach. and four from Moreton in the Marsh. The Free Grammar School was founded by Mr SHEPHAM. The Church is dedicated to St Edward - a hermit of great sanctity. In 1821 Stow had 1,731 inhabitants."

"BOURTON ON THE WATER is about four miles from Stow on the road to Northleach. In 1821 Bourton had 758 inhabitants."

ACOCK Abraham Chair Maker Northleach
ADLIM Joseph Carrier Chipping Sodbury
ALDEN Eliza Straw Hat Maker Chipping Sodbury
ALDEN Moses Cooper Chipping Sodbury
ALDEN Thomas Butcher Chipping Sodbury
ALSOP Charles Tavern/Public House The Lamb, Iron-Acton
ALSOP Charles Wheelwright Chipping Sodbury
ALWAY John Gent Iron-Acton
AMOS Benjamin Turner Wickwar
AMOS Gabriel Gent Chipping Sodbury
AMOS Moses Cooper Wickwar
AMOS Samuel Plasterer/Tiler Chipping Sodbury
AMOS William Boot & Shoe Maker Iron-Acton
ANDREWS Richard Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
ANDREWS William Confectioner Northleach
ARCHER Elizabeth Painter/Plumber/Glazier Stow-On-The Wold
ARCHER Richard Surgeon Stow-On-The Wold
ARCHER Samuel Slater/Plasterer Stow-On-The Wold
ARKELL John Maltster Donnington
ARKELL John Miller Donnington
ARNOLD Richard Grocer/Tea Dealer Chipping Sodbury
ARNOLD Thomas Maltster Wickwar
ATKINSON Thomas Surgeon Chipping Sodbury
AVERY Betsey Mistress Free Girls Sch Stow-On-The Wold
BAKER Miss Iron-Acton
BAKER Charles Architect/Civil Engineer Painswick
BALLIAL William Revd. Great Risington
BANNING William Tailor Stow-On-The Wold
BARNETT John Blacksmith Stow-On-The Wold
BARNETT Thomas Stone Mason Northleach
BARNS Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Iron-Acton
BARRETT William Basket Maker Chipping Sodbury
BARTLETT William Carpenter/Joiner Stow-On-The Wold
BAYLIS Robert Butcher Chipping Sodbury
BAYLIS William Esq. Painswick
BEARD Thomas Cooper & Pump maker Painswick
BEAUFORT His Grace the Duke of Badmington,Chipping Sodbury
BEAVINS Joseph Tailor Painswick
BEE John Carpenter Northleach
BEE John jun Cabinet maker & Upholster Northleach
BELLARS Robert Henry Esq. Painswick
BETTERIDGE Robert Wheelwright Stow-On-The Wold
BETTRIDGE John Winr & Spirit Dealer Northleach
BETTRIDGE John Inns & Public Houses The Union Inn, Northleach
BIRD Richard Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
BIRT James Shopkeeper Painswick
BLACK Robert Inns & Public Houses The Rose & Crown, Northleach
BLACKWELL Joseph Stone Mason Painswick
BLANCH John Plumber & Glazier Northleach
BLENCOWE Charles Revd. Northleach
BLIZARD John Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
BLIZARD John Hair Dresser Stow-On-The Wold
BLIZARD Richard Carpenter/Joiner Stow-On-The Wold
BLIZARD Robert Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
BOUDIER John Revd. Farmington, Northleach
BOWEN Thomas Revd. Temple Giuting, Stow-On-The Wold
BOWN Thomas Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
BOWN Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
BOWN William Innkeeper The White Hart, Stow-On-The Wold
BOWYER George Boot & Shoe Maker Iron-Acton
BOWYER James Stone Mason Chipping Sodbury
BOWYER William Stone Mason Chipping Sodbury
BRAINSFORD Charles Surgeon Painswick
BRICKNELL Thomas Revd. Oddington, Stow-On-The Wold
BRIDGES Mary Ann Straw Hat Maker Painswick
BRIDGES Thomas Baker Painswick
BRINDLE Thomas Maltster Burton on the Water.
BRINDLE William Cooper Northleach
BROOKE Elizabeth Miss Chipping Sodbury
BROOKE Francis Mrs. Chipping Sodbury
BROOKE Thomas Revd. Chipping Sodbury
BROOKES Robert Attorney Stow-On-The Wold
BROOKES William Watch & Clock Maker Stow-On-The Wold
BROOKES William Tavern/Public House The Talbot, Stow-On-The Wold
BROTHERTON Edward Clothes Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
BROWN Daniel Boot & Shoe Maker Wickwar
BROWN John Esq. Salperton House, Northleach
BROWN John Boot & Shoe Maker Chipping Sodbury
BRUTON Charles Plasterer/Tiler Chipping Sodbury
BRYAN John Linen & Woollen Draper Stow-On-The Wold
BURGE Samuel Saddler Northleach
CAMBREY George Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
CAMBREY John Butcher Stow-On-The Wold
CAPEL William Esq. The Grove, Painswick
CARPENTER William Gardner/Seedsman Chipping Sodbury
CATER Mary Miss Yate House, Chipping Sodbury
CHAMBERLAIN Mrs. Painswick
CHAMBERLAYNE Edmund Jn Esq. Mangersbury House, Stow-On-The Wold
CHANDLER Daniel Hat Manufacturer Painswick
CHARLES Henry Linen & Woollen Draper Stow-On-The Wold
CHARLES John Darby Linen & Woollen Draper Stow-On-The Wold
CHARLES John Darby Sun Fire Office Stow-On-The Wold
CHRISTIE Mary Shopkeeper &c. Painswick
CHURCHILL Thomas Tavern/Public House The Queen's Head, Stow-On-The Wold
CLARK William Shopkeeper &c. Painswick
CLARKE William Tavern/Public House The Butcher's Arms, Stow-On-The Wold
CLARKE William Cooper Stow-On-The Wold
CLARY Benjamin Tailor Northleach
CLIFFORD Elizabeth Coal Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD George Stone Mason Burton on the Water.
CLIFFORD James Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD Jno P. Stone Mason Burton on the Water.
CLIFFORD John Corn Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD Richard Stone Mason Stow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD William Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD William Stone Mason Stow-On-The Wold
COATES Giles Shopkeeper Iron-Acton
COATES Giles Tailor Iron-Acton
CODRINGTON Ann Mrs. Chipping Sodbury
CODRINGTON Caroline Miss Chipping Sodbury
CODRINGTON Christ Beth Sir Doddington Park, Chipping Sodbury
CODRINGTON Thomas Gent Chipping Sodbury
COLE George Grocer/Tea Dealer Chipping Sodbury
COLE Samuel Stone Mason Wickwar
COLEMAN Job Carrier Stow-On-The Wold
COLES Thomas Revd. Bourton on the Water
COLIN William Baker/Confectioner Burton on the Water.
COLLETT Robert Miller Burton on the Water.
COLLETT Robert Protector Fire Office Burton on the Water.
COLLINGS Thomas Watchmaker Chipping Sodbury
CONRAUD Mary Ann Mrs. Chipping Sodbury
COOK Henry Shopkeeper &c. Painswick
COOK John Tavern/Public House The Bell, Chipping Sodbury
COOK Samuel Plasterer Painswick
COOK William Baker/Confectioner Burton on the Water.
COOKE Thomas Revd. Wickwar
CORNBILL Charles Baker Painswick
CORNBILL John Gent Stow-On-The Wold
CORNOCK George Gent Iron-Acton
COSIER George Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
COULSON Watson Apothecary Chipping Sodbury
COURTIER Samuel Mrs. Chipping Sodbury
COX Mrs. Painswick
COX & HICKS Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Cox's Mills, Painswick
COX Charles Capt. Painswick
COX John Miller Painswick
CRADDOCK Ann Dressmaker Northleach
CRESSER Jeremiah Gent Burton on the Water
CRESSWELL John Boot &c. Maker Painswick
CRIPPS & Co. Bankers Stow-On-The Wold
CRIPPS James Boot & Shoemaker Painswick
CROOME John Gent Burton on the Water
CULIMORE James Maltster Wickwar
CULLIMORE James Baker Wickwar
CULLIMORE Martin Tavern/Public House The Crown, Wickwar
CULLIMORE Sophia Academy/School Wickwar
CULLIMORE Thomas Auctioneer & Appraiser Wickwar
DALBY Edward Baker/Confectioner Burton on the Water.
DAVIES Ann Shopkeeper Wickwar
DAVIES Daniel Plasterer/Tiler Wickwar
DAVIS William Gardner/seedsman Stow-On-The Wold
DAY George Inns & Public Houses The Sherborne Arms, Northleach
DAY Isaac Inns & Public Houses The King's Head, Northleach
DEE James Butcher Chipping Sodbury
DEE Joseph Butcher Chipping Sodbury
DEIVE James Post Master Iron Acton
DIXON William Stay Maker Chipping Sodbury
DRAKE William Tailor Painswick
DRIVER John Retail Brewer Painswick
DUCKETT William Draper & Grocer Northleach
DUDFIELD Joseph Miller Chipping Sodbury
DUDFIELD Steve Burcomb Wine & Spirit Dealer Chipping Sodbury
DURHAM Edward Tailor Burton on the Water.
DURHAM John Tailor Burton on the Water.
DYER Jane Dressmaker Northleach
DYER John Oat Meal Factor Northleach
DYER Thomas Carpenter & Maltster Northleach
DYER William Carpenter Northleach
EARLE John Carpenter Northleach
EDGINTON John Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
EDWARDS Francis Gent Wickwar
EDWARDS Sarah Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
ELLIOTT John Plasterer/Tiler Wickwar
ELLIS Richard Butcher Stow-On-The Wold
EVANS Elizabeth Academy/School Iron-Acton
EVANS James Tailor Northleach
FARMER John Tailor Stow-On-The Wold
FIFIELD Thomas Carrier Stow-On-The Wold
FISHER Mary Ann Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
FLETCHER Ann Straw Hat Maker Wickwar
FLETCHER Ann Milliner/Dressmaker Wickwar
FLETCHER William Saddler/Collar Maker Chipping Sodbury
FLOWER Phoebe Milliner/Dressmaker Iron-Acton
FORD George Pipemaker Wickwar
FORD James Boot & Shoe Maker Wickwar
FORD Wilbraham Revd. Little Risington
FORTY Joseph Tanner Stow-On-The Wold
FORTY Mary Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
FOWLER Jasper Post Master Chipping Sodbury
FOWLER Jasper Salt manufacturer Chipping Sodbury
FOWLER John Globe Fire Office Chipping Sodbury
FOWLER Mary Milliner/Dressmaker Chipping Sodbury
FOX John Blacksmith Stow-On-The Wold
FOX John Ironmonger Stow-On-The Wold
FOXWELL Philip Woollen Cloth Manfacturer New Mills, Painswick
FRANKIS Henry Inns & Public Houses The Lamb, Painswick
FRANKIS Henry Butcher Painswick
FRANKIS John Butcher Painswick
FRANKLIN John Master Free School (Boys) Stow-On-The Wold
FRANKLIN Robert Tailor Wickwar
FREWIN James Watchmaker Chipping Sodbury
FUGILL John Carpenter Iron-Acton
FUSSELL Francis Butcher Wickwar
FUSSELL Francis Tavern/Public House The Rose & Crown, Iron-Acton
GARDINER Thomas Tavern/Public House The Bell, Stow-On-The Wold
GARDINER William Butcher Northleach
GARDNER John Maltster Painswick
GARDNER Richard Stone Mason Stow-On-The Wold
GARDNER William Shopkeeper Painswick
GARLICK Sarah Mrs. Painswick
GARNER John Esq. Painswick
GAY Richard Miller Chipping Sodbury
GEORGE Miss Iron-Acton
GIBBS George Maltster Iron-Acton
GIBBS Samuel Maltster Broadwell
GIBBS Samuel Miller Upper Sewell
GIBBS William Grocer/Tea Dealer Iron-Acton
GIBBS William Blacksmith Iron-Acton
GIBSON James Gardner/Seedsman Chipping Sodbury
GIBSON Jane & Elizth. Milliner/Dressmaker Chipping Sodbury
GILLETT Thomas Worsted manufacturer Stow-On-The Wold
GLEEDE Isaac Carrier Chipping Sodbury
GODDARD Samuel & Son Shopkeepers Painswick
GODWIN John Maltster Chipping Sodbury
GOODIER William Straw Hat Maker Chipping Sodbury
GOODMAN James Grocer & Draper Northleach
GRANT Samuel Butcher Chipping Sodbury
GYDE Charles Dyer & Fire Office Agent Painswick
GYDE Daniel Baker & Maltster Painswick
GYDE William Tailor Painswick
HADWEN John Vann Surgeon Northleach
HAGUE Mary Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
HAGUE Stephen Saddler/Harness Maker Stow-On-The Wold
HALFORD William Watch maker Northleach
HALL A. Mrs. Bourton on the Water
HALL Mary Maltster Northleach
HALL William Mrs. Bourton on the Water
HALLIDAY James Tailor Iron-Acton
HAMBRIDGE Richard Carrier Chipping Sodbury
HANCOCK James Lime Burner Chipping Sodbury
HANIS Richard Boot & Shoemaker Painswick
HARDING Alice Butcher Northleach
HARDING John F. Innkeeper The New Inn, Wickwar
HARDING Joseph Tailor Northleach
HARDING Joseph Baker Northleach
HARDING William Tailor & Clothes dealer Northleach
HARRIS Thomas Carrier Chipping Sodbury
HARTLAND John Chairmaker Painswick
HARTWELL William Blacksmith Burton on the Water.
HARVEY William Tallow Chandler Chipping Sodbury
HATHAWAY Ann Tavern/Public House The Grapes, Chipping Sodbury
HATHAWAY Mary Baker Northleach
HAWKINS Robert Carpenter/Joiner Burton on the Water.
HAY John Surgeon Iron-Acton
HAYNES John Surgeon Painswick
HAYWARD & Co. Surgeon Stow-On-The Wold
HAYWARD Mary Mrs. Stow-On-The Wold
HEAGUE Richard Inns & Public Houses The Golden Heart, Painswick
HEAGUE Richard Plumber Painswick
HEARTWELL John Watch & Clock Maker Burton on the Water.
HEARTWELL Thomas Gun maker Stow-On-The Wold
HEAVEN Giles Serge Weaver Wickwar
HEAVEN John Stone Mason Wickwar
HEMMENT John Gent Chipping Sodbury
HETLING Thomas Attorney Chipping Sodbury
HEWER John Corn Dealer Burton on the Water.
HEWLET Edward Butcher Painswick
HICKS Mrs. Painswick
HIGGS Misses Wickwar
HIGGS Christopher Painter/Plumber/Glazier Chipping Sodbury
HIGGS Daniel Maltster Wickwar
HIGGS Daniel Baker Wickwar
HIGGS Moses Butcher Wickwar
HIGGS Philip Butcher Wickwar
HIGGS William Carpenter Chipping Sodbury
HILL John Worsted manufacturer Stow-On-The Wold
HITCHINS Thomas Inns & Public Houses The Star, Painswick
HITCHMAN John Baker & Maltster Northleach
HOGG Thomas Tailor Painswick
HOGG William Butcher Painswick
HOLMAN Thomas Slater/Plasterer Stow-On-The Wold
HOOKHAM Francis Slater/Plasterer Burton on the Water.
HOOKHAM Richard Slater/Plasterer Stow-On-The Wold
HOOKHAM Robert Slater/Plasterer Stow-On-The Wold
HORLICK Charles Gent Painswick
HORLICK James Boot & Shoemaker Painswick
HORLICK John Tailor Painswick
HORNTON William Carrier Northleach
HORSELL T.J. Esq. Painswick
HOULDER Ann Butcher Painswick
HOWARD John Chymist/Druggist Stow-On-The Wold
HOWELL James Basket Maker Chipping Sodbury
HUDSON Samuel Tavern/Public House The White Lion, Stow-On-The Wold
HUMPHREYS William Blacksmith Burton on the Water.
HUNT James Tavern/Public House Crown & Anchor, Stow-On-The Wold
HUNT Thomas Carpenter/Joiner Stow-On-The Wold
HUNT Thomas Wheelwright Stow-On-The Wold
HUNTLEY Wadham Revd. Aston Blank
HURD John Revd. Naunton
HYDE Thomas Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
HYETT William Henry Esq. Painswick
ILES Charles Plasterer/Tiler Chipping Sodbury
ILES George Grocer/Tea Dealer Chipping Sodbury
ILES George Baker Chipping Sodbury
ILES George Plasterer/Tiler Chipping Sodbury
ILES Hope Stone Mason Chipping Sodbury
ILES Jane Milliner/Dressmaker Chipping Sodbury
ILES Richard Carrier Chipping Sodbury
ILES William Butcher Chipping Sodbury
ISAAC Isaac Gent Wickwar
ISAAC Jeremiah Gent Chipping Sodbury
ISAAC John Brazier Wickwar
ISAAC John Painter/Plumber/Glazier Wickwar
ISAAC Joseph Carpenter Wickwar
IVERY Thomas Stone Mason Wickwar
JEFFREYS Henry Cooper Burton on the Water.
JOHNSON John Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
JONES Bluet Esq. Iron-Acton
JONES David Revd. Chipping Sodbury
JONES Edmund Stone Mason Wickwar
JONES Fownes Fitzherbe Apothecary Chipping Sodbury
JONES Fownes Fitzherbe Chymist/Druggist Chipping Sodbury
JONES J.F. Revd. , Stow-On-The Wold
JONES Thomas Revd. Hill House, Wickwar
JONES William Gent Northleach
KEARSEY John Corn Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
KEEN George Cooper Stow-On-The Wold
KEEN John Wheelwright Painswick
KEEPIN Thomas Butcher Iron-Acton
KEMPTHORNE John Revd. Northleach
KERRICK George Tailor Chipping Sodbury
KITCHEN Moses Grocer/Tea Dealer Burton on the Water.
KYMBER & DYER Miller Burton on the Water.
LAKE William Esq. Castle Godwin, Painswick
LAMLEY Charles Surgeon Northleach
LANE Richard W. Berks & Gls Fire Office Stow-On-The Wold
LANE Richard Weight Bookseller/Printer/&c. Stow-On-The Wold & Moreton in Marsh
LARGE John Carpenter/Joiner Stow-On-The Wold
LARGE Sarah Tavern/Public House The Black Bear, Stow-On-The Wold
LARGE William Butcher Stow-On-The Wold
LAWRENCE William Stone Mason Iron-Acton
LAWRENCE William Butcher Burton on the Water.
LEMAN Paul Downton Surgeon Chipping Sodbury
LEONARD & SIMS Milliner/Dressmaker Chipping Sodbury
LEWIS Luke Shopkeeper Iron-Acton
LIMBRICK Isaac Tavern/Public House The George, Chipping Sodbury
LLEWELLIN C. & M.A. Milliner/Dressmaker Chipping Sodbury
LOCK William Carrier Chipping Sodbury
LODGE William Shopkeep & Fire Agent. Painswick
LONGSTAFF William Gent Chipping Sodbury
LOVEDAY Ann Postmistree Painswick
LOVEDAY Henry Maltster Painswick
LOVELL Daniel Stone Mason Wickwar
LOVELL Thomas Stone Mason Wickwar
LOVELL William Saddler/Collar Maker Wickwar
LOWE James Carpenter Wickwar
MAINTONE Lewis & Geo. Carrier Iron-Acton
MANSELL Ann Postmistress Stow-On-The Wold
MANSELL Mary Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
MARMOUNT John Boot & Shoe Maker Wickwar
MARSH Charles Gardner/Seedsman Chipping Sodbury
MARSH Thomas Brazier Chipping Sodbury
MARTIN Elisha Revd. Painswick
MASON William Maltster Stow-On-The Wold
MATTHEWS Joseph Linen & Woollen Draper Stow-On-The Wold
MATTHEWS William Tavern/Public House The New Inn, Burton on the Water.
MEARS Joseph Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
MERRETT Joseph Chair maker Painswick
MERRIMAN Joseph Slater/Plasterer Stow-On-The Wold
MIDWINTER William Stone Mason Northleach
MILLARD Henry Painter & Glazier &c. Northleach
MILLER Benjamin Academy/School Wickwar
MILLER Benjamin Post Master Wickwar
MILLS Charles Stone Mason Wickwar
MILLS John Stone Mason Painswick
MINCHIN Henry Gent Stow-On-The Wold
MINETT Mrs. Wickwar
MINETT Jos. Maltster Wickwar
MONK George Esq. West End House, Wickwar
MONK Richard Tailor Chipping Sodbury
MORGAN Charles Surgeon M.D. Iron-Acton
MORGAN Charles Francis Painter/Plumber/Glazier Chipping Sodbury
MORGAN George Stone Mason Chipping Sodbury
MORGAN Susannah Academy/School Chipping Sodbury
MORGAN William Revd. Icombe
MORGROVE John C. Revd. Chipping Sodbury
MORLEY Charles Lath Render Wickwar
MUSTY Henry Butcher Painswick
NEWTON William Governor of Prison Northleach
NICHOLAS John Saddler/Collar Maker Wickwar
NICHOLLS Robert Carpenter Iron-Acton
NICHOLS Robert Shopkeeper Iron-Acton
NICHOLSON William Revd. Northleach
NICHOLSON William Rev. Master Free Grammar Sch Northleach
OLIFF Peter Grocer/Tea Dealer Wickwar
OLIFF Peter Ham & Bacon Curers Wickwar
ORMROD William Gent Iron-Acton
ORMROD William Esq. Iron-Acton
ORMSBY John Tailor Stow-On-The Wold
OSBORNE Misses Northleach
OSBORNE John Blacksmith Chipping Sodbury
PAIN George Boarding & Day School , Stow-On-The Wold
PAIN George Phoenix Fire Office Stow-On-The Wold
PAIN George jun Watch & Clock Maker Stow-On-The Wold
PALIN Thomas Fire Office Agent Painswick
PALLING John & Son Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Lower Mill, Painswick
PALMER Sarah Innkeeper The King's Arms, Stow-On-The Wold
PALMER Thomas & Henry Linen & Woollen Draper Burton on the Water.
PALMER Thomas & Henry London Union Fire Office Burton on the Water.
PARK Daniel Blacksmith Wickwar
PARK William Grocer/Tea Dealer Wickwar
PARK William Ham & Bacon Curers Wickwar
PARKER John Academy/School Chipping Sodbury
PARKER John Felmonger & Parchment Mfr Northleach
PARKER Mary Academy/School Chipping Sodbury
PARTLOW Samuel Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
PAYN James Painter/Plumber/Glazier Burton on the Water.
PEACEY John Academy, & Protector Fire Northleach
PEARCE James Cooper Burton on the Water.
PEGLAR James B. Inns & Public Houses The Bell Inn, Painswick
PEGLER William Inns & Public Houses The New Inn, Painswick
PERCIVAL Henry Surgeon M.D. Chipping Sodbury
PERRITT Henry Wheelwright Wickwar
PHILLIPS John Painter/Plumber/Glazier Stow-On-The Wold
PHILLIPS Joseph Carrier Wickwar
PHILLIPS Thomas Saddler/Collar Maker Wickwar
PHILLIPS William Academy/School Chipping Sodbury
PHILLIPS William Blacksmith Burton on the Water.
PHILLPOTT Abraham Basket Maker Wickwar
PINDER Thomas Pauntin Revd. Westcole
PIPPS Joseph Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
PLAISTER Jos. Grocer/Tea Dealer Wickwar
POLE Charles Esq. Wyck Hill House
POLE Watson B. Revd. Upper Swell
POOLE John Gent Burton on the Water.
POOLE Thomas Shopkeeper Painswick
POOLE Thomas Tavern/Public House Old Red Lion, Stow-On-The Wold
POOTON James Carpenter/Joiner Stow-On-The Wold
POWELL Charles Inns & Public Houses The Wheat Sheaf, Northleach
POWELL Charles Butcher Northleach
POWELL Horatia Nelson Attorney Chipping Sodbury
POWELL William Farrier & Cow Leech Northleach
POWELL Zacharias Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Painswick
POWERS William Carrier Stow-On-The Wold
PRATT William Baker Painswick
PRESTON John Minature painter Painswick
PRICE Robert Blacksmith Northleach
PRICE Robert Boot & Shoemaker Northleach
PRICE William Boot & Shoemaker Painswick
PRIOR Thomas Miller Chipping Sodbury
PRIOR Thomas Gent Chipping Sodbury
PRITCHARD Joseph Brazier Chipping Sodbury
PRITCHARD William Carrier Chipping Sodbury
PRIVETT John Butcher Stow-On-The Wold
PULLIN Isaac Baker Chipping Sodbury
PULLIN Jno. Maltster Wickwar
PULLIN John Grocer/Tea Dealer Wickwar
PULLIN John Ham & Bacon Curers Wickwar
RANDALL Joseph Tailor Chipping Sodbury
RANSFORD Jos. Linen & Woollen Draper Burton on the Water.
READE Lady Oddington
REECE David Revd. Wickwar
REECE David Revd. Master Free Grammar Sch. Wickwar
RENS James Savings Bank actuary Stow-On-The Wold
REYER Mary Mrs. , Stow-On-The Wold
REYNOLDS Edward Miller Hyde Hill
RICE E. Revd. Hon DD Dean Of Gloucester, Oddington
RICE Fanny Mrs. Burton on the Water.
RICE Thomas & Son Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Small's Mill, Painswick
RICE William Butcher Chipping Sodbury
RICE William Carpenter Chipping Sodbury
RICHARDSON Ford Revd. Iron-Acton
RICHARDSON Thomas Gent Chipping Sodbury
RICHINGS Edward Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
ROBERTS Sarah Tavern/Public House The New Inn, Chipping Sodbury
ROBERTSON Edward Gent Chipping Sodbury
ROBINS John Tailor Burton on the Water.
ROCHE Hannah Shopkeeper Iron-Acton
ROFF Edmund Stone Mason Northleach
ROFF Elizabeth School , Stow-On-The Wold
ROFF John Stone Mason Stow-On-The Wold
ROFF Robert Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
ROFF Robert Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
ROFF William Tavern/Public House The George, Stow-On-The Wold
ROGERS Henry Tailor Stow-On-The Wold
ROGERS William Tailor Stow-On-The Wold
ROLPH Thomas Blacksmith Iron-Acton
ROOKER D. Esq. Stainsbridge House, Painswick
RUSSELL George Tallow Chandler Chipping Sodbury
RUSSELL John Currier Chipping Sodbury
SALLISS Stephen Glover Chipping Sodbury
SARGENT William Gent Iron-Acton
SAVORY James Millwright Painswick
SAVORY John Millwright Painswick
SAVORY William Ironmonger Painswick
SCARSBROOK Richard Innkeeper The Unicorn, Stow-On-The Wold
SEDGLEY Thomas Saddler/Harness Maker Stow-On-The Wold
SHELL Ann Academy Northleach
SHEPHARD Richard Carrier Stow-On-The Wold
SHEPHERD William Miller Iron-Acton
SHEPPEARD John Slater/Plasterer Stow-On-The Wold
SHERBORNE Rt Hon. Lord Sherborne Park, Northleach
SHIPP William Baker Chipping Sodbury
SHIPP William Butcher Chipping Sodbury
SHORT George Boot & Shoe Maker Chipping Sodbury
SHORT Thos. Hollister Plumber Painswick
SIMMONS Thomas Gent Northleach
SIMS William Butcher Painswick
SKEY Thomas Surgeon M.D. Wickwar
SKINNER John Miller Painswick
SKINNER Thomas Maltster Painswick
SLATTER Richard Butcher Northleach
SLATTER Thomas Saddler/Harness Maker Burton on the Water.
SMITH Daniel Inns & Public Houses The Falcon Inn, Painswick
SMITH Geo. Wetherall Wine & Spirit Merchant Northleach
SMITH James Tailor Northleach
SMITH James Carpenter Iron-Acton
SMITH John Shoemaker Northleach
SMITH Richard Glodwin Gent Burton on the Water.
SMITH Thomas Revd. Chipping Sodbury
SMITH Thomas Saddler Painswick
SMITH Thomas Revd. Master Free Grammar Sch. Chipping Sodbury
SOUL William Blacksmith Northleach
SPENCER Oliph Mrs. Chipping Sodbury
SPINDELOW Charles Miller Northleach
SPRING Daniel & Sons Carpenters & Builders Painswick
SPRINGALL William Baker/Confectioner Stow-On-The Wold
STENSON Nathanial MD Burton on the Water.
STEPHENS Esther Shopkeeper Painswick
STIFF Edward Plasterer/Tiler Chipping Sodbury
STIFF Robert Plasterer/Tiler Iron-Acton
STIFF William Plasterer/Tiler Iron-Acton
STRONG Robert Revd. Painswick
SWAN John Draper & Grocer Northleach
TALBOT George Esq. Temple Guiting, Northleach
TANNER & BAYLIS Carrier Painswick
TANNER Alfred Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
TANNER James Tailor Wickwar
TARN Miles Brook Attorney Stow-On-The Wold
TAYLER Thomas Corn & Coal Merchant Northleach
TAYLOR Edward Painter/Plumber/Glazier Stow-On-The Wold
TAYLOR John Carpenter Chipping Sodbury
TAYLOR William Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
TAYLOR William Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
TAYLOR William Rope & Sacking Maker Stow-On-The Wold
TEAL William Ironmonger Stow-On-The Wold
TEALL Job Boot & Shoemaker Burton on the Water.
TEALL Thomas Boot & Shoemaker Burton on the Water.
THOMPSON Charles Saddler/Collar Maker Iron-Acton
THOMPSON Isaac Saddler/Collar Maker Chipping Sodbury
THOMPSON William Saddler/Collar Maker Chipping Sodbury
THORNDELL Christopher Boot &c. Maker Northleach
THORNDELL John Boot &c. Maker Northleach
THORNTON William Inns & Public Houses The Wellinbgton, Northleach
TILSLEY John Chymist/Druggist Stow-On-The Wold
TILY ?? John Carpenter Chipping Sodbury
TRAFFORD Henry Basket Maker Burton on the Water.
TROTMAN Stephen Miller Chipping Sodbury
TUCKETT Alfred Esq. Iron-Acton
TUNLEY John Boot & Shoemaker Painswick
TURNER William Carrier Stow-On-The Wold
TURNER William Carrier Chipping Sodbury
TWISLETON Thomas Revd. Adlestroap
TYLER Ann Grocer/Tea Dealer Wickwar
TYLER John Wheelwright Chipping Sodbury
UPSTONE Edward Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
VARLOW Samuel Wheelwright Iron-Acton
VASSALL Leonard Esq. Brook House, Chipping Sodbury
VAVASOUR Marmaduke Revd. Broadwi ??
VAVASOUR Richard Fred. Revd. Rectory House, Stow-On-The Wold
VERNEY Richard Cow Leech Stow-On-The Wold
VERRINDER James Blacksmith Painswick
VICK Grace Milliner/Dressmaker Chipping Sodbury
VICK John Cooper Chipping Sodbury
VICK Nathaniel Cooper Chipping Sodbury
VINES Mary Miss Wickwar
VOULES John Plasterer/Tiler Wickwar
WAKELAM William Maltster Burton on the Water.
WALFORD & MANN Preparatory Seminar Painswick
WALKER Mrs. Painswick
WALKER Ann Mrs. Painswick
WALLER Harry Edmund Esq. Farmington Lodge, Northleach
WALLER Maria Mrs. Farmington, Northleach
WALLOP John Clark Esq. Oakham House, Painswick
WALTER William Academy/School Iron-Acton
WARD Thomas R. Fire Office Agnet Painswick
WARD Thomas R. Academy Painswick
WARRINER Frederick Academy/School Chipping Sodbury
WATKINS Charles Baker Chipping Sodbury
WATKINS Grace Confectioner Chipping Sodbury
WATKINS John Baker Chipping Sodbury
WATTS Ann Tavern/Public House The White Horse, Wickwar
WATTS John Saddler/Collar Maker Chipping Sodbury
WATTS John Innkeeper The Port-Cullis, Chipping Sodbury
WATTS Thomas Tavern/Public House The Royal Oak, Chipping Sodbury
WATTS Thomas jun Maltster Chipping Sodbury
WEBB John Stone Mason Wickwar
WEBB William Carpenter Wickwar
WELCH Ebworth Mrs Painswick
WELLS William Surgeon Burton on the Water.
WELLS William jun Surgeon Burton on the Water.
WERRETT Thomas Innkeeper The Swan, Chipping Sodbury
WERRETT Thomas Painter/Plumber/Glazier Chipping Sodbury
WERRETT Thomas Tavern/Public House The Swan, Chipping Sodbury
WEST Edward Wheelwright Painswick
WESTACOTT & Co. Chymist/Druggist Chipping Sodbury
WESTCOTT Ephraim Boot &c. Maker Painswick
WESTMACOTT John Boot/Shoemaker/Ironmonger Northleach
WESTON Richard Blacksmith & Ironmonger Painswick
WHEATLEY Samuel Tailor Stow-On-The Wold
WHEELER Henry Shopkeeper Northleach
WHEELER John Bookbinder Painswick
WHEELER John Boot & Shoemaker Stow-On-The Wold
WHITE John Inns & Public Houses The Carpenters' Arms, Painswick
WHITE Joseph Hat Manufacturer Painswick
WHITE Thomas Plasterer/Tiler Wickwar
WHITE William Plasterer/Tiler Wickwar
WHITFORD Thomas Hair Dresser Stow-On-The Wold
WHITTINGTON George Attorney Chipping Sodbury
WICK Viner Esq. Wickstreet House, Painswick
WICKHAM James Butcher Chipping Sodbury
WICKHAM Sarah Miss Chipping Sodbury
WIGHT Joseph Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Cook's Mill, Painswick
WIGHT Robert Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Brook House Mill, Painswick
WILKES Joseph Weaver Stow-On-The Wold
WILKINS & KENDALL Law Life Agnet Burton on the Water.
WILKINS & KENDALL Attorney Burton on the Water.
WILKINS Letitia Mrs. Burton on the Water.
WILKINSON George Baker Northleach
WILKINSON George Inns & Public Houses The Red Lion, Northleach
WILLIAMS Gabriel Bath Sun Fire Office Chipping Sodbury
WILLIAMS Gabriel Grocer/Tea Dealer Chipping Sodbury
WILLIAMS Mary Grocer/Tea Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
WILLIAMS Nehemiah Shopkeer/Dealer Stow-On-The Wold
WILLIAMS Sarah Mrs. Chipping Sodbury
WILLIAMS Thomas Tavern/Public House The White Hart, Iron-Acton
WILLIAMSON Joseph Blacksmith Chipping Sodbury
WINTER Thomas Revd. Condicott
WINTER Thomas Revd. Dailsford
WITHERS Walter Hatter Chipping Sodbury
WITTS Francis Edward Revd. Upper Slaughter
WITTS William Carrier Chipping Sodbury
WITTS William Carrier Chipping Sodbury
WLKINS John Tavern/Public House Coach & Horses, Burton on the Water
WOLLEN & GARDNER Surgeons Painswick
WOLLEN Joseph Surgeon Painswick
WOLLON George Tailor Iron-Acton
WOOD James Boot & Shoe Maker Painswick
WOOD Mary Confectioner &c., Northleach
WOOD Richard Gent's Boarding Academy Northleach
WOOD Samuel Woollen Cloth Manfacturer Cap Mill, Painswick
WYNNIATT Reginald Revd. Guiting Grange

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 29th October 1993]