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Help and advice for Rangeworthy Bishops' Transcripts, Gloucestershire.

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Rangeworthy Bishops' Transcripts, Gloucestershire.

1575 to 1640.

Transcribed by Leslie Mahler © 1998
from LDS FILM 0417152
(One should also refer to the will abstracts online to reconstruct these families)
bur xxiiii Dec, Rich Hobbs
bap xxx Dec Joan dtr Wlm Horwood

bap xxiiii Mar Joan dtr Rich Hooper
bap xxvii Mar Mary dtr Wlm Thomas
bur ii Apr the same Mary Thomas
bur xiiii Apr Thos Radman
bap xvi Apr Rich son Phil Whicote
bur xxiiii May Jn Lynzay
bur xiiii Oct Joan Sherman
bur xxvi Nov Rich son Phil Whitcote
mar xxviii Nov Thos Linzey & Edith Humber
bap xvi Dec Jn son Thos Hobbs

bap xxviii Jan Henry son Wlm Belsyre
bap x Feb Mary dtr Rich Clarke
bap vi Jul Jn & Wlm sons of Rich Maynston
bap xiii Aug Phil son Giles Sherman
bap i Sep Mary dtr Wlm Raynoul
bap vi Sep Eliz dtr Thos Webbe
bap xx Sep Nichls son Rich Chaunler
bur xx Jul Margt wife of Rich Maynstone
bur ii Aug Jn son Rich Maynstone
bur iii Aug Wlm son Rich Maynstone

bap xxvii Mar Margt dtr Rich Hopper
mar ix Jun Nathaniel Weynall & Eliz Warnar
bur xxiii Sep Alice wife of Alex Stinchcom
bap xi Oct Eliz dtr Nathaniel Weynall
bap xiiii Oct Jn son Wlm Horwood
mar xvi Oct Geo Halyare & Elnr Linzey
bur viii Dec Christian dtr Thos Walket
bap xiiii Dec Edith dtr Jms Crabtre
bap xxvi Dec Jn son Thos Webbe

bur iiii Jan Lettes dtr Henry Ellis
bap ii Jan Jn son Jn Sherman
mar iii Feb Jn Vidler & Joan Walket
bur xi Mar Rich Reade svt of Rich Hopper
bap xviii Rob son Thos Hobbs
bur xi Apr Rob Adlam
bur xxv Apr Jane Turnar of Wickwar
mar iiii May Rob Webbe & Maud Collymore
bap xxiii May Rob son Alex Dadge
bap xxii Aug Anthony son Jn Webbe
bap xx Oct Giles son Wlm Raynoulle
mar xxvi Oct Rob Barnarde & Edith Adlam

bap ix Jan Agn dtr Rob Webbe
mar xxviii Jan Henry Awpas & Alice Byddell
bap x Mar Rich son Thos Corbet
bap vi Apr Rich son Rich Hopper
bur iii May Rob son Alex Dadge
bap xxi May Jn son Thos Linzey
bap xii Jun Alice dtr Alex Stynchcom, born out of wedlock
bap xvii Nov Joyce dtr Rich Wether
bap xx Nov Anne dtr Geo Haliare
bap xvii Dec Wlm son Thos Wyllys

bap vi Jan Thos son Jn Adis
bur i Feb Thos Linzey
bap xiii Feb Wlm son Alex Dagde
bap xx Feb Sara dtr Nathaniel Weynall
bap iiii Mar Edward son Jn Webbe
bur vii Mar Jn son Thos Linzey
bap xix Mar Mary dtr Wlm Horwode
bap xix Mar Joan dtr Wlm Channler

1598 - 9 mar Edward & Jn Nelme
2 jul Joan dtr Jn Clude
9 jul Clement son Jn Duvis
--- Mary dtr Brice Mansell
22 j- Joan dtr Wlm Mildmay
4 mar Sam son Abrm Pratt
18 mar Jn son Edward Jones
18 mar Giles son Rob Williams
160-- 13 dec Thos son Anthony Hill
1 feb Wlm son Abrm Pratt
2 jun Jn son Rob Dawe
1602 - 9 sep Jn son Chris Rabson
1 nov Sara dtr Thos Horwood
24 apr Joan dtr Alex Dagge

vi oct 1598 Jn Duvis & Agn Walker
27 apr Geo Warnr & Mary Lingie
1 jun Abrm Pratt & Eliz Raignolds

xiii apr 1598 Jn Webb
xviii apr Jane Parker
viii jul Alice Watkins
xvii jul Geo Hallier
xviii jul 1599 Joan Withers
xxi jul Eliz Watkins
ii dec Joan Dagge
vi mar Alice Stinchcomb
xii apr 1602 widow Ferris
per me Rob Hooper rector of Iron Acton, & churchwardens Rich Hooper & Rich Dole

(The following entries are in the collection, but do not actually appear to be people from Rangeworthy)

bapt 4 oct 1605 Jms son Wlm Bloxsom
bapt xii oct Thos son Jn James
bapt xxiiii feb Rich son Rich Hayward
bur xxviii Wlm Davis
Jacobus Wheler curate

1606 : churchwardens Thos Tiladams & Alex Dagge
bur 25 may Chris son Rich Chandler
bapt same day Arthur Prat
bapt 20 jul Owen son Thos Horrad
bapt 16 nov Nichls Chris son Rob Wiliams
bapt 10 jan Margt dtr Nichls Chandler
bapt 24 mar Humphrey son Chris Rabson
bapt 29 mar Eliz dtr Owen Philips

1607 : churchwardens Wlm Raynouds & Edward Jones
Baptisms: 28 jun Julia dtr Edward White alias Raynolds
5 jul Edward son Edward Webb
same day Margt dtr Jn Davis
20 sep Mary dtr Edward Jones
15 nov Dorothy dtr Wlm Archard
18 nov Alex son Alex Dagge
Marriage: 26 nov Simon Bevens & Eliz Mansell
Burial: 7 sep Joan Williams

(bur?) 25 apr Nichls Hoper
bur (29?) may Rich Dole
bapt x.. jun Joan dtr Thos Horrad
bur 26 jul Alice Neale
bapt 27 aug Joan dtr Nichls Chandler
bapt 2 sep Jn son Jn Hobs
bur 23 sep Roger Walkins
bur 17 nov Alice Apis
bur 7 dec Edward Howell
bur 16 jan Thos Stinchcombe
bapt 28 jan Edith dtr Wlm Banton
bur xi feb Edward son Edward Webbe
bapt 4 mar Dorothy dtr Chris Rabson
curate Thos Goare; churchwardens: Steven Jones & Phil Mansell; sideman Abrm Pratt

Baptisms: xix apr Eliz Horwood
2 jun Frances bastard child of Joan Inde
19 jul Rich Hobbs
28 oct Isaac Pratt
30 nov Mary bastard of Dorothy West
2 feb Rich Pidd
24 feb Jn Jones
Marriages: 3 may Wlm Pidd
28 oct Phil Mannsell
16 jan Jn Roddman
Burials: 3 may Joan Richards
17 aug Nathan Winell
19 aug Thos Jones
28 sep Chris Potter
14 oct Hugh Hale
churchwardens: Jn Roddman & Edward Jones

baptisms: 27 jun Joan dtr Rich Orchard
15 aug Eliz dtr Rich Channdler
31 dec Jn son Jn Roddman jr
marriages: 1 jun Rob Hobbes & Alice Dole
9 sep Wlm Hooper & Agn Houlder
burials: 1 jul Thos Tilladams
27 jan Jn Jones
20 feb widow Harding
churchwardens: Wlm Hooper & Wlm Lenny

baptisms: xx jul Wlm son Wlm Tilladdams
xxi sep Thos son Jn Roddman
xii oct Jn bastard of Christian West
marriages: 1 may Ralph Cooke & Mary Mansell
xxvi jun Thos Hoop & Ellen Picke
burials: viii apr Margt wife of Nichls Chaundler
xiiii apr Eliz Wynnoll, widow
i aug Jn Roddman senr
xxiii aug Jane Howell, widow
xvi mar Eliz Rabson
Rob Hooper rector of Acton; churchwardens Wlm Pidd & Wlm Dole; Wlm Hooper sideman

Baptisms: xxiii apr Jn Russell
xxviii may Edward Tilladdams
xvi jul Nichls Channdler
xxx jul Edward bastard of Helen Newman
4 mar Mary Houlder
burials: x apr Maurice Lenny
x may Margt Channdler
viii jul Rob Mayo
xxv jul Thos Ansell
xxx jan Julian Sherman
6 feb Giles Doall
xx feb Alice Hobbs
Rob Hooper rector of Iron Acton; churchwardens Thos Jones & Jn Hooper

baptisms: sep Eliz dtr Rich Si..
dec Jn son Wlm Hobbs
dec Arthur son Rich Warnr
dec Rob son Wlm Burford
jan Joan dtr Oswald Brooke
2 feb Mary dtr Rob Gede
xxii mar Wlm son Ralph Cooke
marriage: xvi jan Thos Legg & Alice Russell
burials: 6 apr Wlm Belcher
xiii apr Agn Slade
2 jul Jn Neall
x jul Maud wife of Rob Hooper, parson
xv sep Mary Belcher
viii dec Rich Simons
xi dec Eliz Simons
xxiii dec Oswald Brooke alias Witherly
parson Rob Hooper; churchwardens: Arthur Hobbs & Jn White

baptisms: xxv aug Steven son Steven Jones
xxvii oct Jn son Giles Houlder
xxxi dec Rich son Wlm Dole
xx jan Eliz dtr Thos Roddman
1 mar Thos son Jn Hobbs
marriage: ix may Wlm Dole & Joan Hale
burials: ix may Rich Harris
xxiii sep Agn bastard of Edward Raynold alias W..
Rob Hooper parson of Acton; churchwardens: Thos Roddman & Jn Hobbs

baptisms: 18 may Rob Jones
same day Edmund Pontin
19 oct Sam Pidd
29 mar David Bevin
burials: 25 may Edmund Pontin
22 sep Edith Stincomb
13 nov Wlm Walker
30 nov Sam Pidd
28 jan Edward Jones
2 feb Joan Potter widow
14 feb Edith Mansell widow
Rob Hooper rector of Iron Acton; churchwardens: Abrm Pratt
& Edward Webb

baptisms: 29 mar David Bevin
xi apr Dorothy dtr Wlm Doale
2 may Wlm a wandering womans child
29 aug Margt Pontin
12 dec Agn Mansell
6 mar Margt Willis
13 mar Jn Mansell
marriage: 23... Jn Webb & Alice Raynold alias White
burials: 27 apr mother Raynolds alias White
17 jun Thos Hobbs
9 mar Cath Horwood
Rob Hooper parson of Acton; churchwardens: Thos Horwoodd & Rob Hobbs

baptisms: 1 jun Edith dtr Steven Jones
x jul Abrm son Jn Webb
4 sep Thos son Henry Hall
xxvi dec Eliz dtr Jn Hobbs
1 feb Wlm son Wlm Doale
xii feb Mary dtr Giles Sherman
marriage: xvi jan Wlm Hooper & Anne Burnell
burials: xviii jun Thos Horwood
xiii sep Margt dtr Steven Jones
xv sep Edith dtr Arthur Mansell
same day Agn dtr Jn Mansell
11 oct Mary dtr Giles Holder
11 dec Wltr Poole
ix jan Eliz dtr Jn Hobbs
xiiii jan Giles Sherman
Rob Hooper minister; churchwardens: Wlm Dole & Henry Hooper

baptisms: 2 jun Eliz dtr Jn Mansell
xxvii jun Hugh son Thos Rodman
6 jul Jn son Rich Lockstone
12 oct Jn son Wlm Hooper
28 dec Joan dtr Wlm Dole
burials: 10 jul Hugh son Thos Rodman
12 oct Joan Godwin
xxx jan Margt dtr David Beevin
Rob Hooper parson of Acton; churchwardens: Wlm Phillipps & Wltr Farr

baptisms: 10 may Thos son Wlm Hooper
same day Eliz dtr Wlm Pratte
xxv may Dorothy dtr Steven Jones
burials: xxii jun Julian Channler
xvii jul Jn Webbe
v sep Thos Pantin
baptism: 4 oct Joan dtr Rich Lockston
marriage: 8 feb Thos Sherman & Joan Horwood
burial: 14 mar Eliz dtr Jn Mansell
Sam Hieron curate; churchwardens: Abrm Pratt & Wlm Pidd

burials: 24 may Jn Lewes
8 jun Rich son Francis Porks
31 jan Agn dtr Chris Robson
baptisms: 17 jun Rob son Thos Shearman
5 jan Mary dtr Alice Rainolds alias White
24 feb Eliah son Francis Doughtye
17 mar Sarah dtr Rich Lockston of Wickwar
24 mar (Edith?) dtr Wlm Dauds
marriage: candelmas day Geo Bowser gent & Margt Pickard of Tytherington
F Doughtie curate; churchwardens: Wlm Phillips & Abrm Pratt

baptisms: 29 oct Eliz Hill
4 feb Wlm Tayler
28 aug Mary White
burials: 5 may Wlm Hooper
16 jan Agn Fowler
23 jan Chris Rabson
21 feb Edith Dauby
marriage: 7 sep Chris Coules
Wlm Hickes clerke; churchwardens: Wlm Hooper & Jn Hobbs

baptisms: 1 apr Thos son Maurice Hobbs
8 jul Joan dtr Jn Pratt
19 jul Rob son Jn Kendall
13 jan Thos son Thos Horwood
17 mar Agn dtr Jn Hale
burials: 30 mar Rich Potter alias Woodward
27 aug Jn (Eastmeed?)
6 oct Wlm Phillips
26 dec Abrm Pratt
10 mar Anne wife of Thos Fowler
12 mar Thos son Jn Cockes
marriages: 23 apr Simon Orchard & Anne Rowly
26 apr Sam Pratt & Ursula Holbrooke
13 jan Nathaniel Rooch & Eliz Chanler
Wlm Hickes curate; churchwardens: Chris Coules & Thos Shearman

baptisms: 23 may Ann dtr Chris Cowles
2 jul Dorothy dtr Wlm Doole
24 dec Mary dtr Sam Pratte
9 mar Rob son Maurice Hobbs
marriages: 25 jul Rich Dimery of Almondsbury & Anne Pratte
7 nov Jn Dimery of Thornbury & Martha Pratte
burials: 6 apr Edward Rannals poorman
6 aug Edward Webb poorman
7 aug Thos son Thos Horwood
4 sep Alex Dagg poorman
26 dec Thos Sherman, died testate
26 dec Mary dtr Sam Pratt
20 jan Thos Jones, died testate
26 jan Eliz Emmett, poorwoman
Wlm Hickes curate; Chris Coules churchwarden

baptisms: 31 may Ursula dtr Wlm Pratt
26 aug Margt dtr Thos Rooch
26 aug Thos son Thos Sherman deceased
12 nov Mary dtr Jn Cockes of Wickwar
26 jan Mary dtr Sam Pratt
burials: 23 jun Agn wife of Wlm Hooper
26 aug Margt wife of Thos Rooch
x sep Dorothy Doole
12 sep Margt dtr Thos Rooch
19 jan Thos Rooch
2 feb Wlm Hooper
marriages: 1 jun Abrm Rooch & Marline Wale
23 nov Wlm Hooper & Eliz Sherman
curate Jn Pell

The records begin again in the 1660s, at which point most of the years are covered. The regular registers begin in 1704.

[Contributed by Leslie Mahler on 10th December 1998]