Abstracts from

WILLS 1577 - 1599

for Rockhampton, Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn.

NB: transcription of the Rockhampton series ends in 1590

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BARTON, John - Thornbury

childr Wlm, Jn, Agn & Julian; unborn child; dtrs in law Martha, Jane & Eliz Gayner; Thos, Susanna, Agn & Elnr Thurston; present wife Susanna exec; overs Jms Segar & Jn Longand

BROOKE, Alice - Oldbury

bro in law Jn Fowler; Jn Hall senr; Thos, Alice & Agn Hall; Margt Wekes; Agn Fowler; Rich Warington & his wife; son in law Thos Broke jr; Eliz & Thos Coxe; Jn Addams; Joan Warryngton; Thos Knappe; Wlm Hoell; Joan Barrowe; execs Thos Hall & Thos Warryngton

CATCHMEAD, Robert - Oldbury

bro Jn; sis Eliz; Thos Adams; Cherati Catchmead; land in North Hame; mother Margt Catchmead exec

CLEMENT, Joan - Thornbury

son Jn; legacy of Jn Thurston of Kyneton; dtr Joan exec; overs Jn Pach & Wlm Polyn

JONES, William - Morton, Thornbury, husb

childr Jn, Edward & Kath; land at Rangeworthy; Joan dtr of Jn Whytfyld; Thos son of Simon Pope; bro in law Wlm Pope; wife Joan exec; overs bro Jn J of Thornbury & Jms Laurence of Over Morton

STAMBORNE, John - Falfield, Thornbury

Jms, Thos & Joan Mors; Joan Typper; dtr Margt; Thos Nicholas; David Estone; Jn Martymar jr; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Martymar & Thos Mors

WADE, Nicholas - Morton, Thornbury, husb

bur at Rockhampton; bros Wlm & Rich; childr of bros & sisters; Rob Skegge; bro Wlm Smith; Jn Browne; David Eston; bro Jn & his son Wlm; execs 4 bros; overs Jn Edwards of Morton & Thos Hancock of Yust



DEANE, William - Oldbury

childr Thos, Leonard & Agn; wife Dorothy exec; overs Chris Idolles

FIDLER, Thomas - Thornbury, weaver

dtr Alice; execs dtr Jane & wife Joan

FLOYD, John - Oldbury on Severn

childr Rich, Cath, Alice, Margt & Joan; father Jn F; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Erle & Guy Pyrton

HUNTE, Saunder - Hope, Thornbury, weaver

childr Thos & Margt; wife Alice exec

PEARSE, Edward - Cowhill, Oldbury

sons Jn & Thos; nephew Rob Peers; wife Margt exec; overs Rich Addams & Jn Earle



BROWNE, William - Thornbury, gardener

Thos Cotes, husb; bro in law Jn Willyams, butcher; Alice Gyllyams; Jn Broune; sis Ellen Edwardes & her childr Wlm, Jn, Rob & Sythe(?); sisters dtrs Kath & Joan Fowler; Joan Oubury; Margt Howell; Jn Phillips; Margt Mallet; wife & childr; execs father in law Wlm Willyams & Thos White; overs Jn Willyams & Thos Tuckar

CULLIMORE, John - Kynton, Thornbury, husb

son Thos & his dtrs Margt & Kath; kinsman Wlm Kullimore; son Rich & his dtrs Maud & Joan; wife Isab exec; overs Wlm Williames & Wlm Marten of Kinetune

HOWLEBROOKE, Thomas - Thornbury, butcher

childr Thos, Alice & Ellen; bro / bro in law Nicholas Mowletune; Humphrey More & his childr Rich, Thos & Ann; Cath Filde; Eliz Howlebroke; childr of Rich Saunders; sisters Kath & Eliz; Jn son of Thos Stephans; Margt Mouletune; childr of bro in law Jn Pache; Francis Poynes, gent; wife Margery exec; overs Thos Stephans, innholder, Jn Jones jr, Jn Pache & Nicholas Mowletune

MALLETT, Thomas - Kineton, Thornbury, husb

uncles Wlm Jenkins of Tortorie & Phil West of Littleton on Severn; dtr Mary; bros Nicholas & Rich M; goodwife Jemie, now wife of Thos Ockford; wife Agn exec; overs uncles Jn & Thos West

READE, James - Rockhampton, husb (first name given as John in index)

dtr Eliz Davis alias Reade, unmarried; exec wife Sibell

SYMONS, Joan - Oldbury, Thornbury (given as John in index)

son Thos Oswald & his wife Kath; Nicholas, Alice & Jn Oswald; late son Thos Maile & his childr Anthony & Letis; dtrs Agn & Alice Wither; son in law Thos Wither exec; overs Thos Koxe & Thos Russell



COTES, Thomas - Thornbury

son Thos; unborn child; orchard from Wlm Browne; wifes bro Thos Poole of Tresam; wife Elnr exec

DODISWELL alias WHEELER, Seth - Thornbury

childr Margt, Abel & Jn; dtr Ann Gotheridge; Henry son of Jn Dodswell; Edward son of Jn Gotheridge; wife exec; overs Thos Hilpe & Wlm Dutton

DUNSTER, John - Oldbury, Thornbury

childr Thos, Wlm, Alice, Joan & Eliz; wife Agn exec; overs Thos Peerse of Berkeley & Wlm A Burge of Sodburye

DUNSTER, Philip - Oldbury on Severn, husb

dtr Maud; son Rich & his sons Arthur & Phil; Rich Johnes & his childr Edward, Rich & Eliz; son Jn exec; overs Wlm Erle & Henry Heaven

FOWLER, Edward - Thornbury

Jn Jones; wife Margt exec

PACHE, John - Ulands, Thornbury, husb

2 sons named Jn; cousin Jn Pache of Sibland; kinswmn Eliz Wickes; wife Alice exec; overs sons Wlm & Edmund P

PEYSLEY, Robert - Thornbury

childr Ambrose, Eliz & Jane; bro Thos; sis at Berkeley; wife Alice exec

WALKER, Richard - Shepherdine, Rockhampton

sons Jn, Wlm & Thos; wife Kath exec; overs Jn Wether & Wlm Colley



ADDAMS, Alice - Shipardine, Rockhampton

bro Rich; sis Agn; Agn dtr of Peter Yearothe; Thos Walker; Jn & Wlm Patche; Alice Thyrston; Kath Seage; exec father in law Peter Yerothe

BAKER, William - Nether Morton, Thornbury

sis Kath Preyler; bro Jn senr & his 3 childr; bro Jn jr & his 2 childr; godson Wlm Ady; wife Agn exec; overs Thos Pache & Wlm Wade of Morton

BOWER, William - Rockhampton

Rob Skege; childr Jn, Joan & Rich; Ralph Willcock, clerk & Wlm Warde; wife Anne exec

PYRSE, Richard - Thornbury

son Wlm; son Thos & his son Jn; wife Alice exec; overs Thos Wisshe, esq & Jn Jonsse senr

THOMAS alias TAYLER, Thomas - Thornbury

childr Rob & Margt; wife Eliz

TYSONE, Elizabeth - Oldbury, widow (given as Tysoe in index)

Wlm, Henry, Edward, Kath & Joan Erle; Rich, Thos & Agn Jones; Wlm & Agn Tysone; Agn Clarke; Wlm, Nicholas & Jn Hancoke; Agn Perse; dtr Edith Horte; Kath Hancoke, Edith Horte & Alice Erle; son Jn Erle exec; overs bro Edward Thurstone



BAKER, Agnes - Moreton, Thornbury

Margt Pyearte; godson Thos Pache; execs bros in law Jn Baker senr & jr; overs Wlm Whittingham, minister & Jn Pyrse

BRADLEY, Thomas - Rockhampton, husb

childr Joan & Ralph; Rob Skegge; execs wife Alice & son Jn; overs Ralph Willcocks, clerk, Thos Russell, Jn Smethe & Jn Yerle

CULLYMORE, Thomas - Kignton, Thornbury, husb

dtr Kath; wife Joan exec

DODISWELL alias WHEELER, Agnes - Thornbury

bro in law Jn Willis; sisters Eliz, Elnr & Alice; dtr Margt; Wlm Pyrse; Kath Whittingham; Mr Whittinghams maid Cicely; Mary Lewse; Perses wife; Wlm Hawle; Jn Couche; exec Jn Willis; overs Mr Whittingham & Jn Lewse

EDWARDS alias NOTE, Henry - Nether Morton, Thornbury

wife Margt; 2 sons named Jn; dtrs Alice & Joan; son Henry exec; overs Jn Selcocke & Thos Gylman

FOWLER, John - Lower Morton, Thornbury, husb

svt Eliz Alpas; son in law Rich Whyte; kinsman Rob Patche; execs childr Jn & Agn; overs Edmund Patche

LINCKE, Alice - Hope, Thornbury

aunt Worlocke of Hope; Alice & Agn dtrs of Jn Baker; bros Jn & Rich L; godtrs Eliz Worlocke, Joan Cole & Edy Clarcke; Margt & Edy Worlocke; exec sis Kath wife of Jn Baker; overs aunt Worlocke, bro in law Jn Baker & Thos Brownynge

RYCHEMAN, John - Oldbury (probably Oldbury on the Hill)

childr Jn & Joan; son Thos & his childr; Isab Robins; son Wlm exec; witns Wlm Liegh, Jn Idolles & Jn Jackman

SMITH, Christopher - Nether Morton, Thornbury, husb

2 dtrs; son Jn; execs 5 youngest childr; overs neighbs Jms Segar, Rich Pache, Wlm Waulecar, Edmund Pache, Thos Howlebroke & Jn Edwards, all of Morton

VOWLER, John - Thornbury

childr Agn, Margt & Thos; wife Margt exec; overs Edmund Patch & Thos Wood

WAULECAR, Joan - Thornbury, widow (given as Walker in index)

Wlm Milmey; Jms Pache; dtr Margt Atwood & her childr Margt, Mary & 1 other; Joan dtr of Thos Milmey; Joan Eastone; wife & childr of Hugh Simkins; svt Jn Waulecar; son of Jn Milmey; Jn Longden; Margt Priste; Joan Hentley; Jn Wayte; Jn, Chris, Thos, Alice & Joan Clement; Jn Simkins; Ellen Wayte; Jn Whithar; Rob Pyers; Rich Berkeley; bros wife Eliz Clement; execs bro Wlm Clement & son in law Leonard Atwood; overs Hugh Simkins & Rob Stones

WAULECAR, William - Moreton, Thornbury, husb

kinsmn Wlm Wilcoke; Wlm son Rich Waulecar; Henry, Alice & Jn Whithar of Sheppardyn; Rich son of Henry Waulecar; godson Wlm Simkins; svts Jn Waulecar & Jms Pache; Eliz Waulecar of Cowhill & her sis Kath; Eliz & Jn Waulecar of Sibland; Wlm Atwood of Berkeley; godtr Margt Waulecar of Hill; Wlm Millmey; childr of Leonard Atwoode of Berkeley; Margt Pyerte; Joan Longdon in the forest; Joan Willcocke of Oldbury; bro Thos W; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Edwards & Hugh Simkins of Moreton



ATKINS, Joan - Oldbury, widow

bros dtr Joanna Nelme; sisters dtr Agn Lewlen; exec bro Wlm Nelmes

ATKINS, William - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

wife Jane exec; witns Edward Thurston & Jn Bakar of Oldbury, husb

BADMANTON, Anthony - Thornbury

childr Anthony, Agn, Jn & Margery; dtrs child Margery; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Jonse jr, mayor & Wlm Yerle

JONES, Joan - Oldbury, Thornbury

bro Thos Jonse; Edward son of Jn Jonse; bro Edward Stamborne; late bro Thos Stamborne; Rich son of Edward Stamborne; Joan dtr of Henry Webe; Alice Baker; mother Kath Heynes; bro Jn Jones of Oldbury exec

MOORE, Thomas - Thornbury

childr Thos, Rich & Cicely; land in Oldbury; son Wlm exec; overs Ralph Lawrence & Wlm Nawle

STEVENS, Thomas - Thornbury, innkeeper

son Jn; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Jonse of the parsonage & bro in law Nicholas Mouleton

WETHER, Richard - Rockhampton, husb

execs wife Elnr & son Edmund; overs son in law Roger Pope & son Jn



ATTKYNS, Robert - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

Agn widow of Rob Skegge of Rockhampton; goodwife More of Skottsdoleine, Hill; sis Juliane More of Thornbury; Margt wife of Thos Seger; son Rich exec; overs neighbs Jn Curteys & Rich Dunster

COELL, James - Thornbury

son Rich; house at Brokhurst to 5 childr; execs Jn Coelle of North Nibley & Jn Bruton of Thornbury

HORNE, John - Oldbury, Thornbury

childr Morris, Rich, Wlm, Agn, Edith & Margt; wife Agn exec

HOWELL, William - Rockhampton, husb

childr Thos, Jn, Alice & Joan; land in Winswell, Hill to son Jms; son in law Rich Foordes; svt Agn Tought; wife Joan; son Wlm exec; overs Thos Hurne & Jn Smithe senr of Hame

JONES, Katherine - Thornbury, spinster

bro in law Jn Whitfild & his dtrs Joan & Joyce; execs bros Jn & Edward Jones

LINKE, Thomas - Rockhampton, husb

unborn child; son Wlm; Rob Stringer; landlord Thos Pearse; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Willcocks, Wlm Wade & Rob Tilladam

MOWLETON, Nicholas - Thornbury, yeo

childr Wlm & Joan; Mary & Ellen Sauneders; uncle Rob Auleda; unborn child; sis Sauneders & her dtr Margt; bro Thos M; wife Jellin exec; overs Rob Barton & Phil Whithars

THURNER, Thomas - Oldbury

son Thos; sis Agn Thurner; wife Kath exec; overs Edward Thurston & Thos Thurner

VOWLER, John - Cowhill, Oldbury

childr Jn & Agn; execs Jn, Wlm & Agn childr of son in law Rich Vedler; overs Rich Woode & Thos Herynge

WASBOROW, Thomas - Thornbury (listed as missing/ locality not given in index/ given as WASHBOURN in index)

bro Geo Wasborow; wife exec; overs Jn Yerle & Jn Bruton

WELSTEDE, Thomas - Oldbury

Henry Prewett; Rich Warrington; wife Ursula exec; overs bro Wlm W

WETHER, Ellen - Rockhampton, widow

son Edmund; late husb Rich W; 2 childr of Edmund Skegge; execs sons Edmund Skegge, Jn Wether, Edmund Wether & son in law Roger Pope; overs Jn Russell & Jn Ward

WETHER, John - Shepherdine, Rockhampton, husb

dtr Alice; Edith wife of Jn Atwood of Berkeley; Margt, Joan & Agn Atwood; Wlm Willcockx; Eliz Skegge widow; execs wife Agn & son Henry; overs Jn Smithe of Hill, Hugh Puell of Hill, Jn Smith of Nupton & Henry Heaven of Oldbury

WHITFILD, Isabel - Thornbury, widow

Jn Barton senr & his wife & their son Thos; Wlm Barton; son Jn W & his wife & their dtr Isab; Isab White; exec Jn Barton senr

WILLCOCKES, Ralph - Rockhampton, parson

church of Pomsbury, Shropshire; church of Littleton; Rob Skege; Rob Stringer; Jn Walker; Agn Stone; wife Joan; dtr Alice Priste & her dtr Alice; son in law Thos Priste; son Jn exec; overs Jn Sanage & Wlm Ward



BAKER, John - Oldbury

wife Joan; house in Thornbury; dtr Joan; execs sons Wlm & Thos; overs Thos Baker of Auste & Edward Baker of Torkentone

DENINGE, William - Oldbury

bro Thos D; execs dtrs Eliz & Edith; overs bros Jn D & Rob Rickards

DUNSTER, John - Oldbury, husb

son Rich; wifes father Wlm Mathewe; Wlm & Jn Mathew & their sis Joan Jones; wife Ellen exec; overs Henry Heaven & Thos Wether

DUNSTER, Richard - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

sons Phil & Arthur; wife Cath exec; overs Rich Johnes & Rich Attkyns

JAMES, Joan - Rockhampton, widow

dtr Margt Waed; Rich son of Jn Waed; dtr Joan Lyppett; son in law Jn Waed; dtr Bridget James exec; overs Thos Russell & Jn Russell jr

JONES, John - the parsonage, Thornbury, yeo

son Jn; bro Phil J; son in law Chas Griffen; Jn Howlebroke; wife Joyce exec; overs Jn Hilp, gent & father Jn Jones

LYNE, Robert - Cowhill, Oldbury, husb

bro Rich L; kinsman Jn Lyne; bro Jn L, taylor; Jn Lynche, late parson of Littleton on Severn; wife Alice exec; overs neighbs Jn Erle & Thos Walker

SNOTTER, John - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

wife Alice; childr Thos, Alice, Isab & Joan; Rich Warrington; son Rob exec; overs Henry Heaven & Hugh Pagnell

WAED, William - Rockhampton, husb

sons Wlm, Jn & Thos; Rob Stringer; bro Jn W & his son Thos; svt Wlm Housman; wife Edy exec; overs bros Jn & Thos W

WALKER, Valentine - Cowhill, Oldbury

wife Joan exec; overs Rich Orchard & Jn Earle



ABRYDGE, John - Falfelde, Thornbury (tucker?)

sons Thos, Bartholomew & Edmund; wife Joan exec

ADYE, Henry - Kyneton, Thornbury, husb

mother in law Agn Adye; sons Henry, Edward, Wlm & Jn; wife Eliz exec; overs Humphrey Whitfild & Wlm Crondale

BRADLEY, Alice - Rockhampton (given as Badley in index)

sis Joan; Margt Smithe; son Ralph B exec; overs son in law Jn Bradley

PATCHE, Robert - Thornbury (weaver?)

childr Agn, Joan, Thos, Jn, Margery, Eliz & Margt; wife Margt exec

PRUETT, Henry - Oldbury

childr Jn & Eliz; wife (Jane?) exec



AGWILLAM, Alice - Thornbury, widow

Jn son of Wlm Agwillam; Alice & Amy, dtrs of Jn Darney & his wife Ellen; son Jn A; son Jms Darny & his wife Maud; childr of Jn Yeomer; Alice Brown; Joan White; Henry Lydyat exec; overs Thos White & Rich Hill

CHECHMEAD, Margaret - Thornbury

son Thos; dtr in law Ellen Chechmeade; Charity Chechmeade; Alice Yearowthe & her childr Jn, Rich, Agn & Kath; godchildr Edward Thurstone & Margt Vowler; execs childr Jn & Eliz C; overs Thos Russell & Thos Jonnes

CHIPP, Thomas, jr - Thornbury, weaver

bros son Wlm Chipp; wife Joan exec; overs Phil Jones & Henry Harris

HOMES, John - Thornbury

execs wife & dtr Kath; overs Edward Smyth & Thos Clement

LYDIATT, Alberow - Thornbury, widow

sons Thos & Wlm; Cicely, Mary & Margt Lydiat; son Henry L exec; overs Rich Hopper & Wlm Wygmore

PACHE, Thomas - Morton, Thornbury

childr Wlm, Thos & Margt; wife Joan exec; overs son Jn P & Wlm Howell

RUSSELL, Thomas - Rockhampton, husb

son Jn & his dtr Ann R; 4 childr of Jn Gayner; son Wlm; exec Ralph Russell; overs Humphrey Scodart, clerk

WALKER, Richard - Sibland, Thornbury

bros Jn & Thos Waight; sis Eliz; sis Joan Wauker; sis Margt Stamborne; Wlm Wauker; Wlm Dallie; Agn Hobbes; Eliz Baylie; Thos Durban; Wlm Wilcokes; exec father (?); overs Jn Middleton & Jn Pach

WETHER, John - Morton, Thornbury, carpenter

sons Rich, Henry & Thos; wife Joan; overs Jn Edwardes of Morton & Jn Wether of Thornbury

WHYTFILDE, Thomas - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

childr Wlm, Joan & Kath; sisters dtr Margt Weste; wife Maud exec; overs Wlm Lynke & Rich Lawrance



BELSHERE, Thomas - Thornbury, tucker

bro Wlm B; execs bros Thos & Alex B & sis Maud Jervise; overs Jn Pirryman

BURTON, Robert - Thornbury, butcher

dtrs Agn & Eliz; bros Wlm & Jn B; dtr in law Alice; wife exec; overs Jn & Wlm Burton

KYNGESCOTE, William - Oldbury (apparently Oldbury on the Hill)

childr Jn, Wlm, Eliz, Joan & Alice; 4 bros & sisters; wife Margt exec; overs Jn & Chris Idolls

MORGAN, Margaret - Thornbury, widow

dtrs childr Rob, Mary, Eliz, Margt, Joan & Ann Bredston; dtr Kath exec

POOLE, John - Thornbury, taylor

childr Jms & Alice; wife Margt exec; overs Edward Sim & Wlm Willims jr

SELCOX, John - Thornbury, husb

son Guy; Jn Edwards; wife Isab exec; overs Myles Gibbs & Jn Selcox

WAFFAN alias MATHEW, William - Shapardyne, Rockhampton

sons Rich & Jn; wife Joan exec



AGROVE, Richard - Buckover, Thornbury, husb

son Hugh; son in law Nicholas Jenkins & his son Jn; execs childr Rich, Susan & Mary; witns Jn & Joan Edwards, Rich Toms, Elnr Downye & Joan Bonde

BAKER, Thomas - Oldbury

childr Thos, Rich & Joan; wife Margt; overs Rich Atkynes & Wlm Barrowe

BARROWE, John - Oldbury, Thornbury

godson Morris son of Jn Pearse; Kath Hawkyns; Agn Waker; exec Peter Barrowe; overs Jn Earle & Thos Thurner

CHIPPE, Thomas - Thornbury

Joan wife of Jn Tyler; execs sons son Wlm C & his wife Joan; overs Wlm Bruton & Jn Middleton of Sibland

COTTEN, Joan - Oldbury

bro Jn Persons jr

CULLYMORE, Mary - Rockhampton

Anne Walker; Joan Yereth; bro Wlm Collymore exec; witns Jn & Rebecca Wilcocks, Wlm Stringer & Anne Walker

DANNSEY, William - Falfylde, Thornbury, yeo

childr Jn, Edward, Margt & Welthian; wife Philipa exec; overs Thos Skey & Wlm Smyth

DAWLY, William - Siblande , Thornbury

childr Wlm, Kath & Joan; wife; overs Jn Middelton, Thos Ockborne & Rob Seacell

LUSTEY, Thomas - Rockhampton, weaver

bur at Thornbury; childr Mary, Jn & Jane; wife Sibell exec; overs Jn Wade & Jn Willcocks

SPENSER, John - Thornbury, labourer

dtr Agn; 2 sons named Jn; bro Jn S; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Hobbs & Thos Lydiat

WAYTE, Thomas - Nether Morton, Thornbury, labourer

sis Margt Stamborne, widow; witns Edmund Skegge & his wife Joan, & Ellen wife of Wlm Pope



BAKER, Joan - Thornbury, widow

bro Thos Clemente; Clemente Corke, widow; Rose wife of Wlm Cullymore of Kynetone; dtr in law Jane Fidlar, dtr of previous husb; Wlm son of Abel Wheeler; exec Abel Wheeler; overs Henry Searche & Jn Comeleye

BAROWE, Peter - Oldbury (torn)

childr Margt, Thos & Jn; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Tiladam & Jn Osborne

BARROWE, William - Oldbury

childr of Rob Lyne; sisters son Rob Baker; dtr in law Agn Cowley; godson Wlm Thurner; 2 sons in law; sis Eliz Barrow; sis Rob Lynes (?); sis Margt Baker & her son Thos B; wife exec; overs Edward Thurston & Jn Oldland

DENNINGE, John - Falfield, Thornbury, husb (given as Domminge in index)

son Henry; bros dtr Edith Denninge; wife Cath exec; overs Thos Skeye & Henry Jones

GANDERTON, Gilbert - Sheperden, Rockhampton, weaver

bro Wlm G & his dtr Joan; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Colye & Rich Ganderton

GETES, Robert - Thornbury, husb

godson Thos Oven; bro in law Wlm Thorene; Rob Panner; Agn Simkers; Francis Gettes; wife Kath exec; overs Jn Pache & Wlm Thorne

IDOLLES, John, senr - Oldbury (apparently Oldbury on the Hill)

childr Agn, Joan & Phil; son Thos exec; overs Jn, Thos & Chris Idolles

LAWRANCE, Richard - Oldbury, Thornbury

childr Wlm & Rebecca; godson Thos Herynge; Agn Tyler; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Tiladam & Thos Herynge

NOTE, John - Cowhill, Oldbury

Rich Noote jr; Agn dtr of Rich Noote; son Rich N; Wlm Arther; Thos Warington

PHILL, Walter - Oldbury, Thornbury (torn)

Rich Dunster; Joan Brodley; son Jn; wife Christian exec; overs Jn & Thos Wether

WETHER, John - Morton, Thornbury, husb

4 childr of Roger Poepe; godtr Alice Skegg; Edmund, Wlm & Joan Skegg; dtr of Jn (Oules?); Jn Edmands; Wlm Balle; Bridget Perse; Maud Roberts; Joan Bishoppe; Agn Gabb; Edy Belcher; kinsman Thos Wether; Thos Barton; Henry & Jms Patche; Henry Mellodin; exec Edmund Wether; overs Wlm Diar & Rob Stone

YEAROTHE, Peter - Shepardyne, Rockhampton

childr Rich & Agn; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Cowlay & Thos Catchmade; Rich Wickes; wife Joan exec; overs Roger Caple & Thos Russell



CHAMPNEYS, Alice - Thornbury

Wlm, Edward & Mariam Smyth; Thos Clement; Eliz Brutton; Thos Edmonds & his wife; Joyce & Jms Mayow; Joan Barnnes; Agn Harris; Henry Champnis & his wife; Dorothy & Alice dtrs of Joan Lewse; svts of Henry Harris; Thos Ocborn; Rob son of Rob Smith; Mrs Wyther; Mary dtr of Thos Champnis of Littleton; Margt & Eliz dtrs of Thos Throgmorton, knt; exec Thos son of kinswmn Margery wife of Thos Dymry; overs Jn Stafford of Worlwod, esq & Wlm Watson of Thornbury

HARBATT, Robert - Thornbury, weaver

Simon Harbatt of Hilsley; wife Eliz exec; overs Wlm Horrod & Thos Fowler; witns Jn Parker

HOLBROOKE, John - Morton, Thornbury, husb

Margt Holbrooke; Kath & Wlm Wylliams; execs son Thos & dtr Joans husb Wlm Wylliams; overs Rob Stoanes & Arthur Stonnes

RUSSELL, John - Mortton, Thornbury, husb

Joan, Avis & Martha Ady; sis Joan Allen; wife Kath exec; overs Thos Holbrooke & Wlm Diar

SERTCHE, Henry - Morton, Thornbury, yeo

Jn Barton & his wife & childr Rich & Agn; childr Joan, Agn, Joyce & Jn; bro Rich S; son Wlm exec; overs Wlm Watson, gent & Jn Patche of Sibland

STONES, Margaret - Morton, Thornbury, spinster

sis Edye wife of Jn Godfrey & their 2 childr; Joan Arther; bros childr Joan, Jn & Wlm Stones; Eliz dtr of Jn Whitfild; dtr of Joan (Manney?); exec bro Rob S; overs Jn Edwards & Arthur Stones

TYLER, Henry - Kynckton, Thornbury, yeo

childr Henry, Jn, Mary, Eliz & Margt; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Tiler & Jn Smithe

WORLOCKE, Richard - Mortton, Thornbury, husb

childr Jn, Margt, Joan & Thos; Kath Perse of Chipton, Berkeley; Margt Perse widow of Mortton; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Brodley & Thos Bayliffe



EVANS, Giles - Mortton, Thornbury, yeo

Rich Taber; Owen Leversuth; mother Mary Evans; Chris & Margt Petty; aunt Hoper & her dtrs Margt, Eliz & Agn; 3 childr of wifes dtr by Thos Wood; Thos Harrold, clerk; cousin Jn Hoper; execs Edmund Patch, Jn Edwards & Rob Stonnes; overs Jn Marsh & Arthur Stones

GROVE, Richard - Oldbury

sis Ellen Agrove; childr of Wlm Willinton; childr of bros Jn & Rich Agrove; childr of 2 sisters; exec Rich Agrove; witns Wlm Bruton & Joan Willinson

MALIN, Thomas, jr - Mortton, Thornbury, husb

son Jn; bro Thos M of Estwood & his childr Jn, Jms & Susan; sisters dtr Joan Mabbat; godtr Eliz Peglar; Agn Sumpkins; sisters son Rich Chamberlayn; wife Kath exec; overs Thos Malin, Rob Stonnes & Jn Marsh

MILMAY, John - Oldbury

Jn Baker & his sis Eliz; sis Eliz Heynes; bro Wlm Dimmerye; Joan Ballande; Thos Thurner; Cath & Wlm childr of Wlm Purlin; Mr Stafford; Wlm Syssam; exec Eliz Baker; overs Roger Caple & Thos Russell jr

NASHE, Thomas - Oldbury

son Thos; late bro Wlm Wylcocks; wife Margt exec; overs Rich Wood & Jn Oldland

PATCH, Margaret - Thornbury, widow

childr Eliz & Jn; dtr Joan P exec; overs Rich Wylcox & Peter Patch

PATCH, Richard - Kington, Thornbury

Henry Ady; Rich Patch of the Heath; Agn Stones; Jane & Joyce White; Agn Yelcockx; Joan Patch; son Peter exec; overs Thos White & Thos Fowler

SLIMBRIDGE, William - Thornbury, weaver

wife Joan; son Jn; Wlm supposed son of Thos Slimbridge, deceased; tenants Mary Smyth, Margt Currier & Margt Crosse; Margt dtr of Thos Slimbridge; widow Dreycot; Thos Brookeman; Elnr dtr of Jn Slymbridge; exec Margt dtr of Wlm Slimbridge; overs Thos Newton, clerk & Thos Harrowld

SMITH, Edmund - Kineton, Thornbury, labourer

land in Wormelod & Treado, Hereford to Rich son of Henry Peters; sisters dtr Eliz Lewes; bros son; neighb Thos Prine; exec Henry Peters; overs Jn Phillipps alias Comley & Walt Hathway

TYLLADAM, John - Oldbury

poor of Thornbury; godsons Edward Lynke, Jn Barrow & Thos Longdon; 3 sons of Thos Tylladam; 4 childr of Rich Tylladam; Kath Mychell; Mary Yewen; Alice Tyler; Christian Snutter; Eliz Webb; wife Alice exec; overs Thos Herring & Jn Yewen of Hill



CURTISSE, John - Oldbury

son Griffith; wife Alice exec; overs neighbs Jn Joones & Rich Lynke

HANCOCKE, John - Oldbury

sons Wlm & Jn; bro Wlm H; son Rich exec; overs Rich Atkyns, Jn Jones, Wlm Howell & Jn Lawrence

LYNCKE, William - Oldbury, husb

childr Edward, Henry, Wlm, Elnr & Margt; Rich Whitfeild; Thos & Rich Warrington; Eliz Baker; Agn Heaven; Jane Lyne; Jn & Thos Lynck; wife Margery exec; overs Rich Wood & Giles Lynnet of Hill

READE, William - Morton, Thornbury, husb

dtr Anne; Thos Weste; Jms Robarts of Stone; wife Constance exec; overs Wlm Dier & Rob Stones, husb

SEAGER, James - Moorton, Thornbury, husb

son in law Geo Thurston & his dtrs Eliz & Alice; svt Jn Fyll; Jms Poope & his sis Joan; execs dtr Alice Thurstone & son in law Geo Thurston; overs Howell Fostar & Thos Holbrooke



BREWTON, John - Theaven Hope, Thornbury, husb

sons Thos & Jn; 5 dtrs; wife Kath exec; overs Thos Weakes & Rich Agrove

GROVE, Mary - Bockover, Thornbury

bro Henry Agrove; sis Susan Jenkyns; bro in law Nichls Jenkyns; Kath dtr of Rich Cole; Ellen Mayo; Kath Farr; Mary Millard; exec bro Rich Grove; witns Rich Grove, Rich Cole, Wlm Farr & Dan Watts

HEAVEN, Agnes - Oldbury, widow

dtr Elnr; execs sons Jn & Wlm H; overs bro Jn Marshe

WAYT, John - Thornbury, husb

childr Jn & Joan; exec present wife Frances; overs Wlm Barton & Jn Turny

WILKINES, Thomas - Thornbury, tyler

bro Wlm Whit.. & his childr; sis Agn & Margt Wilkines; Thos Boms; exec father Alex W, tyler; overs Jn Hobbes & Jn Doeger



BRIAN, John - Thornbury, joyner

dtr in law Margt Sevell; bros dtr Margt Brian; wife Eliz exec; witns Ruth James & Margt Sevell

COX, Thomas - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

dtrs Agn & Joan; sis Eliz Lynck; 2 sons of Jn Lynck; sis Gylyan; godtr Alice Sannsams; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Wether & Rich Wood

CULLIMORE, Thomas - Thornbury, baker

godson Thos Howell; kinsmn Jn Howborowe; neighb Maurice Hert; svt Eliz Pert; dtr Kath Lydiat; kinswmn Susan Cullimor; sons Thos & Jn; wife Margery exec; overs Jn Hobbes & Anthony Ogborn

DEANE, Dorothy - Oldbury, widow (Oldbury on the Hill)

sons Thos & Leonard; exec son in law Wlm Chappell; overs son Thos D; witns Wlm Leygh, parson & Jn Idolls

DYRRAM alias SMITH, William - Falfield, Thornbury, husb

son Francis; mother in law Philippa Dannesey; execs wife Bridget & son Thos; overs Jn Phillipps & Thos Skey

EARLE, Edith - Oldbury, singlewoman

Maurice Power; mother; witns Jane Fowler

IDOLLS, Christopher - Oldbury, husb (Oldbury on the Hill)

childr Jn & Joan; dtr Grace Wallys; wife Alice exec; witns Wlm Lyegh, parson & Jn Idolls

LINKE, Thomas - Oldbury, husb

dtr Joan; bro Jn L; wife Agn exec; witns Rich Wether & Edward Whytt

MARSHE, John - Thornbury, husb

poor of Moorton; Ellen Heaven; wifes son Thos Adie; childr Thos, Henry, Wlm & Joan; wife Mary exec; overs Edmund Patch, Thos Holbrooke & Thos Dannsey of Uley; codicil: dtr Agn



BAYLY, Thomas - Faulfelde, Thornbury

wife Joan; Jms Bayly of Swanley & his childr Mary Freman & Edith, Thos, Jms & Joan Bayly; 11 godsons: Thos Curnocke of Wick, Thos son of Rich Bayly decsd, Thos son of Rob Dryn of Berkeley, Thos son of Jn Hartlebery of Woodford, a son of Phil Nyclas of Woodford decsd, a son of Rob Harrolde of Bath, a son of Wlm Genyng of Wickwar, Thos Watkens, a son of Thos Skey of Falfield, a son of Hugh Lewes of Eastwood & Thos son of Thos Sanders late of Eastwood; godtr Bridget Goodrich; land in Newport, Berkeley to Thos & Joan childr of Jms Bayly; late father Thos B; son Jms B of Swanley exec; overs Thos Goodrich & Thos Smyth of Mylstrete

MARTIN, Thomas - Oldbury, husb (born in Cromhall)

wife Agn; unborn child; sis Ellen wife of Jn Pache & their childr; sis Eliz Lene & her childr; kinswmn Susan Barne; bro Rob M; Julian Hobbes; dtr in law Agn Thorner; Alice & Julian Cox; Thos son of Jn Linke; sisters son Thos Bruton; Thos Thorner of the Brige End; exec Rob Martin; overs Thos Hearinge & Thos Thurston

OLEY, John - Thornbury, yeo

bur at Rockhampton; cousin Eliz Herden; Margt dtr of Wlm Oley; cousin Wlm Oley; wife Margt exec; overs bro Jn O & Thos Mallyn

PERSE, John - Cowhill, Oldbury

childr Edward, Wlm, Jn, Morris & Mary; wife Joan ; overs Rich Floyd & cousin Thos Pearce

PRUET, Henry - Thornbury, husb (first name given as "Thomas" in index / residence given as Wapley in index)

childr Henry, Edith, Alice, Eliz, Jane & Thos; wife Eliz exec; prsnt Thos Pruet of Wapley & Jms Drap of Thornbury, daylabourer

RUSSELL, Thomas - Olbury on Severn

bro Jn R & his son Jn; Thos & Joan childr of Thos Jhones; Alice & Margt dtrs of bro Rich R; Mary, Thos & Jn dtrs of Thos Dunster; godson Thos Thurner jr of Bridgende; svt Jn Wyllis; exec cousin Thos Russell; overs Roger Caple & Jn Fowler



JACKMAN, John - Oldbury (Oldbury on the Hill)

sons Rich, Chris & Walt; dtr Margt Thorne; godtr Agn Jackman; son Phil exec; witns Wlm Leygh, Jn Idolls senr & Rob Styffe

PEGLAR, John - Thornbury, weaver

poor of Moorton; sis Eliz Harwie, widow; sons Jn & Thos; wife Margt exec; overs Thos Holbrooke & Rob Longe of Moorton, yeo

STEVEN, Robert - Faulfede, Thornbury, husb

childr Joan, Margt & Thos; wife Eliz exec; overs Wlm Howler & Hugh Lewes



CLEARKE, John - Estwood Pke, Thornbury, husb (document is exceedingly faded)

dtrs Joan, Anne & Kath; wife exec

DYMERYE, Richard - Oldbury on Severn, husb

Edmund & Joan Pache; Rich, Jn & Ursula Tayer; Roger Russell; exec cousin Thos Pache; overs Thos Champnes & Thos Moyer

FINCH, Henry - Oldbury, husb

childr Rich & Joan; wife exec; overs Rich Atkinks & Wlm Adams

KENT, Richard - Thornbury, husb

apparently from Hartbury; bro Thos K of Estwall under Malvernshill; exec Alice late wife of Ralph Laurenne of Thornbury, currier; overs Thos Jelfe & Wlm Walcockes

LAURENNE, Ralph - Thornbury, "curyer" (given as "Lacrowe" in index)

childr Ralph, Eliz & Thos; dtr Joan Joanes; wife Alice; overs Wlm Lynke & Jn (Eane?)

RUSSELL, William, senr - Oldbury (probably Oldbury on the Hill)

Roger & Francis sons of Thos Boye; Rob & Wlm sons of Wlm Russell jr; Isab & Wlm Russell; son Rob; Agn Caase; Margt dtr of Rob Russell; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Idolls senr & Rich Jackman

SNOTTER, Alice - Oldbury on Severn

dtrs Joan & Eliz; son Thos exec; witns Henry Tanssend & Margery Link



ATKINGS, Richard - Oldbury, Thornbury

Thos & Peter Warrington; Jn Prevat; Rich Privatt; Chris & Wlm sons of Arnold Atkings of Filton; land in Hill to Thos son of Arnold Atkings; Wlm & Joan Walker; Thos & Wlm Orchard & their sisters; Thos, Jn & Wlm Jones; Thos son of Thos Jones of Westbury; Alice & Jn Cloterbooke; Alice Howell of Littleton; Rob Barnett; Thos Gifford; wife exec; overs Chris Atkings, Rich Orchard, Rich Jones & Wlm Walker

CRONOCKE, Robert - Oldbury, husb

sons Thos, Wlm & Rob; wife Frances exec; overs Thos Homme & Jn Fowler

HATHWAYE, William - Morton, Thornbury, labourer

sis Maud H; wife Jane exec; overs Edmund Patche & Rob Stones

PURLYN, William - Oldbury, husb

childr Wlm & Kath; wife Eliz exec; overs Henry Goffe & Thos Mowar

SANES, Richard - Oldbury

dtr Susan; Eliz Baker, widow; wife Agn exec; overs Rob Marten of Cowhill & Jn Fowler of Oldbury

WEBB, John - Thornbury

sons Thos, Walter & Rich; "wife unmarried" (mentioned twice); execs childr Alice & Anthony; overs bros Geo (Bell?) & Thos Webb