Northleach, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

The following list of some 650 names covers the following towns:- Northleach, Painswick, Chipping Sodbury, Wickwar, Iron-Acton, Stow in the Wold, Burton on the Water.
"NORTHLEACH lies 22 miles from Gloucetser and 13 miles from Cheltenham, and 11 miles from Cirencester. The Grammar School was founded by Hugh WESTWOOD, and the Charity School was founded by George TOWNSEND. The Alms Houses for women was founded by Mrs DUTTON and for men by Mrs ALLEN. In the returns for 1821, Northleach had 773 inhabitants."

"PAINSWICK lies six miles from Gloucester and four from Stroud. A Sunday School was established by Mr Raikes was the first of its kind in GLS. In 1821 the parish ad 4,044 inhabitants."

"CHIPPING SODBURY Town lies 25 miles from Cirencester and 14 miles from Bath. The church is dedicated to St John the Baptist, and at the 1821 census contained 1.059 inhabitants."

"WICKWAR lies between three and four miles from Chipping Sodbury and in 1821 had 919 inhabitants."

"IRON ACTON lies about three miles from Chipping Sodbury and in 1821 had 1,122 inhabitants."

"STOW IN THE WOLD lies 25 miles from Gloucester and 9 miles from Northleach. and four from Moreton in the Marsh. The Free Grammar School was founded by Mr SHEPHAM. The Church is dedicated to St Edward - a hermit of great sanctity. In 1821 Stow had 1,731 inhabitants."

"BOURTON ON THE WATER is about four miles from Stow on the road to Northleach. In 1821 Bourton had 758 inhabitants."

ACOCK AbrahamChair MakerNorthleach
ADLIM JosephCarrierChipping Sodbury
ALDEN ElizaStraw Hat MakerChipping Sodbury
ALDEN MosesCooperChipping Sodbury
ALDEN ThomasButcherChipping Sodbury
ALSOP CharlesTavern/Public HouseThe Lamb, Iron-Acton
ALSOP CharlesWheelwrightChipping Sodbury
ALWAY JohnGentIron-Acton
AMOS BenjaminTurnerWickwar
AMOS GabrielGentChipping Sodbury
AMOS MosesCooperWickwar
AMOS SamuelPlasterer/TilerChipping Sodbury
AMOS WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerIron-Acton
ANDREWS RichardBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
ANDREWS WilliamConfectionerNorthleach
ARCHER ElizabethPainter/Plumber/GlazierStow-On-The Wold
ARCHER RichardSurgeonStow-On-The Wold
ARCHER SamuelSlater/PlastererStow-On-The Wold
ARKELL JohnMaltsterDonnington
ARKELL JohnMillerDonnington
ARNOLD RichardGrocer/Tea DealerChipping Sodbury
ARNOLD ThomasMaltsterWickwar
ATKINSON ThomasSurgeonChipping Sodbury
AVERY BetseyMistress Free Girls SchStow-On-The Wold
BAKER CharlesArchitect/Civil EngineerPainswick
BALLIAL WilliamRevd.Great Risington
BANNING WilliamTailorStow-On-The Wold
BARNETT JohnBlacksmithStow-On-The Wold
BARNETT ThomasStone MasonNorthleach
BARNS RobertBoot & Shoe MakerIron-Acton
BARRETT WilliamBasket MakerChipping Sodbury
BARTLETT WilliamCarpenter/JoinerStow-On-The Wold
BAYLIS RobertButcherChipping Sodbury
BAYLIS WilliamEsq.Painswick
BEARD ThomasCooper & Pump makerPainswick
BEAUFORTHis Grace the Duke ofBadmington,Chipping Sodbury
BEAVINS JosephTailorPainswick
BEE JohnCarpenterNorthleach
BEE John junCabinet maker & UpholsterNorthleach
BELLARS Robert HenryEsq.Painswick
BETTERIDGE RobertWheelwrightStow-On-The Wold
BETTRIDGE JohnWinr & Spirit DealerNorthleach
BETTRIDGE JohnInns & Public HousesThe Union Inn, Northleach
BIRD RichardBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
BIRT JamesShopkeeperPainswick
BLACK RobertInns & Public HousesThe Rose & Crown, Northleach
BLACKWELL JosephStone MasonPainswick
BLANCH JohnPlumber & GlazierNorthleach
BLENCOWE CharlesRevd.Northleach
BLIZARD JohnBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
BLIZARD JohnHair DresserStow-On-The Wold
BLIZARD RichardCarpenter/JoinerStow-On-The Wold
BLIZARD RobertBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
BOUDIER JohnRevd.Farmington, Northleach
BOWEN ThomasRevd.Temple Giuting, Stow-On-The Wold
BOWN ThomasBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
BOWN ThomasGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
BOWN WilliamInnkeeperThe White Hart, Stow-On-The Wold
BOWYER GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerIron-Acton
BOWYER JamesStone MasonChipping Sodbury
BOWYER WilliamStone MasonChipping Sodbury
BRAINSFORD CharlesSurgeonPainswick
BRICKNELL ThomasRevd.Oddington, Stow-On-The Wold
BRIDGES Mary AnnStraw Hat MakerPainswick
BRIDGES ThomasBakerPainswick
BRINDLE ThomasMaltsterBurton on the Water.
BRINDLE WilliamCooperNorthleach
BROOKE ElizabethMissChipping Sodbury
BROOKE FrancisMrs.Chipping Sodbury
BROOKE ThomasRevd.Chipping Sodbury
BROOKES RobertAttorneyStow-On-The Wold
BROOKES WilliamWatch & Clock MakerStow-On-The Wold
BROOKES WilliamTavern/Public HouseThe Talbot, Stow-On-The Wold
BROTHERTON EdwardClothes DealerStow-On-The Wold
BROWN DanielBoot & Shoe MakerWickwar
BROWN JohnEsq.Salperton House, Northleach
BROWN JohnBoot & Shoe MakerChipping Sodbury
BRUTON CharlesPlasterer/TilerChipping Sodbury
BRYAN JohnLinen & Woollen DraperStow-On-The Wold
BURGE SamuelSaddlerNorthleach
CAMBREY GeorgeBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
CAMBREY JohnButcherStow-On-The Wold
CAPEL WilliamEsq.The Grove, Painswick
CARPENTER WilliamGardner/SeedsmanChipping Sodbury
CATER MaryMissYate House, Chipping Sodbury
CHAMBERLAYNE Edmund JnEsq.Mangersbury House, Stow-On-The Wold
CHANDLER DanielHat ManufacturerPainswick
CHARLES HenryLinen & Woollen DraperStow-On-The Wold
CHARLES John DarbyLinen & Woollen DraperStow-On-The Wold
CHARLES John DarbySun Fire OfficeStow-On-The Wold
CHRISTIE MaryShopkeeper &c.Painswick
CHURCHILL ThomasTavern/Public HouseThe Queen's Head, Stow-On-The Wold
CLARK WilliamShopkeeper &c.Painswick
CLARKE WilliamTavern/Public HouseThe Butcher's Arms, Stow-On-The Wold
CLARKE WilliamCooperStow-On-The Wold
CLARY BenjaminTailorNorthleach
CLIFFORD ElizabethCoal DealerStow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD GeorgeStone MasonBurton on the Water.
CLIFFORD JamesGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD Jno P.Stone MasonBurton on the Water.
CLIFFORD JohnCorn DealerStow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD RichardStone MasonStow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD WilliamBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
CLIFFORD WilliamStone MasonStow-On-The Wold
COATES GilesShopkeeperIron-Acton
COATES GilesTailorIron-Acton
CODRINGTON AnnMrs.Chipping Sodbury
CODRINGTON CarolineMissChipping Sodbury
CODRINGTON Christ BethSirDoddington Park, Chipping Sodbury
CODRINGTON ThomasGentChipping Sodbury
COLE GeorgeGrocer/Tea DealerChipping Sodbury
COLE SamuelStone MasonWickwar
COLEMAN JobCarrierStow-On-The Wold
COLES ThomasRevd.Bourton on the Water
COLIN WilliamBaker/ConfectionerBurton on the Water.
COLLETT RobertMillerBurton on the Water.
COLLETT RobertProtector Fire OfficeBurton on the Water.
COLLINGS ThomasWatchmakerChipping Sodbury
CONRAUD Mary AnnMrs.Chipping Sodbury
COOK HenryShopkeeper &c.Painswick
COOK JohnTavern/Public HouseThe Bell, Chipping Sodbury
COOK SamuelPlastererPainswick
COOK WilliamBaker/ConfectionerBurton on the Water.
COOKE ThomasRevd.Wickwar
CORNBILL CharlesBakerPainswick
CORNBILL JohnGentStow-On-The Wold
CORNOCK GeorgeGentIron-Acton
COSIER GeorgeBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
COULSON WatsonApothecaryChipping Sodbury
COURTIER SamuelMrs.Chipping Sodbury
COX & HICKSWoollen Cloth ManfacturerCox's Mills, Painswick
COX CharlesCapt.Painswick
COX JohnMillerPainswick
CRADDOCK AnnDressmakerNorthleach
CRESSER JeremiahGentBurton on the Water
CRESSWELL JohnBoot &c. MakerPainswick
CRIPPS & Co.BankersStow-On-The Wold
CRIPPS JamesBoot & ShoemakerPainswick
CROOME JohnGentBurton on the Water
CULIMORE JamesMaltsterWickwar
CULLIMORE JamesBakerWickwar
CULLIMORE MartinTavern/Public HouseThe Crown, Wickwar
CULLIMORE SophiaAcademy/SchoolWickwar
CULLIMORE ThomasAuctioneer & AppraiserWickwar
DALBY EdwardBaker/ConfectionerBurton on the Water.
DAVIES AnnShopkeeperWickwar
DAVIES DanielPlasterer/TilerWickwar
DAVIS WilliamGardner/seedsmanStow-On-The Wold
DAY GeorgeInns & Public HousesThe Sherborne Arms, Northleach
DAY IsaacInns & Public HousesThe King's Head, Northleach
DEE JamesButcherChipping Sodbury
DEE JosephButcherChipping Sodbury
DEIVE JamesPost MasterIron Acton
DIXON WilliamStay MakerChipping Sodbury
DRAKE WilliamTailorPainswick
DRIVER JohnRetail BrewerPainswick
DUCKETT WilliamDraper & GrocerNorthleach
DUDFIELD JosephMillerChipping Sodbury
DUDFIELD Steve BurcombWine & Spirit DealerChipping Sodbury
DURHAM EdwardTailorBurton on the Water.
DURHAM JohnTailorBurton on the Water.
DYER JaneDressmakerNorthleach
DYER JohnOat Meal FactorNorthleach
DYER ThomasCarpenter & MaltsterNorthleach
DYER WilliamCarpenterNorthleach
EARLE JohnCarpenterNorthleach
EDGINTON JohnBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
EDWARDS FrancisGentWickwar
EDWARDS SarahShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
ELLIOTT JohnPlasterer/TilerWickwar
ELLIS RichardButcherStow-On-The Wold
EVANS ElizabethAcademy/SchoolIron-Acton
EVANS JamesTailorNorthleach
FARMER JohnTailorStow-On-The Wold
FIFIELD ThomasCarrierStow-On-The Wold
FISHER Mary AnnShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
FLETCHER AnnStraw Hat MakerWickwar
FLETCHER AnnMilliner/DressmakerWickwar
FLETCHER WilliamSaddler/Collar MakerChipping Sodbury
FLOWER PhoebeMilliner/DressmakerIron-Acton
FORD GeorgePipemakerWickwar
FORD JamesBoot & Shoe MakerWickwar
FORD WilbrahamRevd.Little Risington
FORTY JosephTannerStow-On-The Wold
FORTY MaryShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
FOWLER JasperPost MasterChipping Sodbury
FOWLER JasperSalt manufacturerChipping Sodbury
FOWLER JohnGlobe Fire OfficeChipping Sodbury
FOWLER MaryMilliner/DressmakerChipping Sodbury
FOX JohnBlacksmithStow-On-The Wold
FOX JohnIronmongerStow-On-The Wold
FOXWELL PhilipWoollen Cloth ManfacturerNew Mills, Painswick
FRANKIS HenryInns & Public HousesThe Lamb, Painswick
FRANKIS HenryButcherPainswick
FRANKIS JohnButcherPainswick
FRANKLIN JohnMaster Free School (Boys)Stow-On-The Wold
FRANKLIN RobertTailorWickwar
FREWIN JamesWatchmakerChipping Sodbury
FUGILL JohnCarpenterIron-Acton
FUSSELL FrancisButcherWickwar
FUSSELL FrancisTavern/Public HouseThe Rose & Crown, Iron-Acton
GARDINER ThomasTavern/Public HouseThe Bell, Stow-On-The Wold
GARDINER WilliamButcherNorthleach
GARDNER JohnMaltsterPainswick
GARDNER RichardStone MasonStow-On-The Wold
GARDNER WilliamShopkeeperPainswick
GARLICK SarahMrs.Painswick
GARNER JohnEsq.Painswick
GAY RichardMillerChipping Sodbury
GIBBS GeorgeMaltsterIron-Acton
GIBBS SamuelMaltsterBroadwell
GIBBS SamuelMillerUpper Sewell
GIBBS WilliamGrocer/Tea DealerIron-Acton
GIBBS WilliamBlacksmithIron-Acton
GIBSON JamesGardner/SeedsmanChipping Sodbury
GIBSON Jane & Elizth.Milliner/DressmakerChipping Sodbury
GILLETT ThomasWorsted manufacturerStow-On-The Wold
GLEEDE IsaacCarrierChipping Sodbury
GODDARD Samuel & SonShopkeepersPainswick
GODWIN JohnMaltsterChipping Sodbury
GOODIER WilliamStraw Hat MakerChipping Sodbury
GOODMAN JamesGrocer & DraperNorthleach
GRANT SamuelButcherChipping Sodbury
GYDE CharlesDyer & Fire Office AgentPainswick
GYDE DanielBaker & MaltsterPainswick
GYDE WilliamTailorPainswick
HADWEN John VannSurgeonNorthleach
HAGUE MaryShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
HAGUE StephenSaddler/Harness MakerStow-On-The Wold
HALFORD WilliamWatch makerNorthleach
HALL A.Mrs.Bourton on the Water
HALL MaryMaltsterNorthleach
HALL WilliamMrs.Bourton on the Water
HALLIDAY JamesTailorIron-Acton
HAMBRIDGE RichardCarrierChipping Sodbury
HANCOCK JamesLime BurnerChipping Sodbury
HANIS RichardBoot & ShoemakerPainswick
HARDING AliceButcherNorthleach
HARDING John F.InnkeeperThe New Inn, Wickwar
HARDING JosephTailorNorthleach
HARDING JosephBakerNorthleach
HARDING WilliamTailor & Clothes dealerNorthleach
HARRIS ThomasCarrierChipping Sodbury
HARTLAND JohnChairmakerPainswick
HARTWELL WilliamBlacksmithBurton on the Water.
HARVEY WilliamTallow ChandlerChipping Sodbury
HATHAWAY AnnTavern/Public HouseThe Grapes, Chipping Sodbury
HATHAWAY MaryBakerNorthleach
HAWKINS RobertCarpenter/JoinerBurton on the Water.
HAY JohnSurgeonIron-Acton
HAYNES JohnSurgeonPainswick
HAYWARD & Co.SurgeonStow-On-The Wold
HAYWARD MaryMrs.Stow-On-The Wold
HEAGUE RichardInns & Public HousesThe Golden Heart, Painswick
HEAGUE RichardPlumberPainswick
HEARTWELL JohnWatch & Clock MakerBurton on the Water.
HEARTWELL ThomasGun makerStow-On-The Wold
HEAVEN GilesSerge WeaverWickwar
HEAVEN JohnStone MasonWickwar
HEMMENT JohnGentChipping Sodbury
HETLING ThomasAttorneyChipping Sodbury
HEWER JohnCorn DealerBurton on the Water.
HEWLET EdwardButcherPainswick
HIGGS ChristopherPainter/Plumber/GlazierChipping Sodbury
HIGGS DanielMaltsterWickwar
HIGGS DanielBakerWickwar
HIGGS MosesButcherWickwar
HIGGS PhilipButcherWickwar
HIGGS WilliamCarpenterChipping Sodbury
HILL JohnWorsted manufacturerStow-On-The Wold
HITCHINS ThomasInns & Public HousesThe Star, Painswick
HITCHMAN JohnBaker & MaltsterNorthleach
HOGG ThomasTailorPainswick
HOGG WilliamButcherPainswick
HOLMAN ThomasSlater/PlastererStow-On-The Wold
HOOKHAM FrancisSlater/PlastererBurton on the Water.
HOOKHAM RichardSlater/PlastererStow-On-The Wold
HOOKHAM RobertSlater/PlastererStow-On-The Wold
HORLICK CharlesGentPainswick
HORLICK JamesBoot & ShoemakerPainswick
HORLICK JohnTailorPainswick
HORNTON WilliamCarrierNorthleach
HORSELL T.J.Esq.Painswick
HOULDER AnnButcherPainswick
HOWARD JohnChymist/DruggistStow-On-The Wold
HOWELL JamesBasket MakerChipping Sodbury
HUDSON SamuelTavern/Public HouseThe White Lion, Stow-On-The Wold
HUMPHREYS WilliamBlacksmithBurton on the Water.
HUNT JamesTavern/Public HouseCrown & Anchor, Stow-On-The Wold
HUNT ThomasCarpenter/JoinerStow-On-The Wold
HUNT ThomasWheelwrightStow-On-The Wold
HUNTLEY WadhamRevd.Aston Blank
HURD JohnRevd.Naunton
HYDE ThomasBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
HYETT William HenryEsq.Painswick
ILES CharlesPlasterer/TilerChipping Sodbury
ILES GeorgeGrocer/Tea DealerChipping Sodbury
ILES GeorgeBakerChipping Sodbury
ILES GeorgePlasterer/TilerChipping Sodbury
ILES HopeStone MasonChipping Sodbury
ILES JaneMilliner/DressmakerChipping Sodbury
ILES RichardCarrierChipping Sodbury
ILES WilliamButcherChipping Sodbury
ISAAC IsaacGentWickwar
ISAAC JeremiahGentChipping Sodbury
ISAAC JohnBrazierWickwar
ISAAC JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierWickwar
ISAAC JosephCarpenterWickwar
IVERY ThomasStone MasonWickwar
JEFFREYS HenryCooperBurton on the Water.
JOHNSON JohnBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
JONES BluetEsq.Iron-Acton
JONES DavidRevd.Chipping Sodbury
JONES EdmundStone MasonWickwar
JONES Fownes FitzherbeApothecaryChipping Sodbury
JONES Fownes FitzherbeChymist/DruggistChipping Sodbury
JONES J.F.Revd., Stow-On-The Wold
JONES ThomasRevd.Hill House, Wickwar
JONES WilliamGentNorthleach
KEARSEY JohnCorn DealerStow-On-The Wold
KEEN GeorgeCooperStow-On-The Wold
KEEN JohnWheelwrightPainswick
KEEPIN ThomasButcherIron-Acton
KEMPTHORNE JohnRevd.Northleach
KERRICK GeorgeTailorChipping Sodbury
KITCHEN MosesGrocer/Tea DealerBurton on the Water.
KYMBER & DYERMillerBurton on the Water.
LAKE WilliamEsq.Castle Godwin, Painswick
LAMLEY CharlesSurgeonNorthleach
LANE Richard W.Berks & Gls Fire OfficeStow-On-The Wold
LANE Richard WeightBookseller/Printer/&c.Stow-On-The Wold & Moreton in Marsh
LARGE JohnCarpenter/JoinerStow-On-The Wold
LARGE SarahTavern/Public HouseThe Black Bear, Stow-On-The Wold
LARGE WilliamButcherStow-On-The Wold
LAWRENCE WilliamStone MasonIron-Acton
LAWRENCE WilliamButcherBurton on the Water.
LEMAN Paul DowntonSurgeonChipping Sodbury
LEONARD & SIMSMilliner/DressmakerChipping Sodbury
LEWIS LukeShopkeeperIron-Acton
LIMBRICK IsaacTavern/Public HouseThe George, Chipping Sodbury
LLEWELLIN C. & M.A.Milliner/DressmakerChipping Sodbury
LOCK WilliamCarrierChipping Sodbury
LODGE WilliamShopkeep & Fire Agent.Painswick
LONGSTAFF WilliamGentChipping Sodbury
LOVEDAY AnnPostmistreePainswick
LOVEDAY HenryMaltsterPainswick
LOVELL DanielStone MasonWickwar
LOVELL ThomasStone MasonWickwar
LOVELL WilliamSaddler/Collar MakerWickwar
LOWE JamesCarpenterWickwar
MAINTONE Lewis & Geo.CarrierIron-Acton
MANSELL AnnPostmistressStow-On-The Wold
MANSELL MaryGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
MARMOUNT JohnBoot & Shoe MakerWickwar
MARSH CharlesGardner/SeedsmanChipping Sodbury
MARSH ThomasBrazierChipping Sodbury
MARTIN ElishaRevd.Painswick
MASON WilliamMaltsterStow-On-The Wold
MATTHEWS JosephLinen & Woollen DraperStow-On-The Wold
MATTHEWS WilliamTavern/Public HouseThe New Inn, Burton on the Water.
MEARS JosephShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
MERRETT JosephChair makerPainswick
MERRIMAN JosephSlater/PlastererStow-On-The Wold
MIDWINTER WilliamStone MasonNorthleach
MILLARD HenryPainter & Glazier &c.Northleach
MILLER BenjaminAcademy/SchoolWickwar
MILLER BenjaminPost MasterWickwar
MILLS CharlesStone MasonWickwar
MILLS JohnStone MasonPainswick
MINCHIN HenryGentStow-On-The Wold
MINETT Jos.MaltsterWickwar
MONK GeorgeEsq.West End House, Wickwar
MONK RichardTailorChipping Sodbury
MORGAN CharlesSurgeon M.D.Iron-Acton
MORGAN Charles FrancisPainter/Plumber/GlazierChipping Sodbury
MORGAN GeorgeStone MasonChipping Sodbury
MORGAN SusannahAcademy/SchoolChipping Sodbury
MORGAN WilliamRevd.Icombe
MORGROVE John C.Revd.Chipping Sodbury
MORLEY CharlesLath RenderWickwar
MUSTY HenryButcherPainswick
NEWTON WilliamGovernor of PrisonNorthleach
NICHOLAS JohnSaddler/Collar MakerWickwar
NICHOLLS RobertCarpenterIron-Acton
NICHOLS RobertShopkeeperIron-Acton
NICHOLSON WilliamRevd.Northleach
NICHOLSON William Rev.Master Free Grammar SchNorthleach
OLIFF PeterGrocer/Tea DealerWickwar
OLIFF PeterHam & Bacon CurersWickwar
ORMROD WilliamGentIron-Acton
ORMROD WilliamEsq.Iron-Acton
ORMSBY JohnTailorStow-On-The Wold
OSBORNE JohnBlacksmithChipping Sodbury
PAIN GeorgeBoarding & Day School, Stow-On-The Wold
PAIN GeorgePhoenix Fire OfficeStow-On-The Wold
PAIN George junWatch & Clock MakerStow-On-The Wold
PALIN ThomasFire Office AgentPainswick
PALLING John & SonWoollen Cloth ManfacturerLower Mill, Painswick
PALMER SarahInnkeeperThe King's Arms, Stow-On-The Wold
PALMER Thomas & HenryLinen & Woollen DraperBurton on the Water.
PALMER Thomas & HenryLondon Union Fire OfficeBurton on the Water.
PARK DanielBlacksmithWickwar
PARK WilliamGrocer/Tea DealerWickwar
PARK WilliamHam & Bacon CurersWickwar
PARKER JohnAcademy/SchoolChipping Sodbury
PARKER JohnFelmonger & Parchment MfrNorthleach
PARKER MaryAcademy/SchoolChipping Sodbury
PARTLOW SamuelBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
PAYN JamesPainter/Plumber/GlazierBurton on the Water.
PEACEY JohnAcademy, & Protector FireNorthleach
PEARCE JamesCooperBurton on the Water.
PEGLAR James B.Inns & Public HousesThe Bell Inn, Painswick
PEGLER WilliamInns & Public HousesThe New Inn, Painswick
PERCIVAL HenrySurgeon M.D.Chipping Sodbury
PERRITT HenryWheelwrightWickwar
PHILLIPS JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierStow-On-The Wold
PHILLIPS JosephCarrierWickwar
PHILLIPS ThomasSaddler/Collar MakerWickwar
PHILLIPS WilliamAcademy/SchoolChipping Sodbury
PHILLIPS WilliamBlacksmithBurton on the Water.
PHILLPOTT AbrahamBasket MakerWickwar
PINDER Thomas PauntinRevd.Westcole
PIPPS JosephBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
PLAISTER Jos.Grocer/Tea DealerWickwar
POLE CharlesEsq.Wyck Hill House
POLE Watson B.Revd.Upper Swell
POOLE JohnGentBurton on the Water.
POOLE ThomasShopkeeperPainswick
POOLE ThomasTavern/Public HouseOld Red Lion, Stow-On-The Wold
POOTON JamesCarpenter/JoinerStow-On-The Wold
POWELL CharlesInns & Public HousesThe Wheat Sheaf, Northleach
POWELL CharlesButcherNorthleach
POWELL Horatia NelsonAttorneyChipping Sodbury
POWELL WilliamFarrier & Cow LeechNorthleach
POWELL ZachariasWoollen Cloth ManfacturerPainswick
POWERS WilliamCarrierStow-On-The Wold
PRATT WilliamBakerPainswick
PRESTON JohnMinature painterPainswick
PRICE RobertBlacksmithNorthleach
PRICE RobertBoot & ShoemakerNorthleach
PRICE WilliamBoot & ShoemakerPainswick
PRIOR ThomasMillerChipping Sodbury
PRIOR ThomasGentChipping Sodbury
PRITCHARD JosephBrazierChipping Sodbury
PRITCHARD WilliamCarrierChipping Sodbury
PRIVETT JohnButcherStow-On-The Wold
PULLIN IsaacBakerChipping Sodbury
PULLIN Jno.MaltsterWickwar
PULLIN JohnGrocer/Tea DealerWickwar
PULLIN JohnHam & Bacon CurersWickwar
RANDALL JosephTailorChipping Sodbury
RANSFORD Jos.Linen & Woollen DraperBurton on the Water.
REECE DavidRevd.Wickwar
REECE David Revd.Master Free Grammar Sch.Wickwar
RENS JamesSavings Bank actuaryStow-On-The Wold
REYER MaryMrs., Stow-On-The Wold
REYNOLDS EdwardMillerHyde Hill
RICE E.Revd. Hon DDDean Of Gloucester, Oddington
RICE FannyMrs.Burton on the Water.
RICE Thomas & SonWoollen Cloth ManfacturerSmall's Mill, Painswick
RICE WilliamButcherChipping Sodbury
RICE WilliamCarpenterChipping Sodbury
RICHARDSON FordRevd.Iron-Acton
RICHARDSON ThomasGentChipping Sodbury
RICHINGS EdwardShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
ROBERTS SarahTavern/Public HouseThe New Inn, Chipping Sodbury
ROBERTSON EdwardGentChipping Sodbury
ROBINS JohnTailorBurton on the Water.
ROCHE HannahShopkeeperIron-Acton
ROFF EdmundStone MasonNorthleach
ROFF ElizabethSchool, Stow-On-The Wold
ROFF JohnStone MasonStow-On-The Wold
ROFF RobertGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
ROFF RobertBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
ROFF WilliamTavern/Public HouseThe George, Stow-On-The Wold
ROGERS HenryTailorStow-On-The Wold
ROGERS WilliamTailorStow-On-The Wold
ROLPH ThomasBlacksmithIron-Acton
ROOKER D.Esq.Stainsbridge House, Painswick
RUSSELL GeorgeTallow ChandlerChipping Sodbury
RUSSELL JohnCurrierChipping Sodbury
SALLISS StephenGloverChipping Sodbury
SARGENT WilliamGentIron-Acton
SAVORY JamesMillwrightPainswick
SAVORY JohnMillwrightPainswick
SAVORY WilliamIronmongerPainswick
SCARSBROOK RichardInnkeeperThe Unicorn, Stow-On-The Wold
SEDGLEY ThomasSaddler/Harness MakerStow-On-The Wold
SHELL AnnAcademyNorthleach
SHEPHARD RichardCarrierStow-On-The Wold
SHEPHERD WilliamMillerIron-Acton
SHEPPEARD JohnSlater/PlastererStow-On-The Wold
SHERBORNERt Hon. LordSherborne Park, Northleach
SHIPP WilliamBakerChipping Sodbury
SHIPP WilliamButcherChipping Sodbury
SHORT GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerChipping Sodbury
SHORT Thos. HollisterPlumberPainswick
SIMMONS ThomasGentNorthleach
SIMS WilliamButcherPainswick
SKEY ThomasSurgeon M.D.Wickwar
SKINNER JohnMillerPainswick
SKINNER ThomasMaltsterPainswick
SLATTER RichardButcherNorthleach
SLATTER ThomasSaddler/Harness MakerBurton on the Water.
SMITH DanielInns & Public HousesThe Falcon Inn, Painswick
SMITH Geo. WetherallWine & Spirit MerchantNorthleach
SMITH JamesTailorNorthleach
SMITH JamesCarpenterIron-Acton
SMITH JohnShoemakerNorthleach
SMITH Richard GlodwinGentBurton on the Water.
SMITH ThomasRevd.Chipping Sodbury
SMITH ThomasSaddlerPainswick
SMITH Thomas Revd.Master Free Grammar Sch.Chipping Sodbury
SOUL WilliamBlacksmithNorthleach
SPENCER OliphMrs.Chipping Sodbury
SPINDELOW CharlesMillerNorthleach
SPRING Daniel & SonsCarpenters & BuildersPainswick
SPRINGALL WilliamBaker/ConfectionerStow-On-The Wold
STENSON NathanialMDBurton on the Water.
STEPHENS EstherShopkeeperPainswick
STIFF EdwardPlasterer/TilerChipping Sodbury
STIFF RobertPlasterer/TilerIron-Acton
STIFF WilliamPlasterer/TilerIron-Acton
STRONG RobertRevd.Painswick
SWAN JohnDraper & GrocerNorthleach
TALBOT GeorgeEsq.Temple Guiting, Northleach
TANNER & BAYLISCarrierPainswick
TANNER AlfredGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
TANNER JamesTailorWickwar
TARN Miles BrookAttorneyStow-On-The Wold
TAYLER ThomasCorn & Coal MerchantNorthleach
TAYLOR EdwardPainter/Plumber/GlazierStow-On-The Wold
TAYLOR JohnCarpenterChipping Sodbury
TAYLOR WilliamGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
TAYLOR WilliamBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
TAYLOR WilliamRope & Sacking MakerStow-On-The Wold
TEAL WilliamIronmongerStow-On-The Wold
TEALL JobBoot & ShoemakerBurton on the Water.
TEALL ThomasBoot & ShoemakerBurton on the Water.
THOMPSON CharlesSaddler/Collar MakerIron-Acton
THOMPSON IsaacSaddler/Collar MakerChipping Sodbury
THOMPSON WilliamSaddler/Collar MakerChipping Sodbury
THORNDELL ChristopherBoot &c. MakerNorthleach
THORNDELL JohnBoot &c. MakerNorthleach
THORNTON WilliamInns & Public HousesThe Wellinbgton, Northleach
TILSLEY JohnChymist/DruggistStow-On-The Wold
TILY ?? JohnCarpenterChipping Sodbury
TRAFFORD HenryBasket MakerBurton on the Water.
TROTMAN StephenMillerChipping Sodbury
TUCKETT AlfredEsq.Iron-Acton
TUNLEY JohnBoot & ShoemakerPainswick
TURNER WilliamCarrierStow-On-The Wold
TURNER WilliamCarrierChipping Sodbury
TWISLETON ThomasRevd.Adlestroap
TYLER AnnGrocer/Tea DealerWickwar
TYLER JohnWheelwrightChipping Sodbury
UPSTONE EdwardBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
VARLOW SamuelWheelwrightIron-Acton
VASSALL LeonardEsq.Brook House, Chipping Sodbury
VAVASOUR MarmadukeRevd.Broadwi ??
VAVASOUR Richard Fred.Revd.Rectory House, Stow-On-The Wold
VERNEY RichardCow LeechStow-On-The Wold
VERRINDER JamesBlacksmithPainswick
VICK GraceMilliner/DressmakerChipping Sodbury
VICK JohnCooperChipping Sodbury
VICK NathanielCooperChipping Sodbury
VINES MaryMissWickwar
VOULES JohnPlasterer/TilerWickwar
WAKELAM WilliamMaltsterBurton on the Water.
WALFORD & MANNPreparatory SeminarPainswick
WALKER AnnMrs.Painswick
WALLER Harry EdmundEsq.Farmington Lodge, Northleach
WALLER MariaMrs.Farmington, Northleach
WALLOP John ClarkEsq.Oakham House, Painswick
WALTER WilliamAcademy/SchoolIron-Acton
WARD Thomas R.Fire Office AgnetPainswick
WARD Thomas R.AcademyPainswick
WARRINER FrederickAcademy/SchoolChipping Sodbury
WATKINS CharlesBakerChipping Sodbury
WATKINS GraceConfectionerChipping Sodbury
WATKINS JohnBakerChipping Sodbury
WATTS AnnTavern/Public HouseThe White Horse, Wickwar
WATTS JohnSaddler/Collar MakerChipping Sodbury
WATTS JohnInnkeeperThe Port-Cullis, Chipping Sodbury
WATTS ThomasTavern/Public HouseThe Royal Oak, Chipping Sodbury
WATTS Thomas junMaltsterChipping Sodbury
WEBB JohnStone MasonWickwar
WEBB WilliamCarpenterWickwar
WELCH EbworthMrsPainswick
WELLS WilliamSurgeonBurton on the Water.
WELLS William junSurgeonBurton on the Water.
WERRETT ThomasInnkeeperThe Swan, Chipping Sodbury
WERRETT ThomasPainter/Plumber/GlazierChipping Sodbury
WERRETT ThomasTavern/Public HouseThe Swan, Chipping Sodbury
WEST EdwardWheelwrightPainswick
WESTACOTT & Co.Chymist/DruggistChipping Sodbury
WESTCOTT EphraimBoot &c. MakerPainswick
WESTMACOTT JohnBoot/Shoemaker/IronmongerNorthleach
WESTON RichardBlacksmith & IronmongerPainswick
WHEATLEY SamuelTailorStow-On-The Wold
WHEELER HenryShopkeeperNorthleach
WHEELER JohnBookbinderPainswick
WHEELER JohnBoot & ShoemakerStow-On-The Wold
WHITE JohnInns & Public HousesThe Carpenters' Arms, Painswick
WHITE JosephHat ManufacturerPainswick
WHITE ThomasPlasterer/TilerWickwar
WHITE WilliamPlasterer/TilerWickwar
WHITFORD ThomasHair DresserStow-On-The Wold
WHITTINGTON GeorgeAttorneyChipping Sodbury
WICK VinerEsq.Wickstreet House, Painswick
WICKHAM JamesButcherChipping Sodbury
WICKHAM SarahMissChipping Sodbury
WIGHT JosephWoollen Cloth ManfacturerCook's Mill, Painswick
WIGHT RobertWoollen Cloth ManfacturerBrook House Mill, Painswick
WILKES JosephWeaverStow-On-The Wold
WILKINS & KENDALLLaw Life AgnetBurton on the Water.
WILKINS & KENDALLAttorneyBurton on the Water.
WILKINS LetitiaMrs.Burton on the Water.
WILKINSON GeorgeBakerNorthleach
WILKINSON GeorgeInns & Public HousesThe Red Lion, Northleach
WILLIAMS GabrielBath Sun Fire OfficeChipping Sodbury
WILLIAMS GabrielGrocer/Tea DealerChipping Sodbury
WILLIAMS MaryGrocer/Tea DealerStow-On-The Wold
WILLIAMS NehemiahShopkeer/DealerStow-On-The Wold
WILLIAMS SarahMrs.Chipping Sodbury
WILLIAMS ThomasTavern/Public HouseThe White Hart, Iron-Acton
WILLIAMSON JosephBlacksmithChipping Sodbury
WINTER ThomasRevd.Condicott
WINTER ThomasRevd.Dailsford
WITHERS WalterHatterChipping Sodbury
WITTS Francis EdwardRevd.Upper Slaughter
WITTS WilliamCarrierChipping Sodbury
WITTS WilliamCarrierChipping Sodbury
WLKINS JohnTavern/Public HouseCoach & Horses, Burton on the Water
WOLLEN & GARDNERSurgeonsPainswick
WOLLEN JosephSurgeonPainswick
WOLLON GeorgeTailorIron-Acton
WOOD JamesBoot & Shoe MakerPainswick
WOOD MaryConfectioner &c.,Northleach
WOOD RichardGent's Boarding AcademyNorthleach
WOOD SamuelWoollen Cloth ManfacturerCap Mill, Painswick
WYNNIATT ReginaldRevd.Guiting Grange

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 29th October 1993]