Redmarley d'Abitot 1841 CENSUS, Gloucestershire

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P.R.O. Reference # HO107/1202
LDS Film #: 464211
NB: There are no Schedule Numbers on the original returns of 1841. If shown they are for convenience of reference only.
Please note: Pages 1 and 2 of this Census Return are unreadable.

This is one of a series of Census Returns transcribed jointly by Kari Svedin Kruger and Debra J. Svedin. Their contribution is very much appreciated - thank you, both of you!

Name Age Sex Occupation Born in County
BOUGHTON, Elizabeth 60 F   No
BOUGHTON, Elizabeth 30 F   Yes
BOUGHTON, Ann 25 F   Yes
JONES, Robert 20 M   No
STALLARD, Joseph 55 M   Yes
STALLARD, Elizabeth 50 F   Yes
STALLARD, Joseph 25 M   Yes
STALLARD, Elizabeth 20 F   Yes
STALLARD, William 20 M   Yes
STALLARD, Sarah 15 F   Yes
HUMPHRIES, William 20 M   Yes
DAVIS, Mary 35 F   No
DAVIS, Sarah 25 F   Yes
MORGAN, Phillip 25 M   Yes
MORGAN, Phebe 25 F   Yes
MORGAN, George 2 M   Yes
MORGAN, Joseph 1m M   Yes
BROOKE, William 50 M   Yes
BROOKE, Ann 40 F   No
BROOKE, Elizabeth 8 F   No
MORGAN, Joseph 55 M   No
MORGAN, Eliza 65 F   Yes
MORGAN, Eliza 30 F   Yes
SPARROW, William 25 M   Yes
SPARROW, Mariah 20 F   Yes
HAWKINS, Joseph 50 M   Yes
HAWKIN, Jeremiah 40 M   Yes
HAWKIN, Sarah 30 F   No
HAWKIN, William 25 M   No
ROBERTS, Elizabeth 15 F   No
TAYLOR, James 35 M    
TAYLOR, Ann 35 F    
TAYLOR, Mary 15 F    
TAYLOR, William 15 M    
TAYLOR, George 13 M    
TAYLOR, Elizabeth 11 F    
TAYLOR, John 8 M    
TAYLOR, Jane 5 F    
TAYLOR, Julia 1 F    
TAYLOR, William 75 M   Yes
TAYLOR, Betty 75 F   Yes
TOOMEY, William 35 M   Yes
TOOMEY, Rebecca 35 F   Yes
TRAVEL, Thomas 35 M   Yes
GRICE, James 35 M   No
GRICE, John 55 M   No
SMITH, Ann 15 F   No
LIABER, John 20 M   No
NUTT, Frederick 12 M   No
BOWERS, George 15 M   Yes
SYMONDS, John 25 M    
SYMONDS, Elizabeth 20 F   No
SYMONDS, Mary 2 F   Yes
BLACKWELL, William 15 M   No
BOSELY, William 10 M   No
COOPER, Edwin 85 M   No
?HURDEN, Mary 40 F   Yes
LANE, Charles 23 M   Yes
PARRY, Hariett 25 F   Yes
DYER, Charles 30 M   No
DYER, Edith 25 F   No
DYER, Ealoner 1 F   No
COOPER, James 50 M   No
COOPER, Maria 40 F   No
COOPER, Emily 3 F   Yes
BANKS, Thomas 20 M   Yes
BALLINGER, Caroline 20 F   No
HARPER, Elizabeth 65 F   No
DAVIS, James 55 M   No
DAVIS, Hannah 50 F   Yes
FREEMAN, Joseph 35 M   Yes
FREEMAN, Mary 35 F   Yes
FREEMAN, Ann 12 F   Yes
FREEMAN, John 7 M   Yes
FREEMAN, Mary 4 F   Yes
ALLEN, William 45 M   Yes
HAWKINGS, Edward 65 M   No
HAWKINGS, Hannah 65 F   No
JONES, Gilbert 55 M   No
MERRETT, Francis 30 F   No
MERRETT, Mary 30 F   No
MERRETT, Ann 70 F   No
ROBINSON, Thomas 35 M   Yes
ROBINSON, Sarah 40 F   No
ROBINSON, Sarah 12 F   Yes
WILLIAMS, Hannah 6 F   No
WILLIAMS, Benjamin 20 M   No
MILLARD, Nathaniel 30 M   No
MILLARD, Mary Ann 15 F   Yes
MILLARD, Elizabeth 15 F   Yes
MILLARD, Ann 13 F   Yes
MILLARD, Joseph 11 M   Yes
MILLARD, James 9 M   Yes
MILLARD, William 6 M   Yes
DAVIS, Paul 60 M   No
ROLLINGS, James 20 M   Yes
PITT, John 25 M   Yes
PITT, Martha 25 F   Yes
DAVIS, Comfort 60 F   Yes
DAVIS, Harriet 25 F   Yes
WATKINS, Henry 25 M   No
DAVIS, John 20 M   Yes
DAVIS, Sarah 20 F   No
DAVIS, Mary Ann 2m F   Yes
ROLLINGS, Thomas 25 M   Yes
ROLLINGS, Betsy 25 F   Yes
ROLLINGS, Elizabeth 1m F   Yes
ROLLINGS, Thomas 55 M   No
ROLLINGS, Ann 50 F   No
ROLLINGS, Edward 20 M   Yes
ROLLINGS, Joseph 15 M   Yes
ROLLINGS, George 12 M   Yes
POWELL, James 35 M   No
POWELL, Elizabeth 45 F   Yes
POWELL, Mary 14 F   Yes
POWELL, Elen 5 F   Yes
POWELL, Emma 2 F   Yes
CAMON, John 60 M   Yes
CAMON, Sarah 55 F   No
CAMON, Mary 20 F   Yes
CAMON, Sarah 20 F   Yes
CAMON, Della 15 F   Yes
CAMON, Charles 12 M   Yes
CAMON, Joseph 9 M   Yes
PARRY, Joseph 40 M   No
PARRY, Mary 35 F   Yes
PARRY, Mary 4 F   Yes
HOLSMAN, John 25 M   Yes
HOLSMAN, Emma 25 F   Yes
HOLSMAN, Eliza 2 F   Yes
STOKES, Charles 35 M   Yes
STOKES, Emma 11 F   Yes
STOKES, Frederick 6 M   Yes
PEARCE, Sarah 25 F   No
POULTON, James 35 M   No
PAYNE, Elizabeth 25 F   No
PRICE, Sarah 15 F   No
PHILLIPS, Richard 40 M   No
PHILLIPS, Ann 40 F   No
PHILLIPS, John 10 M   Yes
PHILLIPS, Thomas 8 M   Yes
PHILLIPS, Mary 6 F   Yes
PHILLIPS, Ann 2 F   Yes
PHILLIPS, Eliza 1m F   Yes
HOLLONS, William 25 M   No
DANCE, Elizabeth 15 F   No
WHITE, John 65 M   Yes
WHITE, Elizabeth 65 F   Yes
BEALE, Elizabeth 20 F   Yes
BERROW, John 45 M   Yes
TEAGUE, John 60 M   Yes
TEAGUE, Mary 60 F   No
LOAD, Mary 5 F   No
BURTON, Elizabeth 60 F   No
BRUNDICK, John 60 M   No
BRUNDICK, Esther 60 F   No
WINNETT, Mary 60 F   Yes
MAYO, George 20 M   No
HERBERT, Joseph 60 M   No
UNDERWOOD, Josiah 35 M   No
UNDERWOOD, Eliza 30 F   No
UNDERWOOD, John 3 M   No
ASTON, Esther 80 F   No
JONES, Mary 35 F   No
CORBORT, Mary 15 F   No
HARDMAN, William 25 M   No
HARDMAN, Ann 60 F   Yes
HARDMAN, John 30 M   No
HARDMAN, Thomas 25 M   No
HARDMAN, Richard 20 M   No
HAYWARD, Samuel 35 M   Yes
HAYWARD, Margery 35 F   No
HAYWARD, Mary 10 F   Yes
HAYWARD, Ann 8 F   Yes
HAYWARD, Samuel 6 M   Yes
HAYWARD, John 4 M   Yes
HAYWARD, William 2 M   Yes
TURNER, Mary 60 F   No
PUGH, Henry 45 M   Yes
PUGH, Aaron 70 M   Yes
HAYWARD, Ann 20 F   Yes
BARNES, Sarah 65 F   No
BUNDEY, Mary 60 F   Yes
DAVIS, William 25 M   No
DAVIS, Eliza 20 F   Yes
DAVIS, William 1 M   Yes
ASTON, Samuel 40 M   No
ASTON, Emmah 35 F   No
BOULTON, Moses 30 M   No
GLADWIN, Mary 30 F   No
SELWIN, Eliza 20 F   No
DANIEL, John 30 M   Yes
DANIEL, Winneyford 30 F   Yes
DANIEL, Elizabeth 7 F   Yes
DANIEL, George 5 M   Yes
ROBERTSON, Richard 60 M   Yes
ROBERTSON, Ann 25 F   Yes
ROBERTSON, Harriet 15 F   Yes
ROBERTSON, James 15 M   Yes
ROBERTSON, Timothy 13 M   Yes
ROBERTSON, George 25 M   Yes
WHITTLE, Joseph 45 M   Yes
GOODE, William 40 M   yes
GOODE, Eleanor 50 F   Yes
JACKSON, William 20 M   Yes
JACKSON, Margaret 50 F   No
JACKSON, Elizabeth 25 F   No
JACKSON, Sarah 25 F   Yes
JACKSON, Edwin 15 M   No
JACKSON, Harriet 9 F   Yes
PHILLIPS, William 60 M   No
PHILLIPS, Jane 70 F   No
COOPER, William 50 M   Yes
COOPER, Mary 45 F   Yes
COOPER, Elizabeth 13 F   Yes
COOPER, Arabella Sarah 10 F   Yes
COOPER, Hannah 7 F   No
COOPER, William Henry 3 M   Yes
GOODE, Thomas 75 M   Yes
GOODE, Sarah 50 F   No
JONES, Francis 50 F   No
BROOKES, John 55 M   Yes
BROOKES, Mary 50 F   Yes
BROOKES, Ann 15 F   Yes
STEPHENS, Joseph 60 M   No
STEPHENS, Ann 30 F   No
STEPHENS, William 5 M   Yes
STEPHENS, Harriet 3 F   Yes
STEPHENS, Emma 1 F   Yes
LEWIS, Mary 15 F   Yes
FOWLER, John 75 M   Yes
PURCER, John R. 20 M   Yes
STEPHENS, Charles 25 M   Yes
STEPHENS, Hannah 25 F   Yes
PUGH, Joseph 35 M   No
PUGH, Ann 27 F   Yes
HARPER, Joseph 60 M   Yes
COLLEYCUTT, Elenor 65 F   Yes
SPARROW, Joseph 65 M   No
SPARROW, Martha 65 F   No
HILL, Ann 20 F   No
HILL, Elen 4 F   No
BARTON, Susannah 80 F   Yes
MASON, Ann 25 F   Yes
MASON, Mary 15 F   Yes
HAYWARD, Charles 20 M   Yes
HAYWARD, Elizabeth 25 F   Yes
WESTON, Francis 60 F   Yes
JONES, Titus 65 M   No
PAINE, William 40 M   No
PAINE, Body 35 ?   No
PAINE, Mary Ann 15 F   No
PAINE, Matilda 13 F   No
PAINE, James 12 M   No
PAINE, Frederick 55 M   No
LOWE, Joseph 25 M   Yes
LOWE, Hannah 60 F   No
ROLLINGS, John 63 M   Yes
ROLLINGS, Elizabeth 74 F   Yes
GOODE, Susannah 60 F   Yes
GOODE, Henry 30 M   Yes
GOODE, Maria 33 F   Yes
GOODE, Eliza 2m F   Yes
JACKSON, Henry 3 M   Yes
BEALE, William 45 M   Yes
BEALE, Ann 40 F   Yes
BEALE, William 12 M   Yes
BEALE, Joseph 10 M   Yes
BEALE, Charles 6 M   Yes
BEALE, David 4 M   Yes
BEALE, Mary 1 F   Yes
BEALE, George 14 M   Yes
PIT, Decimus 25 M   Yes
PIT, Hannah 25 F    
PIT, Mary 2 F   Yes
PIT, Eliza 5 F   Yes
HOLDER, Richard 30 M   Yes
HOLDER, Thomas 20 M   Yes
HOLDER, Shadake 15 ?   Yes
CROSSELL, William 35 M   No
CROSSNELL, Ann 25 F   No
PITT, William 20 M   No
PITT, Emanuel 15 M   No
BRACE, Susannah 70 F   No
BRACE, William 38 M   Yes
BRACE, John 10 M   Yes
DAVIS, William 35 M   Yes
DAVIS, Winniford 30 F   Yes
DAVIS, William 8 M   Yes
DAVIS, John 5 M   Yes
DAVIS, Hannah 1 F   Yes
DAVIS, James 58 M   Yes
DAVIS, Hannah 55 F   Yes
DAVIS, Thomas 12 M   Yes
MERRICK, Richard 55 M   No
MERRICK, Sarah 50 F   No
MERRICK, Elizabeth 20 F   Yes
MERRICK, Susan 15 F   Yes
MERRICK, John 15 M   Yes
MERRICK, Eliza 10 F   Yes
MERRICK, Mary 5 F   Yes
HAYRICK, James 25 M   Yes
EVANS, Edward 55 M   Yes
EVANS, Elizabeth 50 F   Yes
OWEN, John 80 M   Yes
OWEN, Ann 70 F   Yes
PARRY, Mary 65 F   Yes
WALTER, John 14 M   Yes
SPARROW, Charles 50 M   No
SPARROW, Susannah 55 F   Yes
SPARROW, Caroline 13 F   Yes
PREECE, James 45 M   No
PREECE, Eloner 35 F   Yes
PREECE, James 12 M   Yes
PREECE, Elizabeth 10 F   Yes
PREECE, William 9 M   Yes
PREECE, John M   Yes
SMITH, Ann 55 F   No
SMITH, Elizabeth 15 F   Yes
LANE, Ann 45 F   Yes
LANE, Ann 20 F   Yes
LANE, Rhoda 10 F   Yes
WOORE, John 8 M   Yes
LEE, William 50 M   Yes
SEIR, Richard 40 M   Yes
SEIR, Sarah 40 F   Yes
SEIR, Elizabeth 20 F   Yes
SEIR, Hannah 11 F   Yes
SEIR, Robert 10 M   Yes
SEIR, N. K. 3w ?   Yes
ROLLINGS, Joseph 40 M   No
ROLLINGS, Margaret 40 F   No
ROLLINGS, Eliza 15 F   Yes
ROLLINGS, Mary 10 F   Yes
CAMM, William 25 M   Yes
COX, Joseph 60 M   No
COX, Elizabeth 45 F   Yes
COX, Henry 15 M   Yes
COX, Maria 12 F   Yes
COX, Mary 10 F   Yes
DAVIS, George 45 M   No
DAVIS, Elizabeth 40 F   Yes
DAVIS, Sarah 12 F   Yes
DAVIS, Eliza 10 F   Yes
DAVIS, Ann 5 F   Yes
NEWMAN, Samuel 45 M   Yes
NEWMAN, Hannah 40 F   Yes
NEWMAN, Mary 14 F   Yes
NEWMAN, William 12 M   Yes
NEWMAN, Thomas 10 M   Yes
NEWMAN, Elizabeth 8 F   Yes
NEWMAN, Joseph 6 M   Yes
NEWMAN, Jane 4m F   Yes
NEWMAN, Edward 2 M   Yes
NEWMAN, Henry 3 M   Yes
WESTON, James 25 M   Yes
WESTON, Esther 40 F   No
WESTON, Job 4 M   Yes
WESTON, Emma 2 F   Yes
PITT, James 25 M   Yes
PITT, Mary 25 F   Yes
PITT, Matilda 4 F   Yes
WESTON, William 35 M   Yes
WESTON, Hannah 30 F   Yes
WESTON, Richard 55 M   Yes
WESTON, Nancy 60 F   Yes
WESTON, Richard 35 M   Yes
?, Richard 10 M   Yes
COLDICUT, William 30 M   Yes
COLDICUT, Hannah 35 F   Yes
COLDRICK, Adam 65 M   Yes
DAYNTON, Mary 60 F   Yes
PAGE, Thomas 20 M   Yes
ALLEN, Comfort 70 F   Yes
ALLEN, Maria 8 F   Yes
HOWELLS, George 70 M   Yes
HOWELLS, Caroline 20 F   Yes
HOWELLS, Mary 10 F   Yes
DAVIS, Joseph 55 M   No
DAVIS, Mary 25 F   Yes
DAVIS, Elizabeth 20 F   Yes
LAMBERT, William 25 M   No
LAMBERT, Ann 25 F   No
LAMBERT, Harriet 2 F   Yes
LAMBERT, Mary 2m F   Yes
SYMONDS, William 40 M   Yes
SYMONDS, Elizabeth 60 F   No
HILL, Sarah 20 F   Yes
SIMPKINS, William 35 M   No
SIMPKINS, Harriet 35 F   Yes
SIMPKINS, John 15 M   Yes
SIMPKINS, Sarah 10 F   No
SIMPKINS, William 7 M   Yes
SIMPKINS, Ann 5 F   Yes
SIMPKINS, Elizabeth 2 F   Yes
BALDWIN, Thomas 25 M   No
BALDWIN, Ellen 25 F   Yes
BALDWIN, James 3 M   No
BALDWIN, Ellen 1 F   No

[Transcribed by Kari Svedin Kruger and Debra J. Svedin and contributed on 19th February 2005]

Census Transcription Copyright Notice:

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