Stroud, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"STROUD or Stroudwater is 30 miles from Bristol, 14 from Cheltenham and nine from Gloucester City. It was the centre of the clothing trade in 1830, with mills every few hundred yards on every river. In the census of 1821 the parish had 7,097 inhabitants."

"RODBOROUGH is a village about one mile from Stroud and was the birthplace of Richard CLUTTERBUCK in 1638. Rodborough had 2,038 inhabitants in 1821."

"STONEHOUSE is two miles from Stroud on the road to Gloucester where the Revd Henry CRIPPS was the vicar in 1830 with Revd Richard HODGES as curate. In 1821 there were 2,126 inhabitants."

"KING STANLEY is about three and a half miles from Stroud and had 2,269 inhabitants in 1821."

"LEONARD STANLEY, adjoining King Stanley is a parish of 757 inhabitants where in 1830 the vicar was Revd John Price JONES and his brother Timothy was the curate."

ALCOCK Paul Tailor Tower Hill, Stroud
ALDRIDGE John Tavern / Public House Keeper Cross Keys, Leonard Stanley, Stroud
ALDRIDGE William Attorney 5 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
ALLEN Thomas Surgeon Cains-Cross, Stroud
ASPINALL Thomas Saddler & Harness Maker Nelson Street, Stroud
ASPINALL Thomas Tavern / Public House Keeper Rising Sun, Nelson St, Stroud
ATKINSON Miss Ladies Boarding Academy Meeting Street, Stroud
AYERS Richard Tiler / Plasterer Meeting Street, Stroud
BAGLIN William Gents' Boarding & Day School Stonehouse, Stroud
BAKER Elizabeth Grocer/Tea Dealer Brimscombe Port, Stroud
BAKER John Coal Dealer Brimscombe Port, Stroud
BALDING Benjamin China, Glass Dealer Union Street, Stroud
BAMFORD Robert Woollen Yarn Manufacturer Hope Mill, Stroud
BARBER Lebius Grocer/Tea Dealer Ebley, Stroud
BARNARD Elizabeth Milliner/ Dressmaker Prospect Place, Stroud
BARNETT John Grocer/Tea Dealer Stonehouse, Stroud
BARNFIELD Charlotte Boarding School Cains Cross, Stroud
BARRETT Henry Tavern / Public House Keeper The Crown & Anchor, High St, Stroud
BARRETT Robert Tavern / Public House Keeper The Crown, High Street, Stroud
BASHAM Charles Road Surveyor Ebley, Stroud
BATEMAN James Chymist/ Druggist High Street, Stroud
BAYLIS Wm. Augustus Boookseller/Stationer/Binder 7 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
BEACH Henry Surgeon Ebley, Stroud
BEARD John Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Leonard Stanley, Stroud
BECK William Carrier Stroud
BELLAMY Jos. Tavern / Public House Keeper Crown & Anchor, Stonehouse, Stroud
BELLAMY Joseph Maltster Stonehouse, Stroud
BENNETT Joseph Cooper High Street, Stroud
BERRYMAN John Carpenter/Joiner Cheltenham Old Road, Stroud
BIDDLE John Miller Stralford Mills, Stroud
BIDDLE John Maltster Stralford Mills, Stroud
BIDDLE John Shipping Carriers The Quay, Stroud
BIRD John Butcher High Street, Stroud
BIRT Joseph Tavern / Public House Keeper White Hart, Cross, Stroud
BIRT Joseph Painter/Plumber/Glazier Cross, Stroud
BISHOP Eliza Straw Hat Maker Nelson Street, Stroud
BISHOP Eliza. Milliner/ Dressmaker Nelson Street, Stroud
BISHOP James Painter/Plumber/Glazier Nelson Street, Stroud
BISHOP Richard Shopkeeper Tower Hill, Stroud
BISHOP William Ironmonger High Street, Stroud
BLACKMORE Joseph Confectioner High Street, Stroud
BLACKWELL Henry Painter/Plumber/Glazier Bowbridge, Stroud
BLACKWELL William Stone Mason Walls Quarry, Stroud
BLISS Thomas Tavern / Public House Keeper Wool Pack, George Street, Stroud
BOND Mary Ann Baker Cnr of Meeting Street, Stroud
BRADFORD John Livery Stable Keeper Swan Lane, Stroud
BREWER Benjamin Blacksmith Stonehouse, Stroud
BREWER Isaac Saddler & Harness Maker Badbrook Street, Stroud
BREWER Isaac Saddler & Harness Maker Cains-Cross, Stroud
BREWER John Grocer/Tea Dealer Cains-Cross, Stroud
BRISLEY John Pierce Boookseller/Stationer/Binder High Street, Stroud
BRISLEY John Pierce Sun Life Assurance High Street, Stroud
BROWN Coach Builder corner of George Street, Stroud
BROWN B.H. Esq. Horsepools, Stroud
BROWN James Grocer/Tea Dealer High Street, Stroud
BROWN Richard Baker Badbrook Street, Stroud
BROWN Samuel Esq. Priory Leonard Stanley, Stroud
BROWNE William Watch & Clock Maker High Street, Stroud
BRYANT Samuel Shopkeeper Leonard Stanley, Stroud
BUCK John Millwright Lower Street, Stroud
BUCKNALL Benjamin Boookseller/Stationer/Binder High Street, Stroud
BUCKNALL Mrs B. Milliner/ Dressmaker High Street, Stroud
BUDD ROBINS & Co. Carrier Stroud
BURDER John Revd. Whitehall, Stroud
BURGH Henry Esq. Spillmans, Stroud
BUSHELL Richard Blacksmith Stonehouse, Stroud
BUTCHER John Esq. Stroud
BUTCHER William Maltster Standish, Stroud
BUTLER Nathaniel J. Fur Skin Merchant Rodborough, Stroud
BUTT James Ironmonger High Street, Stroud
BUTTLER Samuel Tavern / Public House Keeper The Ship, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
CAINS Charles Fell monger Ebley, Stroud
CAMM Richard Watch & Clock Maker High Street, Stroud
CAPEL Mrs. Brick house, Stroud
CARPENTER Edward Banker - Savings Bank Cains-Cross, Stroud
CARPENTER Edward Linen Draper Cains-Cross, Stroud
CARPENTER Edward Maltster Cains-Cross, Stroud
CARR John Attorney Cains Cross, Stroud
CARUTHERS Edward P. Esq. Brown's Hill, Stroud
CHEW Richard Blacksmith & Whitesmith Lower Street, Stroud
CLARK James Carpenter/Joiner Tower Hill, Stroud
CLISSOLD Stephen Esq. Farm Hill, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK Ann & Mary Straw Hat Maker George Street, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK James Engineeer Mow Mead, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK James Carpenter/Joiner London Road, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK James Builder London Road, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK James Millwright Mow Mead, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK Thomas Attorney London Road, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK Wm. & Son Shear manaufacturers Ozle Brook Mill, Stroud
COCKRAN Edward Wool Broker London Road, Stroud
COLE Robert Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
COLEMAN Charles Attorney Leonard Stanley, Stroud
COLEMAN James Currier, Leather Cutter High Street, Stroud
COLEMAN James Currier, Leather Cutter George Street, Stroud
COLLETT Aaron Wheelwright Stonehouse, Stroud
COLLETT Charles Tailor High Street, Stroud
COLLINS William Painter/Plumber/Glazier Lower Street, Stroud
COMBES Richard Stone Mason George Street, Stroud
COOK Richard Esq. Farm Hill, Stroud
COOMBES Richard Builder George Street, Stroud
COPNER Samuel Maltster Cains-Cross, Stroud
COPNER Samuel Miller Cains-Cross, Stroud
COPNER Samuel Baker Cains-Cross, Stroud
CORSHAM ---- Gent Cains Cross, Stroud
CREED Thomas Maltster Grove Mills, Stroud
CREED Thomas Miller Grove Mills, Stroud
CROOME Thomas & Son Attorney Cains-Cross, Stroud
CURTIS William Perfumer/ Hairdresser Cains-Cross, Stroud
DALLAWAY Joseph James Provident Life Insurance 10 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
DALLAWAY Joseph James County Fire Office Agent 10 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
DALLAWAY Joseph James Silversmith & jeweller 10 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
DAMMS John Carpenter/Joiner Silver Street, Stroud
DARKE William Weale Surgeon MD Cooper's Hill, Stroud
DAVIES Daniel & Thomas Auctioneers Middle Street, Stroud
DAVIES Robert S.& Edwd Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Stonehouse Mills, Stroud
DAWES James Tailor George Street, Stroud
DENNIER John R. Thames & Severn Navigation Office Brimscombe Port, Stroud
DICKERSON Thomas Carpenter/Joiner Ebley, Stroud
DICKINSON Arthur Tavern / Public House Keeper Golden Cross, Cainscross, Stroud
DIMOCK John Timber Merchnat Ebley, Stroud
DRIVER Nathan Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Hazel Mill, Stroud
DUCIE Rt Hon the Lord Spring Park, Stroud
DYER Obadiah Wine & Spirit Merchant Stonehouse, Stroud
DYMOCK Peter Baker Nelson Street, Stroud
DYMOCK Thomas Baker Middle Street, Stroud
ELLIS Mrs. Lower Grange, Stroud
ESTCOURT Samuel Tailor Belson Street, Stroud
EVILL Thomas B. Shopkeeper Bowbridge, Stroud
FARLAN Malcolm Gardner & Seedsman London Road, Stroud
FARLAN Mary Straw Hat Maker London Road, Stroud
FARR John Boot & Shoe Maker Nelson Street, Stroud
FARR Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker High Street, Stroud
FAULKES Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Bowbridge, Stroud
FERRABEE Jn. Iron & Brass Founder Thrupp Mill, Stroud
FERRABEE John Millwright Thrupp Mill, Stroud
FERRABEE John Engineeer Thrupp Mill, Stroud
FIELD Elizabeth Straw Hat Maker King Street, Stroud
FISHER & CHAMPION Grocer/Tea Dealer High Street, Stroud
FISHER Jos. Gent Mount Pleasant, Stroud
FISHER Joseph Tailor London Road, Stroud
FISHER Paul Hawkins & Samuel Attorneys Middle Street, Stroud
FISHER William & Chas. Maltster Chapel Street, Stroud
FLUCK George Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Badbrook Mill, Stroud
FOORD John Coach Builder King Street, Stroud
FRANKLIN William Building surveyor Lower Street, Stroud
FRICKER Mark Anthony Tavern / Public House Keeper White Hart, Leonard Stanley, Stroud
GARDNER Elizabeth Milliner/ Dressmaker 7 Nelson Street, Stroud
GARDNER Robert Tavern / Public House Keeper Red Lion, King Stanley, Stroud
GARDNER Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer & Tallow Cains-Cross, Stroud
GARLAND Richard Linen Draper 8 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
GEORGE Jno. Boat Builder Brimscombe Port, Stroud
GEORGE John Grocer/Tea Dealer Brimscombe Port, Stroud
GEORGE King Carpenter/Joiner Cains-Cross, Stroud
GINGELL George Innkeeper Golden Hart, King Street, Stroud
GLASCOTT Thomas Revd. Rodborough, Stroud
GLENDINNING John Shopkeeper King Stanley, Stroud
GLOVER Richard Smallware manufacturer Gunhouse, Bowbridge, Stroud
GOBBE Peter & George Dealers in Hardware High Street, Stroud
GORDON Ann Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Rundel's Mill, Stroud
GRAFTON John Confectioner King Street & Cross, Stroud
GRAZEBROOK, HAWKINS & WATSON, Bankers Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
GRIFFITHS Christinia Milliner/ Dressmaker Lower Stret, Stroud
GRIMES John Cooper Stonehouse, Stroud
GROMES Henry & Son Cooper Ebley, Stroud
GURNEY Thomas Tavern / Public House Keeper The Dolphin, High Street, Stroud
HALL Henry Gent Lower Street, Stroud
HALLIDAY Charles Grocer/Tea Dealer Lower Street, Stroud
HALLIDAY Hannah Baker Lower Street, Stroud
HALLIDAY William Esq. Frome Hall, Stroud
HAMBIDGE & HALLIDAY Cabinet Makers High Street, Stroud
HAMBIDGE William Post Master High Street, Stroud
HAMMOND Robert Cooper Nelson Street, Stroud
HARDING Daniel Shopkeeper Stonehouse, Stroud
HARMER Mrs. Burleigh Lodge, Stroud
HARMER William Boookseller/Stationer/Binder High Street, Stroud
HARRISON Charles Stone Mason Rowcroft, Stroud
HARRISON Geo & Daniel Stone Mason King Stanley, Stroud
HARVEY Mary Innkeeper The Fleece, Rodborough, Stroud
HATHEWAY William Carpenter/Joiner Nelson Street, Stroud
HAWKER & FRYER Attorneys Rowcroift, Stroud
HAWKER George Stroudwater Navigation High Street, Stroud
HAWKER Peter Revd. Woodchester, Stroud
HAWKINS Henry Attorneys 2 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
HAWKINS Henry Revd. 2 Union Buildings, Stroud
HAWKINS J.S. Esq. Dudbridge, Stroud
HAWKINS Leonard Grocer/Tea Dealer High Street, Stroud
HAWKINS William Miller Kings Street, Stroud
HAWKINS William Baker King Street, Stroud
HAYWARD George Revd. Frocester, Stroud
HELME Wm. & Mashiter Woollen Cloth Manufacturer New Mills, Ebley, Stroud
HERBERT Edmund Gent 3 Union Buildings, Stroud
HEWLETT Daniel Painter/Plumber/Glazier King Street, Stroud
HEWLETT Daniel Shopkeeper King Street, Stroud
HEWLETT William Blacksmith Nelson Street, Stroud
HICKS Brothers Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Eastington, Stroud
HICKS Henry Esq. The Leaze, Stroud
HILES Thomas Watch & Clock Maker High Street, Stroud
HILL George Grocer/Tea Dealer Nelson Street, Stroud
HILL Richard Tavern / Public House Keeper The Greyhound, Badbrook St, Stroud
HILL Richard Baker Stonehouse, Stroud
HIND John Surgeon Middle Street, Stroud
HOBBS William Bacon Factor King Stanley, Stroud
HODGES Charles Pork Butcher London Road, Stroud
HODGES Henry Revd. Stonehouse, Stroud
HOGG Edward Esq. Randwick, Stroud
HOGG Susan Mrs. Ebley, Stroud
HOLBROW John Wool Broker Badbrook, Stroud
HOLBROW Thomas Gent Badbrok, Stroud
HOLBROW Wm. Captain Leonard Stanley, Stroud
HOLDER Charles Tavern / Public House Keeper Marlborough's Head, High St, Stroud
HOLDER Joshua Cooper High Street, Stroud
HOLDER Joshua C. Tailor High Street, Stroud
HOLMES Samuel Tavern / Public House Keeper Wool Pack, Bowbridge, Stroud
HOLMES Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Pagan Hill, Stroud
HOOD John Shopkeeper High Street, Stroud
HOOPER Humphrey Weaver Lower Street, Stroud
HOPSON John Butcher High Street & Cross, Stroud
HOPSON Richard Tavern / Public House Keeper Wool Pack, Stonehouse, Stroud
HOPSON Solomon Tavern / Public House Keeper The Rose, Pagan Hill, Stroud
HOPSON Solomon Butter and Cheese factor Meeting Street, Stroud
HORTON Joseph Cooper Church Street, Stroud
HOSKINS Daniel Ironmonger Cains-Cross, Stroud
HOSKINS Daniel Blacksmith Cains-Cross, Stroud
HOWELL Henry James Brazier & Tin Plate Worker High Street, Stroud
HUMPAGE Edward & John Surgeons Nelson Street, Stroud
HUMPHREYS George Guardian Fire Office Agent High Street, Stroud
HUMPHRYS George Auctioneer High Street, Stroud
HUMPHRYS George Land and House Agnet High Street, Stroud
HUNT Edward Stone Mason Bath Place, Stroud
HUNTLEY Samuel Slay Maker Nelson Street, Stroud
HYDE Reuben Miller (grinder) Rye Ford, Stroud
ISAACS Walter Pawnbroker High Street, Stroud
ISACKE James Brush, Clog & Patten maker Nelson Street, Stroud
JACKSON George Retail Brewer Bow Bridge, Stroud
JACOMB Robert Wool Broker Gannicox, Stroud
JAKEWAY Charles Millwright Leonard Stanley, Stroud
JAMES Mrs. Stratford Lodge, Stroud
JAMES Ely Rope maker George Street, Stroud
JEENS George Tailor Cains-Cross, Stroud
JOHNSON John Clothes Dealer High Street, Stroud
JONES James & William Pawnbroker High Street, Stroud
JONES John Taylor Chymist/ Druggist High Street, Stroud
JONES Richard Tavern / Public House Keeper Quay Inn, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
JONES Thomas Carrier Stroud
JONES Tim. Revd. Leonard Stanley, Stroud
JONES William Baker Cross, Stroud
KELSON Mrs. Woodlands, Stroud
KING George Clothes Dealer High Street, Stroud
KING Joseph Miller King Stanley, Stroud
KING Joseph jun Butter and Cheese factor King Stanley, Stroud
KING Peter Miller King Stanley, Stroud
KING William Baker High Street, Stroud
KIRK William Shopkeeper London Road, Stroud
KNEE William Hat manufacturer High Street, Stroud
KNIGHT George Brazier & Tin Plate Worker Chapel Street, Stroud
LAWRENCE Ann Milliner/ Dressmaker High Street, Stroud
LAWRENCE William Organist & Teacher of Music High Street, Stroud
LEACH John Tavern / Public House Keeper King's Head, King Stanley, Stroud
LEE William Gent. Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
LEECH William Tavern / Public House Keeper The Anchor, Walbridge, Stroud
LEVEASAGE Peter Esq. Woodlands, Stroud
LEWIS Elizabeth Milliner/ Dressmaker Cains-Cross, Stroud
LEWIS Henry Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Ebley, Stroud
LEWIS John Frederick Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Oil Mills, Stroud
LEWIS Joseph Eycott Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Ebley, Stroud
LEWIS William Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Brimscombe Port Mills, Stroud
LIDDIATT Thomas Tiler / Plasterer Walbridge, Stroud
LONG Edwin Painter/Plumber/Glazier Church Street, Stroud
M'ADAM Thomas Tea Dealer & Draper Union buildings, Stroud
MacLEAN, STEPHENS & Co Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Stanley Mills, King Stanley, Stroud
MARLING & Son Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Ham Mills, Stroud
MARLING John F. Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Ebley Mills, Stroud
MARLING Nath. Samuel Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Lodgemore Mills, Stroud
MARTIN Richard Esq. Downfield, Stroud
MASON Mrs. Cains-Cross, Stroud
MASON Peter Perfumer/ Hairdresser Cross, Stroud
MAY Ambrose Ironmonger High Street, Stroud
MEALING William Tavern / Public House Keeper White Horse, Cains-Cross, Stroud
MERREDITH John Cabinet Maker Swan Lane, Stroud
MERRETT Ann Stay Maker London Road, Stroud
MERRETT Hezekiah Tailor Ebley, Stroud
MERRETT John Tailor Cains-Cross, Stroud
MILES Henry Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Rye Ford Mill, Stroud
MILES John Surgeon Leonard Stanley, Stroud
MILES Thomas Engineeer Stonehouse, Stroud
MILES Thomas Millwright Stonehouse, Stroud
MILLS Ann Grocer and Tea Dealer High Street, Stroud
MILLS Thomas Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
MILLS William Mustard Manufacturer Church Street, Stroud
MOFFATT Mrs. Whitehall, Stroud
MORSE Morrish Painter/Plumber/Glazier Nelson Street, Stroud
MORSE William Baker Ebley, Stroud
NEALE Henry & Son Maltster The Knap, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
NEWCOMBE John Painter/Plumber/Glazier Little Mill, Stroud
NEWMAN Chas. & Henry Attorneys High Street, Stroud
OAKEY Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Cains-Cross, Stroud
OFFLEY Charles Esq. Upfield Lodge, Stroud
ORCHARD William Innkeeper The Frocester Inn, Frocester,Stroud
PAGE John Millwright Ebley, Stroud
PALING Edward Revd. Eastington, Stroud
PANTING Richard Boot & Shoe Maker Swan Street, Stroud
PARIS William Thomas Attorneys Nelson Street, Stroud
PARKER & FRANKLYN Shipping Carriers Brimscombe Port, Stroud
PARRY William Hat manufacturer High Street, Stroud
PARSONS John Blacksmith Brimscombe Port, Stroud
PARTRIDGE Jonah West of England Insurance High Street, Stroud
PARTRIDGE Joseph Attorneys High Street, Stroud
PARTRIDGE Joseph & Co. Blue, Black & Medley Dyers Bowbridge, Stroud
PARTRIDGE Nathaniel Scarlet & Fancy Dyer Bowbridge, Stroud
PAUL George Carpenter/Joiner Meeting Street, Stroud
PENNANT David Esq. Standish House, Stroud
PICKARD Fras. Tavern / Public House Keeper Weaver's Arms, Meeting St, Stroud
PITT John Stone Mason Bath Place, Stroud
PITT Samuel Tailor Cains-Cross, Stroud
PONTING William Butcher High Street, Stroud
POOLE John Gent. Cains Cross, Stroud
PRICE John Engineeer Chapel Street, Stroud
PRICE William Iron Founder Ebley, Stroud
PRICE William Currier, Leather Cutter Ebley, Stroud
PUGH John Cabinet Maker London Road, Stroud
PUGH Mary Ann Milliner/ Dressmaker Frome Buildings, Stroud
PURCELL John Cabinet Maker Cross, Stroud
PURSELL Henry Tavern / Public House Keeper The Chequer, King Street, Stroud
RAISHER Thomas Saddler & Harness Maker Stonehouse, Stroud
READ Paul Gents' Boarding School Stroud Water Academy, Stroud
READER John Tailor & Salesman High Street, Stroud
RESTALL James Tavern / Public House Keeper The New George, Nelson St, Stroud
RIDLER Thomas Tavern / Public House Keeper The Nelson, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
ROBINSON Arthur Gent Rowcroft, Stroud
ROTTON Mary Straw Hat Maker High Street, Stroud
ROWE Joseph Shopkeeper Chalford Road, Stroud
RUCKER D.H. Esq. Stroud End, Stroud
RUDDER Charles Miller Stanley Dounton, Stroud
SANDYS Richard Esq. Slad House, Stroud
SELLWOOD James Boot & Shoe Maker Middle Street, Stroud
SHIPWAY John Painter/Plumber/Glazier London Road, Stroud
SIMS John & Sons Maltster Stroudwater Brewery, Stroud
SIMS John & Sons Brewer Stroudwater Brewery, Stroud
SKIPP Thomas Esq. Stonehouse, Stroud
SLADE John Saddler & Harness Maker London Road, Stroud
SMITH --- Innkeeper The George, King Street, Stroud
SMITH Caleb Perfumer/ Hairdresser High Street, Stroud
SMITH Christopher Dyer Eastington, Stroud
SMITH Jeremiah Revd. King Stanley, Stroud
SMITH John Carpenter/Joiner Ebley, Stroud
SMITH Joshua Wheelwright London Road, Stroud
SMITH Rd. Peter & Gus. Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Walbridge, Stroud
SMITH Richd, Peter & Gustavus, - Dyer Walbridge, Stroud
SMITH Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Lower Street, Stroud
SMITH Thomas W. Surgeon 3 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
SNOW Major Rodborough, Stroud
SPARROW James Tavern / Public House Keeper The Globe, Stonehouse, Stroud
SPEARING George Grocer and Tea Dealer & Draper Stonehouse, Stroud
STAGG Henry Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
STALEY Mary Charlotte China, Glass Dealer High Street, Stroud
STANTON & Sons Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Stafford's Mill, Stroud
STEPHENS Esther Ladies' Boarding & Day School Cains Cross, Stroud
STEPHENS John Gent's Boarding School Rodborough, Stroud
STEPHENS Samuel Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
STONE Edward Carpenter/Joiner Meeting Street, Stroud
STONE John Baker Meeting Street, Stroud
STRACHEY George Esq. Bownham House, Stroud
SUMERS William Baker King Stanley, Stroud
SUTTON Charles Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
SWEETING Charles Page Surgeon King Street, Stroud
TANNER & BAYLIS Carrier Rodborough, Stroud
TAYLOR Giles Grocer and Tea Dealer Cross, Stroud
TAYLOR Thomas Baker Bowbridge, Stroud
THOMAS Mark Tavern / Public House Keeper Green Dragon, King St, Stroud
THORINGTON Henry Tavern / Public House Keeper Butcher's Arms, Market Pl, Stroud
THORNES Francis Sheriff's Officer High Street, Stroud
THORNTON Charles Surgeon Stonehouse, Stroud
THORNTON John Carpenter/Joiner Nelson Street, Stroud
THORNTON John Tavern / Public House Keeper Duke of York, Nelson St, Stroud
THORNTON William H. Surgeon Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
TOWNSEND Jos. Flock Manufacturer Cains- Cross, Stroud
TRENFIELD Jno. Surveyor of Taxes Wellington Place
TRIGG William Surgeon & Coroner Cains-Cross, Stroud
TRIGG William Jasper Gentlemans' Boarding School Cains Cross, Stroud
VICK John Watch & Clock Maker George Street, Stroud
VICK Samuel Shopkeeper Ebley, Stroud
VICK Thomas Painter/Plumber/Glazier Ebley, Stroud
WAKEFIELD James Innkeeper The Lamb, Church Street, Stroud
WALL Robert P. Berks Fire Office Agent Prospect Place, Stroud
WALL Thomas Wine & Spirit Merchant Walbridge, Stroud
WALL Thomas jun. Porter, Cider & Corn Agent Walbridge, Stroud
WARDER George Innkeeper The Swan, Swan Street, Stroud
WARNEFORD Hannah F. Ladies' Boarding School Union Buildings, Stroud
WARNER Henry Brazier & Tin Plate Worker Meeting Street, Stroud
WARNER James Grocer and Tea Dealer & draper Eastington, Stroud
WATHEN George Attorneys Lower Grange, Stroud
WATHEN Philip Esq. Stroud
WATHEN Samuel Sir Woodchester, Stroud
WATLYN Colonel Hill House, Stroud
WATTS Joseph Maltster Stroud Brewery, Stroud
WATTS Joseph Brewer Stroud Brewery, Stroud
WATTS Richard & Edward Miller (grinders) Walbridge, Stroud
WATTS Richard & Sons Dyer Walbridge, Stroud
WEBB John Butcher High Street, Stroud
WEBB Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker High Street, Stroud
WEIGHT James Blacksmith Bowbridge, Stroud
WEIGHT John Blacksmith Tower Hill, Stroud
WEST John Tiler / Plasterer Lower Street, Stroud
WHEELER Samuel Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
WHIPPY John Tailor Frome Buildings, Stroud
WHIPPY John Wine & Spirit Merchant Frome Buildings, Stroud
WHITE Elizabeth Tavern / Public House Keeper King's Head, High Street, Stroud
WHITE Henry Cabinet Maker Town's End, Stroud
WHITE Henry Tavern / Public House Keeper The Fleece, Nelson Street, Stroud
WHITE Richard Linen Draper High Street, Stroud
WHITE Sarah Baker Town's End, Stroud
WILLIAMS John Revd. DD Badbrook, Stroud
WILLOUGHBY Thomas Builder Lower Street, Stroud
WILLOUGHBY Thomas Carpenter/Joiner Lower Street, Stroud
WILSON Daniel Butcher Nelson Street, Stroud
WILSON George Boot & Shoe Maker George Street, Stroud
WINDOW James Boot & Shoe Maker Nelson Street, Stroud
WINN Stephen Painter/Plumber/Glazier Ebley, Stroud
WITHEY James Chymist/ Druggist High Street, Stroud
WITHEY William Henry Chymist/ Druggist High Street, Stroud
WOOD William Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Bond's Mill, Stonehouse, Stroud
WYATT Edward Baker Nelson Street, Stroud
WYATT Henry & Co. Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Pitchcombe Mill, Stroud
WYATT Richard Attorney Swan Street, Stroud
WYATT Richard Norwich Union Fire Office Agent Swan Street, Stroud
WYNN Samuel Carpenter/Joiner Chalford Road, Stroud
YATES William Revd. Beeche's Green, Stroud
YOUNG Samuel Stone Mason Middle Street, Stroud

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 30th November 1993]