Abstracts from

WILLS 1568 - 1576

for Rockhampton, Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn.

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KINGESCOTT, Nicholas - Oldbury (probably Oldbury on the Hill)

church of Dodinton; sons Jn, Thos, Nicholas & Jn jr; dtrs Margery, Joan & Agn; execs wife Joan & son Wlm

STONES, William - Morton, Thornbury

Rich Pearse; Thos Weste; Henry Holbrooke; Arthur Stones of Hill; son Rob; dtrs Joan, Edith & Margt; wife Alice exec; overs Humphrey Whitefilde & Jn Holbrooke


BROWNE, Peter - Thornbury

bro in law Rob Pache; neighb Rich White; Jn Browne; Thos Transsell; childr of Rich Patche; childr of Wlm Edwards; Kath Adye; Jn Corbet; Ralph son of Jms Corbet; Margt White; bro Wlm B; wife Agn exec; overs Thos White & Rich Patch

DUNSTER, Thomas - Oldbury on Severn, husb

Jn Balan; Wlm Taylor; Thos & Edward Weste; Eliz & Alice Heven; Thos Nasse; Alice & Thos Dunster; Wlm Howel; Nicholas Dosel; son Jn exec; overs Jn Hall & Thos Russell

FOWLER, Thomas - Oldbury on Severn, husb

dtrs Alice & Joan; bro in law Jn Haren; Rob Atkynes; bro Wlm Vuller; Rich Warynton; unborn child; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Howel of Littleton & Edward Thurston

GAYNER, William - Myttfeld, Thornbury

childr Jn, Rob, Alice, Martha, Joan & Eliz; wife Susan exec

PITCHER, John - Morton, Thornbury

childr Rich, Jn, Mary & Susan; wife Joan exec


ADYE, William - Kineton, Thornbury

Wlm Robarts; Margt Hobbes; Jn Browne; Joan Adye; Wlm White; 5 childr of Rich Patche; bro Henry A; dtr Kath; sis Agn Browne; wife Agn exec; overs Henry Adye, Geo Holyne & Jn Commynges

DUSWELL, William - Fawild, Thornbury

son Nicholas; son in law Jn Dimrye of Rockhampton; son in law or son Jn Mortimer; son in law Wlm Bower of Rockhampton; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Eliatts & Wlm Dennsye

HEARING, John - Oldbury on Severn

Thos Knepp; Jn & Wlm Baland; Thos Waryngton; Jn Taner; Thos Fydler; Wlm Alpas; Thos, Jn & Alice Thorner; Jn Pruet; bro Thos; Thos Ady; wifes dtr Joan Johns; dtrs Ellen & Agn; childr of bros & sists; mother; exec wife Joan; overs Wlm Fydler of Cromhall, Jn Thurston of Morton & Thos Heryng

LYNKE, Thomas - Oldbury on Severn

childr Margery, Thos, Henry, Joan & Jn; wife Elnr exec; overs Phil Jones & Wlm Lynke

PIERSE, Thomas - Sheperdine, Rockhampton, husb

wife Kath; execs: childr Joan, Ralph, Wlm & Jn; overs Rich Wither, Jasper Jones & Jn Pierse


ADAMES, Rice - Sheperdine, Rockhampton

childr Rich, Kath, Agn & Alice; wife Alice exec

ATWELL, William - Oldbury on Severn

childr Wlm, Jn & Alice; land at Badgeworth; wife Agn exec; overs bro Jn A & Thos Cocke

DANIELL, Robert - Thornbury, husb

childr Jn, Eliz & Joan; dtr in laws son Jn Howlder; wife Alice exec

DIMBERY, John - Rockhampton, carpenter

son Thos; house at Cromhall; Rob Skegge; sis Drannan; wife Eliz exec; overs Daniel Lane, clerk, Wlm Longdon, husb

HARDINGE, Richard - Oldbury

childr Rob, Thos, Jn, Alice & Ellen; wife Margery exec

HARYS, Peter - Thornbury

2 sons named Thos; childr Agn, Peter & Jms; wife Alice exec; overs Thos Hype senr, Peter Merycke & son Henry H

HOLDER, Thomas - Thornbury, weaver

poor of Cromhall & Favild; son Jn & his childr; house at Cromhall called Bibston; son in law & 2 dtrs in law; son Wlm & his childr; execs sons Jn & Wlm; overs Rich Burton & Jn Mayowe

JONES, Jasper - Oldbury on Severn

son Thos; dtr Ann; svt Ellen Smythe; exec son Rich; overs Edward Thurston & Rob Attkynes

PREINE, Thomas - Oldbury (Oldbury on the Hill)

Thos son of Wlm Toghyll; wifes relative Elnr Barret; Rob Osburne of Aldrynton; Rob Hardynge; Edward Felton; Leonard Freeman; svt Mary Byele; wife Eliz exec; overs Humphrey Chambers of Tressam & Jn Lyght of Eston

TAYLER, William - (Kinton?), Thornbury

childr Isab, Jn, Edward, Rich & Wlm; dtr Cutberde; wife Susan exec; overs Sander Hunte & Rich Agrove

WARDE, William - Newton, Rockhampton, husb

svt Eliz Patch; Margt Heane; Anne & Jn Walker; bro Thos W of Filton; bros Nicholas, Rich & Wlm W; execs: wife Alice & son in law Rich Reede; overs Thos Bradley & bro Jn W

WITHER, John - Oldbury on Severn

sons Jn & Rich; Joan & Jn Jobbins; Rich Felpps; Jn Bradley; Rich Warinton; Jn Tanner; wife Joan exec; overs Edward Thurston & Rich Wode

WITHER, John - Nuptone, Rockhampton, husb

son Rob; bro Jn W & his son Henry; bro Thos & his son Edward; wife & childr of Thos Longden; svts Jn Webbe, Nicholas White, Joan Clement & Joan Davis; dtr Margt exec; overs Rob Atkins of Oldbury, Rob James of Wooleston, Jn Wither of Shepdine & Edward Bailye


BAKER, John - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

dtrs Alice, Eliz, Agn & Christian; bro Thos B; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Lynke & Henry Heaven

HYLL, Margaret - Oldbury on Severn

Edy & Agn Thorner; Alice Pycher; Rich Waryngtons wife; Thos Waryngtons wife & dtrs; Eliz Budggood; Joan Pruett; Rob Johns of Cowhill; Chris & Joan Dannt; bro Thos; sisters dtr Cicely Grove; Jn Layridg; Jn Jobbyns; Margt & Kath Colymore; Agn Warde; exec: goddtr Alice Thorner; overs Thos Russell & Thos Thorner

MARSHE, Henry - Morton, Thornbury, weaver

uncle Rynge of Bristol; Alice Howes of Bath; Agn dtr of Jn Marshe; Jane Pierse; Rich Marshe; childr Thos, Eliz & Martha; bro Rich M & his childr; wife Agn exec; overs Wlm Jones & Jn Wythers

MARSHE, Richard - Morton, Thornbury, husb

bro Henry M; godchildr Rich & Eliz Marshe; svt Margt Arthur; Thos Hilpe; Jn Marshe; Jane Pierse; Thos & Jn Dyrryet; uncle Rich Pierse of Thornbury; Eliz Slymbrydge; execs childr Anne, Eliz & Thos; overs bro Henry M & Jn Holbroke

MYCHELL, Thomas - Falfield, Thornbury

godchildr Thos Skey, Wlm Tilladame & Joan Damrie; Anne Arthure; Francis Dangerfild; Alice Gryffithe; Jn Cadle of Stone; Agn Thatcher & her sis Eliz Dovell; wife Margt exec

ORCHARD, William - Falfield, Thornbury, husb

son Rich; dtrs Margt Prutinge & Elnr Hearinge; Welthian Stinchcombe; wife Joan exec; overs Rich Orchard, Jn Mortimer & Hugh Lewes

PACKER, Richard - Over Morton, Thornbury, day labourer (surname Parker?)

Anthony Freeman; bro in law Steve Stevens; Thos Cullimar; Isab Whytfyld; wife Agn exec

THORNER, John - Oldbury on Severn

childr Eliz, Margt, Alice, Jn & Thos; legacy from Wlm Heryng; bros Wlm & Henry; bro Thos senr & his son Jn; bro Thos jr; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Fowler of Cowhill, bro Wlm T & Thos Heryng

WITHER, Richard - Shepherdine, Rockhampton, husb

son Phil (deceased?) & his dtr Anne; bro Thos W & his son Edward; bro in law Rob Skegge; son Jasper; Ralph son of Thos Pierse deceased; Wlm Matthew alias Vaugham; dtr Agn Pyersse exec; overs Ralph Wilcocks, clerk, Thos Wither & Rich Jones


BAKER, William - Oldbury, husb

childr Alice & Rob; sons in law Jn & Thos Lynke; dtr in law Eliz Lincke; sisters Juliane & Joan Baker; wife Kath exec; overs Edward Thurston & Rob Atkins

BROKE, William - Oldbury on Severn

dtrs Margt & Joan; Gyllyan Davis of Chepstowe; wife Alice exec; overs Thos Coxe & Jn Hall jr

CULLYMORE, Agnes - Bachever, Thornbury

bros in law Thos Washeburne & Rich Goosh; Rich Agrove; Jms Cole; 6 childr of Wlm Taylor; Margt Sebcol; Cutberd Taylor; Ellen May; execs: bros Wlm & Thos C, sisters Eliz C, Susan Washeborow & Margt Gooshe

DYER, Thomas - Kington, Thornbury, husb

childr Henry, Thos, Wlm & Agn; wife Joan exec; overs Humphrey Whitfyld & Thos Whitfyld

HEAVEN, William - Oldbury, husb

son Rich; wife Alice exec

LONDON, Elizabeth - Rockhampton, widow

childr Jn, Joan & Margt; dtr Alice Symkyns; dtr Welthian exec; overs Thos Russell, bro Wlm Clement & Wlm Colleman

LONGDON, William - Rockhampton, husb

childr Margt, Joan & Jn; Hugh Simkins; Rob Skegge; wifes dtrs Alice Simkins & Welthian Thurner; Mr Wilcox; will of Jn Dimberie; wife Isab exec; overs Wlm Walker of Mourton & Thos Russell of Rockhampton, yeo

LYDYATTE, Henry - Thornbury

sons Henry, Wlm & Thos; Thos Harryes senr; Wlm Hoper; 6 childr of Peter Harryes; wife Alborowe exec; overs Rich Hoper & Peter Harryes

MADOCKE, Thomas - Rockhampton, singleman

bro in law Thos Sheppeman of Chepstow; Wlm son of Edie Showen; bro Edmund M; Cath Steven; exec bro in law Thos Hancoke

THURSTON, John - Thornbury

Joan Clement senr & jr; bro in law Jn Willims; godson Jn Bruton; Alice Stokes & her childr; Alice Peseleye; Thos Duswell; Rich Jeyne; Wlm Roberts & his wife; Anthony Freman; goodwife Phelpes; son Geo exec; overs Henry Adee & Rob Peseleye

WARDE, Alice - Rockhampton, widow

son in law Jn Walker & his dtrs Anne & Jane; Eliz Pache; bro Thos Heven; sis in law Margt Heven; Susan & Agn Lenie; Margt Witte; Margt Pearse; Christian Fer; Jn son of Rich Purlyn deceased; Henry Walker; Rob Skegke; Jn Peris; Wlm & Henry Heven; son Rich Rede exec; overs Thos Bradeley & Wlm Howell

WITHER, Joan - Oldbury on Severn

Thos & Rich Warinton; Jn Willymes; Wlm Hearinge; Eliz Bogiegood; childr Rich & Agn; Nicholas, Jn & Thos Walter; Margt Vowler; Joan Gebins; Kath Thurner; Eliz Cape; son Jn W exec; overs Edward Thurston & Jn Wilcox


DYMRYE, Isabel - Thornbury, widow

sons Wlm, Jn & Thos; Edward Cullymore; Jn Gayner; Eliz dtr of Henry Dymrye; Thos son of Thos Dymrye; Margery, Julian & Rob Dymrye; childr of Wlm Dymrye; wives of Jn & Wlm Dymrye; godchildr in Alveston; Jn Tylar; son Thos exec; overs Wlm Bynton of Thornbury & Henry Harryes

GILMAN, William - Nupton, Rockhampton

Rob Skege; Jevlys Clarke; bros Henry & Jn; Jms Gellman; Wlm Boyes; Mary & Joan Byrcom; godson Wlm Pache; Wlm Athomas; Rich Pache; Thos Wether; unborn child; wife Agn exec; overs Edward Bayly, Thos Russell & Thos Lynche

LANYE, John - Oldbury

childr Wlm & Cath; son in law Thos Wether; Edward Thurston; wife Cath exec; overs Edward Thurston & Rich Jones

MAYLE, Thomas - Oldbury

childr Anthony & Lettice; mother Joan Symons; curate Jn Smythe

SIMONS, William - Oldbury on Severn

Jn Baland; dtr Alice; bro Thos; Thos, Anthony & Lettice Mayle; sisters dtr Agn Daniell; Thos Oswald; Jn Simons; Jn Wither; godsons Thos Key & Wlm Dier; svt Rich Adams; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Key, Jn Piland & Jn Wyther

THURNER, William - Moorton, Thornbury, day labourer

mother Ellen Russell; bro Thos T; 3 childr of bro Jn T; father in law Jn Russell; wife Agn exec; overs Nicholas Walter & Jn Thurner


BAKER, Agnes - Morton, Thornbury, widow

son Jn & his son Jn; son Wlm & his wife; dtr Cath Pryar; execs sons Wlm & Jn B

CATCHMEAD, Henry - Oldbury

bros Thos, Rob & Jn; Charles Catchmead; sisters Alice & Eliz; mother exec; overs Edward Thurston & Jn Thorner

CULLYMORE, William - Thornbury, day labourer

childr Jn & Susan; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Bulle of Stone

DYER, John - Oldbury

childr Cath, Wlm & Joan; wife Joan exec; overs bro in law Jn Smythe & bro Morris D of Tockington

POPE, Susan - Morton, Thornbury

execs bro Wlm P & sis Joan wife of Wlm Jones

REVE, Thomas - Oldbury

son Wlm; wife Eliz exec; overs Phil Weste & Thos Cachemade


ADY, John - Oldbury

chapels of Avesham & Little Bodmyngton; sons son Jn A; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Idolls jr

BUGDON, Robert - Thornbury, thatcher

Joan Paremore; sons son Rob & Jn; Joan Bugdon; dtr Gyllian Shepherd & her childr Jms, Wlm & Gyllian; wife; execs son Wlm & son in law Jn Hylpe

DOLPHIN, Maurice - Thornbury, smith

mother Alice D; sis Alice D; bro Jn; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Barton, butcher & Jn Jones senr

ELYATS, John - Thornbury

chapel of Favild; Jn Damrie; wife Alice; son Synythe (??); execs dtrs Eliz, Philippa, Frances, Joan & Margt; overs Wlm Damry, Jn Mortymer & Gilbert Webb

FOLEY, Margaret - Thornbury, widow

died in childbirth; dtr Margt Cuxdie; overs Jn Philippes & Jn Tayer of Thornbury

HILPE, John - Thornbury, taylor

Thos Yonge, glover of Thornbury & his dtrs Ellen & Eliz; bro Thos & his dtrs Joan & Susan; bro Jn H, mason & his son Rob; wife Isab exec; overs Jn Hylpe, gent & Jn Jones senr

PACHE, John - Morton, Thornbury, day labourer

sisters Joan & Eliz P; bro Peter; exec father Rich Pache

STEPHENS, Stephen - Kington, Thornbury

childr; Rich Willcoke of Thornbury & his bro in law Jn Packer; wife exec

THURSTON, John - Morton, Thornbury

dtrs Ellen, Nis, Joan, Eliz & Susan; son Thos; Margt wife of Rob Perce; Thos Hearinge; bro Jn Baker; wifes dtrs Mathew, Eliz & Jane; wife Susan exec; overs uncle Nicholas Webbe of Kingeswood, Thos Ady of Oldbury & Rob Perce of Morton

WASHBOROUGH, William - Thornbury

church of Rockhampton; bro Geo W: Alice Harris; Wlm & Henry sons of Henry Ady; Eliz dtr of Jn Earle of Newton; Joan dtr of Thos Brodley of Newton; Jn Vowe (apprentice to Rich Tiladam) & his legacies from Peter & Agn Brown; svt Margt Thener; bro Thos W exec; overs Henry Adyes of Kington & Jn Earle of Newton

WHITE, Thomas - Nether Morton, Thornbury, husb

sisters Alice Printer & Margt Midleton; bro Jn & his son Thos; godtr Joan Stones; svt Kath Willms; execs: present wife Susan & childr Joan, Nicholas, Edward, Jms & Arthur; overs Jm Lawrence, gent & Wlm Wade