Tetbury, Tewkesbury & Thornbury, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"TETBURY lies 19 miles from Gloucester and eight from Stroud and five from Minchinhampton. The Revd John Frampton was the vicar in 1830 and his curate was Rev. John Duffus. An endowed school was founded by Sir William Romney. The Talbot was the principal Inn. The parish had 2,734 inhabitants in the 1821 census return."

"TEWKESBURY is 11 miles from Gloucester and eight from Cheltenham, and features in Domesday Book where it is named Teodechesberie. The MPs in 1830 were John Edmund DOWDESWELL and John MARTIN Esqs. According to Shakespeare, Tewkesbury was noted for its mustard "As thick as Tewkesbury Mustard". The cast iron bridge across the River Severn cost Stg.36,000 to build. The town in 1821 parliamentary returns for 1821 had 4,962 inhabitants."

"THORNBURY lies 22 miles from Gloucester and 11 from Bristol. Its castle started by the Duke of Buckingham in 1511 was never completed. In 1830 the Lord of the Manor was The Hon. Henry HOWARD. The Steward of the Courts was William ROLPH Esq. The almshouse were founded by Sir Jno. Stafford. The parish had 3,760 inhabitants in the 1821 Parliamentary returns."

The following names are those listed under Tetbury, Tewkesbury & Thornbury. In transcribing the data, it was found that some persons were listed more than once in the directory - being listed under more than one occupation. No attempt has been made to eliminate these duplications.
ABBOTT & TUSTINSMilliner / DressmakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
AINGE William jun.Basket makerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
AINGE? WilliamPatten MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
ALLIS JacobGent.Church Street, Tewkesbury
AMOS JosephCooper.Thornbury
ANDREWS HarrietMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
ANDREWS WilliamFlax Dresser & SackingBarton Street, Tewkesbury
APPLEGATE WilliamCarrierTetbury
ARCHER CharlesCabinet Maker / UpholsterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
ARCHER CharlesCarpenter / JoinerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
ARCHER GeorgeCabinet Maker / UpholsterBarton Street, Tewkesbury
ARKELL HenryCorn MerchantTetbury
ARKELL ThomasCorn Dealer & MillerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
ASHBEE IsaacStone MasonTetbury
ASHBEE LydiaTavern / Public HouseThe Ormond's Head, Tetbury
ASHEN PhilipClothes DealerGuest Lane, Tewkesbury
ASHEN PhilipTailorGuest Lane, Tewkesbury
ASHMORE John & WilliamCarrierTewkesbury
ASHTON JohnTailorChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BACON WilliamAttorneyTetbury
BAILEY JohnShopkeeperTetbury
BAKER BJohnButcherTetbury
BAKER HenryAccountantHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BALDWIN JohnFellmongerTetbury
BAMFORD RobertWoolstaplerTetbury
BANASTER CharlesSaddler / Harness MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BARBER JaneMissCrescent, Tewkesbury
BARBER SamuelGardner & SeedsmanChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BARBER SamuelBakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BARKER SamuelPerfumer/ HairdresserHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BARKER ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BARNES SamuelGent.Crescent, Tewkesbury
BARNETT ThomasCarrierThornbury
BARRETT ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
BASSETT MaryShopkeeperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BAUGH W. JobRevd.Ripple Rectory, Tewkesbury
BAXTER Jas. MartinAttorneyThornbury
BEACROFT JosephBakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BEDGGOOD JosiahBoot & Shoe MakerThornbury
BEESLEY GeorgeGardner & SeedsmanHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BENDALL WilliamTailorThornbury
BENNETT JamesBookseller / Printer etc.High Street, Tewkesbury
BENNETT JamesNorwich Union AgentHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BERRY JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Angel, Tetbury
BETTERIDGE AbrahamBuilder & Timber merchantTetbury
BEVAN JohnpostmasterThornbury
BEVAN John WithersCooperThornbury
BIEDERMAN JohnEsq.Upton House, Tetbury
BIRT JohnGrocerThornbury
BISHOP ElizabethButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BISHOP GeorgeButcherBarton Street, Tewkesbury
BISHOP JohnBricklayer / PlastererTetbury
BLETCHLY MissLadies' Boarding SchoolThornbury
BLISS WilliamRevd.Tetbury
BLIZARD HenryMaltsterGloucester Row, Tewkesbury
BLOXWICH StephenIronmonger & Nail makerHigh St, Tewkesbury
BOLTON RichardMaltsterBarton Street, Tewkesbury
BOND JesseBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
BOULTER ThomasButcherChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BOULTON HenryGlover & Breeches makerTetbury
BOWERMAN JosephCarrierTetbury
BOWERS ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
BOX JamesTailorTetbury
BRANT WilliamRevd.Kington House, Thornbury
BRAY JohnMillwrightHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BREWER JohnCarrierBarton Street, Tewkesbury
BRIMMELL JnoFlax Dresser & RopemakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BROOKES & HAYSAttorneys.High Street, Tewkesbury
BROOKES ThomasAttorneyHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BROOKES ThomasWest of England Ins.High Street, Tewkesbury
BROOKING WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BROWETT JosephCarrierChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BROWETT WilliamCoal DealerQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
BROWETT WilliamCoach & Horses InnQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
BROWN & SonCoal DealerWharf, Tewkesbury
BROWN EdwardGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
BROWN FrancisBuilder & ArchitectTetbury
BROWN Humphrey & SonCanal Fly boat ownerGeneral Wharf, Tewkesbury
BROWN Humphrey & SonWharfingerGeneral Wharf, Tewkesbury
BROWN JanePainter/Plumber/GlazierHigh St, Tewkesbury
BROWN JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierTetbury
BROWN WilliamBakerTetbury
BROWNING FrederickCarrierTetbury
BROWNING JohnBakerTetbury
BRUTON MaryStraw Hat MakerThornbury
BRYAN John & Co.Linen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BRYANT MichaelBlacksmithHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BRYDGES EdwardBrazier / TinmanHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BRYDGES EdwardIronmongerHigh St, Tewkesbury
BRYDGES HenryCurrier / Leather dealerGuest Lane, Tewkesbury
BRYDGES WilliamStocking ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
BUCKINGHAM AnnTavern / Public HouseThe Eight Bells, Tetbury
BUCKINGHAM WilliamCooperTetbury
BUCKLE JaneMissChaceley Lodge, Tewkesbury
BUCKMAN GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BULLOCK RichardCurrier / Leather dealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
BURCHALL EdwardSavings Bank actuaryTetbury
BURCHALL EdwardBakerTetbury
BURCHELL DanielCarpenterThornbury
BURGESS JohnHat ManufacturerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
BUTLER MaryMrs.Tetbury
BUTLER MauriceButcherTetbury
BUTT RichardStocking ManufacturerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CADDICK ThomasEsq.High Street, Tewkesbury
CAINES JesseBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
CARE WilliamBakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CARELESS MaryBakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
CARR EdwardEsq.Ripple Hall, Tewkesbury
CARWARDINE JohnSoap & Candle MakerThornbury
CAUSON EdwardBell Inn & Bowling GreenChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CAUSON EdwardMaltsterChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CAVE PhilipTavern / Public HouseThree Compasses, Tetbury
CHADBORN CharlesCarrierTewkesbury
CHANDLER Samuel Wm.Maltster & MealmanChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CHAPMAN FrancisFurniture BrokerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CHAPMAN FrancisChair MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CHAPPEL NathanielCarpenter / JoinerTetbury
CHARLTON Robert JohnRevd.Alveston, Thornbury
CHARLWOOD IsaacThe Quart Pot InnChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CLARK GeorgeMaltsterTetbury
CLARKE Eliz.Ladies' Boarding SchoolHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CODDRINGTON JohnEsq.Woodhouse, Thornbury
COLE DanielAcademy / SchoolTetbury
COLE ElizabethDruggistTetbury
COLEMAN AbelSurgeonTetbury
COLLETT SamuelBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
COLLINGS SamuelWatchmakerThornbury
COLLINS HenryButcherFish Alley, Tewkesbury
COLLINS JamesBricklayerFish Alley, Tewkesbury
COLLINS JohnButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
COLLINS MatthewButcherChurch Street, Tewkesbury
COLT JohnSir, Bart.Hill's Court, Thornbury
COMPTON RichardFurniture BrokerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
CONSTABLE MaryGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
CONSTABLE RichardCarrierTetbury
COOK JohnMaltsterTetbury
COOKE RichardBakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
COOPER CeciliaSchool/ AcademyLilley's Alley, Tewkesbury
COOPER JamesDyerLilly's Alley, Tewkesbury
COOPER ThomasBreeches makerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
COOTE RichardPainterTetbury
COULSTON RichardPainter/Plumber/GlazierChurch Street, Tewkesbury
COUNCELL JENNINGS & CoGrocer & Linen DraperThornbury & at Bristol
COX ElizabethMrs.Tetbury
COX JamesCabinet maker / UpholsterTetbury
COX PatienceMrs.Tetbury
COX The HonColonelForthampton, Tewkesbury
COX ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CRAIG JohnCurrier / Leather dealerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
CREES CharlesThe Farriers' Arms InnChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CREW JohnBricklayer / PlastererTetbury
CREW JohnTavern / Public HouseThe Bell, Tetbury
CREW PatienceMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
CREW StephenBricklayer / PlastererTetbury
CREWE CyrusWatch & Clock MakerTetbury
CROOME WilliamSurveyor & Land AgentHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CRUMP OliverClothes DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CRUMP Thomas & JohnLinen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
CULL GeorgePainter/Plumber/GlazierChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CULL JamesCabinet Maker / UpholsterChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CULL JamesCarpenter / JoinerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CULL ThomasCarpenter / JoinerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
CULLIMORE WilliamGent.Moreton, Thornbury
CURTIS HenryTavern / Public HouseThree Cocks, Charlton, Tetbury
D'ARVILLE Fredk LukeMaster Grammar SchoolThornbury
D'ARVILLE Fredk LukeRevd.Thornbury
DARKEMissesChurch Street, Tewkesbury
DARKE RichardRevd.Connerton, Tewkesbury
DAVIES JohnSurgeonTetbury
DAVIES WilliamRevd.Rockhampton, Thornbury
DAVIS GeorgeBacon / Ham CurerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
DAVIS JohnStocking ManufacturerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DAVIS JosephCarrierGuest Lane, Tewkesbury
DAVY Jno. KingMaster National SchoolTewkesbury
DAWES RichardCarrierTewkesbury
DAY MaryStraw Hat makerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DAY RichardCoal DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DAY SamuelButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DEANE JohnButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DETHERIDGE ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
DEWSBURY WilliamThe Star InnQuay, Tewkesbury
DICKS JohnBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
DILLYN WilliamEsq.Mythe, Tewkesbury
DIXON GeorgeGent.Barton Street, Tewkesbury
DIXON GeorgeTailorTetbury
DIXON HenryAcademy / SchoolTetbury
DIXON JosephTailorTetbury
DOBBINS BenjaminButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DOWARD JamesInn / Public HouseThe Ship, Alveston, Thornbury
DOWARD WilliamMaster Free SchoolThornbury
DOWDESWELL J.E.Esq. MPPull Court, Tewkesbury
DUDFIELD JamesGrocer / DruggistHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DUFFUS JohnRevdTetbury
DUFOUR JohnButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DUMBLE JohnBakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
DYER NathanielEsq.Bredon, Tewkesbury
DYKE WilliamGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
DYKE WilliamFire &c. Office AgentManchester Ins Co,. Tetbury
EAGLES GeorgeButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
EATON WilliamTailorChurch Street, Tewkesbury
EDGCUMBE HandyCabinet Maker / UpholsterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
EDGCUMBE SarahChina Glass &c DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
EDGELL E.G.Clerical, Medical & GenBank, Tewkesbury
EDGELL E.G.Sun InsuranceBank, Tewkesbury
EDWARDS AnnMrs.Tetbury
EDWARDS EdwardInnkeeperThe White Hart, Tetbury
EDWARDS JohnInnkeeperCross Keys, High St,Tewkesbury
ELEY Eliz.Milliner & Straw Hat MkrThornbury
ELEY JamesFire Office AgentThornbury
ELEY JamesSavings Bank ActuaryThornbury
ELLIOTT ElizabethShopkeeperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
ELLIOTT ThomasStone MasonTetbury
EMBLEY WilliamSaddlerThornbury
ESTCOURTMissesPriory House, Tetbury
ESTCOURT Edmund E.W.Revd.Newnton, Tetbury
ESTCOURT Thomas G.B.Esq.Estcourt House, Tetbury
EVANS JohnGardner & SeedsmanAbbey Cottage, Tewkesbury
EVANS JohnLinen & Woollen DraperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
EVANS John & SonBoarding SchoolCharlton, Tetbury
EVANS ThomasBakerThornbury
EVANS WilliamWheelwrightTetbury
EVANS WilliamWhitesmithDouble Alley, Tewkesbury
FEWSTERMrs & MissThornbury
FEWSTER Thomas & Geo.SurgeonsThornbury
FINCH SarahShopkeeperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
FINCHER JohnBakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
FIRKINS JosephGrocer / Tea DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
FIRKINS JosephTallow ChandlerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
FISHER DanielStone MasonTetbury
FISHER ThomasStone MasonTetbury
FLETCHER -----Revd.Thornbury
FLETCHER ArthurFrame SmithHigh Street, Tewkesbury
FLETCHER WilliamIronmonger & Gun SmithHigh St, Tewkesbury
FLETCHER WilliamWhitesmith & GunsmithBarton Street, Tewkesbury
FORD JohnInn / Public HouseThe Swan, Thornbury
FORD WilliamSaddlerThornbury
FOSTER WilliamBuilderTetbury
FOSTER WilliamCarpenter / JoinerTetbury
FOWLES CharlesCabinet maker / UpholsterTetbury
FOWLES JamesGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
FOWLES SusannahStraw Hat makerTetbury
FOXTON GeorgeRevd.Twyning, Tewkesbury
FRAMPTON JohnRevd.Tetbury
FRAPE GeorgeStone MasonTetbury
FRAPE GeorgeTavern / Public HouseThe Boot, Tetbury
FREEMAN & Co.Lace ManufacturerOldbury, Tewkesbury
FROST AnnMilliner / DressmakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
FRYER MaryMissHigh Street, Tewkesbury
FRYZER EuniceShopkeeperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
FRYZER JoyceThe Feathers InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
FRYZER SamuelAttorneyBarton Street, Tewkesbury
FUST LangleyMissHill's Court, Thornbury
GABB & SHURMERCarrierTewkesbury
GADDES JohnDuke of York InnBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GAINER FrancisInn / Public HouseThe Crown, Thornbury
GARDENER GeorgeStone / Marble MasonChurch Street, Tewkesbury
GARDENER GeorgeTavern / Public HouseChequers, Church St,Tewkesbury
GARDINER SamuelBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
GASTRELL JohnCooperThornbury
GIBBS WilliamBaker & Biscuit makerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
GILSON JosephClothes DealerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GINGELL DanielPhysicianMoreton, Thornbury
GLEEDE IsaacCarrierTetbury
GLOVER JosephThe Severn Trow InnQuay, Tewkesbury
GLOVER JosephShopkeeperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
GLOVER William AlfredHat ManufacturerTetbury
GLOVER Wm. AlfredFire &c. Office AgentCrown & Protector, Tetbury
GOLDING SamuelBricklayer & PainterOldbury, Tewkesbury
GOODALL RichardBakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
GOODERE MosesRoad SurveyorBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GOODFELLOW WilliamCoach BuilderBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GOODWYN John GaleFire &c. Office AgentSalamander Ins Co. Tetbury
GOODWYN John GaleBookseller & PrinterTetbury
GORDON GeorgeEsq.Woodhouse Dowm, Thornbury
GORLE JosephEsq.Mitton Lodge, Tewkesbury
GOUGH JohnRevd.Tetbury
GRANT JeremiahFancy stationerTetbury
GRANT ThomasShopkeeperTetbury
GREEN MariaShopkeeperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GREEN WilliamTailor & DraperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GREENWOOD Wm. & HannahMaltstersThornbury
GRIFFITHS ElizabethShopkeeperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
GROVE WilliamChina Glass &c DealerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
GROVE Wm. & JohnGrocers Drapers etc.Thornbury
GROVES & HUMPIDGELinen & Woollen DraperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
GWYNN ThomasCheese FactorThornbury
HAINES & Co.CarrierTewkesbury
HALE HenryShopkeeperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
HALL WilliamMarket Boat - CarrierQuay, Tewkesbury
HAMBRIDGE AnnDay SchoolTetbury
HAMPLETT HenryStocking ManufacturerSt Mary's Lane, Tewkesbury
HANFORD CharlesEsq.Wooller's Hill, Tewkesbury
HANFORD JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HANFORD RobertFrame SmithBarton Street, Tewkesbury
HARDING MaryMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
HARDWICK ThomasChina & Glass dealerTetbury
HARRIS GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
HARRIS JamesBoot & Shoe MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARRIS JohnThe George InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HARRIS ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARRIS WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
HART JamesShopkeeperTetbury
HART WilliamChair MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
HARTLAND John AllisBankerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARTLAND John AllisTannerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARTLAND John AllisMaltsterChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARTLAND NathanielBankerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARTLAND Nathaniel junBankerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HARVEY WilliamChymist & DruggistThornbury
HAWKLEY W.Duke of Wellington InnQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
HAWKLEY WilliamCoal DealerQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
HAWKSHAW EdwardColonelThornbury
HAWTIN RobertFire Office AgentThornbury
HAWTIN RobertGentlemens' Day SchoolThornbury
HAYTER MaryMrs.Church Street, Tewkesbury
HAYWARD GeorgeCutlerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HEAD EdwardMarket Boat - CarrierQuay, Tewkesbury
HEALING Sl.Maltster & MealmanChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HEARD RichardMillwrightOldbury, Tewkesbury
HEATH JeremiahButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HEAVEN SamuelBoot & Shoe MakerThornbury
HEMING JosephSaddler / Harness MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
HEPWORTH RobertRevd.Church Street, Tewkesbury
HICKLING SamuelShopkeeperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
HIGGINSON JosephSurgeon / ApothecaryHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HIGNALL JohnMaltsterMoreton, Thornbury
HIGNALL ThomasGardner & SeedsmanBrown's Folly, Tewkesbury
HIGNELL JosephCoal DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HILL ElizabethBaby Linen warehouseTetbury
HILL JamesTailorTetbury
HILL WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
HILLIER IsaacHam & Bacon CurerTetbury
HODGESMrs. & MissThornbury
HOLDER CaddellRevd.Thornbury
HOLDER CharlesTailorChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HOLDER HenryStocking ManufacturerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HOLDER JosiahShopkeeperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HOLDER WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HOLDER WilliamStone / Marble MasonHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HOLLAND BenjaminSurgeon / ApothecaryChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HOLLAND RobertInnkeeper (& Posting Hse)The Swan, High St, Tewkesbury
HOME ElizabethMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
HOME ThomasLinen & Woollen DraperTetbury
HORNIBLOW JamesLinen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
HUGHES AliceCurrier / Leather dealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HUNTLEY JohnBoot & Shoe MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
HYATT JohnThe Lord Nelson InnBarton Street, Tewkesbury
ILES DanielRope and Twine MakerThornbury
ILES JosephButcherThornbury
ILES RichardCarrierTetbury
INSALL HenryStocking ManufacturerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
INSALL JohnThe Sun InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
INSALL JohnStocking ManufacturerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
INSALL RichardClothes DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
JAMES WilliamBacon / Ham CurerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
JEFFERIES EvanStationerThornbury & at Bristol
JEFFERIES LouisaLadies' Day SchoolThornbury
JEW SamuelPainter/Plumber/GlazierHigh Street, Tewkesbury
JEYNES JohnWharfingerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
JEYNES JohnCarrierTewkesbury
JOHNS HannahBrewerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
JONES CharlesBakerThornbury
JONES CharlesInn / Public HouseThe White Hart, Thornbury
JONES SamuelPelican Life Ass.High Street, Tewkesbury
JORDAN EdmundCoal & Salt DealerQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
KAYES ThomasButcherChurch Street, Tewkesbury
KEYNTON WilliamCloth FactorTetbury & Malmsbury
KEYNTON WilliamTailorTetbury
KEYSALL JohnRevd.Bredon, Tewkesbury
KNAPP ElizaBlacksmith & IronmongerThornbury
KNAPP J.S.L.Esq.Alveston, Thornbury
KNAPP WilliamBlacksmith & IronmongerThornbury
KNIGHT GeorgeCabinet Maker / UpholsterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
KNIGHT JohnBoot & Shoe MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
KNIGHT ThomasStocking ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
KNIGHT ThomasMaltsterBarton Street, Tewkesbury
KNIGHT WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
KNIGHT WilliamStocking ManufacturerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
LAMB StephenShopkeeperTetbury
LAMB StephenBricklayer / PlastererTetbury
LAMBERT GeorgeCarrierTetbury
LANE Jno.Iromnger & Plumber &c.Thornbury
LAVER GeorgeBakerThornbury
LECHMERE, WALL & ISAACBankersHigh Street, Tewkesbury
LETALL JohnAttorney & Town ClerkTetbury
LETALL Paul & SonAttorneyTetbury
LEWIS EdwardWheelwrightBarton Street, Tewkesbury
LEWIS JamesBakerTetbury
LEWIS James BlountStocking ManufacturerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
LEWIS JohnBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
LEWIS JohnGentThornbury
LEWIS MaryMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
LEWIS WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Royal Oak, Tetbury
LILLEY MaryChina Glass &c DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
LLOYD EbenezerWorsted ManufacturerTetbury
LLOYD EbenezerHat ManufacturerTetbury
LLOYD EdmundAttorneyThornbury
LLOYD WilliamConfectionerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
LLOYD WilliamMaltsterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
LOCK WilliamCarrierTetbury
LOCKEY ElizabethMissTetbury
LONG SamuelShopkeeperTetbury
LONGMORE JosephEsq.Mythe, Tewkesbury
LUCAS HannahGrocerThornbury
LUDGROVE ElizabethLinen & Woollen DraperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
LUDLOW JohnTallow ChandlerTetbury
LUDLOW ThomasPainter/Plumber/GlazierTetbury
MALVERN CharlesPatten & Brush MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MALVERN ThomasCarpenter / JoinerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MANN FrancisStone MasonTetbury
MANN RichardShopkeeperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MARKS WilliamInnkeeperHop Pole, Church St,Tewkesbury
MARSH AaronBrazier & Tin Plate wkr.Thornbury
MARTIN HughGrocer / DruggistChurch Street, Tewkesbury
MARTIN JamesFire Office AgentThornbury
MARTIN JohnEsq.Overbury, Tewkesbury
MARTIN John WilliamEsq.Shoboro', Tewkesbury
MARTIN MaryMrs.High Street, Tewkesbury
MASKELYNE & WOODAttorneyTetbury
MASKELYNE WilliamFire &c. Office AgentPhoenix Ins Co, Tetbury
MASON MaryMrs.High Street, Tewkesbury
MASTERColonelKnowle Park, Thornbury
MAXWELL GeorgeRevd.Twyning, Tewkesbury
MAYALL ChristopherPerfumer/ HairdresserHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MAYALL SarahMilliner / DressmakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
MERRETT ThomasThe Fleece InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MILLARD JosephTavern / Public HouseThree Jolly Butchers, Tetbury
MILLS JamesRoyal Exchange Ins.High Street, Tewkesbury
MILLS JamesBookseller / Printer etc.High Street, Tewkesbury
MILSOME JamesBakerTetbury
MITCHELL John OxnardRevd.Tetbury
MOORE & WEAVERProtector Fire Ins.Church Street, Tewkesbury
MOORE & WEAVERAuctioneer & Land AgentChurch Street, Tewkesbury
MOORE BenjaminBrazier / TinmanBarton Street, Tewkesbury
MOORE John & WilliamWine & Spirit MerchantsHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MOORE WilliamInnkeeperThe Anchor, High St,Tewkesbury
MOORE WilliamSpirit DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MORGAN JohnTailorThornbury
MOTLEY GeorgeGrocerThornbury
MOWAT ThomasConfectionerThornbury
MOXHAM JamesGents' Boarding SchoolThornbury
MUMFORD WilliamLinen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
MUTLOW EdwinSurgeon / ApothecaryChurch Street, Tewkesbury
MYNES SarahMrs.Church Street, Tewkesbury
NASHTON JamesTailorChurch Street, Tewkesbury
NEATE JamesAuctioneerThornbury
NELMES ThomasGrocerThornbury
NELMES ThomasPork ButcherThornbury
NICHOLLS GeorgeButcherThornbury
NOSTAW WilliamTea DealerThornbury
NOXON CarewBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
NUTT JohnPainter/Plumber/GlazierBrown's Folly, Tewkesbury
OLAVE RobertGrocerThornbury
OLDLAND MaryAcademy / SchoolBarton Street, Tewkesbury
OLDLAND ThomasHat ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
ONION ElizabethShopkeeperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
ORME ThomasWine & Spirit MerchantsOldfield Cottage, Tewkesbury
ORUM JosephSaddler / Harness makerTetbury
ORUM MosesSaddler / Harness makerTetbury
ORUM WilliamRope & Twine makerTetbury
OSBORNE PeterGrocer / Tea DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
OSBORNE ThomasGent.Folly, Tewkesbury
OSBORNE ThomasLinen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
OVERBURY AnthonyWoolstaplerTetbury
PACKER JohnStocking ManufacturerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
PACKER ThomasEsq.Shoothonger, Tewkesbury
PALSER DanielBrazier & Tinplate workerThornbury
PARKER George WilliamPlumber &c.Thornbury
PARKER JohnSieve & Basket makerTetbury
PARRISH Sarah & ElinorBoarding SchoolTetbury
PARROTT EstherAcademy / SchoolHigh Street, Tewkesbury
PARRY AnnMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
PARRY WilliamBakerTetbury
PARSLOW JosephEsq.Thornbury
PARSLOW, ROLPH & YATESBankersThornbury
PAUL Walter M.MajorHighgrove House, Tetbury
PEACEY EdmundInnkeeperThe Three Cups, Tetbury
PEACH Samuel P.Esq.Tockington House, Thornbury
PEACHEY JohnCarpenter / JoinerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
PEARCE Ed. MatthewGentThornbury
PEARCE ThomasBookseller / Printer etc.High Street, Tewkesbury
PEARSE SamuelBrewerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
PEARSE WilliamPerfumer / hairdresserTetbury
PEGLER EdwardPainter/Plumber/GlazierTetbury
PENNELL GeorgeTailor & DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
PERKES JohnThe Red Lion InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
PERKINS WilliamStocking ManufacturerSt Mary's Labne, Tewkesbury
PETLEY James & SonLinen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
PHELPS John D.Esq.Chavenage House, Tetbury
PHELPS William LawEsq.Puckerup, Tewkesbury
PHILLIPS ThomasSec. Savings BankBarton Street, Tewkesbury
PHILPOT WilliamBasket MakerThornbury
PIKE AaronEsq.Mitton, Tewkesbury
PITCHER DanielSaddlerThornbury
PITT JohnWatch & Clock MakerTetbury
PITT JosephCooperTetbury
PITTWAY EdwardButcherHigh Street, Tewkesbury
PLATT MaryMrs.Mythe, Tewkesbury
PLAYER NicholasCooperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
PLUMTREE RobertRevd.Forthampton, Tewkesbury
PORTER CharlesEsq.Mythe, Tewkesbury
POTTER DennisAcademy / SchoolHanbury Tearrce, Tewkesbury
POTTER IsaacTailorBarton Street, Tewkesbury
POTTER JosephCarpenter / JoinerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
POTTER JosephCabinet Maker / UpholsterBarton Street, Tewkesbury
POTTER WilliamShopkeeperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
POTTER William senrStocking ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
POWELL GeorgeTailor & DraperThornbury
POWELL WilliamStone MasonThornbury
PREW ThomasWatch / Clock MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
PREWETT JamesCarrierThornbury
PRICE Horace B.Veterinary SurgeonTetbury
PRIDE ThomasGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
PRIOR GeorgeLace ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
PRITCHARD JohnShopkeeperChurch Street, Tewkesbury
PRITCHARD JohnStocking ManufacturerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
PRITCHARD John WilliamStocking ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
PROCTOR MichaelEsq,Twyining, Tewkesbury
PROSSER WilliamRevd.Barton Street, Tewkesbury
PUMPHREY JohnMarket Boat - CarrierQuay, Tewkesbury
RAINE JohnGentForthampton, Tewkesbury
RALPH JohnBakerTetbury
RANDALL ThomasTailorChurch Street, Tewkesbury
RANDALL WilliamTailorBarton Street, Tewkesbury
READ JosephGardner & SeedsmanChurch Street, Tewkesbury
RICE GeorgeButcherThornbury
RICE SarahClothes DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
RICH StilesWorsted ManufacturerTetbury
RICHARDSON Eliz.Shoe & Toy DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
RICKETTS SamuelCounty Fire AgnetChurch Street, Tewkesbury
RICKETTS SamuelGrocer / DruggistChurch Street, Tewkesbury
RICKETTS WilliamSpirit DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
RICKFORD RichardGrocer / Tea DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
RICKS ElizaStraw Hat makerTetbury
RICKS RichardBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
RIDDEFORD AbrahamGrocer & Linen DraperThornbury
ROBERTS BenjaminCarpenter / JoinerTetbury
ROBERTS IsaacGovernor of WorkhouseTetbury
ROBERTS JosephBakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
ROBERTS WilliamMarket Boat - CarrierQuay, Tewkesbury
RODGERSON WilliamGrocer / Tea DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
ROGERS JamesLinen DraperThornbury
ROLPH GeorgeAttorney & Fire Off AgentThornbury
ROLPH WilliamAttorneyThornbury
RUDGE EdmundTannerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
SALMON EdwardSurgeonThornbury
SANDILANDS Thomas JelfAttorneyHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SAUNDERS SamuelEsq.Upton Grove, Tetbury
SAVAGE CharlotteMrs.Tetbury
SCARLETT RichardAttorney & Fire Off AgentThornbury
SCHOLERS HenryCarpenter / JoinerTetbury
SCHOLERS JohnCarpenter / JoinerTetbury
SCOTT JohnAcademy / SchoolChurch Street, Tewkesbury
SCOTT JohnPostmasterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SCOTT JosephIronmongerHigh St, Tewkesbury
SEAL CharlesEsq.New Hall, Tewkesbury
SEALY AlexanderCabinet maker / UpholsterTetbury
SEALY AlexanderBlacksmithTetbury
SEALY JohnIronmongerTetbury
SEALY JohnBlacksmithTetbury
SEALY John junTailorTetbury
SEALY WilliamBlacksmithTetbury
SEDDS JohnEsq.Twyning, Tewkesbury
SENIOR Lewis GoodinAttorneyHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SERMAN JosiahThe King's Head InnBarton Street, Tewkesbury
SILVESTER BenjaminThe White Lion InnBarton Street, Tewkesbury
SMITH JobTallow ChandlerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SMITH Job.Grocer / Tea DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SMITH JosephLinen & Woollen DraperTetbury
SMITH JosephBakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SMITH JosephVeterinary SurgeonChurch Street, Tewkesbury
SMITH JosephMaltsterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SMITH SamuelCutlerNew Bank Alley, Tewkesbury
SMITH ThomasCarpenterThornbury
SMITH ThomasTailor & DraperThornbury
SMITH ThomasGrocerThornbury
SMITH WilliamCabinet maker / UpholsterTetbury
SMITH WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerSt Mary's Lane, Tewkesbury
SMITH WilliamThe Woolpack InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SPENCER IsabellaLadies Boarding SchoolTetbury
SPERRIN MaryGrocerThornbury
SPRAGG SarahMilliner / DressmakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SPROULE AnthonyAttorneyHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SPURRIER Jno.Watch,Clock MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
SPURRIER WilliamStay MakerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
STAGG WilliamLinen & Woollen DraperTetbury
STEPHENS ThomasAcademy / SchoolBarton Street, Tewkesbury
STOKES WilliamBlacksmithHigh Street, Tewkesbury
STONE JohnEsq.Tetbury
STRAWFORD WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
STREET ThomasButcherTetbury
STUMP JamesButcherTetbury
SUMMERS AnnClothes DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SUMMERS CharlesPork ButcherBarton Street, Tewkesbury
SURMAN JohnPerfumer/ HairdresserHigh Street, Tewkesbury
SUTTON WilliamButcherTetbury
SWEET SarahThe Masons' Arms InnChurch Street, Tewkesbury
SWEETING Daniel NibletPainter/Plumber/GlazierTetbury
TALBOYS MaryThe Hop Pole InnChurch Street, Tewkesbury
TALMASH ThomasTailorOldbury, Tewkesbury
TANNER & BAYLISCarrierTewkesbury
TANNER ThomasMillerShipton Mill, Tetbury
TANNER WilliamTavern / Public HouseThe Greyhound, Tetbury
TASWELL EdwardEsq.Woodhouse Down, Thornbury
TAYLER WilliamCurrierTetbury
TAYLOR RobertTavern / Public HouseThe Fox, Tetbury
TAYLOR ThomasEsq.Mythe, Tewkesbury
TAYLOR WilliamCooperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
THOMAS HenryLinen & Woollen DraperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
THOMAS Jn.Master Lancasterian Sch.Tewkesbury
THOMAS JohnAuctioneer & PawnbrokerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
THOMAS WilliamTallow ChandlerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
THOMAS WilliamGrocer / Tea DealerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
TIMBRELLThe Very Revd. ArchdeaconBeckford, Tewkesbury
TIMBRELL ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TIMMS JohnGrocer / Tea DealerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TONGE William NorrisEsqAlveston, Thornbury
TOPS JamesBricklayer / PlastererTetbury
TOWNSEND JohnShopkeeperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TOWNSEND ThomasPerfumer/ HairdresserHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TRAYBURN ThomasCarpenterThornbury
TRAYBURN ThomasCarpenterThornbury
TREE JamesCoal & Salt DealerQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
TREE JamesShopkeeperQuay Lane, Tewkesbury
TREE RichardRoad SurveyorHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TROTMAN DanielRevd.Mount Pleasant, Tewkesbury
TROTMAN ThomasPerfumer / hairdresserTetbury
TUDOR MargaretThe Wheatsheaf InnHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TUGWELL AnnaPostmistressTetbury
TUGWELL HannahLinen & Woollen DraperTetbury
TUGWELL WilliamTailorTetbury
TUNNICLIFF William KeySurgeon / ApothecaryChurch Street, Tewkesbury
TURLINGTON MaryShopkeeperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
TURNER SamuelTavern / Public HouseBlack Bear, High St,Tewkesbury
TUSTIN WilliamCarrierTewkesbury
TYRRELL George & Thos.Coal & Salt dealersTetbury
VALE ElizabethButcherBarton Street, Tewkesbury
VANSTONE FrancisFire &c. Office AgentCounty , Tetbury
VAUGHAN EstherTailor & DraperThornbury
VERNON, BANASTER,YOUNGDistillers & ImportersHigh Street, Tewkesbury
VICK SamuelCooperTetbury
VIRGO SarahLadies' Day SchoolThornbury
VIZER HenryBlacksmithTetbury
VOSPER JohnStocking ManufacturerSt Mary's Lane, Tewkesbury
WALKER JosephButcherThornbury
WALKER ThomasCooperHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WALKER ThomasButcherThornbury
WALKER WilliamCooperSt Mary's Lane, Tewkesbury
WALKER WilliamGrocer / Tea DealerTetbury
WALL JamesTailorHigh Street, William
WALL JohnBakerTetbury
WALTERS ThomasRevd.Bredon, Tewkesbury
WARDER RichardBoot & Shoe MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WARMAN Robt MaskelyneWoolstaplerTetbury
WARN JohnMaltsterTetbury
WATSON GeorgeBleacherLilly Croft, Tewkesbury
WATTS BenjaminInnkeeperThe Talbot, Tetbury
WEAR CharlotteMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
WEAR GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
WEAR JohnBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
WEBBER SarahMrs.Tetbury
WEEKMAN WilliamEsq.Beckford, Tewkesbury
WHEELER KinmillThe Plough InnBarton Street, Tewkesbury
WHILLOCK CyprianWhitesmithChurch Street, Tewkesbury
WHILLOCK ThomasBlacksmithBarton Street, Tewkesbury
WHITE CharlesRevd.Vicarage House, Tewkesbury
WHITE Frederick Benj.SurgeonTetbury
WHITE MaryMrs.Tetbury
WHITE ThomasEsq.Newnton House, Tetbury
WHITE Thomas PhillipsAttorneyBarton Street, Tewkesbury
WHITEHEAD WilliamStocking ManufacturerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
WHITHORN Henry KarCorn Dealer & MillerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WHITHORN Henry KarMaltsterHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WHITHORN Thomas K.Phoenix Fire AgentHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WHITMORE ThomasEsq.Thornbury
WICKES CharlesGent.Tetbury
WICKES JosephTannerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
WICKES MargaretPerfumer / hairdresserTetbury
WIGLEY ObadiahShopkeeperBarton Street, Tewkesbury
WILKES Chas ReynoldsBrazier / TinmanHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WILKES MaryGrocerThornbury
WILKINS JacobBricklayer / PlastererTetbury
WILKINSON ElizabethMistress National SchoolTewkesbury
WILLIAMS EdwardPork ButcherThornbury
WILLIAMS ElizabethMrs.Tetbury
WILLIAMS GeorgeInn / Public HouseThe New Inn, Thornbury
WILLIAMS JosephBlacksmithThornbury
WILLIAMS WilliamChymist & DruggistThornbury
WILLSFORD HenryRevd.Oldbury House, Tewkesbury
WINSTONE ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerThornbury
WINTERBOTHAM & WEEDONAttorneyChurch Street, Tewkesbury
WITCHELL BettyIronmongerTetbury
WITCHELL ThomasMaltsterTetbury
WITCHELL WilliamCarpenter / JoinerTetbury
WITHER JohnBoot & Shoe MakerThornbury
WITHERINGTON RichardBricklayerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
WITHERINGTON ThomasBricklayerChurch Street, Tewkesbury
WITHERS WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerTetbury
WOOD JamesSurgeon / ApothecaryCrescent, Tewkesbury
WOOD JohnCheese FactorTetbury
WOOD JohnSaddler / Harness MakerHigh Street, Tewkesbury
WOOD SarahMrs.Tetbury
WOOD, PITT & Co.BankersTetbury
WOODWARD JohnThe Tracy Arms InnBarton Street, Tewkesbury
WOODWARD Richd. K.Tavern / Public HouseThe Prince & Princess, Tetbury
WOOLRICH SarahMilliner / DressmakerTetbury
WOOLRICH SarahHaberdasherTetbury
YARNALL RichardChair MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
YARNALL RichardFurniture BrokerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
YARNALL WilliamChair Maker & TurnerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
YARNALL William junChair MakerBarton Street, Tewkesbury
YORKE Jos.Esq.Forthampton Court, Tewkesbury


[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 8th November 1993]