Abstracts from

WILLS 1620 - 1660

for Alveston, Elberton, Littleton on Severn & Olveston.

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CLERKE, Anne - Alveston, widow (proved at Canterbury)

DUDDING, George - Olveston, husb

mother Agn D; bro in law Rich Dudding & his childr Wlm & Mary; Wlm Taint of Comptons Marsh; exec bro in law Rich Dudding; witns Rob Arthington curate of Alveston

EDMONDS, Thomas - Inst, Olveston, yeo

Thos Haines of Olveston; sons Thos & Wlm; son in law Jn Oldland; svt Margt Jones; aunt Agn Hort of Tockington; Agn Thurston of Auste; Jn Charland; Alice Wood; bro Jn E & his childr Jn & Eliz; bro Edward E & his childr Edward, Frances & Eliz; Jn son of sis Bridget; Kath dtr of sis Margt; execs son Jn & present wife Eliz; overs bros Jn & Edward E & Jn Baker of Aust

HALLE, John - Woodhouse, Olveston, husb

bur Almondsbury; dtr Joan; Alice Nichles; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Crossman & Nichls Millsam; witns Wltr Coules

HAULL, Margaret - Olveston, widow

Agn dtr of Rob Cooke; sis Hill; Margery Hill; Thos Cooke; 2 sons of Jn Seager; exec Thos Seager; overs Ralph Green vicar; witns goody Brasy, Mary Simpson & Ellen Valentine

KIBLE, Elizabeth - Olveston, widow

Agn & Mary Boulton; goody Brasy; Faith Fill; widows More, Duddinge, Stradewe & Heath; Alice Stevens; widow Lines of Anelbly; Agn Mericke; wife of Jn Thurson; Agn Whippe; Mary, Edith & Agn dtrs of Jn Holbrooke; exec Jn Holbrook; overs Ralph Greene vicar & Thos Sighman clerk; witns Agn Thurston

LOVELL, John - Pillnind, Olveston, yeo

childr Agn, Joan, Thos, Jn, Wlm, Rich & Bridget; house at Ercott; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Eiton of Bristol & Jn Barrett; witns Wlm Tovye, Rich Hall, Jn Savadge & Wlm Symes

MERRICK, Agnes - Olveston, widow

sisters Alice Richards & Frances Worthey; sis Eliz Jones & her childr Jn & Anne Bixson; dtr in law Jane Webster; Jn Tovey senr of Elberton tayler & his wife Mary & son Jn; sis Fortune Haines & her childr Margt, Frances & Wlm; exec bro in law Jn Haines of Mangotsfield; overs Jn Tovey & Jn Smyth of Olveston; witns Thos Haines & Wlm Brewton

PESELY, John - Elberton

son Jn & his son Thos; childr Wlm & Agn; Jn son of Wlm Pesely; Avese Pesely the younger; dtr Mary Smyth; Wlm son of Wlm Smyth of Elberton; wife Avice exec; overs Rich Fuller & Wlm Walle of Elberton

SPENCER, Rebecca - Olveston

son Geo Tyson; Margt & Thos Rodman; dtr; exec Ralph Greene vicar; overs Jn Boulton; witns Rich Boulton


BRIDGES, Richard - Alveston, gent (proved at Canterbury)

HORT, Agnes - Tockington, Olveston, widow

son Wlm H & his dtrs Eliz & Margt; childr Cath & Edward H; 4 childr of Wlm Dymry; 3 childr of Edward Vispole; Alice Dinny; son Rich H exec; overs Edward Brasy & Wlm Burnell; witns Ralph Greene vicar

PRICE, Frances - Alveston, widow (proved at Canterbury)

SEAGER, Thomas - Elberton

sis Eliz Smithe; father in law Mr Greene; childr; wife exec; overs bros in law Edward Sampson & Rob Smithe; witns Ralph Greene

VEEL, Nicholas - Alveston, gent

poor of Henbury, Thornbury, Iron Acton & Almondsbury; wife Margt; childr Margt, Mary, Nichls & Rich; land in Oldbury, Morton, Kyneton, Cowhill & Thornbury to son Wlm; land in Compton Greenfield & Henbury to sons Phil & Peter; kinsmen Thos Webb & Geo Veel; Dorothy Dier & her childr David & Margt; kinswmn Eliz Neale & her sis Margt; son Thos exec; overs Thos Smith & kinsman Wlm Player gent; witns Wlm Yeamans notary


BUDDIN, William - Olveston

childr Thos, Wlm, Jn, Rich, Edward & Jane; wife Jane exec; overs Jn Smith, Jn Tovie & Thos Storke of Olveston

BURNELL, Simon - Tockington, Olveston

decsd sons; childr Edward, Wlm, Joan, Mary & Agn; son Rich exec; overs Wlm Brasye, Wlm Buddinge & Ralph Greene vicar; witns Edward Brasye

FIELD, Thomas - Tockington, Olveston

childr Thos, Joan & Elnr; Jn, Wlm & Morris Dier; wife Faith exec; overs Jn Tovie of Olveston & Edward Bracie of Tockington; witns Anthony Field

FRANKHAM, Katherine - Olveston, widow

sons Nichls & Jms Whyte; dtr Jane wife of Thos Pantynge of Wotton; exec son in law Thos Adey; overs bro Edmund Hues of Wotton & Edward Bracy of Tockington; witns Jn Vavasour

HANCOCK, William - Elberton, yeo

dtrs Margt; dtr in law Kath Hancock; svt Nichls Pearce; Joan Bradley; dtr Agn H exec; overs bro Nichls H of Horvill & Henry Dowding of Elberton; witns Thos Perriman & Wltr Webb

MARTON, John - Elberton, husb

sis Margt M; Thos & Alice Peryman of Elberton; bro Rob M of Henbury, husb; kinsman Wlm Asten of Elberton, husb; wife Joan exec; overs Henry Smithe & Henry Dowdinge of Elberton; witns Edmund Champnies

MOORE, Mary - Tockington, Olveston, widow

Margery wife of Wlm Prise of Tockington & their dtrs Faith, Mary & Sara; Eliz Pearse; Jn son of Thos Haines of Olveston; Thos Synam; Wlm son of Jn Sanders; Mary dtr of Wlm Horsenton of Tockington & his wife Anne; bro Thos Jones & his dtr Elnr; Wlm Dyer; exec Wlm Prise of Tockington; overs Thos Haines of Olveston & Thos Field of Tockington

MORSE, Christian - Tockington, Olveston, widow (proved at Canterbury)


CHAMPNIES, Edmund - Littleton on Severn, yeo

son Jn senr & his 3 childr; son Rich & his 3 childr; sons Wlm, Rob, Arthur, Henry & Jn jr; dtr Margery Stumpe & her 3 childr; decsd son Thos & his childr Rob, Thos & Mary; cousin Mary Champnies of Oldbury; bro Jn C & his dtr; poor of Thornbury, Kington, Oldbury & Elberton; wife Agn exec; overs Wlm Boyce of Littleton, Rich son of Rich Archard decsd of Littleton & sons Wlm & Jn C senr

DODDINGE, Richard - Tockington, Olveston

dtrs Margt & Agn; wife Mary exec; witns Edward Bracie & Anthony Field

GOODMAN, John - Tockington, Olveston

childr; wife Elnr exec; overs Jn Tomes & Thos Synam; witns Anthony Field, Edward Goodman, Joan Bracie & Faith Field

PARMYTER, Jane - Tockington, Olveston, widow

son Edward P & his sons Henry & Jn; decsd dtr Frances & her dtrs Kath & Hester Mallett; Sara, Jn & Edward Mallett; Mary Baker; grandson Henry P & his grandfather Thos Hopkins; execs Sir Edward Morow knt & bro in law Ralph Greene vicar; overs Jn Ridley & Jn Hort of Tockington yeo; witns Thos Haines, Anthony Field & Thos Cooke


GOODMAN, Eleanor - Tockington, Olveston, widow

Jane Tomes senr & jr; sons Edward & Jn G; Sara Synam; dtr Winifred Bartley & her 2 childr; childr of son in law Jn Tomes; childr of son in law Jn Bartley; son in law Thos Synam; execs dtr Alice G & Jn Tomes; overs Anthony Field & Thos Sherman

HORT, Edward - Tockington, Olveston

bro Wlm H & his 3 childr; unborn child; exec present wife Margt; witns Thos Haines, Thos Williams & Rich Hort; overs Edward Bracy & Thos Shereman of Tockington

MALINGE, Margaret - Alveston, widow (proved at Canterbury)

MARTON, John - Elberton, husb sis Margt M; Thos & Alice Peryman of Elberton; bro Rob M of Henbury, husb; kinsman Wlm Asten of Elberton, husb; wife Joan exec; overs Henry Smithe & Henry Dowdinge of Elberton; witns Edmund Champnies


FOORD, John - Alliston, husb

son Jn; granchildr Jn, Rich, Rob & Bridget Ford; master Thos Veel gent; exec dtr in law Kath Ford; witns Rob Potter clerk & Wlm Uswell

GROMADGE, Nicholas - Olveston, mason

wife; witns Thos Mansell, Jn Smithe & Rich Segar

GROMEDGE, Eleanor - Olveston, widow

Joan Cullymore; svt Jn Wade; late husb Nichls G; exec kinswmn Joan Webb; overs Thos Haines of Olveston & Wlm Boulton senr of Hasell; witns Rich Weyman

HILL, John - Ercott, Alveston, husb

childr Jn & Joan; wife Margt exec; overs father in law Wlm Neale & bro in law Martin Neale; witns Wlm Browne, Thos Smith & Wlm Hungerford

HOLLESTER, William - Olveston

son Wlm; wife Joan; witns Jn Simes


BARAWAIE, John - Tockington, Olveston

childr Wlm & Eliz; wife Margt exec; overs Wlm Dallie of Sherehampton & Rob Squier of Compton; witns Anthony Field, Joan Bracie & Anne Horssington

HEARINGE, Mary - Elberton, widow

dtrs "Yeadisse" & Anne H; sis Faith Fill of Tockington, widow & her childr Thos, Joan & Elnr Fill; Mary Clutterbock of Oldbury, Thornbury; Margt Orchard of Oldbury widow; svts Rich Warrant & Matt Chopp; exec son Thos H; overs bro Jn Tovye & sisters son Jn Dyer both of Olveston; witns Thos Perriman & Faith Field

RIDLER, John - Lockington, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

SMITH, John - Olveston

childr Thos, Wlm, Bridget, Mary & Joan; dtrs Eliz Jones & Alice Hancock & their childr; nephew Maurice Smith; godson Anthony Bulton; svts Wlm Blackfurd & Margt Godding; wife Isab exec; overs Henry Smith, Jn Jones, Jn Hancock & son Thos Smith

SYMMES, William - Pillnen, Olveston, husb

present wife Margt; dtr Joan; son Jn exec; overs Mr Thos Walter of Horfield & Rob Gaune of Hempton; witns Thos Haines & Wlm Wilson; note of baptism of Joan dtr of Wlm Symmes & Agn on XVI Mar 1605

SYNAM, Thomas - Olveston, shoemaker

childr Matt, Wlm, Sara & Bridget; present wife Margt exec; overs Mr Ralph Greene vicar & Thos Haines of Olveston; witns Thos Hollester & Edward Goodman

THURSTON, John, senr - Elberton

wife Joan; bro Hewes; childr Jn, Jms, Anthony, Bridget, Rich, Rob & Thos; 2 sons named Wlm; son Edward exec; overs Rich Fowler, Henry Smith & Jn Jones


ALLEN, Richard - Elberton

only dtr Joan wife of Jn Clarke of Westbury; inventory taken by Thos Champnies, Jn Jones & Edward Hutchins

SIMES, Joan - Pilnend, Olveston, singlewoman (found in 1626)

exec Jn Simes of Pilnend; witns Jn Hort, Thos Trajenell & Wlm Yeamans

SMITH, William - Elberton, yeo

son Wlm; childr of bros & sisters; sisters sons Wlm & Thos Wall; sisters sons Thos & Wlm Smith; Avice dtr of Jn Peasly; wife Mary exec; overs Thos Smith of Alveston & Wlm Wall of Olveston; witns Thos Champnies & Thos (Luntte?)

WILCOKS, Joan - Earthcoate, Alliston, widow

dtr Eliz Seager & her sons Thos, Rob & Jn; grandson Henry Richards; grandtrs Joan & Agn Champneis; childr of grandson Jn Dymocke; 2 childr of grandtr Eliz Wither; grandchildr Rob, Thos, Kath & Agn Smith; Jn, Thos & Agn Frape; kinsman Jn Cullimore & his 4 childr; exec son in law Thos Smith of Earthcoate; overs Rob Frape & son in law Jn Seager; witns Rob Potter


COWLES, Walter - Olveston, husb

wife Eliz; bros childr Rich, Jane & Joan C; son Dan C exec; overs kinsman Wlm Long; witns Wlm Comb, Rob Deane & Giles Long

HARRY, Jenkins - Inst, Olveston, husb

dtr Agn; dtr Eliz Oldland & her legacy from Jn Edmonds jr; wife Kath exec; overs David William of Iten & Jn Oldland of Hamer; witns Jn Hancock, Rob Haulder & Rich Stevens

PRICE, Margery - Tockington, Olveston, widow

dtrs Mary, Sara & Faith P & their legacies from Mary More decsd widow of Tockington; exec Mr Ralph Greene vicar; witns Thos Haines, Jn Barley & Thos Howell

PRISE, William - Tockington, Olveston, taylor

dtrs Eliz, Margt, Mary, Sara & Faith; wife Margery exec; overs Thos Haines of Olveston & Henry Polsome of Wodhouse; witns Hugh Thomas

PULLEN, James - Hasell, Olveston, yeo

childr Jms, Jn, Rich & Eliz; sisters Jane Stringer, Margt Sanders & Mary Spicer; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Seagar & Edward Long; witns Rob Potter

SMYTH, Margaret - Inst, Olveston, spinster

poor of Elberton; bro Nichls S & his wife Eliz & son Francis; bro Thos S; bro Joseph S & his wife Bridget & childr Jn, Edward & Bridget; exec bro Joseph S; overs Thos Alpas & Wlm Wilson; witns Geo Morse


CHAMPNIES, Thomas - Elberton

wife Jane; childr Edward, Rich, Agn & Mary; dtrs in law Jane & Bridget Champnies; Jn Bayly; Edward West; son in law Toby Champnies; exec son in law Jn Champnies; overs Thos Smith of Earthcoat, Henry Smith & Jn Jones

COWLES, Daniel - Aulkley, Oulveston, husb

mother in law Eliz Cowles; bro in law Ben Beaker; wife Eliz exec; over Rob Alesope of West Litleton & Thos Horte of Tockington yeo; witns Wlm Tovy & Jn Dier

HEWES, John - Elberton, yeo (proved at Canterbury)

HILL, Thomas - Inst, Olveston, gent (proved at Canterbury)

STRINGER, Edmund - Tockington, Olveston

childr Thos, Rob, Edward & Eliz; 2 sons named Jn; godson Edmund Toms; son Wlm exec; witns Rich Field & Edward Goodman


PEASLYE, William - Elberton

sis Agn P of Elberton; son Jn; wife Kath exec; overs Jn Peaslye senr of Elberton husb & Wlm Wale; witns Henry Dowdinge, Wlm Smith & Thos Periman

STRINGER, William - Woodhouse, Olveston

wife Eliz exec; overs son Thos & Anthony Field of Tockington; witns Giles Wathen

SYMMES, John - the Whom, Olveston, husb

bro in law Rob Boyce & his dtr Agn; Elnr wife of Hull Stevens; Margt wife of Jn Paine; Rich Toms; Edward Baraway; Margt Jones svt of Rich Wither; exec bro in law Rob Boyce; overs Wlm Boyce of Littleton on Severn & Anthony Boulton of Pillnen, Olveston; witns Thos Boyce & Joan wife of Rob Boyce


BAYLIE, Nicholas - Tockington, Ouldveston, husb

present wife Eliz; dtr Alice; execs dtrs Agn & Eliz; overs Jn Lowle of Ouldveston gent & Wlm Baylie of Almondsbury yeo

FRANKCOMB, Edward - Elberton, husb

3 childr of Jn Wasfield of Olveston weaver & his wife Kath; 2 childr of sis Eliz & her husb Rob Hill of Olveston carpenter; Thos Sevell late of Aust & his dtr Jane at Olveston & his son Jn S at Elberton; bro Rob F of Woodhouse, Olveston & his childr; Mary & Agn Gwilliams of Woodhouse dtrs of Thos G late of Redwick, Henbury; 2 childr of sis Mary & her husb Phil Wither of Aust; 5 dtrs of Wlm Skreen of Aust; Thos, Edith & Agn Herringe of Elberton; Thos Howell & Thos Adye svts of Thos Herringe; Edward West of Elberton blacksmith; poor of Olveston & Aust; cousin Joan Field svt of Thos Herringe; exec bro Nichls F of Aust; overs bro Rob F of Woodhouse & cousin Thos Herringe of Elberton; witns Thos Periman & Ralph Hickmans

JOANES, Henry - Woodhouse, Olveston, taylor

Giles Watham & his childr Jms, Anne & Eliz; bro Chris J; Wlm Barly & his childr Jn, Wlm, Thos & Eliz; Anne dtr of Thos West; dtr Eliz Berry & her 5 childr; execs Rob Frankham & Thos West; witns Rob Taylor

PEASLYE, Avice - Elberton, widow

son Jn P of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, husb & his wife Alice & dtr Mary; son Wlm P of Olveston & his wife Kath; Avice Peaslye of Elberton; son in law Wlm Smithe of Elberton & his son Wlm; exec son in law Wlm Smithe; overs Henry Dowdinge & Thos Perryman of Elberton; witns Rich Fowler

POLLSUM, Henry - Woodhouse, Olveston, taylor

wife Jane; sis in law Bridget Yeomans; execs: childr Thos, Rich, Jn, Wlm, Henry, Agn & Eliz; witns Jn Lowle, Eliz Saunder & Geo Hill

WEBB, Thomas - Elberton

childr Wltr, Thos, Agn, Bridget, Eliz & Joan; wife Joan exec; overs bro in law Rich Davis & bro Wltr W; witns Jn Jones & Arthur Jorden


HANCOCK, Agnes - Inst, Olveston (found in 1633)

son Edward Dyer; dtr Eliz & her sons Thos & Geo Baker; son Jn H; dtr Mary & her childr Jn & Eliz Edmonds; son Maurice H & his dtrs Mary & Grace; Joan Greene; exec son Maurice H; overs 2 bros

THURSTON, Anthony - Elberton

son Jn; unborn child; wife Agn exec; overs Jn & Toby Champnies of Elberton; witns Jn Jones

TOVYE, Edward - Alklye, Ouldveston, yeo

son Wlm; bro Jn T; Jn Pearce of Tockington taylor & his wife & childr; bond with Thos Horte of Tockington & Rob Alesupp of Littleton, yeo; present wife Eliz exec; witns Wlm Fowle, Rich Field & Geo Mills


BOULTON, Richard - Tockington, Olveston childr Anthony, Andrew, Faith, Joan & Alice; dtr Mary & her dtr Mary; Joan & Margt dtrs of Anthony Boulton; godtr Faith Price; wife Ann exec; witns Edward Hollister & Morris Dyer

FEILD, Mary - Tockington, Ouldveston, widow

grandtr Mary wife of Thos Chappell gent & their son Thos; grandson Wlm son of Jn Williams; dtr Margt Lowle; Margt wife of Edward Beck of Barcklie; Joan dtr of Eliz White; son Rich F exec; overs Geo Mills gent & Anthony Feild yeo

PROUT, Samuel - Olveston, husb

sisters Mary, Jane & Eliz; bros in law Jn Griffinge & Thos Gale; father in law Jn Griffinge exec; overs Edward Longe & Thos Haines

SEAGER, Robert - Olveston, husb

mother in law Jane Hort; Eliz West; Wlm & Jn Blackfurd; Eliz Hort; Eliz & Jane childr of Thos Jenckings; Wlm Sanders; Dorothy Weetherlie; bro Thos S; exec (Jn?) Seager; overs Thos Seager

SMYTH, John - Tockington, Olveston, yeo

childr Mary, Isaac & Hannah; Margt dtr of Jn son of Jn Smyth decsd; cousins Jms Saunders & Wlm Haynes; Mr Palmer of Thornbury; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Grove of Berrick & Rich Smyth of Inst


GOUGH, John - Alveston, mason

dtrs Eliz, Matthew & Susanna; wife Jane exec; overs Landras Taylor & Thos Smith; witns Thos Mansell

HUTCHINS, Katherine - Elberton

son in law Jn Dimry of Alleston & his childr Jn, Edward, Thos, Rob, David, Kath & Eliz; son Edward H & his son Jn; exec son Edward H; overs Henry Smith, Jn Jones & son in law Jn Dimery; witns Eliz Jones

WEBB, Walter, senr - Elberton, yeo

wife Agn; sons Geo & Edward; dtrs Margt Briggs of Rockhampton & Joan Lewton of Almondsbury; grandchildr Bridget Vizard & Henry Webb; dtr Anne & her son Arthur Vizard; son Wltr exec; overs Edward Bracy of Thornbury yeo & Jn Tovie of Elberton husb; witns Thos Perriman


EDMONDS, John, senr - Inst, Olveston, yeo

childr Jn & Eliz; son in law Wlm Wade; svts Margt Field & Jn Smithe; Wlm son of Thos Edmonds; present wife Agn exec; overs Jn Seagr of Over, Joseph Smithe, Jn Edmonds & bro Edward E

WEST, Katherine - Olveston, widow

childr Thos, Rob & Eliz W; exec Thos Seager; overs Jn Seager of Over, Almondsbury & Wlm West of Northwicke; witns Wlm Rych, Margt Pamar & Mary Marrell


DYER, Richard - Tockington, Olveston

childr Jn, Eliz, Thos, Edward & Sara; wife Margt exec; overs Thos Shearman & Jn Dyer; witns Jn Mortimer

WEBB, Agnes - Elberton, widow

childr Wltr, Margt, Agn & Joan; Bridget Vizard; execs sons Edward & Geo W; overs Roger Reeve & Wlm Lugg


HOBBS, Martha - Olveston, widow

dtr Cicely wife of Jn Orchard of Almondsbury husb & their dtr Agn; dtr Mary wife of Adam Orchard & their childr Agn, Wlm, Thos, Eliz, Rich & Cicely; sis Eliz Wade decsd & her dtr Margt; sis in law Agn Marsh & her childr Edward, Martha, Mary & Alice; Rich Tomes of Olveston; late husbs dtr Joan West of Rengery; exec son in law Adam Orchard; overs bro Thos Haynes of Redwick & Jn Dyer of Northwick

HORT, John - Olveston

dtr Joan; wife Mary; son Thos exec; overs Thos Hort & Wlm Walle; witns Jn Mortimer & Jn Toveye

HOWELL, Alice - Littleton on Severn, widow

dtrs dtr Eliz Whitfield; son Wlm Walker of Cowhill & his childr Jn, Rob, Mary, Kath & 2 sons named Rich; dtr Jane Stiphens of Littleton; Jn, Wlm, Thos & Joan childr of Jn Stiphens of Littleton; Rich & Kath childr of Rich Wither of Northwick; Edward Wither of Littleton son of Phil W of Aust; Jane wife of Jn Boyce of Shepdine, Rockhampton; Jane wife of Rich Vidler of Littleton; Jane dtr of Thos Walker of Cowhill; svt Jn Phillips; exec Thos Stiphens & Rich son of Wlm Walker; overs son Wlm Walker & Jn Stiphens; witns Thos Perriman

SEAGER, Thomas - Hasell, Olveston, yeo

poor of Alveston; bros Jn, Jms & Maurice S; wife Eliz; sisters Agn & Eliz; Wlm Barrawaye; Edith Brooke; exec father Jn S & bro Rich S; overs Edward Dyer & Thos Smith; witns Kath Smyth


DYMERY, William - Elberton, blacksmith

sons Rich & Henry; Rich Fowler & Thos Smith of Elberton; execs son Jn & dtr Joan


BURNELL, Edward - Olveston, carpenter

childr Thos, Jn & Mary; wife Agn exec; overs bro Wlm B & Wlm Haines

GOODMAN, Edward - Olveston

son Jn; 6 dtrs; wife Margt exec; overs Mr Jms Heene & Jn Dier; witns Anthony Ffield, Thos Sharman & Thos Hollester

GREENE, Ralph - Olveston, vicar & clerk

wife Penelope; son in law Edward Sampson & his Mary & sons Jn & Ralph; relatives Thos, Edward & Tamison Browne; dtr Joan Tovye; dtr Bridget & her dtrs Agn, Eliz & Mary; svts Agn Smith & Jn Hancock; library in Bristol; Mr Wlm Kempe & Mr Batt, ministers; grandson Thos Seager; Thos Haines clerk; exec dtr Bridget Seager; overs Dr Greene, Wlm Browne & Thos Browne

LONG, John - the Whom, Olveston, husb

childr Rich, Jn, Joan & Mary; grandtr Miriam Long; son Morris exec; overs Chris Atkins & Jn Boulton senr

RUSSEL, Katherine - Littleton on Severn, widow

sons Thos & Rich of Oldbury, Thornbury, husb; dtr Eliz wife of Rob Pearce of Sheperdine, Rockhampton; sons Geo & Wlm in Littleton; dtr Joan R exec; overs Jn Stiphens & Thos Perriman of Littleton; witns Margt & Agn Crome

SPARROW, Joan - Earthcott, Alveston

Mary wife of Wlm Parker; Wlm, Mary & Ann childr of Wlm Parker; Joan wife of Rob Smith; 3 childr of Wlm Hungerford; Thos Tovies son; Edith Brooke; Peter Holder; Eliz wife of Edward Hitchings of Elberton; childr of Chris Lipyat; exec Rob Smith; overs Thos & Rob Tovie

WEST, Thomas, senr - Woodhouse, Olveston, husb

dtr Christian wife of Edmund Playre; childr Honor, Kath, Thos & Mary; wife Cicely; dtr Agn W exec; overs uncle Geo Morse & Jn Wade of Almondsbury Hill; witns Thos Haines, Thos Storke & Rob Frankomb


COLE, George - Alveston, weaver

son Rob at Winterborne; dtr Margt wife of Jn Thorne; childr Patrick, Eliz & Rebecca; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Dimery & Rich Seager; witns Wlm Batt & Thos Ady

EARLE, James - Elberton

dtr Bridget; dtr in law Joan; wife exec; overs Henry Smith & Edward Trewman; witns Henry Dowdinge & Toby Champnis

FFIELD, Anthony - Tockington, Olveston, yeo

sis Margt Beck of Berkeley; bro Jn F of Over; Margt Parry; present wife Agn exec; overs Thos Storke of Hawe, Olveston yeo & Thos Haines Olveston schoolmaster

HILL, Iddise - Coote, Olveston, spinster

mother; bro Rich H; bro Thos H, his wife Kath & dtr Agn; sis Joan Dayre & her dtr Kath; sis Elnr H; Eliz, Kath & Mary Boyce; Rob Boyce & his bro Wlm; masters childr Wlm, Agn & Matt Boyce; Agn Orchard; Wlm Watkins; exec Henry Dayre; overs master Rob Boyce of Coote & Jn Boyce of Aust

PRITCHARD, Eleanor - Olveston, widow

late husb Tayler, vicar of Elberton; grandson Wlm Sellin; dtr in law Joan Bouton; Edward, Eliz & Joan Tayler; grandson Thos Tayler; childr of Jn Grumidge; Alice, Margt & Agn Sharman; Eliz & Margt Berrey; exec Thos Sharman; witns Rob Berrey & Wlm Horsinton

SEAGER, James - Elberton

poor of Olveston; wife Anne; house in Compton, Henbury; dtr Anne Stones; childr Rich, Grace, Sarah & Dinah; execs relatives Edward Dyer & Rich Seager; overs relatives Maurice Hancock & Jn Seager; witns Wlm Grove & Wlm Avery

SPARROWE, Elizabeth - Alleston

sis Joan Sparrow; Mary Parker & her dtr Mary


ARCHARD, Agnes - Littleton on Severn, widow

sons Thos & Wlm A; dtr Margery wife of Thos Matts; dtr Eliz wife of Wlm Stones & their childr Wlm, Jn, Arthur, Eliz, Joan, Mary & Agn; sis Mary Champnies; grandchildr Wlm, Rich, Thos & Agn Archard; grandtrs Joan & Agn Russell; poor of Morton, Kinton, Oldbury & Thornbury; son Rich A exec; overs sons in law Thos Matts, Rich Russell & Wlm Stones; witn Arthur Champnies & Rich Hill

CLARKE, Giles - Elberton, husb

childr Wlm & Mary in London & their grandfather Goffe; house at Hill to dtr Elnr; dtr Joan in Bristol; childr Anne, Eliz & Jn; house at Piperes; wife exec; overs bros Jn & Wlm C; witns Morgan Baynham

FOWLER, Richard - Elberton

dtr Agn Mortimer; son in law Jn Mortimer; dtr Joan Marten & her dtrs Agn, Alice, Joan, Sara & Eliz; son in law Rob Marten; kinsman Jn Fydler; son in law Wlm Smyth; svts Joan Hobbes & Joseph Reeve; land at Heywoode to Eliz dtr of Joan Marten; wife Isab exec; overs son in law Jn Mortimer & Henry Smith

SMITH, Isabel - Olveston, widow

dtr Joan;& Bridget S; dtrs Eliz Jones, Alice Hancock & Mary Watkins; son Thos S & his wife Kath; sons in law Jn Jones, Jn Hancocke & Geo Watkins; grandchildr Joan, Rich & Eliz Smith, Mary Watkins, Eliz & Henry Jones & Agn Hancock; sis Joan Trotman; bro Wlm & Thos Fisher & their wives; sis in law Joan Storke; Jane Buddinge widow; kinswmn Eliz Baker; svt Hanna Hooper; grandtr Eliz Smith of Elberton; son Wlm S exec; overs son Thos S & son in law Henry Smith; Thos Haines writer

SMITH, Joan - Earthcote, Alveston, widow

dtrs Elnr, Anne & Kath; son Rob & his wife Joan; son Thos & his wife Elnr; Jn Ffrape; grandson Joseph Ffrape; son Rob S exec; overs Thos Smith of Hasell & Rob Ffrape of Ham; witns Thos Ffilde

SMITH, Joseph - Pilling, Olveston

dtrs Bridget & Joan; son Jn & his son Jn; wife Bridget exec; overs son Jn S & cousin Edward Edmonds of Northwicke; witns Adam Orchard, Maurice Smith & Anthony Boulton


ALLYN, John - Tockington, Olveston, husb

sis Agn Harris; sis Joan Chock; Geo Coock of Yate; bros Thos & Abrm A; present wife Edith exec; overs Thos Sharman & Jn Dyer

BOYCE, William - Littleton on Severn, yeo

Rob Boyce, his dtr Agn & 7 other childr; son Jn B & his 2 childr; son Thos & his 2 childr; grandchildr Rich & Eliz Russell; Wlm son of Jn Sevall; sons in law Rich Russell & Jn Sevall; wife Kath exec; overs sons Rob & Jn B

EDWARDS, Ursula - Alveston, spinster

poor of Thornbury; Jn Somers clerk; uncle Jefferies; aunt Mabberley; mother in law; sis Mary Clement; aunt Atwells; cousin Jn Atwells, his wife & dtr Anne; Mrs Palmer & her dtr; Mrs Clifford; Cath Whitfield; Eliz Baker; Joan Busher; widow Kallowaie; execs father Wlm E & sis Eliz E; witns Jn Dymery & Jn Gonds

MAY alias COOKE, William - Olveston, yeo

sons Edward & Jn; dtr in law Eliz wife of Jn Cox of Inst; dtr in law Anne Pendry; wife Kath exec

PERRIMAN, Thomas - Littleton on Severn, yeo

childr Thos, Joan & Jms; sisters childr; Ursula Lacy; kinswmn Mary Champnies; wife Alice exec; overs bro in law Jn Dier of Tockington & kinsman Thos Herring of Elberton; witns Thos Smith & Rich Linke


RIDLEY, Richard - Tockington, yeo

childr Eliz, Mary & Rich; bro Thos Smith exec; overs bro Jn Ridler & Jms Heane; witns Maurice Dyer & Thos Lippet

SEGAR, John, senr - Hasell, Olveston, yeo

poor of Elberton & Alveston; land at Ridgeway, Piperes & Barlease to son Jn; childr Jms, Rich, Maurice, Agn & Eliz; dtr Alice Edmunds; bequest from Maurice Baker; son in law Jn Edmunds & his childr Jn, Maurice, Joan, Agn, Eliz & Hester; Wlm & Eliz Barroway; son Rich & his dtr Prudence; son Thos & his dtr Eliz; son Rich S exec; overs kinsmen Maurice Hancock & Thos Smyth of Hasell; witns Wlm Kemp clerk, Morgan Glin, Edward Baily, Wlm Androwes & Wltr Clement

SMITH, Thomas - Hasell, Olveston, yeo

land in Elberton to dtr Eliz; sons Jn, Thos, Wlm & Arthur; wife Kath exec; witns Henry Heane minister & Alice Francomb


HAINES, William - Olveston, carpenter

son Jn & his grandmother Elnr Midleton of Olveston decsd; dtr Joan wife of Thos Symkins & their sons Thos & Wlm; sons Rob, Wlm, Edward & Thos by present wife; present wife Joan exec; overs bro in law Jn Tovye of Elberton & kinsman Edward Long of Olveston; witns Joan Long

RIEVE, Roger - Tockington, Olveston, husb

dtr Anne wife of Edward Pontin, son of Thos P; childr Margt, Wlm, Mary & Roger; son in law Wlm Nash; wife Mary exec; overs uncle Jn Rieve, Rob Frankam & Thos Mansell; witns Wlm Batt

WEBB, Walter - Elberton, husb

bro Edward & his wife; bro Geo & his wife Joan; bro in law Wlm Lewton of Almondsbury; Sara Striven; exec bro Geo W of Elberton; overs Jn Tovey jr & Henry Dymery; witns Thos Smith


HOLDBROOK, John - Olveston, husb

dtr Agn wife of Rich Attwood; dtr Mary exec; overs landlord Rob Cox & kinsman Chris Holder senr

STEPHENS, John jr - Littleton on Severn, yeo

Edward son of Phil Wither of Aust; bros Thos & Wlm S; sisters Joan & Jane S; dtr Joan; bond with Theophilus & Eliz Quintin; father Jn S exec; witns Jn Baker, Jane Phillipps & Alice Manzey


BARNES, Thomas - Alveston, husb

Inventory taken by Jn Dymery, Hugh Barnes & Maurice Seager

HAINES, Thomas - Olveston, schoolmaster

sons Thos & Wlm; present wife Mary exec; overs bro in law Maurice Smith & kinsman Rich Seager of Hasell; witns Edward Orchard

SEAGER, John - Hasell, Olveston, yeo

bros Rich & Maurice; sis Alice Edmonds; sisters Agn & Eliz; bro Rich & his dtrs Prudence, Agn & Eliz; kinsmen Rich & Jn Seager; bro in law Jn Edmonds & his childr Jn, Maurice, Joan, Anne, Kath, Eliz & Hester; decsd bro Thos & his dtr Eliz; Rob Hungerford; Andre James; land inherited from Jn Baker to bro Jms; exec bro Jms; overs kinsmen Edward Dyer & Maurice Hancocke; witns Rob Taylor, Wlm Hancocke & Wltr Clement


GODDARD, Margaret - Alveston, widow

son Thos Veel & his dtrs Susanna, Elnr & Dorothy; son Peter Veel; dtr Mary wife of son Wlm Attwood; cousin Wlm Veel & his wife Eliz; cousins Nichls, Thos & Mary Veel; svt Jane Markey; dtr Margt Standfast & her 5 childr; exec cousin Wlm Browne gent; overs Wlm Batt & Thos Mansell senr; witns Rich Standfast

RUSSELL, Richard - Littleton on Severn, yeo

childr Rich, Joan, Agn & Eliz; Thos son of Thos Boyce; Eliz dtr of Rob Boyce; wife Agn exec; overs Rich Archard of Berkeley & Jn Boyce of Almondsbury; witns Thos Crome


HEYNES, Joan - Olveston, widow

late husb Wlm H; sons Wlm, Rob, Edward & Thos; sis Margt Cross; 2 bros & their dtrs; sisters dtr Eliz Derby; Wlm & Thos sons of Thos Simkyns; bros son Sam Cross;

LINKE, Richard - Elberton

Matt Phillips of Aust; Wlm Austen; sis Margt L; aunt Joan Martin widow; witns Thos Herring & Thos Smith

MAYE alias COOKE, Katherine - Inst, Olveston, widow

son Arthur Oldland & his dtrs Eliz, Mary, Martha & Kath; dtr Eliz wife of Jn Cox of Inst & her childr Jn, Wlm & Mary; dtr in law Agn Scriven; dtr Agn Pendery exec; overs Jn Jones & Maurice Hancock of Inst

WILLIAMS, Richard, senr - Olveston, husb

childr Mary, Rich, Wlm, Joseph, Edward, Jn & Margt; son in law Arthur Oldland; grandtr Agn Oldland; grandson Rich Williams; wife Joan exec; overs bro Jn W & Geo Bradlie; witns Maurice Smith


HITCHINS, Margaret - Elberton, widow

bros & their childr in Somerset; Agn Warren; exec svt Rob Neale; overs Edward Trewman & Thos Smyth; witns Edward Pritchard, Chas Sanders, Jn Symons & Ellen Neale

TOVY, John - Tockington, Olveston - Inventory taken by Thos Hort, Wltr Sommers, Thos Shermon, Wlm Burnell & Wlm Boulten


SEAGER, Thomas - Olveston, yeo

bur at Iron Acton; bro Jn & his childr Jn, Sam, Rich & Eliz; kinsman Jn Hort of Winterborne; sis in law Agn Seager; exec kinsman Jn Dymery of Iron Acton yeo; witns Wlm Reede, Geo Hellier & Arthur Walker


DYER, John - Olveston, blacksmith

dtr Mary wife of Jn Baker; dtr Joan wife of Jms Pullen; dtr Eliz wife of Jn Austen; dtr Alice; land at Cadebrook, Almondsbury; grandson Jn Austen; wife Alice exec; witns Thos Willson

TOVEY, Robert - Earthcott, Alveston, carpenter

dtrs Mary, Martha & Sarah; father Thos T; son Nathaniel & his son Thos; mother in law Agn Tovey; wife Margery exec; overs Thos Smith & bros in law Thos & Jn Hollister; witns Brice Webb & Joseph Shipp