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Abstracts from

WILLS 1541 - 1567

for Rockhampton, Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn.

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Documents can be seen on L.D.S. Film series #0091371 and #0091377 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.


BARROW, Thomas - Oldbury

son Wlm; Agn, Isab & Jn Thorn; bro in law Thos Thorn exec

THOMAS, Margery - Oldbury

Margery Baker; Jone Fowler; son in law Jn Hall; dtr Jone Hall; son Jn Wod exec


MARTIN, Richard - Thornbury

Edw Holbrook; Jn & Jone Dyer; Margt & Edith Paiche; cousin Thos Martin; exec Jn Holbrook

SMITH, James - Oldbury

child: Jn, Thos, Edw, Jone & Agn; wife exec


DOWNEY, John - Thornbury

child Henry, Jn & Jone; wife Jone exec; overs: Jn Nyrde & Walt Mildmay

HARRIS, Robert - parson of Rockhampton

bros son Wlm H; sis Alice; exec Wlm Phelyps; overs: Jn Scrynge

LEST, William - Thornbury

Alice & Jone Williams; Rich Gothe; son Jn exec; overs: Jn Jonis & Wlm Byggood

WAYTE, William - Thornbury

child: Jn, Henry, Thos, Edw, Jone & one unborn; wife Margt exec; overs: Jn Jonis


BARTON, John - Thornbury

wife Eliz; Eliz Rowborowe; Wlm Merick; Alice & Thos Raynolds; Alice Gayner; Jone Monye; Alice Lydyat; Rich Smyth; Jn Gene jr; Thos Davys; son Jn exec; overs: Jn Sonagyr, Henry Lydyat & Wlm Tyler

DUNSTER, John - Oldbury

Alice Philips; Margery Thorn; Rich Tyff; Jone Bower; Rich & Jn Dunster; Wlm Erle; Henry Henyn; sons Phil & Thos; wife Alice exec; overs: Thos Dunster & Wlm Erle

EDWARDS, John - Thornbury

child Rich, Jn, Thos & Annes; bro Thos Whitfield; wife Margt exec; overs: Thos Whytfelde, Jn Jonys & Jn Marsh

FOWLE, Richard - Thornbury

kinsman Jn Nele; bro Jn Jenkens; Thos Meryck; Thos Martyn; wife Isab exec; overs: Wlm Meryck & Rich Kede

KING, William - Thornbury

dtrs Cicely, Agn & Jone; wife Agn exec; overs: Thos Marten & Rich Hyx

SMITH, William - Oldbury

Steven S & his wife; Thomas Parson of Dudnorth

THURSTON, William - Thornbury

exec wife Margt; overs: father


CULLIMORE, John - Thornbury

bro Walter; Hugh C; sis Agn; Alice Walter; execs: 8 child; overs: Thos Stynchen & Jn Agnes

FOWLE, Isabel - Thornbury, widow

Thos Pache; Eliz Webb; Cecily & Agn King; execs: Thos Martyn & Wlm Merecke

JOHNSON, John - Thornbury

child Agn, Joan, Thos, Cicely, & Jn; Wlm Baker; child of Wlm Breton; exec wife Jone; overs: Wlm Brenton

MIDDLETON, Joan - Thornbury, widow

mother; Anthony & Joan Knight; Agn & Rich Smyth; Eliz Kne; Margt Tyler; Thos Webbe; Thos Ockborne jr; execs: sons Jn & Wlm; overs: Jn Sonager & Thos Ockborne

MIDDLETON, Robert - Thornbury

sons Jn & Wlm; Wlm & Joan Knight; Agn Smyth; Margery Cooke; wife Joan exec

MORE, William - Thornbury

Jn More jr; Rich More & his bro Wlm; wife Joan exec; overs: Jn More

PICHER, Thomas - Thornbury (given as Pychen in index)

child Rob & Jane; Alice Hyet; wife Alice exec; overs: Jn Jonys sr & jr

YEARLE, Thomas - Thornbury

Agn & Jn Vydler; Wlm son of Henry Yearle; 2 dtrs of Wlm Yearle; Agn West; Eliz Edwards; execs: son Wlm Y & other child; overs: Jn Ady & Rich Russell


ALLEN, Edith - Thornbury

Joan Atthombe; dtr married to Jn Ryche; exec Jn Ryche

SKEY, Thomas - Falfield, Thornbury

wife Margt; son Wlm; overs: Phil Sisam, gent & Henry Eliott, clothier


AGROVE, John - Thornbury

child Rich, Edith, Alice & Thos; Henry Downey; wife Kath exec; overs: Jn Brewton & Hugh Colymore

CLEMENT, Thomas - Oldbury, husb

bro Jn C; child Wlm, Jn, Joan & Eliz; wife Joan exec

DUNSTER, Joan - Oldbury

late husb Rob Thurston; child of Jn Hall; son in laws dtr Alice Dunster; Rich Herbert; execs: dtr in law Kath Dunster & Kath Jordeyn

HACKER, Richard - Oldbury, labourer

bro Henry H; sis Margt; Thos Adins; Jn Clement; wife Eliz exec

JONES, John - Thornbury

dtrs Kath & Margt; wife Joan exec; overs: sons Wlm & Jn

RUSSELL, Richard - Thornbury

Jn Payne; Jn & Isab Russell; sons Thos & Rich; wife Ellen exec; overs: Jn Ady & Jn Yere

WHITFIELD, William - Thornbury

sons Jn & Rich; wife Agn exec; overs: Jn Whitfield, Rob Worlock & Jn Ade


FOWLER, Richard - Thornbury

child Wlm, Jn, Thos & Joan; wife Joan exec; overs: Rob Worlock


ADY, John - Thornbury

dtrs Agn & Isab; wife Agn exec; overs: Rob Worlock

BROWNE, Elizabeth - Thornbury

son Peter; dtr Agn Fowler; Margt Chester; execs: son Wlm & dtr Ellen; overs: Jn Sanagar, clerk, Henry Lydyat & Wlm Fowler

JONES, Thomas - Oldbury

svts Rob & Margt; Thos Lyncke; Agn & Thos Wesborow; David Barow; bro Wlm; bro Jns child; Jn Payne; wife Kath exec; overs: Wlm Jamis & Rich Howell

PYLE, Thomas - Oldbury, clerk

kinsman Jn Walker; Thos Milward; Rich Mose of Hill; Wlm White & his 2 child; Jms Hawkins; Wlm & Jn Barrow; Jn Payne; Jn Tyler; Jn Fowler; Margt White; exec Joan Lasis; overs Jn Sanagyr priest

RODBOROWE, Elizabeth - Thornbury

dtr in law Joan Kedy; exec Wlm Yerek; overs: Jn Sanagar, priest

WETHER, Joan - Oldbury, widow

son Rich; dtr Joan wife of Rich Phelps & their sons Jn & Thos; son Jn & his child Jn & Agn; son Rob & his son Jn; son in law Jn Jamys & his child Rob, Thos & Joan; Joan Fowler; Agn Were; Eliz Whatley; execs: son Rob & dtr Edith


LYNKE, Thomas - Oldbury

sons Thos, Rich & 2 named Jn; grandson Jn; wife Joan exec


ADY, Agnes - Thornbury, widow

Rich Paiche & his child; Isab Barton; dtr Agn Brom; son in law Jn Barton; son Henry exec; overs: Wlm Ady

BAKER, Robert - Oldbury

child Edw, Jn, Rich, Wlm, Henry, Thos, Joan & Julian; wife Maud exec

BAROWE, John - Oldbury

sons Jn & Peter; Edw Cokesye; wife Margt exec; overs: Wlm Adams & Rob Baker

BOSSHER, Thomas - Thornbury

son Wlm; dtr Joan; goddtr Joan Thomas; house to wife of Rich Thomas; wife Joan exec; overs: Wlm Adams

MYLMAYE, Thomas - Thornbury

child Wlm, Jn, Agn & Joan; son in law Jn Barton; wife Phelys exec; overs: Jn Jonys, Thos Wylcoke & Jn Howell

PITCHER, Alice - Thornbury, widow

Thos Cocks; Alice Taylor; wife of Thos Selcoks; svt Eliz; Goldings wife; dtr in law Joan Picher; dtr Joan Hecks; dtr Jane Gylmyn; Alice dtr of Chris Hecks; son Rob P exec; overs: Nich Pecher, Chris Hecks & Jn Gylmyn

THORNER, John - Oldbury

dtrs Julian & Margt; dtrs son Jn Clement; Joan Brok; Thos & Margt Hobbys; Matthew Hobb; Wlm Thorner; wife Agn exec; overs: Rich Thorn & Thos Wilcox


BOSSHER, Thomas - Thornbury

Jn Williams; Thos Jonis; execs: dtrs Eliz Tylladam, Margt Jonis & son Jn B

MYLMAYE, Phelis - Thornbury, widow

Jn & Wlm Mylmaye; Jn Barton; execs: son Jn M & dtrs Agn & Joan M; overs: Thos Wylcoke & Jn Howell

PACHE, Agnes - Thornbury, widow

Agn & Eliz Yene; son Jn Pache; svt Alice Whyt; Margt Chestrow; Agn & Joan dtrs of Jn Pache; Agn & Edith dtrs of Thos Pache; Margery Pache; Edw Smyth; Joan dtr of Rich Pache; son Rob Pache exec; overs: Rich Pache

SNOTTER, Thomas - Oldbury

dtrs Julian, Margt, Joan & Eliz; execs: wife Isab & son Jn

WOOD, Joan - Oldbury

bro Jn Champney; bro Wlm Champney & his sons Jn & Wlm; Rich Champney; Eliz & Margt Wag; Joan & Margt Herbart; Alice Hall; Eliz Baker; Joan Smithe; exec Rich Herbartt; overs: Jasper Jonis & Thos Whitfyld


JAMIS, William - Oldbury

Jn Orchard & his child Jn & Joan; Wlm, Agn, Margery Orchard; Alice & Joan dtrs of Rob Heynis; Kath & Isab Heynis; Jn Elborowe; wife Alice exec; overs: Jn Orchard & Rob Elborowe

JENKYNS, William - Oldbury

sons Rich & Thos; dtrs Julian, Agn, Joan & Eliz; Andrew & Jn Tylar; wife Agn exec

THORNER, Richard - Oldbury

sons Jn, Wlm & Thos; Margt Evans; Walter Thorner; wife Ellen exec; overs: Jn Baker & Ralph Jamis

WILKOCKS, Thomas - Oldbury

son Jn; dtrs Agn & Alice; wife Isab exec


ADCOKE, William - Oldbury

dtrs Alice, Joan & Eliz; wife Joan exec

DAVYS, John - Oldbury

dtrs Kath & Joan; sons Thos & (Andrew?); wife Margt

HERYNG, Thomas - Oldbury

child Jn, Thos, Alice, Agn, Joan & Eliz; wife Joan exec

HEYNIS, Robert - Oldbury

child Wlm, Alice & Joan; Thos Howeldar; Rob Olbalk; Jn Orchard; wife Joan exec

MARSE, John - Thornbury, husb

son Jn; dtr Anne; wife Ellen exec

ROODE, John - Oldbury

wife Joan exec

SEGER, Morris - Oldbury

bur at Olveston; dtr Margt; godson at Yrcott; father Jn Seger; wife Joan exec

THORNER, Philip - Oldbury, husb

child Jn, Kath, Thos, Henry, Isab; execs: sons Wlm & Thos; overs: Jn West & Morris Hall


ADDAMS, John - Oldbury

dtr Eliz; Margt Welshe; Rich & Eliz Ellarne; Margt Howell; Rob Elborow; execs: son Rich & dtr Kath

HOWLDAR, Thomas - Oldbury

Rob, David, Margt, Alice & Gillian Atkyns; Jn Howldar; wife exec; overs Jn -- & Philip Dunstar


BROWTON, John - Thornbury

sons & dtrs; wife Susan exec; overs: Rob Worlocke & Hugh Culimore

MYLTON, William - Oldbury

wife Joan; Jn Borrow; Wlm Knappe; Joan Lundy; Thos Pytts; Margt Welshe; exec bro Jn & sis Agn; overs: Jn Flyd & Wlm Symes

PONTER, Robert - Thornbury

child Thos, Joan, Margt & Ellen; wife Alice exec

SNOTTER, Elizabeth - Oldbury

dtrs Julian, Joan & Eliz; son Jn exec

TYLLYN, William - Oldbury

Thos Tyllyn of Almsbury; Eliz Ady & her father; Jn Marshe; exec Thos Ady

WORLOCKE, Thomas - Moreton, Thornbury

child Rich, Joan & Kath; wifes bros son Thos; wife Susan exec; overs: bro Rob W & Jn Gylman


ELBOROUGH, Robert - Oldbury, husb

son Jn; dtr Margt; bro Wlm E; kinsman Jn Elborough; marriage part of Alice Haynes; wife Eliz exec; overs: Jn Hall, Jn Orcharde, Jn Elborough & Morris Hall

ERLE, William - Kington, Thornbury, husb

son Wlm; dtrs Joan & Ellen; Thos, Wlm & Margt Wasborow; Jn King; Jn Gaynar; bro Jn & his 2 sons; Rich & Joan Tyladam; Thos Erle; wife Kath exec; overs: bro Jn E, Jn Colymore & Thos Wyther

HOWELL, Robert - Oldbury, husb

Thos & Wlm Fowler; Joan & Kath Howell; son Jn exec; overs: bro Jn H & Jn Wyther

LYDYATT, Thomas - Thornbury

bro Henry L & his sons Thos & Henry; Thos & Margt childr of Peter Harris; Alice, Jms & Peter Harrys; Henry Lycharrys; exec wife Joan; overs: Henry Lydyatt, Wlm Merycke & Peter Harrys

RUSSELL, Richard - Thornbury

son Wlm; Rich Baker; dtrs Joan & Alice; wife Margt exec; overs: Jn Marshe & Jn Holbroke

STANBURNE, Edward - Oldbury

Jn, Henry & Joan Baker; execs: son Rich & wife Elnr; overs: Thos Whytfyld & Jn Flyd

WETHER, Robert - Thornbury

dtrs Edith & Ellen; bros Jn & Rich W; wife Joan exec; overs: Jn Marshe, Jn Wether & Rich Wether

WYTHER, Thomas - Kington, Thornbury, husb

sons Thos, Nich, Chris & Wlm; wife Joan exec; overs: Jn Colymore, Wlm Godfrey & Thos Merycke


AMORGAN, John - Thornbury

son Anthony; Kath Brodston; wife Margt exec

JONES, Richard - Thornbury

sons Jn & Wlm; dtr Agn exec; overs Jn Colyng, vicar & bro Thos J

SKEY, William - Thornbury

son Thos; execs wife Philippa & dtr Brigett; overs Jn Elyett

SYMKINS, John - Thornbury, husb

2 sons named Jn; son Wlm; dtr Eliz; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Marshe & Jn Wyther

TYLLADAM, James - Thornbury

son Rich; Jn Chester; dtr Joan exec; overs Thos & Rich Tylladam of Hill

WALKER, John - Thornbury

sons Wlm, Thos & Jn; Henry, Edmund & Valentine Walker; Isab Nashe; dtr Agn Wether; Joan Agrove; Jn son of Henry Walker; Joan Smythe; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Floyd & Jn Walker

WHYTFILD, John - Kyneton, Thornbury

dtrs Ellen, Eliz & Joan; sons Jn & Humphrey; wife Isab exec; overs Walter Fulke & Rob Worlocke

WORLOCK, Robert - Thornbury

farm of Holpe; sons Wlm & Rich; exec wife Isab; overs Rob Paine, Jn Coling, vicar & Rich Byrton


IDOLS, John - Oldbury, husbn (probably Oldbury on the Hill)

church of Dudinton; wife Agn; childr Chris, Margery & Joan; exec son Jn

PYCHER, John - Oldbury

childr Thos & Alice; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Flud & Jn Thomas


ADAMS, Thomas - Cowhill, Thornbury

bur Oldbury; son Rich exec; overs Jn Flyde & Morris Smyth

DANIEL, John - Oldbury

childr Thos, Agn, Margt & Joan; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Flyd

ELBUROUGHE, Elizabeth - Oldbury, widow of Robert E

Eliz & Joan Heynes; Margery Orchard; Jn (Crveyan?); Eliz Herringe; goddtr Eliz Thyrner; Eliz Bainington; Ann Sherley; Eliz (Gertre?); mother; Thos Lyncke; Jn Orchard; execs son Jn & dtr Margt; overs Jn Thynner & Jn Herringe

GAYNER, John - Thornbury

son Jn; wife Maryane exec; overs Wlm Merecke & Wlm Bruton


COLLYMORE, William - Thornbury

dtr Frances; wife Joan exec

DOWNEY, William - Thornbury

wife Edy; Jn Parker; Jn & Margt Perse; Henry Downey; execs dtrs Susan & Alice; overs Wlm Merycke, Wlm Taylor & Wlm Parker

HANCOCKE, John - Thornbury

bros Jn & Thos; Jane Perse; wife Agn exec; overs Wlm Taylor & bro Wlm H

HERINGE, William - Thornbury

Eliz (Soredew?); Wlm Acoxhull; Ellen Beale; Wlm Orchard; Alice Smithe; bros childr Thos & Joan H; land in Auste; Eliz Thorner; Wlm & Jn Barrow; Wlm Warner of Calicot; godson Jn Hering of Aust; estate of Jn Copton of Bristow; wife Margt exec

JENKENS, Alice - Thornbury, widow

execs childr Thos, Lewis, Margt & Ellen White; overs Jn Barton & Thos Lusty

MORGAN, Anthony - Thornbury

Rob Pycher; Wlm Merycke; wife Kath exec; overs father in law Nicholas Baker

TORNER, Robert - Oldbury

dtr Margt; unborn child; svt Wlm Thomas; wife Maud exec; overs Philip Howell of Hill & Jn Weyte of Sibland, Thornbury

WAYTE, John - Thornbury

childr Jn, Thos, Geo & Margt; dtr in law Joan Baker; wife Margery exec; overs Jn Mydelton & Philip Howell

WHYTFELDE, John - Thornbury

Thos Reve; Edy West & her childr; Thos Dyer; Jn Wylcoks; Eliz Whitfeld; Jms Corbatt; Thos Chepe; Wlm Whytfelde of Brystow; Isab Worlocke; execs aunt Eliz Whytfeld, cousin Jn Barton & Humphrey Whytfeld; witn Thos Wysshe

WHYTFELDE, Richard - Thornbury

Isab Worlocke & her 2 child; Henry Granger; Geo Lege; Thos Cheppe; Morris Perse; Margery White; Susan More; Ellen Reve; Jn Stevens; Agn Baker; bro Jn W exec; overs Thos Martyn, Jn Barton, Thos Perse & Humphrey Whytfeld


BAKER, Joan - Thornbury

sons Rich & Wlm; dtrs child Cath Vydlar; sons wife Ellen & their childr Joan, Ralph & Thos; exec son Thos

CROME, Agnes - Thornbury

Agn Colymore; Jn Fowler; Alice Thurner; Ellen Pycher; Wlm Hobbys; Agn Felde; Margt Mallat; Isab S..; Wlm Naule; Jn Helpe; Agn Bro..; Jn Granger; exec Wlm Fowler

CROME, Thomas - Thornbury

wife Agn exec; overs Rich Pache & Wlm Fowler


COOKE, John - Thornbury

childr Henry, Thos, Jn & Eliz; wife Eliz exec

JONES, Philip - Oldbury

Henry Pruet; Joan Aly; wife Joan exec; overs Jasper Jones & Jn Wether

MORGAN, John - Thornbury

bro Michael & his dtr Jane; sis Joan Mericke; bro Thos; Alice Jaye; svt Agn; Wlm Merycke; exec dtr Alice; overs Wlm Ryppe & Thos Jones

RUSSELL, Ellen - Thornbury, widow

Thos Colymore & his dtr Margery; Jn son of Rich More; Thos Weste; execs sons Thos & Rich; overs Jn Marton & Wlm Godfraye

THOMAS, John - Thornbury

childr Ellen, Edward & Thos; execs wife Alice & son Jn; overs Rich More, Thos Jamys & Jn Vydler


BARNES, Agnes - Oldbury

Joan Tyler; Amy & Thos Jones; childr of Wlm Weste; Thos Weste; Joan Barnes; bro Thos B; exec bro Rich B

BROKE, Thomas - Oldbury

godson Thos Broke; son Thos; son Wlm & his childr; son in law Michael Watkyns; Thos son of Wlm Broke; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Dante & Nicholas Baker

HOLDER, Alice - Oldbury

Rich Spynner; Rich Bagland; Joan Clyfe; Thos Custre; Alice Heaven; Humphrey More, his wife Julian & their sons Rich & Thos; Alice Goode; Rich son of Rob Atkyns; execs Rob Atkyns & Rich Goode; overs Thos Fowler & Rich Dunster

WESTE, John - Oldbury

Alice & Joan Narynton; Joan Bayle; son Jn exec; overs Phil Weste & Jn Heryng


COLLYNS, Thomas - Thornbury

sons Jn & Edward; house to Wlm Merycke; wife Margt exec

SPENCER, Humphrey - Thornbury

2 sons named Jn; dtr Cecily; younger son Jn & his dtr Welthian; relatives in Hawkesbury; Agn & Thos Spencer; wife Joan exec

TYLLADAM, Richard - Thornbury

son Thos & his son Thos; wife Eliz exec


JONES, Thomas - Thornbury

son Jn exec

LYNKE, John - Oldbury

dtrs Joan, Margery, Agn & Christian; wife Ellen exec; overs Thos Coker & Henry Heven

MYLLINE, William - Morton, Thornbury

dtr Margt; son Thos; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Stons & Jn Barton

WALKER, Margaret - Oldbury

son Rich; Joan Smyth; dtr Joan Grove; Wlm & Jn sons of Rich Walker; Agn Lom; Wlm & Joan Wylkey; 2 dtrs & their childr; sons Wlm & Thos execs; overs Jn Erle & Rob Lume

WATKYN, Michael - Oldbury

dtrs Joan & Edy; wife Alice exec; overs Thos Russel & Guy Pyren


BYRCOM, Thomas - Nupton, Rockhampton

Jn Orcharde of Aleston & his wife; wife Anne; execs childr Thos, Mary & Joan; overs Jn Warde of Aleston, Edward Bayle & Jn Wyther of Nupton

CATCHMEAD, John - Oldbury

childr Thos, Henry, Rob, Alice, Eliz & 3 others; wife Margt exec

HOLBROOKE, Edward - Thornbury

son in law Jn Patche & his dtr Joan; wifes dtrs Joan & Ann Gyllin; Jn Tyrye; execs wife Susan & childr Eliz, Thos & Kath; overs Jn Hylpe, Jn Jones & bro Jn H

MOORE, Robert - Thornbury, baker

sons Jn & Geo; dtr Ellen; Jms Corbet, taylor; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Rippe & Jn Holbrook of Morton

OLIVERE alias OLDFORD, William - Morton, Thornbury

wife Joan Olivere exec; overs Jn Fowler of Wolford Mill & Jn Patche of Wilford

PHILLIPPS, William - Thornbury

Margery Davis; Phil Pycke; Thos Arter; wifes sist married to Thos Dallyes; Jms Mayo; Jn Smithe; Jn Baker; Nicholas Were; Nicholas Dowswell; svt Margt Pycke; childr Jn & Eliz; wife Welthian exec; overs Jn Elyates, Jn Stamborne & Jn Marten

WESTE, Alice - Oldbury

Eliz Weste; son Thos; Wlm & Henry Ady; son Jn Ady exec; overs Thos Pears & Thos Adams