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Abstracts from

WILLS 1600 - 1614

for Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Documents can be seen on L.D.S. Film series #0091387 thru to #0091393 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.

All known probate records in the Gloucester registry, for Thornbury and Oldbury.

Abbreviations should be fairly self explanatory.

Exec = executor, Overs = overseers. Jn = John, Geo = George, etc


DYER, William - Morton, Thornbury

Henry, Thos, Joan & Jane Hathwaye; sons in law Wlm & Thos Pache; dtr in law Margt Pache; Henry, Jms & Rich Pache; Wlm Poope; Jn Perse; Jn Backer; Joan Mabye; Alice Nellinge; Jn Smyth; goodwife Samsonne; Jn Dornye; Jms Howell; bro in law Jn Hathway; exec Jn Hathway jr; witns Henry Pache, Judith Stones, Joan Maby, Jms Howell & Wlm ..

MARTEN, Robert - Cowhill, Oldbury

Margt & Jn Barnard; Jn, Ellen & Wlm Pache; Susan Baren; Eliz Garde; Thos & Jn sons of Peter Bruten; Mary dtr of Agn Marten; exec Rob Hobbes; overs Rich Orchard & Rich Floyde

PATCHE, Thomas - Oldbury on Severn

son Edmund; wife Kath exec; witns Thos Russell & Wlm Lawrence

PATCHE, William - Cowhill, Oldbury

sons Jn & Wlm; Abel Littell; wife Eliz exec; overs Rich Orchard & Rich Floyd

TAYER, John - Thornbury, yeo

childr Alice, Agn, Cicely & Jn; mother Mary Cooke; Mr Marmin, minister; wife Joan exec; overs bro Thos T & Jn Hilpe senr & jr

TYLADDAM, Thomas - Thornbury

son Wlm; son Thos & his son Jn; son Jn & his son Rich & other childr; wife Eliz exec; overs Wlm Tyladdam of Berkeley & Wlm Weare of Thornbury


AGBOURNE, Francis - Oldbury (minister?)

wife Joan; Thos Jones of Northwicke; Roger Adye; Wlm Bruten; Luce Parker; exec Joan Adye; overs Wlm Houlder & Jn Smeth

BAYLE, Joan - Falfield, Thornbury

Joan & Forten Beron; Thos, Margt & Jn Phellepes; exec Thos Morce; overs Wlm Houlder & Jn Smeth

DIER, Thomas - Morton, Thornbury, taylor

son Evan; wife exec; overs father in law Jn Thurner of Oldbury & Rob Longe

HARRYS, Thomas - Thornbury, shoemaker

cousin Rich Lynck; witns Alice Overbury, Jn Hobbes & Agn Hobbes

IDOLLES, Alice - Oldbury, widow

Rich Idolls; Joan Chappell; Edmund Baall; Agn wife of Thos Baall; sis Helen Dawe; bro Wlm Hardinge; poor: Jms Woode, Leonard Freeman, Margt Thorne & Margery Felps; exec son Jn I, jr; overs son in law Rob Chappell

ILLES, Catherine - Thornbury, widow

exec son Arthur Dunster; overs Wlm Ogborne & Rich Champnes

PACHE, Elizabeth - Cowhill, Thornbury

buried at Oldbury; Kath Hakenes; execs sons Wlm & Jn P; witns Thos Peares & Rich Floyd

THURSTON, Robert - Oldbury, Thornbury

bro in law Rich Heaven; bro Edward T & his dtr Eliz; sis in law Agn Tonnsende; cousin Judith Tonnsend; bro Thos T & his childr Margt & Rob; bro Jn T & his childr Edward & Thos; bro in law Rich Linke & his dtrs Alice & Joan; Jn Orcharde; Juliane Line; sis in law Alice Thurston; exec bro in law Rich Link; overs Roger Caple & Jn Fowler


DYMBERY, Thomas - Thornbury, weaver

Thos, Edward & Jn, childr of Jn Mabbatt; Jn son of Edward Smithe; Marian wife of Jn Mabbatt; bro Wlm D; exec son in law Edward Smyth of Thornbury; overs Thos Harris & Wlm Ockborne

FOSTER, William - Thornbury

Agn Jones, Ellen Aldum, Alice Seger & Eliz Hurell; childr of Rich Foster; Geo Baker; wife Kath exec; witns Nichls Baker & Geo Moore


HOLBOROWE, Thomas - Oldbury, husb (Oldbury on the Hill)

Leonard Freman; aunt Arnoll; Alice Arnoll; Margery Felps; Augustine Towgh; Jms Wode; Margt Thorne; Jn Butlar & his wife Agn; mother; bro Wlm; sis Joan; Cicely & Joan Leigh; Eliz Idolls; Chris Panter; bro Ralph H exec; overs Thos Richeman & Nichls Chapell


PATCH, John - Sibland, Thornbury, husb

childr Agn, Edmund & Thos; Wlm son of Wlm Patch of Thornbury; Agn Sumpkins; bro Henry P; wife Cath exec; overs Thos Patch & Jn Doggins

PATCHE, James - Morton, Thornbury, husb

dtr in law Joan Worlocke; dtrs Eliz & Cath; wife Eliz exec; overs Edward Davis & Henry Adye


ALLEN alias CHOPP, Robert - Oldbury, husb

childr Rob & Joan; bro Anthony to marry svt Eliz Webb; sisters; Thos Lincke; Francis Tayler; Kath Heaven; Rich Wither jr; bro Jn; bro in law Jn Ford; Henry son of Thos Houberow of Thornbury; Mr Thos Woodcock curate; Geo Clerke; wife Joan exec; overs father Jn A als C of Badminton Magna & Rich Wither

COXE, Julian - Oldbury

sisters Anice Thurner & Alice Parey; Eliz Lynke; Margery Parey; Jn Lyncke & his sons Thos, Wlm & Rich; Joan dtr of Thos Coxe; Rich Jones; Wlm Leney; Rich Wethear; exec bro in law Jn Lyncke; overs Roger Capel gent & Thos Russell

FOWLER, Thomas - Over Morton, Thornbury

childr Mary, Rich, Edward, Joyce, Eliz & Margt; svt Christian Cole; Eliz Gillett; Thos Gillett of Thornbury; 2 sons named Thos; son in law Geo Collins & his wife; Eliz Millmay widow; Ellen Popley; wife Margt exec; overs Edmund Patch & Wlm Howell; witns Joan wife of Edmund Patch & Thos Woodcock curate

HOUSE, John - Oldbury (listed as missing)

dtr Joan; wifes father Geo Wale of Tytherington; wife Judith exec; overs Oswald Stitch of Tytherington & Wlm Howell; witns Arthur Dunster, Rich Thorne & Rich Lyncke

LONGE, Isabel - Thornbury, widow (found in 1629)

son Jn & his childr Edward & Alice; Joan & Agn Longe; dtr Margt wife of Jn Spencer & their 4 childr; goddtr Isab Hixe & her sis Eliz; Agn Hixe; dtr Joan Hixe; son Jn exec; overs Edward Davis & Wlm Lyncke

MAUNSELL, Robert - Whitfild, Thornbury, weaver

bro Phil; sis Susan; mother Edith M; wife Eliz exec; witns Giles White

PACKER, John - Thornbury, husb

bros dtr Eliz P; kinsman Rob Coocke & Steven Packer; 4 childr of Jn Bower; 2 childr of Edward Packer; Agn Badminton; Eliz Merricke widow; Henry Stevens; Margt Martene; kinswmn Edith Bowyer; exec Edward Packer of Tytherington; overs Thos Badmiton & Jn Bowyer

SLIMBRIDGE, Thomas - Thornbury, smith

house to Thos & Eddy childr of Thos Lewse of Horton; kinswmn Margt Byeggood; exec Alice Golding; overs Jn Burton jr & Jn Whit; witns Nichls Bycknell, Thos Harrod & Jn Bretton jr

TAYLOR, John - Thornbury

son Wlm; wife Alice exec; overs Rich Agrove & Wlm Lyncke; witns Edward Davis

TYNDALL, Alice - Falfield, Thornbury

Margt Newport; Alice Daves; dtr Margt; Rich & Benedict Bowyer; Jeff Bover; execs Thos Allen & Asten Daves; overs Wlm Houllder & Wlm Skay


BOWSHER, William - Thornbury, husb

bro in law Rich Knapt; sis Julian; childr of sis Joan; mother; exec Rob Erell; overs Wlm Ogborne & Jn Walker

TRATMAN, Lodowick - Buckover, Thornbury, yeo

bro Jn decsd & his sons Jn & Wlm; bro Edward T of Estwood & his dtrs Joan & Ann; godtrs Ann Heynes & Joan Collins; Rich Cole; wife Mary exec; witns Rich Haynes, Rich Grove & Jn Pope

WILCOX, Richard - Thornbury

2 childr; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Burtton & Wlm Sertch; witns Thos Harrold


BARTON, John, senr - Thornbury, butcher

sons Jn, Wlm & Rich; 3 dtrs; wife Mary exec; overs Wlm Barton & Jn Serche; witns Wlm Lewes, Wlm Lydeatt & Wlm Ogborne

IDOLLES, Thomas, senr - Oldbury, husb (Oldbury on the Hill)

Leonard Freman; Thos son of Ralph Coxe; Wlm Dawe; Margery Brownynge; Rob Shipwey of Sopworth, Wilts; execs: Agn, Jms, Joan, Stephen, Eliz & Martha Harris; overs cousins Thos Idolles jr & Jn Idolles jr; witns Wlm Leigh, parson, Jn Idolles at ye Elme & Rob Chappell

ROBINES, Francis - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

sons Rich, Wlm & Thos; wife exec; overs Wlm Boyce & Rich Thurner

WADLEY, Margaret - Thornbury

sis Alice Tayller & her son Wlm; Henry son of Thos Holborne; bro Ralph Wadley; exec sis Alice Tayller; overs Thos Pitcher & Thos Holborne; witns Wlm Lynke & Edward Davis

WALTER, Agnes - Oldbury on Severn, widow

dtr Margt wife of Wlm Baker; svt Mary Streadne; execs sons Wlm & Thos W; overs Jn Fowler & Wlm Lawrence; witns: Jn Wither & his wifeAgn; Edith Woode, widow; Rich Wither & his wife Mary; Thos Woodcocke, clerk

WETHER, John - Oldbury

Joan Cox & her sis wife of Wlm Laurens; Eliz Clarke, widow; Rich Wether; Jn son of Wltr Filde; Jn Hobes; Edye & Mary dtrs of Rich Farnell; wife exec; overs Wlm Laurenc & Rich Thurner

WOOD, Richard - Oldbury on Severn

dtr Margt Marten; (dtr?) Alice Sansome; wife Edith exec; overs Henry Townsend & Jn Marten


DAVIS, Roger - Thornbury

Henry, Jn, Anne & Thos Holborne; Jn Pearse; Joan Mathewes; Alice Apece; Joan Hathewaye; Thos Goughe; poor of Mortone; godson Mychell Doarye; Edward Patche; Thos Hankom; execs Thos Pitcher & Thos Holborne

GRAINGER, Henry - Thornbury, weaver

dtr Kath; sis Jane; wife Agn exec; overs Rich Wyllkoxe & Jn Hobbs; witns Thos Wood, Rich Tayer & Wlm Ockborn

MYDELLTON, Edith - Sibland, Thornbury, widow

Benedict & Joan Tyson; Wlm, Henry, Joan, Alice &Agn Clarke; 4 childr of Wlm Phempenie; Edward Ward; Agn Phempenie; Dorothy Nicklas; Bridget Champnis; Jms & Guy Lawrence; Giles, Sam & Rob sons of Giles Clarke; Giles & Edith childr of Jn Clarke of Auste; Mary & Edith dtrs of Wlm Tyson; Mr Lurris Wyshe; Jn Tornie senr & jr; Giles Hober; exec son in law Giles Clarke of Alveston; overs Jms Lawrence gent & Wlm Ogborne

WITHER, Agnes - Oldbury

dtr Agn; Eliz dtr of Agn Winckell; childr of Christian Erell; svt Mary Stredne; exec Christian Erell widow; overs Wlm Baker & Wlm Laurence; witns Henry Skriven

WYTHER, Thomas - Morton, Thornbury

bro Rich W; bros son Rich; bro Henry W & his dtr Joan; wife exec; witns Rob Stones & Arthur Stones


ADAMS, William - Oldbury, Thornbury

childr Rich & Bridget; wife Avice exec; overs Rich Adames & Roger Rede; witns Abrm Kowlley, Jn Howell & Thos Probott

ALLEN alias CHAPP, Joan - Morton, Thornbury

Ann dtr of Thos Patche; chlidr Rob & Joan; exec bro Thos Patche; witns Rob Stones & Wlm Milmay

HEAVEN, John - Oldbury, Thornbury (surname written as Hefna)

sis Ellen; Rob Longe; exec sis Kath H; witns Wlm Admes, Edward Cayne & Rich Tucker

PATCH, Joan - Morton, Thornbury

svt Margt Wyrt; godtr Joan Wyther; Mychell Wytt; bro Thos West; exec bro in law Edmund Patch; overs Mychell Wyrts & Thos Harrold

RUSSELL, John - Oldbury, husb

Geo son of Wlm Bearne of Littleton; bro Rich R; bro Hugh son of Giles Linnet of Nibley; bro Wlm Linnet; sons in law Rich, Wlm & Thos Robines; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Thorner & Rich Smythe of Littleton; witns Phil Withers

STONES, Arthur - Morton, Thornbury, yeo

childr Agn, Rob, Edmund & Alice; son Wlm exec; overs Edmund Champneyes & Rob Stones; witns Wlm Howell, Thos Patche & Jn Edmondes

WETHER, Edmund - Morton, Thornbury

dtrs Joan & Kath; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Edwardes & Roger Reede; witns Rob Erle, Jn Poope, Edward Marshe & Thos Johnes


CHAPPELL, Edward - Oldbury, weaver (probably Oldbury on the Hill)

dtr Eliz C exec; overs kinsman Rob Chappell; witns Jn Byrdlie

DANNCYE, Philippa - Falfield, Thornbury, widow (name given as Philip in index)

son Edward D & his son Edward; Wltr & Jn Danncye; dtrs Margt Dennynge & Welthian Shalford; exec son in law Thos Dennynge; overs Henry Jones & Jn Tylladam; witns Rob Danniell

DUNSTARRE, Arthur - Oldbury on Severn

childr Rich, Margery & Eliz; witns wife Helen D, Humphrey Stoddard, Chris Stratford & Wlm Linke

DOGGINE, Jane - Thornbury, singlewoman

Julian Doggine & her childr Thos, Jn, Wlm, Eliz, Jane & Kath; decsd bro Wlm D; sis Joan Fordes; exec Julian Doggine widow; overs Wlm Lydeatt & Thos Thuren; witns Wlm Ogborne, Jane Wheller & Joan Walker

EARLE, Robert - Cowhill, Oldbury

Rich Earle of Thornbury & his dtrs Agn, Joan & Kath; Jn Earle of Littleton & his childr Jms, Jn, Thos, Joan & Edith; Thos Orchard; sis Joan Walker; bro Jn E exec; overs bro in law Rich Walker & Rich Orchard senr of Littleton; witns Wlm Bourne, Thos Mall, Jn Pesely & Jn Walker

HALL, Joan - Oldbury, Thornbury, widow

svt Eliz Hyll; Jane Brown; exec father Rich Wether; witns Humphrey Stodard

HALLE, John - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

unborn child; wife Joan exec; witns Rich Wether of Hill, Jane Lyne & Cath Morse

THURNER, Thomas - Oldbury on Severn

Rich & Edy Dymrye; Thos Moaringe; childr Kath & Wlm; Jn Kinge; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Larance & Thos Thorner; witns Thos Snotter, Jn Fell & Jn Beale

WESTE, John - Oldbury, husb

Roger Reede & his wife; Rob Cornock; sis Eliz W; uncles Wlm Godfre & Geo Atkines; Margt Andras; Mary Dunster; Thos Warrington; Rich Nelmes; Jn Prueat; Joan (Breat?); Francis Taylor; Eliz Clarke; Eliz Baker; Joan Barow; Wlm Arter; Jane Line; Thos Nashe; Jn & Rich Tomes; Edward Lincke; sis Margt W exec; overs Roger Reede & Jn Fowler

WHITFIELD, Richard - Oldbury, yeo

bro Thos Champneys; sisters Mary & Bridget Champneyes; Rich Orchard & his childr Wlm, Thos, Rich, Margery, Eliz & Joan; Thos, Alice, & Eliz childr of Rob Perriman; Thos son of Jn Marten; Wlm son of Wlm Asten; Margt dtr of Jn Linck; wife Mary exec; overs Jn Linck & Edward Linck


ALPAS, John - Thornbury, baker

childr Jn, Thos, Wlm, Alice, Cath, Eliz & Margt; wife Ellen exec; overs Thos Tayer & Jn Champneys

EDOLLS, William - Morton, Thornbury

sis Alice E; bro Jn E; bro in laws childr; wife Joan exec; overs Rob Lounge & Rich Ember; witns Henry Wither

GRIMSTON, Thomas - Kynton, gent

wifes kinsman Wlm Crandell; lease at Oldbury; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Adye & Wlm Ogborne; witns Jn Jones of Greenhowse

MARSH, William - Thornbury, tanner

bro Henry; sisters Joan & Agn M; mother in law Eliz Wilcox; svt Thos Brinckworth; wife Mary exec; overs cousin Mr Rich Atwell & bro Edward

NASHE, Thomas - Oldbury, husb

Thos Diper of Olveston; Kath More; Eliz Baker of Oldbury; Eliz Clerke; Wlm Arthur; exec cousin Jn Owland of Northwicke; witns Thos Warington, Rich Ady & Jn (Smikyrme?)

PACH, Edmund - Wolford, Thornbury, wheelwright

sisters dtr Agn Thorne of Little Barrinton; Michael Wickes; bro Jn of Ulands; Wlm Ogburne; wifes bro Wlm Thurner; svt Wlm Pitt; Jn Edwards; Jn & Joan childr of Rich Weather; Jn & Cicely childr of Wltr Butler; svts Agn Thurner & Margt Pollin; Mrs Sprint; poor of Morton; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Linke, Wlm Oborne & Jn Fenin; witns Thos Waterford & Jn Apase

SKEY, Anne - Falfield, Thornbury, widow

sons Wlm, Thos & Henry; 2 sons named Jn; dtr Margery Hyll; son Wlm & his dtr Edith; exec dtr Joan S; overs Henry Jones & Edward Danntesey

STONES, Robert - Morton, Thornbury

poor of Kinton; childr Wlm, Jn & Agn; Alice Godfre; 5 childr of Jn Godfre; godtr Joan Mildmay; svt Alice Smyth; kinsman Wlm Stones; sis Godfree; bequest from Peter Merycke; son Jn exec; overs Wlm Mildmay & Wlm Lyncke

WEARE, William - Coudayes Hille, Thornbury, yeo

dtrs Margt & Helen; dtr Susan exec; overs Mr Tyndale; witns Anthony Ewins, Lewis Arthur, David Wythwind & Henry Hitchman


ADDAMS, Richard - Cowhill, Thornbury

dtr Agn Barowe; Geo, Thos & Mary Deane; Jn Deane jr; Rich Adams & his sis Bridget A; son Rich exec; overs Roger Caple & Thos Peirse; witns Jn Waker & Thos Hancock

IDOLLES, John, senr - Oldbury (Oldbury on the Hill)

Wlm, Thos & Agn Idolles; son Jn exec; overs Rich Jackeman & Rob Chappell; witns Wlm Leigh parson

JORDAN, Anthony - Thornbury, husb

sis Mary; son & dtr; bro Jn J exec; overs bro Nichls J; witns Thos Tyndale

MERRICK, Elizabeth - Thornbury

childr Jn & Agn Badmington; cousin Jn Badmyngton; sis in law Jane Merick; Mr Jn Sprint preacher; exec son Thos Badmyngton; overs Edward Bracy of Tockinton & Jn Champneys of Thornbury

RODMAN, Robert - Oldbury on Severn, husb

exec - betrothed spouse Joan Lewett; witns Thos Waters, Kath Waters & Jn Osswell

WHYTE, Alice - Oldbury (found under 1614)


PATCH, Isabel - Thornbury

Wlm Walker jr; Henry & Jane childr of Wlm Walker; Isbl dtr of Guy Silcockes; kinswmn Joan Barton; exec Thos son of Wlm Walker; overs bro Wlm Barton & Jn Bearch

SMYTHE, Alice - Morton, Thornbury, singlewoman

bro Jn S; sis Eliz; Jn Jonsone & his bros; Edward, Thos & Alice Jonsone; 2 childr of Wlm Tyler; Edmund Seger; Thos Ady; Rob Shepard; Joan & Anne Mildmay; Agn Stones; Margt Coxe; Alice Godfree; Eliz Jones; Jms Pope; exec Mr Jn Stones; overs Wlm Mildmay

SNOTTER, Thomas - Oldbury on Severn, husb

(Bollam?) Newth of Dursley & his son; Wlm son of Wlm Hitchins; Henry & Joan White; wife Eliz exec; overs neighbs Thos Thurner & Jn Clotterbuck; witns Wlm Ogborne, Jn Hardine & Thos Treheren jr

TUCKER, Richard - Oldbury, yeo

childr Jn, Stephen & Margt; wifes childr Rich & Bridget by Wlm Addames of Oldbury decsd; wife Avis exec; overs Roger Read, Wlm Lynck, Rich Orchard & Wlm (Chommes?); witns Rich Savage & Jn Payne


CURNOCKE, Philip - Morton, Thornbury, husb

dtr Tomasine C; wife Anne exec; witns Jn Mortymer & Wlm Lyncke

LENNIE, William - Oldbury on Severn, husb

son Wlm; Elnr Gyfferd; wife exec; overs Rich Jones senr & Wlm Lawrenc

MEISEY, Jenyferne - Oldbury (Oldbury on the Hill/ testator was male/ name given as Jennifer in index)

son Rich; dtr Kath exec; witns Wlm Leigh minister & Thos Hardynge

PATCHE, Edmund - Morton, Thornbury

3 childr of sis Susan; Agn Dumford; Jn Hooper; Jn Jonsone; bro Thos P exec; witns Wlm Lyncke

WHELLER, Abel - Thornbury

childr Wlm, Eliz, Margery & Giles; wife Jane exec; overs Thos Barton & Jn Champneys; witns Thos Hauborn

WHYTE, Alice - Oldbury, widow

son Henry; bro Thos Snotter; dtr Joan W exec; overs Jn Fowler & Anthony Chapp

YEARROTT, Richard - Oldbury on Severn, husb

master Chris Nashe; aunts dtrs Anne & Eliz Lawrence; uncles childr; Ricketts childr; witns Jn Dawney