Staunton (nr. Newent) 1841 CENSUS, Gloucestershire

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P.R.O. Reference # HO107/365
LDS Film #: 464213
NB: There are no Schedule Numbers on the original returns of 1841. If shown they are for convenience of reference only.
Sorry, I do not have a copy of the Description for this Enumeration District at the moment.

This is one of a series of Census Returns transcribed jointly by Kari Svedin Kruger and Debra J. Svedin. Their contribution is very much appreciated - thank you, both of you!

Name Age Sex Occupation Born in County
PANTING, Robert 40 M Shopkeeper N
PAINTING, Elizabeth 40 F   N
CONNALLY, Mary 30 F   N
THACKWELL, Peter 80 M Clerk of Parish Y
THACKWELL, Ann 70 F School Teacher Y
SYMKINS, Samuel 25 M   Y
SYMKINS, Mary 30 F   Y
SYMKINS, Harriet 2mo F   Y
LUSOME, Elizabeth 51 F   Y
LUSOME, Thomas 6 M   Y
PRICE, John 30 M Laborer Y
PRICE, Jane 35 F   Y
PRICE, John 5 M   Y
PRICE, Maria 4 F   Y
PRICE, Thomas 2 M   Y
BARNETT, Samuel 45 M Laborer Y
BARNETT, Elizabeth 30 F   N
BARNETT, Mary 11 F   N
BARNETT, Louisa 9 F   Y
BARNETT, Charles 8 M   Y
BARNETT, Ellen 6 F   Y
BARNETT, Eliza 3 F   Y
BARNETT, Sarah 10mo F   Y
DAVIS, James 80 M   Y
DAVIS, Sarah 75 F   N
ROBBINS, William 30 M Laborer Y
ROBBINS, Elizabeth 30 F   Y
ROBBINS, Hubert Y M    
ROBBINS, Sarah 9 F   Y
ROBBINS, Elizabeth 3 F   Y
BUTT, John 55 M   N
BUTT, Susan 12 F   Y
BUTT, Thomas 9 M   Y
PLINTON, Thomas 65 M   N
PLINTON, Mary 60 F   N
PLINTON, Henry 20 M   N
PLINTON, Elizabeth 20 F   N
PLINTON, Jane 15 F   N
PLINTON, Joanna 7 F   N
MORE, Robert 15 M   Y
MATTHEWS, Eliza 65 F   Y
MATTHEWS, Edward 30 M   N
MINOT, William 60 M   N
MINOT, Samuel 20 M   N
FOWLER, John 40 M Cooper Y
FOWLER, Esther 35 F   N
FOWLER, Henry 5 M   N
FOWLER, Sarah 3 F   N
FOWLER, Charles 1 M   Y
VINE, William 35 M   Y
VINE, William 8 M   Y
VINE, Elizabeth 45 F   Y
VINE, Patience 5 F   Y
VINE, Sarah 10 F   Y
VINE, Eliza 1 F   Y
HILL, William 50 M Laborer N
HILL, William 10 M   Y
HILL, Sarah 35 F   N
HILL, Harriet 12 F   N
HILL, Robert 3 M   Y
BARNES, Elizabeth 60 F   Y
UNDIVND, Charlotte 20 F   N
PULHAM, William 70 M Farmer N
PULHAM, William 35 M   N
MERRIMAN, Hannah 25 F   Y
MERRIMAN, Sarah 20 F   Y
LOYD, Ann 15 F   Y
OCKELL, Edwin 20 M   Y
COX, William 15 M   Y
COLE, Edward 9 M   Y
WINTLE, Thomas 15 M   Y
WILLIAM, Charles 60 M Butcher N
WILLIAM, Mary 50 F   N
WILLIAM, Edwin 20 M   N
WILLIAM, Thomas 20 M Shoemaker Y
WILLIAM, George 10 M   N
WILLIAM, Ellen 8 F   Y
--------, Ann 60 F   N
--------, William 20 M   Y
HUNT, Martha 40 F   N
MASON, George 40 M   Y
HODGES, Robert 30 M   N
SHUTE, Arthur 30 M   N
SHUTE, Elizabeth 30 F   N
JAMES, Mary 20 F   Y
HODGES, Mary 15 F   Y
LANE, Eleanor 75 F   N
BURFORD, William 40 M Laborer Y
BURFORD, Ann 44 F   Y
BURFORD, John 15 M   Y
BURFORD, Ann 13 F   Y
BURFORD, Elizabeth 11 F   Y
BURFORD, Thomas 8 M   Y
BURFORD, Mary 5 F   Y
BURFORD, Sarah 3 F   Y
BURFORD, George 10mo M   Y
WALKER, John 45 M Miller Y
WALKER, Maria 45 F   Y
WALKER, Louisa 40 F   Y
ASTON, John 55 M   N
THORNBURY, Alan 20 M   Y
SURMAN, John 24 M   N
NIBLETT, Mary 20 F   N
DAVIS, John 48 M   Y
DAVIS, Susannah 35 F   N
DAVIS, Sarah 10 F   Y
DAVIS, Mary 9 F   Y
DAVIS, Elizabeth 8 F   Y
DAVIS, John 5 M   Y
DAVIS, James 3 M   Y
HOLDER, Aaron 45 M    
HOLDER, Margaret 38 F   Y
HOLDER, John 10 M   Y
HOLDER, Martha 7 F   Y
HARRISON, John 46 M Laborer Y
HARRISON, Jane 45 F   Y
HARRISON, Mary 15 F   Y
HARRISON, Sarah 14 F   Y
HARRISON, Hannah 11 F   Y
HARRISON, Charles 8 M   Y
STAFFORD, Mary 15 F Shopkeeper Y
STAFFORD, John 9 M   Y
COOK, Mary 7 F   N
COOK, George 9 M   N
YOUNG, Thomas 50 M Laborer Y
HOWELLS, Frederick 20 M   Y
HOWELLS, Mary 20 F   Y
LANE, Thomas 39 M   Y
LANE, Thomas 5 M   Y
LANE, Ann 30 F   Y
LANE, Frances 8 F   Y
LANE, Edward 5 M   Y
LANE, Alfred 3 M   Y
LANE, William 1 M   Y
HOWELLS, Mark 45 M Laborer Y
HOWELLS, Hannah 35 F   Y
HOWELLS, Sarah 13 F   Y
PRESTON, Joseph 30 M   Y
PRESTON, Letitia 20 F   N
PRESTON, Joseph 15 M   Y
PRESTON, Eliza 12 F   Y
PRESTON, Walter 10 M   Y
PRESTON, Harriet 6 F   Y
PRESTON, James 4 M   Y
PRESTON, Emma 2 F   Y
DOLMAN, Henry 40 M Carpenter N
DOLMAN, Ann 30 F   N
DOLMAN, Caroline 15 F   N
DOLMAN, Maria 15 F   N
DOLMAN, Joseph 9 M   Y
DOLMAN, Sarah 5 F   Y
DOLMAN, James 5mo M   Y
LOVERIDGE, Elizabeth 15 F   N
BOWNES, William 35 F Shoemaker Y
BOWNES, Elizabeth 25 F   Y
BOWNES, Job 8 M   Y
BOWNES, Elizabeth 4 F   Y
BOWNES, Martha 1 F   Y
STAFFORD, Joseph 20 M   Y
STAFFORD, Mary 25 F   Y
BOULTEN, William 70 M   Y
BOULTEN, Mary 70 F   N
CALE, Richard 80 M   Y
CALE, William 50 M   N
CALE, Mary 50 F   Y
CALE, Henry 15 M   Y
CALE, Ann 12 F   N
LANE, William 75 M   Y
LANE, Ann 65 F   Y
LANE, John 35 M   Y
LANE, Mary 15 F   N
LANE, Elizabeth 4 F   N
BRAY, Thomas 60 M Tailor Y
BRAY, Martha 60 F   Y
BRAY, Eliza 4 F   Y
HOLLINE, Mary 65 F   Y
HOLHNE, Miles 25 M   Y
SEABORNE, Edwin 3 M   N
HALFORD, Mary 59 F   N
HALFORD, John 35 M   Y
DULAOCK, George 17 M   N
SPIERS, John 10 M   N
RUSSELL, Elizabeth 17 F   N
HOOPER, William 52 M   N
HOOPER, Sarah 48 F   Y
WILKS, Sarah 18 F   N
COTTERILL, Henry 14 M   Y
DAVIS, Henry 30 M   Y
DAVIS, Sarah 30 F   N
DAVIS, Charles 5 M   Y
DAVIS, Ann 3 F   Y
DAVIS, Edward 8mo M   Y
RUSSELL, John 45 M   Y
RUSSELL, Hannah 30 F   N
RUSSELL, Henry 10 M   Y
RUSSELL, James 7 M   Y
RUSSELL, Sarah 4 F   Y
RUSSELL, Thomas 2mo M   Y
NICHOLLS, George 18 M   Y
KEYES, James 34 M   Y
KEYES, Thomas 6 M   Y
KEYES, James 4 M   Y
DENMAN, Josiah 12 M   N
DENMAN, Mary Ann 4 F   Y
DENMAN, John 8 M   Y
DENMAN, Henry 18 M   Y
DENMAN, Eliza 15 F   Y
PAROL, Maria 30 F   N
F----, Elizabeth 25 F    
P-----, Ann 30 F   Y
CAPPER, Ann 15 F   Y
GROUGH, William 30 M   N
GROUGH, Ann 35 F   N
GROUGH, William 7 M   N
GROUGH, Robert 5 M   N
GROUGH, Joseph 2 M   Y
GROUGH, George 7mo M   Y
HALFORD, John 40 M   N
HILL, Thomas ?? M    
HILL, Fanny 60 F   N
HILL, Albert 5 M   N
BUNDY, Samuel 40 M   N
BUNDY, Mary 40 F   N
BUNDY, Daniel 12 M   Y
BUNDY, Sarah 9 F   Y
BUNDY, Elizabeth 7 F   Y
BLOXHAM, Thomas 25 M   Y
BLOXHAM, Harriet 25 F   Y
BLOXHAM, Ann 1 F   Y
BARNARD, John 35 M   Y
BARNARD, Hannah 30 F   Y
BARNARD, Francis 9 M   Y
BARNARD, James 7 M   Y
BARNARD, Mary Ann 5 F   Y
HAWKINS, Thomas 53 M   N
HAWKINS, Fanny 52 F   N
HAWKINS, William 19 M   Y
HAWKINS, Ann 17 F   Y
MATTHEWS, James 18 M   N
JONES, Mary 25 F   N
TYNON, Harriet 19 F   N
COOPER, Thomas 45 M   N
BAYLIS, William 25 M   N
WHITTLE, Elizabeth 50 F   Y
GURMIN, Ruth 75 F   N
GURMIN, Joseph 30 M   Y
GURMIN, Hannah 25 F   Y
GURMIN, William 40 M   Y
GURMIN, Hannah 34 F   N
GURMIN, William 10 M   Y
GURMIN, Mary Ann 8 F   Y
GURMIN, Thomas 5 M   Y
GURMIN, Sarah 1 F   Y
COTTERILL, Thomas 36 M   Y
COTTERILL, Caroline 30 F   Y
COTTERILL, Sophia 11 F   Y
COTTERILL, Charles 2 M   Y
GURMIN, Henry 9mo M   N
COTTERILL, Thomas 73 M   N
COTTERILL, John 43 M   Y
COTTERILL, Ralph 10 M   Y
COTTERILL, Elizabeth 7 F   Y
COTTERILL, Fanny 3 F   Y
CHILD, George 50 M   N
CHILD, Elizabeth 60 F   N
BARNETT, Timothy 44 M   Y
BARNETT, Hannah 40 F   N
BARNETT, Ann 78 F   N
BARNETT, Sarah 12 F   Y
BARNETT, Daniel 11 M   Y
BARNETT, Timothy 9 M   Y
BARNETT, Rebecca 7 F   Y
BARNETT, Mary 3 F   Y
LANE, Edward 70 M   Y
LANE, Martha 57 F   Y
FLUCK, Elizabeth 13 F   Y
LANE, George 7 M   Y
HARDMAN, Henry 38 M   Y
HARDMAN, Sarah 32 F   Y
HARDMAN, Esther 14 F   Y
HARDMAN, William 12 M   Y
HARDMAN, Richard 10 M   Y
HARDMAN, Frederick 8 M   N
HARDMAN, John 5 M   N
HARDMAN, Edwin 1 M   Y
WALKER, John 40 M   Y
WALKER, Mary 40 F   Y
WALKER, William 13 M   N
WALKER, Sarah 11 F   Y
WALKER, Elizabeth 9 F   Y
WALKER, Maria 7 F   Y
WALKER, Mary Ann 5 F   Y
WALKER, Reuben 4 M   Y
WALKER, John 1 M   Y
JAMES, John 60 M   N
JAMES, Mary 50 F   N
FARMER, Joseph 50 M   N
FARMER, Esther 50 F   Y
FARMER, Thomas 5 M   Y
CALE, James 72 M   Y
MERRETT, Job 29 M   N
MERRETT, Mary 25 F   Y
MERRETT, Joseph 1 M   Y
BARTLETT, Mary 60 F   N
BARTLETT, Richard 30 M   Y
BARTLETT, Joseph 20 M   Y
DYAR, William 60 M   Y
DYAR, Sarah 60 F   Y
DYAR, William 27 M   Y
DYAR, Mary 7 F   Y
ROBINSON, Joseph 45 M   Y
ROBINSON, Harriet 30 F   N
ROBINSON, Mary Ann 6 F   Y
ROBINSON, William 4 M   Y
ROBINSON, George 1 M   Y
LANE, William 70 M   N
SIMKINS, George 20 M   Y
DAVIS, William 40 M   N
DAVIS, Reuben 6 M   N
DAVIS, Ann 37 F   N
DAVIS, Ann 4 F   N
HODGES, William 30 M   N
HODGES, Harriet 30 F   Y
HODGES, Fanny 12 F   Y
HODGES, Elizabeth 10 F   Y
HODGES, Francis 3 M   Y
BARNETT, Hannah 50 F   Y
MORGAN, Phillips 35 M   N
MORGAN, Betty 35 F   Y
RUSSELL, Phillip 35 M   Y
RUSSELL, Sarah 32 F   Y
RUSSELL, Charles 10 M   Y
RUSSELL, Joseph 8 M   Y
RUSSELL, Frederick 5 M   Y
RUSSELL, William 1 M   Y
BANKS, James 70 M   N
HOWELL, Shadrack 38 M   Y
HOWELL, Maria 36 F   Y
HOWELL, William 10 M   Y
HOWELL, Lucy 9 F   Y
HOWELL, Charles 7 M   Y
HOWELL, George 6 M   Y
HOWELL, Shadrack 2 M   Y
LOVERIDGE, Mary 87 F   N
GURMIN, Mary 40 F   N
GURMIN, Ann 10 F   Y
BARTLETT, Benjamin 32 M   Y
BARTLETT, Sarah 24 F   N
BARTLETT, Thomas 1 M   Y
EVANS, Thomas 45 M   N
EVANS, Pheobe 35 F   Y
EVANS, William 11 M   Y
EVANS, Alfred 9 M   Y
EVANS, Charles 6 M   Y
EVANS, Esther 3 F   Y
EVANS, John 2 M   Y
JENKINS, Benjamin 54 M   Y
JENKINS, Mary 52 F   Y
JENKINS, William 16 M   Y
JENKINS, Thomas 13 M   Y
PENNALL, Harriet 30 F   Y
ROBINSON, George 65 M   N
ROBINSON, Martha 60 F   N
PHILLIPS, William 28 M   N
PHILLIPS, Sarah 25 F   Y
PHILLIPS, Mary 1 F   Y
JANES, Thomas 16 M   N
POWELL, James 28 M   Y
POWELL, Ann 22 F   Y
POWELL, Diana 1 F   Y
STOCK, Thomas 60 M   N
STOCK, Margaret 62 F   N
REYNOLDS, John 25 M   Y
REYNOLDS, Hester 28 F   Y
REYNOLDS, William 5mo M   Y
GURMIN, Phillip 47 M   Y
GURMIN, Mary 30 F   N
GURMIN, Maria 12 F   N
GURMIN, Caroline 6 F   N
GURMIN, Ann 2 F   N
BANKS, Benjamin 35 M   Y
BANKS, Hannah 35 F   Y
BANKS, Joseph 2 M   Y
BANKS, Matthew 4mo M   Y
BANKS, Henry 8 M   Y
HARRIS, William 10 M   Y
HARRIS, Elizabeth 8 F   Y
DYOR, George 40 M   N
DYOR, Sarah 35 F   N
DYOR, John 8 M   Y
DYOR, George 6 M   Y
DYOR, Rebecca 4 F   Y
DYOR, Charles 2 M   Y
DYOR, William 3mo M   Y
LANE, Thomas 50 M   Y
COX, Ann 25 F   Y
ARKELL, Sarah 18 F   Y
MOORE, Miles 18 M   Y

[Transcribed by Kari Svedin Kruger and Debra J. Svedin and contributed on 19th February 2005]

Census Transcription Copyright Notice:

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