Abstracts from

WILLS 1636 - 1650

for Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn

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Complete Document can be seen on L.D.S. Film series #0091406 thru to #0091413 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.

The modern index to Gloucestershire Wills lists several instances of Wills in the late 1640's period being missing. Yet as will be seen from some of the annotations below, Leslie's search of the microfilms of available Wills has discovered this is happily not the case.


BRACY, Edward - Thornbury

wife Joan; Edward Pears of Oldbury; bro in law Rob Simons; Jn Demock of Hampton, yeo; execs: Thos & Mary childr of Jn Deverall of Stoke Gifford; overs Jn Richards & Edward Richards of Almsbury

LAWRENCE, William - Oldbury, Thornbury, yeo

son Guy; deceased dtr Joan; dtr Ann Adames & her childr Ann & Eliz; kinsman Wlm Howell; Elnr Filde; Henry Cullimore; Jaon Millorde; Rich Thurner; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Patch & Rich Adames


BRUTON, John - Murton, Thornbury

Dorothy dtr of Arthur Rowles of Broome; Stephen Spencer; paupers: Joan Barton & widows Joan Morrys & Eliz Janson; bros Wlm & Henry B; mother exec; overs friends Wlm Hobbs & Peter Hicks

CLARKE, John - Oldbury, husb

son Wlm; dtr Frances; wife Alice exec

SCOT, Thomas - Kinton, Thornbury, weaver

son Rob & his wife Edee; grandchildr Rob, Thos, Wlm & Margt Scott; grandchildr Thos, Wlm & Joan May; exec dtr Edee Scott; overs neighbs Peter Hawkesworth, gent & Edward Thurstone of Kinton, yeo


FREIND, Nicholas - Moreton, Thornbury, yeo

bro Wlm F of Heuly, Box, Wiltshire & his son Nicholas; Anne wife of Jn Baker of Heuly, Box; Edith wife of Rob Scot & their childr Wlm, Thos, Rob & Margt; Margt & Eliz dtrs of Wlm Bally of Old Sodbury; Christian Wheare; svt Alice Wattes; cousin Wlm Freinde of Marlbury, Hampshire; Thos Browne senr of Chipping Sodbury; poor of Old Sodbury; wife Anne exec; overs Jn Burrowe senr & Rich Cornewell, both of Old Sodbury

GAYNER, Thomas - Thornbury, husb

clerks Jn Pammer & Jn Sammers; bros Rich & Jn ; dtr of Jn Gayner; sis Alice Hobes & her dtr Jane Coocker; Jn White jr; Wlm Gayner & his childr Wlm, Rich, Jn & Alice; Wlm Howle, weaver, son of sis Margt; bro Bartholomew exec; overs Jn Jones jr & Rich Russell of Littleton on Severn

SHEPHEARD, John - Morton, Thornbury, yeo

grandchildr Rich, Thos, Wlm & Eliz Cole; grandchildr Jn, Wlm, Anne & Mary Shepheard; present wife Eliz; exec natural son Wlm; overs grandsons Jn son of Wlm Shepheard & Rich son of Thos Cole

THORNE, John - Thornbury, innholder

dtrs Eliz, Alice, Dorothy & Joan; present wife Alice exec; overs Jn Jones & David Lewis of Thornbury


COTES, Richard - Morton, Thornbury

wife of Henry Hewes; kinsman Jn Cotes exec; overs Wlm Stones & Andrew Butler

HARRIS, Thomas - Oldbury, yeo

sons Rich & Thos; Zachary, Jms & Mary, childr of Bridgett Harris; dtr Agn Watts & her dtr Edith; dtr Eliz Stiffe & her dtr Eliz; son Steven & his son Thos; dtr Martha exec

IDOLLS, Philip - Oldbury on the Hill, husb

cousins Kath, Sara & Eliz Iddolls; kinswoman Jane Grant; goddtr Edith Robinson alias Hunt; sis Agn Daw; sis in law Agn Iddolls; exec cousin Rich Iddolls

PATCH, Joan - Moreton, Thornbury, widow (given as John in index)

sisters son Jn Gee & his son Henry; sis Eliz Gee; kinsman Joseph Gee & his childr Rich & Margt; Wlm Gee; Jn Wyther, wheeler & his bro Edward; Peter Wyther & his bro Rich; Michael Wickes & his son Wlm; Wlm Thorne & his wife at Barrington near Burford, Oxford; goddtrs Joan Beedgood, Eliz Gee, Mary Parker & Joan Thurstone; Kath & Sara dtrs of Ellen Parker, deceased; Rich, Wlm & Mary childr of Evan Dyer, blacksmith of Thornbury; Sam son of Rich Thurner; Mr Maxey; bro Wlm Thurner; exec kinsman Geo Gee; overs Peter Hawkesworthe & Wlm Higgins of Kinton

WEETHER, William - Morton, Thornbury

bros Jn, Henry & Thos W; sisters Yedie & Agn W; sisters Eliz Saise, Judith Cartinter, Joan Lewes & Marie Hayward; mother Joan Weether exec; overs Nicholas Lewes & Henry Wether


BRADLEY, John - Thornbury, shoemaker

childr Jane & Jn; execs Thos Herring of Elberton & Wlm Sheild of Tydington

RICHMAN, Thomas - Oldbury on the Hill, husb

childr of Rob Chapple; Isaac Richman; wife Eliz exec; overs Rich Gawen & Edmund Stiffe

WALKER, William - Cowhill, Thornbury (listed as "missing")

2 sons named Rich; childr Jn, Rob, Mary, Cath & Christian; son Wlms 3 childr; son Thos & his childr; childrens grandfather Jn Zegear; childr of dtr Jane; late son Henry; wife Alice exec; overs bro in law Jn Stepines of Lidelton & Thos Rusell senr of Oldbury


ATKINS, Thomas - Thornbury, yeo

son Jn; sis Eliz, wife of Jn Crockett, citizen & grocer of London; execs sons Thos & Wlm; overs bro Jn Crockett & bro Sam Summers of Caune, Gloucester, yeo

DOLE, Dorothy - Rangeworthy

grandchildr Morris, Mary & Martha, childr of son in law Rob Hobbs; grandson Morris Hobbs & his sons Thos & Rob; son Wlm Dole & his 4 sons, 3 dtrs & dtr Joan; decsd son Giles D; son Wlm D exec; overs Jn Hobbs senr & Sam Pratt

HOBBES, William - Thornbury (partly torn)

bros son Jn Hobbes of Tytherington; present wifes dtr Jane Cooke; present wife Alice exec


JONES, John - Sibland, Thornbury

childr Wlm, Thos, Jn, Joan, Martha, Sara & Agn; bro Henry J; wife Margery; dtr Mary exec; overs bro in law Edward Thurston & Edward Thurston, baker

OCKFORD, William, senr - Thornbury, husb

childr Wlm & Mary; present wife Mary exec; overs Jn Stephens of Littleton & Rich Wyther of Northwicke

PROWTE, Thomas - Falfield, Thornbury

dtrs Eliz, Alice, Mary & Martha; wife; son Thos exec

WEBB, Anthony - Fawfield, Thornbury

childr Jane, Bridgett, Jn & Guy; Rich & Wlm Phillips; wife Dorothy exec


PHILLIPPS, Elizabeth - Morestade, Thornbury, widow

dtrs Mary & Margt; poor of Tortworth & Falfield; Ellen Carpenter; Jn & Wlm Phillipps; exec kinsman Jn Nelme & Jn Hickes; overs Arthur Hickes of Cromhall & Rob Borge of Falfield


WEBBE, Richard - Thornbury

sons Thos & Geo; dtr Eliz wife of Chris Siffard & their childr; 2 childr of son Wlm; son Jn & his son; exec present wife Ann; overs Jn Stephens of Littleton & Wlm Walker of Thornbury


COLLINS, Richard, senr - Eastwood, Thornbury

son Rich & his childr Rich, Jn, Thos, Mary & Anne; son Tim & his son Thos; dtrs Joan Hill & Eliz Cob; childr Thos, Mary, Sam & Jane; wife exec; overs Rich Cole of Buckon, Thornbury & Nicholas Powell

COOLE, Richard, jr - Bocker, Morton, Thornbury

2 sons named Jn; dtr Mary; execs father Rich Coole & sis Anne Coole; overs Edward Longe & bro Wlm C

CULLYMORE, John - Oldbury on Severn, husb

bro Henry; exec sis Joan wife of Thos Brooke of Oldbury

HILL, Thomas, senr - Thornbury, tanner

son Rob; dtr Ann exec; overs neighbs Rob Barton, Thos Powell & Wlm Webbe

JAYNE, Edward - Keinton, Thornbury

dtr Eliz wife of Edward Webb; sons Thos & Edward; son Jn exec; overs Jn Tayer & Jn Wither


BARTON, Eleanor - Morton, Thornbury, widow

dtr Joan Smith; Rich Wither; 3 childr of Rob Roche; Thos son of Jn Joanes; dtrs Jane Godd & Alice Freland; sis Eliz & her dtr Winifred Burnell; cousin Martha Burnell; grandson Thos Jones; son Wlm exec; overs bro Wlm Burnell & kinsman Jn Burnell

DENINGE, Mary - Fawfield, Thornbury, widow

Eliz Hendey; Edith Idordes; bro Wlm Tilladam exec

FRIEND, Agnes - Moorton, Thornbury

son in law Jn Ady of Moorton, labourer & his childr Henry, Kath & Eliz; Jn & Thos Adey; Henry son of Isab Wood, widow of Woodford; Agn Ady, widow of Moorton; Ann Moorton, widow & her childr Ann & Joseph; Guy, Jn, Kath, Gillian & Eliz, childr of Guy Lawrence; Thos & Jn sons of Jn Pearce, blacksmith of Moorton & his wife Agn; Joan wife of Geo Linckhorne; Gillian & Mary Hathway; exec Guy Lawrence of Moorton; overs neighbs Geo Raymond & Edward Long of Moorton

HOBBES, Roger - Thornbury, plasterer

dtr Joan; wife Joan; sis Jane Denning & her dtr Eliz Lowgrove; Alice Alpas; uncles Thos & Wlm Hobbes

RUSSELL, John - Thornbury

sons Jn & Wlm; father Jn R; Thos Smith & his childr; wife Mary exec; overs bro Thos R & bro in law Edward Smith


BENNY, Robert - Oldbury, Thornbury

bro Jn & his childr Susanna, Isedea & 3 others; bro Rich & his wife Agn; bro Wlm; godson Tim Mathewes; wife Susanna; overs 3 bros

CHAMPNEYS, John - Thornbury

son Edmund; Jn & Frances childr of Edmund Champneys; dtr Joan Woodard of Wickwar; dtr Agn Purling; Jn son of Rob Wodard; Wlm, Eliz, Rob, Tobias & Mary Wodard; Nathaniel, Abigail, Jn, Hannah & Mary Purling; Eliz Thurston & her dtr Mary; grandtr Sarah Champneys exec; overs Rob Woddart & Rob Thurston

DUNSTER, John - Thornbury, yeo (listed as "missing")

dtr Joan wife of Jn Smith & their sons Jn & Joseph; son in law Jn Brooke & his sons Thos & Jn; son inlaw Wlm Bennett, his wife Alice & their son Jonathan; relatives Kath, Bridget, Jn & Guy Webbe; Jane wife of Wlm Millard; Geo Brooke of Oldbury & his bro Thos; svts Wlm Davis & Martha Hobbes; present wife Joan exec; overs sons in law Jn Smith & Wlm Bennett

HARRIS, Philip - Thornbury, 'ventinor'

childr Ann, Joan & Thos; present wife Mary; son Wlm exec; overs Theophilus Quinton of Rockhampton & Jms Forslee of Thornbury, surgeon

MORTIMER, Francis - Thornbury, shoemaker

sis Joan wife of Andrew Butler & their childr; bro Wlm; wife Mary exec


GAYNER, Richard - Falfield, Thornbury (supposedly missing)

childr Phil, Nathaniel, Giles, Agn & Mary; grandson Jn Russell; wife Martha exec; overs Barholomew Gayner & Thos Ewy


SHEPPARD, William, senr - Morton, Thornbury

son Wlm; son in law Phil Jones, his wife Mary & their childr Ann, Sara, Jn & Mary; svts Thos Butler & Mary Parker; wife Ellen exec; overs Phil Jones & Wlm Stones

WHEELER, Giles - Morton, Thornbury, husb

present wife Susanna; Ann present wife of Guy Lawrence; Alice dtr of Peter Wither; Agn Gough; exec kinsman Wlm Ogbourne of Thornbury, baker; overs neighbs Guy Lawrence & Wlm Benney