Stroud, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"STROUD or Stroudwater is 30 miles from Bristol, 14 from Cheltenham and nine from Gloucester City. It was the centre of the clothing trade in 1830, with mills every few hundred yards on every river. In the census of 1821 the parish had 7,097 inhabitants."

"RODBOROUGH is a village about one mile from Stroud and was the birthplace of Richard CLUTTERBUCK in 1638. Rodborough had 2,038 inhabitants in 1821."

"STONEHOUSE is two miles from Stroud on the road to Gloucester where the Revd Henry CRIPPS was the vicar in 1830 with Revd Richard HODGES as curate. In 1821 there were 2,126 inhabitants."

"KING STANLEY is about three and a half miles from Stroud and had 2,269 inhabitants in 1821."

"LEONARD STANLEY, adjoining King Stanley is a parish of 757 inhabitants where in 1830 the vicar was Revd John Price JONES and his brother Timothy was the curate."

ALCOCK PaulTailorTower Hill, Stroud
ALDRIDGE JohnTavern / Public House KeeperCross Keys, Leonard Stanley, Stroud
ALDRIDGE WilliamAttorney5 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
ALLEN ThomasSurgeonCains-Cross, Stroud
ASPINALL ThomasSaddler & Harness MakerNelson Street, Stroud
ASPINALL ThomasTavern / Public House KeeperRising Sun, Nelson St, Stroud
ATKINSON MissLadies Boarding AcademyMeeting Street, Stroud
AYERS RichardTiler / PlastererMeeting Street, Stroud
BAGLIN WilliamGents' Boarding & Day SchoolStonehouse, Stroud
BAKER ElizabethGrocer/Tea DealerBrimscombe Port, Stroud
BAKER JohnCoal DealerBrimscombe Port, Stroud
BALDING BenjaminChina, Glass DealerUnion Street, Stroud
BAMFORD RobertWoollen Yarn ManufacturerHope Mill, Stroud
BARBER LebiusGrocer/Tea DealerEbley, Stroud
BARNARD ElizabethMilliner/ DressmakerProspect Place, Stroud
BARNETT JohnGrocer/Tea DealerStonehouse, Stroud
BARNFIELD CharlotteBoarding SchoolCains Cross, Stroud
BARRETT HenryTavern / Public House KeeperThe Crown & Anchor, High St, Stroud
BARRETT RobertTavern / Public House KeeperThe Crown, High Street, Stroud
BASHAM CharlesRoad SurveyorEbley, Stroud
BATEMAN JamesChymist/ DruggistHigh Street, Stroud
BAYLIS Wm. AugustusBoookseller/Stationer/Binder7 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
BEACH HenrySurgeonEbley, Stroud
BEARD JohnWoollen Cloth ManufacturerLeonard Stanley, Stroud
BECK WilliamCarrierStroud
BELLAMY Jos.Tavern / Public House KeeperCrown & Anchor, Stonehouse, Stroud
BELLAMY JosephMaltsterStonehouse, Stroud
BENNETT JosephCooperHigh Street, Stroud
BERRYMAN JohnCarpenter/JoinerCheltenham Old Road, Stroud
BIDDLE JohnMillerStralford Mills, Stroud
BIDDLE JohnMaltsterStralford Mills, Stroud
BIDDLE JohnShipping CarriersThe Quay, Stroud
BIRD JohnButcherHigh Street, Stroud
BIRT JosephTavern / Public House KeeperWhite Hart, Cross, Stroud
BIRT JosephPainter/Plumber/GlazierCross, Stroud
BISHOP ElizaStraw Hat MakerNelson Street, Stroud
BISHOP Eliza.Milliner/ DressmakerNelson Street, Stroud
BISHOP JamesPainter/Plumber/GlazierNelson Street, Stroud
BISHOP RichardShopkeeperTower Hill, Stroud
BISHOP WilliamIronmongerHigh Street, Stroud
BLACKMORE JosephConfectionerHigh Street, Stroud
BLACKWELL HenryPainter/Plumber/GlazierBowbridge, Stroud
BLACKWELL WilliamStone MasonWalls Quarry, Stroud
BLISS ThomasTavern / Public House KeeperWool Pack, George Street, Stroud
BOND Mary AnnBakerCnr of Meeting Street, Stroud
BRADFORD JohnLivery Stable KeeperSwan Lane, Stroud
BREWER BenjaminBlacksmithStonehouse, Stroud
BREWER IsaacSaddler & Harness MakerBadbrook Street, Stroud
BREWER IsaacSaddler & Harness MakerCains-Cross, Stroud
BREWER JohnGrocer/Tea DealerCains-Cross, Stroud
BRISLEY John PierceBoookseller/Stationer/BinderHigh Street, Stroud
BRISLEY John PierceSun Life AssuranceHigh Street, Stroud
BROWNCoach Buildercorner of George Street, Stroud
BROWN B.H.Esq.Horsepools, Stroud
BROWN JamesGrocer/Tea DealerHigh Street, Stroud
BROWN RichardBakerBadbrook Street, Stroud
BROWN SamuelEsq.Priory Leonard Stanley, Stroud
BROWNE WilliamWatch & Clock MakerHigh Street, Stroud
BRYANT SamuelShopkeeperLeonard Stanley, Stroud
BUCK JohnMillwrightLower Street, Stroud
BUCKNALL BenjaminBoookseller/Stationer/BinderHigh Street, Stroud
BUCKNALL Mrs B.Milliner/ DressmakerHigh Street, Stroud
BUDD ROBINS & Co.CarrierStroud
BURDER JohnRevd.Whitehall, Stroud
BURGH HenryEsq.Spillmans, Stroud
BUSHELL RichardBlacksmithStonehouse, Stroud
BUTCHER JohnEsq.Stroud
BUTCHER WilliamMaltsterStandish, Stroud
BUTLER Nathaniel J.Fur Skin MerchantRodborough, Stroud
BUTT JamesIronmongerHigh Street, Stroud
BUTTLER SamuelTavern / Public House KeeperThe Ship, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
CAINS CharlesFell mongerEbley, Stroud
CAMM RichardWatch & Clock MakerHigh Street, Stroud
CAPELMrs.Brick house, Stroud
CARPENTER EdwardBanker - Savings BankCains-Cross, Stroud
CARPENTER EdwardLinen DraperCains-Cross, Stroud
CARPENTER EdwardMaltsterCains-Cross, Stroud
CARR JohnAttorneyCains Cross, Stroud
CARUTHERS Edward P.Esq.Brown's Hill, Stroud
CHEW RichardBlacksmith & WhitesmithLower Street, Stroud
CLARK JamesCarpenter/JoinerTower Hill, Stroud
CLISSOLD StephenEsq.Farm Hill, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK Ann & MaryStraw Hat MakerGeorge Street, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK JamesEngineeerMow Mead, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK JamesCarpenter/JoinerLondon Road, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK JamesBuilderLondon Road, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK JamesMillwrightMow Mead, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK ThomasAttorneyLondon Road, Stroud
CLUTTERBUCK Wm. & SonShear manaufacturersOzle Brook Mill, Stroud
COCKRAN EdwardWool BrokerLondon Road, Stroud
COLE RobertLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
COLEMAN CharlesAttorneyLeonard Stanley, Stroud
COLEMAN JamesCurrier, Leather CutterHigh Street, Stroud
COLEMAN JamesCurrier, Leather CutterGeorge Street, Stroud
COLLETT AaronWheelwrightStonehouse, Stroud
COLLETT CharlesTailorHigh Street, Stroud
COLLINS WilliamPainter/Plumber/GlazierLower Street, Stroud
COMBES RichardStone MasonGeorge Street, Stroud
COOK RichardEsq.Farm Hill, Stroud
COOMBES RichardBuilderGeorge Street, Stroud
COPNER SamuelMaltsterCains-Cross, Stroud
COPNER SamuelMillerCains-Cross, Stroud
COPNER SamuelBakerCains-Cross, Stroud
CORSHAM ----GentCains Cross, Stroud
CREED ThomasMaltsterGrove Mills, Stroud
CREED ThomasMillerGrove Mills, Stroud
CROOME Thomas & SonAttorneyCains-Cross, Stroud
CURTIS WilliamPerfumer/ HairdresserCains-Cross, Stroud
DALLAWAY Joseph JamesProvident Life Insurance10 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
DALLAWAY Joseph JamesCounty Fire Office Agent10 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
DALLAWAY Joseph JamesSilversmith & jeweller10 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
DAMMS JohnCarpenter/JoinerSilver Street, Stroud
DARKE William WealeSurgeon MDCooper's Hill, Stroud
DAVIES Daniel &Thomas AuctioneersMiddle Street, Stroud
DAVIES Robert S.& EdwdWoollen Cloth ManufacturerStonehouse Mills, Stroud
DAWES JamesTailorGeorge Street, Stroud
DENNIER John R.Thames & Severn Navigation OfficeBrimscombe Port, Stroud
DICKERSON ThomasCarpenter/JoinerEbley, Stroud
DICKINSON ArthurTavern / Public House KeeperGolden Cross, Cainscross, Stroud
DIMOCK JohnTimber MerchnatEbley, Stroud
DRIVER NathanWoollen Cloth ManufacturerHazel Mill, Stroud
DUCIERt Hon the LordSpring Park, Stroud
DYER ObadiahWine & Spirit MerchantStonehouse, Stroud
DYMOCK PeterBakerNelson Street, Stroud
DYMOCK ThomasBakerMiddle Street, Stroud
ELLISMrs.Lower Grange, Stroud
ESTCOURT SamuelTailorBelson Street, Stroud
EVILL Thomas B.ShopkeeperBowbridge, Stroud
FARLAN MalcolmGardner & SeedsmanLondon Road, Stroud
FARLAN MaryStraw Hat MakerLondon Road, Stroud
FARR JohnBoot & Shoe MakerNelson Street, Stroud
FARR ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Stroud
FAULKES ThomasGrocer/Tea DealerBowbridge, Stroud
FERRABEE Jn.Iron & Brass FounderThrupp Mill, Stroud
FERRABEE JohnMillwrightThrupp Mill, Stroud
FERRABEE JohnEngineeerThrupp Mill, Stroud
FIELD ElizabethStraw Hat MakerKing Street, Stroud
FISHER & CHAMPIONGrocer/Tea DealerHigh Street, Stroud
FISHER Jos.GentMount Pleasant, Stroud
FISHER JosephTailorLondon Road, Stroud
FISHER Paul Hawkins & SamuelAttorneysMiddle Street, Stroud
FISHER William & Chas.MaltsterChapel Street, Stroud
FLUCK GeorgeWoollen Cloth ManufacturerBadbrook Mill, Stroud
FOORD JohnCoach BuilderKing Street, Stroud
FRANKLIN WilliamBuilding surveyorLower Street, Stroud
FRICKER Mark AnthonyTavern / Public House KeeperWhite Hart, Leonard Stanley, Stroud
GARDNER ElizabethMilliner/ Dressmaker7 Nelson Street, Stroud
GARDNER RobertTavern / Public House KeeperRed Lion, King Stanley, Stroud
GARDNER ThomasGrocer/Tea Dealer & TallowCains-Cross, Stroud
GARLAND RichardLinen Draper8 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
GEORGE Jno.Boat BuilderBrimscombe Port, Stroud
GEORGE JohnGrocer/Tea DealerBrimscombe Port, Stroud
GEORGE KingCarpenter/JoinerCains-Cross, Stroud
GINGELL GeorgeInnkeeperGolden Hart, King Street, Stroud
GLASCOTT ThomasRevd.Rodborough, Stroud
GLENDINNING JohnShopkeeperKing Stanley, Stroud
GLOVER RichardSmallware manufacturerGunhouse, Bowbridge, Stroud
GOBBE Peter & GeorgeDealers in HardwareHigh Street, Stroud
GORDON AnnWoollen Cloth ManufacturerRundel's Mill, Stroud
GRAFTON JohnConfectionerKing Street & Cross, Stroud
GRAZEBROOK, HAWKINS& WATSON, BankersRowcroft Buildings, Stroud
GRIFFITHS ChristiniaMilliner/ DressmakerLower Stret, Stroud
GRIMES JohnCooperStonehouse, Stroud
GROMES Henry & SonCooperEbley, Stroud
GURNEY ThomasTavern / Public House KeeperThe Dolphin, High Street, Stroud
HALL HenryGentLower Street, Stroud
HALLIDAY CharlesGrocer/Tea DealerLower Street, Stroud
HALLIDAY HannahBakerLower Street, Stroud
HALLIDAY WilliamEsq.Frome Hall, Stroud
HAMBIDGE & HALLIDAYCabinet MakersHigh Street, Stroud
HAMBIDGE WilliamPost MasterHigh Street, Stroud
HAMMOND RobertCooperNelson Street, Stroud
HARDING DanielShopkeeperStonehouse, Stroud
HARMERMrs.Burleigh Lodge, Stroud
HARMER WilliamBoookseller/Stationer/BinderHigh Street, Stroud
HARRISON CharlesStone MasonRowcroft, Stroud
HARRISON Geo & DanielStone MasonKing Stanley, Stroud
HARVEY MaryInnkeeperThe Fleece, Rodborough, Stroud
HATHEWAY WilliamCarpenter/JoinerNelson Street, Stroud
HAWKER & FRYERAttorneysRowcroift, Stroud
HAWKER GeorgeStroudwater NavigationHigh Street, Stroud
HAWKER PeterRevd.Woodchester, Stroud
HAWKINS HenryAttorneys2 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
HAWKINS HenryRevd.2 Union Buildings, Stroud
HAWKINS J.S.Esq.Dudbridge, Stroud
HAWKINS LeonardGrocer/Tea DealerHigh Street, Stroud
HAWKINS WilliamMillerKings Street, Stroud
HAWKINS WilliamBakerKing Street, Stroud
HAYWARD GeorgeRevd.Frocester, Stroud
HELME Wm. & MashiterWoollen Cloth ManufacturerNew Mills, Ebley, Stroud
HERBERT EdmundGent3 Union Buildings, Stroud
HEWLETT DanielPainter/Plumber/GlazierKing Street, Stroud
HEWLETT DanielShopkeeperKing Street, Stroud
HEWLETT WilliamBlacksmithNelson Street, Stroud
HICKS BrothersWoollen Cloth ManufacturerEastington, Stroud
HICKS HenryEsq.The Leaze, Stroud
HILES ThomasWatch & Clock MakerHigh Street, Stroud
HILL GeorgeGrocer/Tea DealerNelson Street, Stroud
HILL RichardTavern / Public House KeeperThe Greyhound, Badbrook St, Stroud
HILL RichardBakerStonehouse, Stroud
HIND JohnSurgeonMiddle Street, Stroud
HOBBS WilliamBacon FactorKing Stanley, Stroud
HODGES CharlesPork ButcherLondon Road, Stroud
HODGES HenryRevd.Stonehouse, Stroud
HOGG EdwardEsq.Randwick, Stroud
HOGG SusanMrs.Ebley, Stroud
HOLBROW JohnWool BrokerBadbrook, Stroud
HOLBROW ThomasGentBadbrok, Stroud
HOLBROW Wm.CaptainLeonard Stanley, Stroud
HOLDER CharlesTavern / Public House KeeperMarlborough's Head, High St, Stroud
HOLDER JoshuaCooperHigh Street, Stroud
HOLDER Joshua C.TailorHigh Street, Stroud
HOLMES SamuelTavern / Public House KeeperWool Pack, Bowbridge, Stroud
HOLMES ThomasGrocer/Tea DealerPagan Hill, Stroud
HOOD JohnShopkeeperHigh Street, Stroud
HOOPER HumphreyWeaverLower Street, Stroud
HOPSON JohnButcherHigh Street & Cross, Stroud
HOPSON RichardTavern / Public House KeeperWool Pack, Stonehouse, Stroud
HOPSON SolomonTavern / Public House KeeperThe Rose, Pagan Hill, Stroud
HOPSON SolomonButter and Cheese factorMeeting Street, Stroud
HORTON JosephCooperChurch Street, Stroud
HOSKINS DanielIronmongerCains-Cross, Stroud
HOSKINS DanielBlacksmithCains-Cross, Stroud
HOWELL Henry JamesBrazier & Tin Plate WorkerHigh Street, Stroud
HUMPAGE Edward & JohnSurgeonsNelson Street, Stroud
HUMPHREYS GeorgeGuardian Fire Office AgentHigh Street, Stroud
HUMPHRYS GeorgeAuctioneerHigh Street, Stroud
HUMPHRYS GeorgeLand and House AgnetHigh Street, Stroud
HUNT EdwardStone MasonBath Place, Stroud
HUNTLEY SamuelSlay MakerNelson Street, Stroud
HYDE ReubenMiller (grinder)Rye Ford, Stroud
ISAACS WalterPawnbrokerHigh Street, Stroud
ISACKE JamesBrush, Clog & Patten makerNelson Street, Stroud
JACKSON GeorgeRetail BrewerBow Bridge, Stroud
JACOMB RobertWool BrokerGannicox, Stroud
JAKEWAY CharlesMillwrightLeonard Stanley, Stroud
JAMESMrs.Stratford Lodge, Stroud
JAMES ElyRope makerGeorge Street, Stroud
JEENS GeorgeTailorCains-Cross, Stroud
JOHNSON JohnClothes DealerHigh Street, Stroud
JONES James & WilliamPawnbrokerHigh Street, Stroud
JONES John TaylorChymist/ DruggistHigh Street, Stroud
JONES RichardTavern / Public House KeeperQuay Inn, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
JONES ThomasCarrierStroud
JONES Tim.Revd.Leonard Stanley, Stroud
JONES WilliamBakerCross, Stroud
KELSONMrs.Woodlands, Stroud
KING GeorgeClothes DealerHigh Street, Stroud
KING JosephMillerKing Stanley, Stroud
KING Joseph junButter and Cheese factorKing Stanley, Stroud
KING PeterMillerKing Stanley, Stroud
KING WilliamBakerHigh Street, Stroud
KIRK WilliamShopkeeperLondon Road, Stroud
KNEE WilliamHat manufacturerHigh Street, Stroud
KNIGHT GeorgeBrazier & Tin Plate WorkerChapel Street, Stroud
LAWRENCE AnnMilliner/ DressmakerHigh Street, Stroud
LAWRENCE WilliamOrganist & Teacher of MusicHigh Street, Stroud
LEACH JohnTavern / Public House KeeperKing's Head, King Stanley, Stroud
LEE WilliamGent.Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
LEECH WilliamTavern / Public House KeeperThe Anchor, Walbridge, Stroud
LEVEASAGE PeterEsq.Woodlands, Stroud
LEWIS ElizabethMilliner/ DressmakerCains-Cross, Stroud
LEWIS HenryWoollen Cloth ManufacturerEbley, Stroud
LEWIS John FrederickWoollen Cloth ManufacturerOil Mills, Stroud
LEWIS Joseph EycottWoollen Cloth ManufacturerEbley, Stroud
LEWIS WilliamWoollen Cloth ManufacturerBrimscombe Port Mills, Stroud
LIDDIATT ThomasTiler / PlastererWalbridge, Stroud
LONG EdwinPainter/Plumber/GlazierChurch Street, Stroud
M'ADAM ThomasTea Dealer & DraperUnion buildings, Stroud
MacLEAN, STEPHENS & CoWoollen Cloth ManufacturerStanley Mills, King Stanley, Stroud
MARLING & SonWoollen Cloth ManufacturerHam Mills, Stroud
MARLING John F.Woollen Cloth ManufacturerEbley Mills, Stroud
MARLING Nath. SamuelWoollen Cloth ManufacturerLodgemore Mills, Stroud
MARTIN RichardEsq.Downfield, Stroud
MASONMrs.Cains-Cross, Stroud
MASON PeterPerfumer/ HairdresserCross, Stroud
MAY AmbroseIronmongerHigh Street, Stroud
MEALING WilliamTavern / Public House KeeperWhite Horse, Cains-Cross, Stroud
MERREDITH JohnCabinet MakerSwan Lane, Stroud
MERRETT AnnStay MakerLondon Road, Stroud
MERRETT HezekiahTailorEbley, Stroud
MERRETT JohnTailorCains-Cross, Stroud
MILES HenryWoollen Cloth ManufacturerRye Ford Mill, Stroud
MILES JohnSurgeonLeonard Stanley, Stroud
MILES ThomasEngineeerStonehouse, Stroud
MILES ThomasMillwrightStonehouse, Stroud
MILLS AnnGrocer and Tea DealerHigh Street, Stroud
MILLS ThomasLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
MILLS WilliamMustard ManufacturerChurch Street, Stroud
MOFFATTMrs.Whitehall, Stroud
MORSE MorrishPainter/Plumber/GlazierNelson Street, Stroud
MORSE WilliamBakerEbley, Stroud
NEALE Henry & SonMaltsterThe Knap, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
NEWCOMBE JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierLittle Mill, Stroud
NEWMAN Chas. & HenryAttorneysHigh Street, Stroud
OAKEY ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerCains-Cross, Stroud
OFFLEY CharlesEsq.Upfield Lodge, Stroud
ORCHARD WilliamInnkeeperThe Frocester Inn, Frocester,Stroud
PAGE JohnMillwrightEbley, Stroud
PALING EdwardRevd.Eastington, Stroud
PANTING RichardBoot & Shoe MakerSwan Street, Stroud
PARIS William ThomasAttorneysNelson Street, Stroud
PARKER & FRANKLYNShipping CarriersBrimscombe Port, Stroud
PARRY WilliamHat manufacturerHigh Street, Stroud
PARSONS JohnBlacksmithBrimscombe Port, Stroud
PARTRIDGE JonahWest of England InsuranceHigh Street, Stroud
PARTRIDGE JosephAttorneysHigh Street, Stroud
PARTRIDGE Joseph & Co.Blue, Black & Medley DyersBowbridge, Stroud
PARTRIDGE NathanielScarlet & Fancy DyerBowbridge, Stroud
PAUL GeorgeCarpenter/JoinerMeeting Street, Stroud
PENNANT DavidEsq.Standish House, Stroud
PICKARD Fras.Tavern / Public House KeeperWeaver's Arms, Meeting St, Stroud
PITT JohnStone MasonBath Place, Stroud
PITT SamuelTailorCains-Cross, Stroud
PONTING WilliamButcherHigh Street, Stroud
POOLE JohnGent.Cains Cross, Stroud
PRICE JohnEngineeerChapel Street, Stroud
PRICE WilliamIron FounderEbley, Stroud
PRICE WilliamCurrier, Leather CutterEbley, Stroud
PUGH JohnCabinet MakerLondon Road, Stroud
PUGH Mary AnnMilliner/ DressmakerFrome Buildings, Stroud
PURCELL JohnCabinet MakerCross, Stroud
PURSELL HenryTavern / Public House KeeperThe Chequer, King Street, Stroud
RAISHER ThomasSaddler & Harness MakerStonehouse, Stroud
READ PaulGents' Boarding SchoolStroud Water Academy, Stroud
READER JohnTailor & SalesmanHigh Street, Stroud
RESTALL JamesTavern / Public House KeeperThe New George, Nelson St, Stroud
RIDLER ThomasTavern / Public House KeeperThe Nelson, Brimscombe Port, Stroud
ROBINSON ArthurGentRowcroft, Stroud
ROTTON MaryStraw Hat MakerHigh Street, Stroud
ROWE JosephShopkeeperChalford Road, Stroud
RUCKER D.H.Esq.Stroud End, Stroud
RUDDER CharlesMillerStanley Dounton, Stroud
SANDYS RichardEsq.Slad House, Stroud
SELLWOOD JamesBoot & Shoe MakerMiddle Street, Stroud
SHIPWAY JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierLondon Road, Stroud
SIMS John & SonsMaltsterStroudwater Brewery, Stroud
SIMS John & SonsBrewerStroudwater Brewery, Stroud
SKIPP ThomasEsq.Stonehouse, Stroud
SLADE JohnSaddler & Harness MakerLondon Road, Stroud
SMITH ---InnkeeperThe George, King Street, Stroud
SMITH CalebPerfumer/ HairdresserHigh Street, Stroud
SMITH ChristopherDyerEastington, Stroud
SMITH JeremiahRevd.King Stanley, Stroud
SMITH JohnCarpenter/JoinerEbley, Stroud
SMITH JoshuaWheelwrightLondon Road, Stroud
SMITH Rd. Peter & Gus.Woollen Cloth ManufacturerWalbridge, Stroud
SMITH Richd, Peter &Gustavus, - DyerWalbridge, Stroud
SMITH SamuelBoot & Shoe MakerLower Street, Stroud
SMITH Thomas W.Surgeon3 Rowcroft Buildings, Stroud
SNOWMajorRodborough, Stroud
SPARROW JamesTavern / Public House KeeperThe Globe, Stonehouse, Stroud
SPEARING GeorgeGrocer and Tea Dealer & DraperStonehouse, Stroud
STAGG HenryLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
STALEY Mary CharlotteChina, Glass DealerHigh Street, Stroud
STANTON & SonsWoollen Cloth ManufacturerStafford's Mill, Stroud
STEPHENS EstherLadies' Boarding & Day SchoolCains Cross, Stroud
STEPHENS JohnGent's Boarding SchoolRodborough, Stroud
STEPHENS SamuelLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
STONE EdwardCarpenter/JoinerMeeting Street, Stroud
STONE JohnBakerMeeting Street, Stroud
STRACHEY GeorgeEsq.Bownham House, Stroud
SUMERS WilliamBakerKing Stanley, Stroud
SUTTON CharlesLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
SWEETING Charles PageSurgeonKing Street, Stroud
TANNER & BAYLISCarrierRodborough, Stroud
TAYLOR GilesGrocer and Tea DealerCross, Stroud
TAYLOR ThomasBakerBowbridge, Stroud
THOMAS MarkTavern / Public House KeeperGreen Dragon, King St, Stroud
THORINGTON HenryTavern / Public House KeeperButcher's Arms, Market Pl, Stroud
THORNES FrancisSheriff's OfficerHigh Street, Stroud
THORNTON CharlesSurgeonStonehouse, Stroud
THORNTON JohnCarpenter/JoinerNelson Street, Stroud
THORNTON JohnTavern / Public House KeeperDuke of York, Nelson St, Stroud
THORNTON William H.SurgeonRowcroft Buildings, Stroud
TOWNSEND Jos.Flock ManufacturerCains- Cross, Stroud
TRENFIELD Jno.Surveyor of TaxesWellington Place
TRIGG WilliamSurgeon & CoronerCains-Cross, Stroud
TRIGG William JasperGentlemans' Boarding SchoolCains Cross, Stroud
VICK JohnWatch & Clock MakerGeorge Street, Stroud
VICK SamuelShopkeeperEbley, Stroud
VICK ThomasPainter/Plumber/GlazierEbley, Stroud
WAKEFIELD JamesInnkeeperThe Lamb, Church Street, Stroud
WALL Robert P.Berks Fire Office AgentProspect Place, Stroud
WALL ThomasWine & Spirit MerchantWalbridge, Stroud
WALL Thomas jun.Porter, Cider & Corn AgentWalbridge, Stroud
WARDER GeorgeInnkeeperThe Swan, Swan Street, Stroud
WARNEFORD Hannah F.Ladies' Boarding SchoolUnion Buildings, Stroud
WARNER HenryBrazier & Tin Plate WorkerMeeting Street, Stroud
WARNER JamesGrocer and Tea Dealer & draperEastington, Stroud
WATHEN GeorgeAttorneysLower Grange, Stroud
WATHEN PhilipEsq.Stroud
WATHEN SamuelSirWoodchester, Stroud
WATLYNColonelHill House, Stroud
WATTS JosephMaltsterStroud Brewery, Stroud
WATTS JosephBrewerStroud Brewery, Stroud
WATTS Richard & EdwardMiller (grinders)Walbridge, Stroud
WATTS Richard & SonsDyerWalbridge, Stroud
WEBB JohnButcherHigh Street, Stroud
WEBB SamuelBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Stroud
WEIGHT JamesBlacksmithBowbridge, Stroud
WEIGHT JohnBlacksmithTower Hill, Stroud
WEST JohnTiler / PlastererLower Street, Stroud
WHEELER SamuelLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
WHIPPY JohnTailorFrome Buildings, Stroud
WHIPPY JohnWine & Spirit MerchantFrome Buildings, Stroud
WHITE ElizabethTavern / Public House KeeperKing's Head, High Street, Stroud
WHITE HenryCabinet MakerTown's End, Stroud
WHITE HenryTavern / Public House KeeperThe Fleece, Nelson Street, Stroud
WHITE RichardLinen DraperHigh Street, Stroud
WHITE SarahBakerTown's End, Stroud
WILLIAMS JohnRevd. DDBadbrook, Stroud
WILLOUGHBY ThomasBuilderLower Street, Stroud
WILLOUGHBY ThomasCarpenter/JoinerLower Street, Stroud
WILSON DanielButcherNelson Street, Stroud
WILSON GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerGeorge Street, Stroud
WINDOW JamesBoot & Shoe MakerNelson Street, Stroud
WINN StephenPainter/Plumber/GlazierEbley, Stroud
WITHEY JamesChymist/ DruggistHigh Street, Stroud
WITHEY William HenryChymist/ DruggistHigh Street, Stroud
WOOD WilliamWoollen Cloth ManufacturerBond's Mill, Stonehouse, Stroud
WYATT EdwardBakerNelson Street, Stroud
WYATT Henry & Co.Woollen Cloth ManufacturerPitchcombe Mill, Stroud
WYATT RichardAttorneySwan Street, Stroud
WYATT RichardNorwich Union Fire Office AgentSwan Street, Stroud
WYNN SamuelCarpenter/JoinerChalford Road, Stroud
YATES WilliamRevd.Beeche's Green, Stroud
YOUNG SamuelStone MasonMiddle Street, Stroud

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 30th November 1993]