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Lay Subsidy Roll : E179/116/488 Gloucestershire - 13 April 1625

This Gloucestershire document is a certificate of assessment and individual assessment explicitly relating to the third collection in Berkeley division for the three subsidies granted to James I in 1624.

The original is in the custody of the Public Record Office, and further details of this, and similar documents may be found in the E179 Database. Please note that the original is in latin, so 'Ricus' = 'Richard', 'Johes' = 'John', &c.

Date of document: 13 April 1625
Date into Exchequer: 5 May 1625

The transcription has been made by Johan Winsser 2nd June 2004
The Crown waives its copyright in Crown copyright material in public records available to the public which were unpublished when they were transferred (ex. 26 March 1999)

Lay Subsidy Roll : E179/116/488
Place Index


Compton Greenfield
Frampton Cotterell
Gaunts Earthcott
Iron Acton
Kings Weston
Lawrence Weston
Littleton on Severn
Newington Bagpath
Oldbury on Severn
Stoke Bishop
Stoke Gifford
Thornbury Borough
Westbury on Trym



Berkeley Hundred     rot 1

Stinchcome     rot 1d
Maria Hacks
Thomas Tindall
Samuell Trotman
Johes Selman
Will' Tindall
Johes Nelme
Johes Parmett
Johes Trotman
Johes Nelme at Townestend
Johes Thayer
Will' Trotman
Johes Hollester Junior
Anna Macy vid


Lawrentius Bridger gen
Ricus Byford gen
Johes Taylor
Symon Ludby
Lucus Selwin
Ricus Trotman
Moysous Frape
Will' Taylor
Will's Smith
Johes Gilman
Edward's Frape
Edward's Isyeld
Johes Horwood
Thomas Davis
Margeria Williams
Johes Williams
Ricus Hardinge
Margeria Trotman
Thomas Gilman
Ricus Edwards
Will' Cowley
Robt's Heminge
Will' Frape
Thomas Hurne
Will's Capenhurst
Johes Tomlinson


Newton Bagpath et Oselworth
Gabrielle Lowe Mil'
George Fearnoley
Johes Harris
Robt's Byddle
Thomas Clarke
Johes Welstid
Henric' Putley
Robt's Turner
Johes Harris
Roger' Warner


Robt's Pope
Daniell Webb
Robt's Jones
Thomas Nicholas
Fayth Nicholas vid
Thomas Browne
Ambrosius Browninge
Johes Nicholas


Thomas Chester armiger
Robt's Hunt
Maria Champnes vid
Thomas Haines
Xpopher Crosman
Johes Champnes


Thomas Walter gen'
Nicholas Hancock
Johes Brimsden
Thomas Prewett
Alicea Reeve


Thomas Richards
Thomas Atkings
Thomas Cowles
Thomas Symons
Johes Wade
Thomas Wade
Nicholas Lacie


Kings Weston
Will's Bye
Johes Lennett
Samuell Childe
Johes Bye
Johana Harris
Edward' Byrd
Edward' Haines
Thomas Wale
Johes Smythe
Will's Eighton
Tobias Edmonds


Ricus Leake
Johes Smyth sen'
Ricus Garner
Johes Bradfork
Walter Longe
Ricus Eldridge
Johes Geffes
Johes Eray


Jacob' Segar
Bridgett Segar
Walter' Webb
Edward' Trewman
Henricus Doodinge
Johes Thurstone
Henricus Smyth
Thomas Champnes
Maria Fearinge
Will's Smyth


Will's Leighe gen'
Thomas Crewe
Robt' Lewes
Elizabetha Wallington vid
Robt' Webb
Thomas Everett
Xpophor' Griffin
Thomas Tibbets


Simonshall et Combe
Johes Bridges gen'
Johes Rugg
Francus Plomer
Johes Ford
Matheus Crowe
Thomas Hewett
Henric' Ford


Langley and Swinehead Hundred     rot 4


Hempton and Patchway
Thomas Cox
Agneta Hancoke
Edward' Sevill sessor
Johes Croseman sessor
Johes Demock sessor
Robtus Gane
Johes Salway
Edward' Bartlet


Johes Marshall sessor
Arthurie Lamsdowne sessor
Georgius Bartlet
Thomas Baylie
Rowland Prigge sessor


Mathew Bocke
Robertus Bradstone
Rogerus Tibbott sessor
Richard Atwood sessor
Johes Dagge sessor
Johanna Parmeter vidua
Willims Wicham sessor
Johes P[ar]meter sessor
Edward Colle sessor


Frampton C[o]tterell
Thomas ?einour Knight
Arthurus Keimis et Willim' Keimes fili'
Johes Poole sessor
Johes Foord sessor
Willims Bowyer sessor
Nicholas Sherman


Nicholas Poyntz gent in terris
Johes Vevisor ? gent
Wesboros Hill
Thomas Bird
Georgius Morse
Johes Smithe sessor
Willmus Tovie sessor
Johes Veele ?
Thomas Horte sessor
Maria Fielde vidua
Margareta Lowle et Johes Lowle in terris
Anthonius Fielde
Edwardus gracie
Robertus Francombe sessor
Georgius     rot 4d
Edward' [illegible]r
Robertus [illegible]oote
Edward holester of Comton
Johes Peaslie
Allicia Parnell vidua
Willims Dier
Johes Orchard sessor
Willims Greene
Edward' Hill
Willims Atkins
Robertus Smithe
Petrus Hix
Susanna P[ar]meter vidua
Thomas Martemor
Robertus Hobbes


Thomas Hill
Johes smith
Johes Seger sessor
Johes Tovie
Thomas Starcke
Edward Longe
Willius Wale
Agnes Hancocke
Johes Edmonds sen.
Johes Edmonds Junior
Jacobus Polline
Joetha Higingbot[ham]
Johes Houlbrooke sessor
Josephus Smith


Johes Dowle Esqr
Christophorus Allinge sessor
Robertus Cooke sessor
Edward Edmonds


Littleto: Sup Mare
Agneta Conyeard vidua
Willius Boyse sessor
Johes Steaphens sessor
Peterus Crome
Alisia Howell
Richard Orchard
Joyse Withers vidua
Richardus Russell
Anneta Champines


Thomas Veele
Willius Browne
Thomas Smith
Johes Clarke
Edward Parker alias wotwery ?
Thomas Demiry
Landeris Taylor
Edward Hucke


Thomas mallett
Willius Russell
Willius Howell sessor
Nicholus Webbe sessor


Thornbury Hundred     rot 5


Thornbury burrough
Johes Jones sen
Ricus Atwelle
Willms Rider
Jacobus Eddyes
Johes Parker
Willms Jones
Johes Baker
Johes Jones Sen shoomaker
Ricus Haines
Willms Edwards
Nichus Parnell
Johana Shipman vid
Ellina Alpas vid
Johes Jones Jun
Phillips Harris
Georgius Moore
Henricus Marshe
Johes Tayer


Willms Stafford Armiger
Georgius Raymon gen'
Edwardus Thayer
Johes Whitfield
Franciscus Tayer
Morris Hancoke
Willms Dier
Guye Silkoxe
Willms Higgines
Willms Gwatkings
Thomas Jones
Willms Fowler
Ricus Grovffe
Thomas Lawrence
Willms Phillipes
Willms Dole


Oldbury Sup[ra] Sabrina
Edwardus Thurston
Elizabetha Jones vid
Willms Lawrence
Lawrences Hayward
Johes Lawrence
Elizabetha Moore vid
Ricus Addams
Thomas Perce
Ricus Thurner
Christophorus Nash
Willm' Champines
Willm' Walker
Ricus Fidler
Ricus Dunster
Ricus Jones


Ricus Rogers
Thomas Wish gen'
Eustacius Winland gen'
Willm' Barton
Willm' Trotman
Johana Patch vid
Willm' Thurner
Johes Stones
Robtus Longe
Willm' Stones
Johes Hewes
Jeremis Hall


Willm' Skey
Johes Phillipes
Ricus Warner
Willm' Stocke


Edwardus Higgines
Jacobus Hobbes
Johes Grovffe
Johes Frend
Willm' Powlline
Jacobus Powlline
Willm' Smith
Johes Hobbes
Elizabetha Russell vid


Iron Acton
Robtus Poyntz Armiger
Thomas Bracie
Willms Brinkworth
Edwardus White
Johes Nayle
Willms Nayle
Anthonius Swift
Robtus Hobbes
Johes Lawrence


Gance Earthcott
Thomas Browne
Johes Seager
Johes Thurner


Charles Gostlett Armiger
Willms Webbe gen'
Georgius Provender gen'
Thomas Crispe
Robtus Barrett
Jeronimo Russell
Willms Moxame
Thomas Moody
Martus Harford
Robtus Brisco
Willms Tylly
Thomas Gunninge
Ricus Viner
Willms Winiard
Thomas Typper
Johes Harford
Willms Henslow
Georgius Woodard


Hundred of Henbury     rot 5d


Thomas Burnell gen'
Christopher Stokes gen'
Johes Goodman
Maria Baynham vid
Thomas Neale
Agines Baynham vid
Michas Neale
Dorothia Baynham vid
Johes Walker?
Margreta Neale vid
Johes Somers
Ricus Neale
Rogerus Collings
Robtus Baynham
Franciscus Browne
Margreta Blagdon vid
Thomas Hancoke
Ellina Neale vid
Alexand[eru]s Belshire
Hughus Redman
Adamus Baynham
Johes Trewman
Edwardus Baynham
Thomas Belshire
Robtus Neale


Thomas Smith
Johes Baker
Thomas Matts
Katherina Smith vid
Johana Matts vid
Robtus Phillipes
Thomas Buster
Agnis Swift vid
Agnis Harris vid
Johana Seavill vid
Elizabetha Baker vid


Robtus Hobbes
Petterus Tyller
Johes Hollway
Willmus Bruton
Johes Cullimor


Redwicke et Northwicke
Johes Dier
Moricus Ouldland
Johes Edwards
Ricus Smith
Edwardus Dier
Moricus Smith


Compton Greenfeild
Willms Hollister
Robtus Hollister
Willmus Hollister Jun
Edwardus Wad
Willmus Vimpenie
Willmus Cooke
Willmus Taynton
Willmus Canter
Johes Jaine


Stoake Bishope
Ricus Hill millis
Johana Cuffe vid
Johana Whightington vid
Johes Morgan
Christophorus Worly
Johes Griffeth gen'
Simondos Ashman
Thomas Gibbes


Stoake Gifford
Morricus Berkely mili'
Gracia Greeves vid
Robtus Daverell
Thomas Dorney
Johes Strurges
Hugh' Beames
Johes Taylor
Johes Hall
Rogers Warde
Robtus Lawford


Westbury upon trime
Franciscus Browne gen'
Johes Horte
Johes Large
Johna Wasbrow vid
Willms Dimocke
Willms Walter
Catherina Large vid
Margreta Hiett vid
Johes Adlam
Edwardus Rumny


Ricus Wasborow
Willms Parker
Elizabetha Peryman vid
Thomas Eyton


Georgius Petters gen'
Thomas Loveringe
Willms Mattocke
Ricus Alpus
Thomas Dowding
Edwardus Stockes
Edwardus Sanssome


Lawrence Weston
Willm' Edmonds
Thomas Hollway
Thomas Teast
Johes Dossel
Ricus Alies
Edwardus Dowding


Johes Dier
Johes Hort
Johes Wasborw
Johes Glove
Johes Howbra
Robtus Jones
Edwardus Dier



[Transcription of Lay Subsidy Roll : E179/116/488 submitted by Johan Winsser 2nd June 2004]