Records of Carpenters' Hall London 1654-94


Gloucestershire Apprentices


Bower Marsh

This list was published originally in Gloucestershire Notes & Queries, vol. X, No. 91, April-June 1914; pp76-80.

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie © 2001

27 May 1662.
William WARNER, son of William WARNER, late of Northwick, husbandman, deceased, to Thomas HEAKE, beadle; assigned over to John MANNING, citizen and currier, of Holborn Conduit.
27 July 1655.
Robert DUDLEY, son of Robert DUDLEY, late of Addlestrop, yeoman, deceased, to Grinnell DUDLEY, of Fleet Street.
15 Aug. 1655.
John HEYWARD, son of Thomas HEYWARD, of Arlingham, husbandman, to Thomas ATKINSON, master of the Company; assigned over to Robert WEAVING, draper.
19 Oct. 1655.
Edward HAINES, son of Edward HAINES, of Ashchurch, husbandman, to Hugh STANDISH; assigned over to Edward FURNIS, cordwainer, in Barbican.
14 April 1657.
Robert CHAMBERS, son of Robert CHAMBERS, of Marshfield, husbandman, to Thomas CLARKE of Lothbury.
14 April 1657.
John JEANES, son of Edward JEANES, of Ashchurch, carpenter, to Richard POORES, of Tothill street in Westminster.
12 June 1663.
Richard BISHOP, son of James BISHOP, of Ashchurch, husbandman, to Hugh WILKINSON, of Barbican near Aldersgate.
12 June 1666.
Thomas RAWLINS, son of Nicholas RAWLINS, late of Ashton-under-Hill, yeoman, deceased, to William YARD, of Soper Lane.
4 Sept. 1688.
Mary FORTUNE, daughter of More FORTUNE, of Astnam, to Charles EYRE.
5 June 1664.
John TWOYEAROLD, son of Ralph TWOYEAROLD of Aston, glover, to Thomas HEAKE, carpenter.
1 Feb. 1669.
William BEARD, son of Nicholas BEARD, of Badminton, to Joseph HUTCHINSON, beadle; assigned over to Arthur JEFFES, blacksmith, of St. John street.
7 Sept. 1686.
Nicholas HOSEY, son of Robert, late of Barton Regis, yeoman, to Robert HOSEY.
30 Oct. 1655.
Thomas PAXFORD, son of Richard PAXFORD, of Battesford, grazier, to Thomas WILDEGOS.
6 April 1658.
William HARRIS, son of William HARRIS, of Beckford, yeoman, to Joseph DARVOLL, of Bridghouse.
7 August 1688.
Joseph PLUMER, son of William PLUMER, of Bitton, husbandman, to William GRAY.
4 August 1668.
John HOWSE, son of William HOWSE, of Blackhampton (Minchinhampton), husbandman, to William GURNEY, of Fenchurch Street.
5 Dec. 1671.
William JONES, son of Walter JONES, of Breame, husbandman, to Joseph HUTCHINSON, beadle; assigned over to Thomas PIGGOTT, citizen and ironmonger, of Baynard's Castle, carpenter.
28 Dec. 1660.
John SWEATNAM, son of Richard SWEATNAM, of Bristol, carpenter, to Gilbert ELDER, of Cannon Street, for eight years.
30 July 1663.
Richard PATRICK, son of Richard PATRICK, of Bristol, gardener, to Thomas COOMES, of Bedlam Lane, for eight years.
5 April 1664.
Richard SWETNAM, son of Richard SWETNAM, of Bristol, carpenter, to Edward STILES, of Goodmans Yard, Aldgate parish.
6 Sept. 1670.
George JAMES, son of George JAMES, of Bristol, 'tabellarie', to William SPENCER, of Newgate Market, carpenter.
4 Oct. 1670.
Thomas COX, son of Hugh COX, late of Bristol, tanner, deceased, to Francis HATTERELL, of Grays Inn Lane, Holborn, citizen and carpenter, for eight years.
3 Oct. 1676.
Richard READ, son of John READ, of Bristol, mariner, to Ralph SKINNER, of London.
4 April 1682.
William MORGAN, son of Edward MORGAN, of Bristol, yeoman, to Joseph DEVONSHEIRE.
3 April 1683.
Cornelius COLLINS, son of Arnold COLLINS, late of Bristol, to John DARVILL, citizen and carpenter.
30 July 1658.
Thomas MOSELEY, son of William MOSELEY, of Broad Campden, yeoman, to John SHAKEL, of Shoe Lane.
11 April 1656.
Edward THORNEDELL, son of Edward THORNEDELL, of Brockhampton, mason, to John LIGHTFOOTE, of Aldersgate Street.
6 Dec. 1670.
Benjamin SMITH, son of John SMITH, of Brockhampton, husbandman, to Joseph HUTCHINSON, beadle; assigned over to Paul COWLEY, of Clerkenwell, citizen and painter-stayner, carpenter.
4 Feb. 1667.
Daniel HONE, son of Giles HONE, of Brockworth, weaver, to James Harris, of Jewin STREET.
31 July 1662.
John DURROME, son of John DURROME, of Buckland, woolwinder, to Edward WINSTON, of Beech Lane.
8 Jan. 1666.
John REA, son of Edward REA, of Buckland, to John GIBSON, of Bishopsgate.
27 July 1655.
Robert ALLEN, son of Rowland ALLEN, late of Burton-on-the-Hill, labourer, to Peter PETLEY, of Ellham; assigned over to Richard ACTON, joyner.
9 Nov. 1691.
Richard HAINES, son of William HAINES, of Chedworth, yeoman, to William SPARROW.
5 Dec. 1682.
William HAWTHORNE, son of Robert HAWTHORNE, late of Cheltenham, husbandman, to William ATTWELL, citizen and carpenter.
4 May 1669.
William IZARD, son of Thomas IZARD, of Child's Wickham, shoemaker, deceased, to William SAVIL, of Whitegate Alley.
2 April 1667.
William FUISTE, son of William FUISTE, of Cirencester, gent, to George HODGKIN, of Chick Lane (Holborn).
15 July 1668.
John GRANGER, son of John GRANGER, late of Cirencester, husbandman, to Edward DAVIES, of White Alley, Coleman Street.
6 July 1669.
Thomas CARPENTER, son of Anthony CARPENTER, of Cirencester, butcher, to Thomas CHARMAN, one of the wardens of St. Olaves, Southwark.
1 August 1662.
Thomas NORKETT, son of Anthony NORKETT, of Clowerwall, tanner, to William SHEPPARD, of St. Martins Vintry.
24 March 1662.
James SMITH, son of William SMITH, of Cold Aston, husbandman, to Thomas BLOCKWELL.
3 May 1670.
William LONG, son of William LONG, of Cold Aston, husbandman, to Thomas BULLIMER, of East Smithfields.
1 March 1669.
Henry MACE, son of W. MACE, late of Compton Abdale, schoolmaster, deceased, to Francis LEWIN, Old Change, carpenter.
22 June 1661.
Giles MILLER, son of Giles MILLER, late of Cosey (? Coaley), weaver, deceased, to Thomas COLLINGBORNE, of Shoe Lane.
7 Jan. 1667.
John LIDE, son of William LIDE, of Crapton, husbandman, to Hugh WILKINSON, of Aldersgate Street.
6 Dec. 1670.
Anthony ARCHER, son of Anthony ARCHER, late of Down Ampney, husbandman, deceased, to William CAMBRY of Whitecross Street, carpenter.
3 Oct. 1671.
John HARBERT, son of William HARBERT, late of Dursley, clothworker, deceased, to William MITCHELL, of Lothbury, London, citizen and carpenter.
3 Nov. 1654.
Richard WITCHILL, son of William WITCHELL, of Erlingham, husbandman, to George Emerson, of St. Nicholas Olaves, carpenter.
6 July 1686.
William TOMALLIN, son of Miles TOMALLIN, of the Forest of Dean, husbandman, to John FOLLTHROP.
26 June 1656.
William WALBRIDGE, son of Richard WALBRIDGE, late of Gloucester, barber-surgeon, deceased, to Thomas LYONS, of Grub Street, citizen and carpenter.
6 March 1656.
Paul MORGAINE, son of Richard MORGAINE, late of Gloucester, husbandman, deceased, to Daniel TURNER, of Southwark; for eight years.
1 Sept. 1668.
Thomas WILLIAMSON, son of Nicholas WILLIAMSON, of Gloucester, joiner, to Francis WOODHOUSE, of Mark Lane.
2 May 1671.
Daniel BLANCH, son of Daniel BLANCH, of Gloucester, carpenter, to John VEZEY, of Winchester Park, Southwark, citizen and carpenter.
6 May 1679
Richard HALE, son of Richard HALE, of Gloucester, skinner, to Joseph HUTCHINSON, citizen and carpenter, London.
29 Oct. 1660.
Robert AYRES, son of Robert AYRES, late of Gotherington, husbandman, to Thomas WARE, of Petticoat Lane.
NB: The source states 'To be continued.' but unfortunately I was unable to find a subsequent list.
[Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie 28th August 2001]