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Abstracts from

WILLS 1625 - 1635

for Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Document can be seen on L.D.S. Film series #0091399 thru to #0091405 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.


PITCHER, Agnes - Thornbury

childr Rich, Agn & Joan P; dtrs in law Cath, Susan & Mary Pitcher; exec son in law Wlm Pitcher; overs Wlm Stone & Rich..

WALKER, John - Oldbury, husb

dtrs Eliz & Anne; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Stournes of Littleton & Wlm Howell of Oldbury

WALKER, William - Oldbury, husb

son Edward & his sons Jn & Wlm; dtr in law Elnr; Jn, Rob & Margt Benney; wife Joan exec; overs: Jn Ady & Wlm Pruett


EDMONDS, Thomas - Thornbury, shearman

grandsons Thos & Lewis Wade

JONES, Richard - Oldbury

son Edward & his childr Rich, Eliz & Joan; son Rich & his childr Chas & Joan; dtr Eliz Pearce & her sons Jn Hancock, Rich, Thos & Wlm; Agn Barrow; Joan wife of Morris Hancock of Ingst; dtr Julian wife of Thos Hill of Ingst & their childr Edward & Eliz; dtr Eliz Moore & he son Rich; Rich son of Jn Jones of Elberton & his childr Henry & Eliz; dtr Agn wife of Thos Champneis of Elberton & their sons Edward & Rich; execs wife Eliz & son Jn; overs Wlm Linke of the Marsh & Edward Thurston

KALLOWEY, Thomas - Thornbury, carpenter

childr Rich, Wlm, Mary, Margt & Jane; wife Mary exec; overs Jn Baker & Rich (Flock?)

LINCK, Margery - Oldbury (supposedly in 1628 / not found)

MORTIMER, William - Thornbury, hooper

late wife Margt; Rich Tayer; dtr Dorothy; dtr Agn exec; overs Thos Groome of Brokeborrow & Agn Groome of Thornbury

TAYLOR, Edward - Thornbury, blacksmith

dtr Eliz Aston; son Rich; dtr Susan Treheren; dtr Joan; bro Thos; kinsman Wlm Tayler; son Wlm; wife Susan exec; overs Wlm Ogborne & Thos Treheren


CURNOCK, Robert - Falfield, Thornbury, husb

dtrs Anne & Edith; bro Abel & his son Thos; wife exec; overs landlord Rob Webb & bro Jn C

JONES, John - Thornbury

son Henry & his childr Henry, Jn, Eliz, Mary & Agn; dtr Agn wife of Henry Duddine of Elberton; son Wlm; son Jn & his son Thos; childr of dtr Joyce; dtr Margt Wallies & her childr Thos, Eliz & Mary; execs son Jn; overs son in law Henry Duddine & kinsman Jn Jones

MUNDAY, Nicholas - Thornbury, yeo

land in North Nibley to bro Thos; bro in law Geo Hyet & his childr; bro in law Thos Russell & his childr; uncle Thos Munday; sisters son Rich Wikely of North Nibley; sis Christian Russell; exec Mary dtr of Thos Russell; overs uncle Wlm Curnock & Wlm Purnell both of North Nibley

PARKER, John - Thornbury

married twice; Thos Tawyer gent, deceased; sons Jn, Rich & Nathaniel; dtr Hannah & her uncle Wlm Layght in Tewxbury; dtr Mary; sis Julian Hill; Alice wife of Nathaniel Stokes; dtr Eliz & her childr Jn & Eliz Skidmore; exec son Wlm; overs bro Edward P & cousin Jn Champneis

PEGLAR, John - Falfield, Thornbury, weaver

Eliz & Jn childr of Jn Phillips; 3 childr of Rich Plummer; uncle Smiths 4 dtrs; Francis Barme; sist Eliz Phillips exec; overs Rob Booy & Jn Corners

WALKER, John - Cowhill, Oldbury

dtrs child Eliz (Yrin?); grandson Jn Walker; wife Joan exec; overs Rich Lewes & Thos Davys


COLE, Thomas - Thornbury

childr Rich, Thos, Wlm & Eliz; exec father Rich Cole of Buckon, Thornbury; overs bros Rich & Wlm C

HARDING, Richard - Thornbury (missing)

HOBBES, Richard - Thornbury wife Joan exec


ADDAMS, Richard - Cowhill, Oldbury, yeo

son Rich; dtr Joan & her grandmother Joan Larrance; relatives Rich Addams, Geo Deane & his sis Mary D; Rich son of Rich Packer; Jn Deane; svts Jn Baker & Elnr Barton; godson Rich son of Wlm Walker; present wife Elnr exec; overs Wlm Larrence of Oldbury & Thos Pearce of Cowhill

ALPAS, Eleanor - Thornbury, widow (PCC: listed as "missing")

childr Margt & Thos; dtr Kath Tekell; dtr Eliz wife of Walter Crass & their son Jn; deceased dtr Alice Hill & her son Thos; exec son Jn; overs Edward Thurston, gent & Jn Champneys [details added to list: 14 Sep 1998]

SKEY, John - Falfield, Thornbury, weaver relatives Thos, Wlm & Ann Skey; late bro Thos S; Wlm Ames & his childr Wlm & Sara; Margt Prowt; wife Maud exec; overs bro Wlm S & bro in law Wlm Ames


ATWELLS, Richard - Thornbury, late of London, draper (probably born at Cromhall)

bur Thornbury; church of Cromhall; bro Jn A, his wife Agn & son Jn; sis Susan wife of Rob Webbe; bro in law Brice Webb; sis Jane Webbe; son of cousin Margt Allen; childr of bro Arthur Hicks; childr of sis Margt Hicks; Wlm Edwards married to wifes dtr & their dtr Ursula; wifes son in law Wlm Gwenson; wifes sis & 2 bros; cousin Arthur Crewe of Heyworth; cousin Joseph Cocke & his wife; Sam Packer; Mr Palmer, preacher; Sam Geale senr; uncles son Wlm Crewe; Wlm son of Rich Hicks of Boynton; Jn Russell; Wlm Hobbs; Morgan Hicks senr; Jn Tanner; Eliz Yonge of Cromhall; Mr Higgins of Wickwar; preachers: Mr Hoell, Mr Maxie, Mr Mathewes, Mr Grayle, Mr Potter, Mr Marshall; Mr Maior of Thornbury; neighbs Jn Packer, Wlm Jones, Jn Champneys & Wlm Higgins; company of Drapers in London; exec wife Ursula; overs bro Jn A, bro in law Rob Webb, cousin Thos Hicks, son in law Wlm Edwards;

codicil: tenement called Brentmarshe, purchased of Thos Wisse of Hope, Thornbury to Morgan, son of late bro Arthur Hicks by his wife Eliz

DIER, William - Kinton, Thornbury, yeo

childr Wlm, Eliz, Deborah & Jayne; sis Judith Cole; godsons Jn Traherne, Wlm Tanner, Rich Jones of Cromhall, Joseph Reene & Roger Tanner; wife Eliz exec; overs bro in law Edward Thurston & kinsman Thos Traherne


BREWTON, John - Morton, Thornbury (not found)

GAYNER, William - Thornbury, blacksmith sons Wlm, Jn & Rich; dtr Alice; wife Margt

LINCKE, Henry - Oldbury, yeo

bro Wlm L & his childr Wlm, Margery & Eliz; Wlm Linkes childr Jn, Henry & Mary; Chas Jones & his sis Agn; Elnr Thurston; kinswoman Eliz (Broming?); wife exec; overs Edward Thurston & Rich Thurner

LYNCKE, John - Oldbury

bur Thornbury; bro Wlm; sis Ursula & Eliz; Mary dtr of Rob Godfred; Jn Jones; bro Thos L; mother; father in law; bro Rob Godfred


RUSSELL, John - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

grandchildr Rich, Jn & Mary Couly; exec son in law Wlm Coully; overs kinsman Roger Russell & Humphrey Whitfield


AGROVE, Richard - Sibland, Thornbury, husb

wife Mary; son in law Thos Lawrence; kinswmn Ellen widow of Wlm Hicks; dtrs son Wlm Jones; exec kinswoman Joan Jones; overs Jn Jones of Thornbury & Rich Cole of Buckover

SCREENE, John - Falfield, Thornbury

childr Margt, Jn & Thos; son Rob exec

TELLADAM, John, senr - Falfield, yeo

sons Rich, Jn, Thos & Wlm; dtrs Frances, Marie & Eliz; wife Penelope exec; overs Jn Yeamons of Tortworth & Wlm Skey of Falfield


HANCOCK, Maurice - Thornbury, yeo

bros Thos & Rich; sis Marie Paker of Horton; son in law Giles Curteyes; grandtr Eliz Curteys; wife Eliz Curteys; overs Edward Thurston of the psonage & Jn Barnsdale of Woodford, gent

HARROLD, Thomas - Thornbury, glazier

son Rob; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Patche of Kinton, Thornbury, yeo & David Lewis of Thornbury, butcher

HOOPER, John - (given as Thornbury in index/actually from Yate)

MANN, Susanna - Moorton, Thornbury, widow

dtrs Eliz Fowler & Abigail Man; sis in law Joan Hewes; son Jn exec; overs bros in law Wlm Scotte & Henry Hewes of Moorton

PACHE, Katherine - Sibland, Thornbury

minister Wlm Maxey; granchildr Kath, Gillian, Guy, Wlm, Jn & Eliz Lawrence; dtr in law Susan Taylor; exec dtrs husb Guy Lawrence; overs Peter Hawkesworthe, gent & Guy Silcoxe

PENDOCKE, John, senr - Thornbury

wife Theophilus; son in law Rich Symons; dtr Elnr; grandsons Jn & Guy Symons; grandson Jn Pendock; son Jn exec