OLD 2016 Notes


I took up the role of maintainer for the Gloucestershire pages in January 2015. I would welcome comments, corrections, suggestions and contributions across the whole of Gloucestershire to glsgen[at]cpevans[dot]org or via the comments link in the footer of most pages.

There is already a great deal of useful material here and my original intention was to enhance and update the main and thematic pages as well as flesh out the parish pages as quickly as possible. However GENUKI was on the point of being transferred to a new system and it proved more useful to make sure that the structure of the pages was tdied up ready for that change. 


The conversion to the new cms system for the Gloucestershire pages has been completed and you are now reading them! I have therefore restarted the "What's New" Change Log from scratch. Most pages will show a revision date of around 4 - 10 January 2016  - the date when the conversion and tdying up took place.


Parish structure

Carrying over from the pre-conversion work there is still some revision of the parish structure. You can see the background on the Towns and Parishes page with a link to some more detail This means that there is continuing revision of the parish listing and gazetteer and you may find some odd results from time to time! 


Based on the various contacts that I have received I plan to look at the following parishes:

  • Chedworth
  • Quenington
  • Coln St. Dennis.

Change Log - post conversion