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Names in John Oakey's 'Reminiscences of Winchcombe' [JAO] 1940

This information has been compiled exclusively by John Fox from the above publication

Abbreviation:  LTA = "Land Tax Assessment"

Name Comments Trade Address
ADLARD, Edward JAO.p9; Mr Edward Adlard demolished 6 cottages   Churchlands
ADLARD, Frank JAO.p.9; Mr Frank Adlard's lawn
1901 Parish Mag: return from Boer War
ARUNDEL Mrs 1850s: 6d per horse
JAO:p.4: where Drinking trough was
  Toll Cottage, Gretton Rd(1850s)
COLEMAN JAO:p.21; 1860s Constable  
COOPER Charles JAO:p.13; 1870s? Publican George Hotel
COURT Ann JAO:p.8-Unicorn Inn?    
COURT Caroline JAO:p.8-Unicorn inn?    
COURT Richard JAO:p.8 -Unicorn Inn? Innkeeper Glos St
COURT Thomas JAO:p.8-Unicorn Inn?    
COX George JAO:p.7:late 1930s. Doctor Abbey Terrace (Stone House?)
COX William 1860's: Winchcombe's last Low Bailiff
JAO:p.6:late 1860s. Lloyds Bank House?
Doctor 11 High Street
CUNNINGHAM Clement Augustus 1854-60:taught JAO at Kings & Townsends School, Abbey Terrace Schoolmaster  
EDWARDS Nathaniel Ag Lab in 1871; Gen Lab in 1881. JAO:p.12; 1860s Nath Edwards mowing Postlip Gen Lab  
FINCH Esther JAO:p.8 "a villa"    
FINCH John JAO:p.8 "a villa" Farmer  
FINCH Mary JAO:p.8 "a villa"    
HALL John Hosted Annual Social Supper
JAO:p.5: bought & demolished Tythe Court,1847
Publican Plasterers Arms
HALL John JAO:p.14; 1860s, baker of Gloucester Street Master baker  
HARDING Elizabeth JAO:p.8 "a villa"    
HARDING James JAO:p.6:bakery on site of Wesleyan Chapel/Guide hall Baker High Street
HARVEY John Ridout Rev Vicar: 1834-1871. JAO:p.18 Vicar The Old Vicarage
HASLUM William JAO:p.7;1870s? kept stonemasons shop & lime house Stonemason Abbey Terrace(Stone House?)
HICKS Charles JAO:p.8 "a villa"    
HOLIDAY JAO:p.9 "a farm...Holiday's bull"   Corner Cupboard
HOLLIDAY Mary JAO:p.8 "a villa"    
HOLLIDAY Thomas JAO:p.8 "a villa" Farmer  
HORLICK Miss JAO:p.7:house next to (Lloyds) 'a grotto'   Bleby House?
HUMPHRIES Robert JAO:p.4:'carried his moke thru Toll Gates' Labourer  
HUNT Thomas JAO:p.8:bottom west [of street] Skin Dealer Vineyard Street
JACKSON William JAO:p.14; covered spring waggon to Cheltenham    
JONES Anthony JAO:p.19; grandfather to JAO   1800s-1870s?
JONES Thomas JAO:p.14; two horse bus to Cheltenham    
JUGGINS Thomas JAO:p.8 "a villa"    
LANE William JAO:p.5:1850s- kept shop at Cross Grocer  
MAJOR William JAO:p10. lived in cottage to west of Balloon House Ag Lab  
MASON Richard 1865 ?Present at Annual Social Supper, Plasterers Arms
JAO:p.5: 'built The Bell, 1862'
MILLS, Squire JAO:p.18; 1860s, kept a pack of harriers   Corndean Hall
NEWMAN son = Conway
Doctor Lloyds Bank House
NEWMAN Conway Father= Dr Newman
Doctor Lloyds Bank House
OAKEY John A JAO: 'Reminiscences of Winchcombe' Mason 190? = Balloon House
1847 - 1940
OKEY John Grandfather of JAO Mason North Street
PARDINGTON Charles JAO:p.23; a character, had a quarry on Cleeve Hill
Amateur Detective
Quarryman Greet Road
PEARSON Mrs JAO:p.13; 1870s? walked to Cheltenham, often daily    
PITTAWAY Thomas JAO:p.7;1860s, old cottage west of Plasterers Arms Papermaker Abbey Terrace
POWDERHIL John JAO:p.10,22; Josiah Powderhill
LTA21: 119= 3 tenements, 7/8d; owner= John Howman
  End Cottage west of Balloon House
RICHARDSON Mrs JAO:p.13; 1870s? walked to Cheltenham, often daily    
ROWLAND Joseph JAO:p.17; flagcarrier at Whit parade    
SHOTTEN Amy JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN Ann JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN Elizabeth JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN James JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN John JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN Joseph JAO:p.8:"old house" Stonemason  
SHOTTEN Martha JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN Matilda JAO:p.8:"old house"    
SHOTTEN Richard JAO:p.8:"old house" Ag Lab  
SIMMONS Mary Anne JAO:p.5: Old Post Office Postmistress North Street
SKINNER Caleb JAO:p.24: opposite the workhouse   1835
SKINNER Charlotte JAO:p.24: opposite the workhouse   1831
SKINNER Hannah JAO:p.24: opposite the workhouse   1801
SKINNER Isaac JAO:p.24: opposite the workhouse [Rabbit Box House] Hawker 1806
SKINNER Isaac JAO:p.24: opposite the workhouse Ag Lab 1828
SMITH George JAO:p.13; carried bread to Cheltenham on his moke Baker?  
SMITH Thomas JAO:p.12; Thomas Saltman Smith, also farmed Postlip
The Account Books of Thomas Smith, Ireley Farm, Hailes
  Ireley Farm
SMITH William JAO:p.22; benefactor, big house near Gasworks
1865 Presided at Annual Social Supper, Plasterers Arms
  The Farm
SWINBURNE Thomas Ward 1870s: Swinburne Family were staunch Congregationalists
JAO:p.5:'built Chapel in Gretton Rd'
  Corndean Hall
TOVEY Amy JAO:p.10: opposite Corner Cupboard   1789
TOVEY Caroline JAO:p.15    
TOVEY George JAO:p.30; visit to London, 1884 Mould Maker  
TOVEY James JAO:p.10: opposite Corner Cupboard Butcher, Master 1829
TOVEY John Wire working trade; dandys/weavers[papermill trade] JAO: Mill, Castle St (run for generations) Master Weaver opposite Corner Cupboard
TOVEY John JAO:p.10: opposite Corner Cupboard Musician 1825
TOVEY Rebecca JAO:p.15; daughter to William Tovey, helped at school   1780 -
TOVEY Sarah JAO:p.10: opposite Corner Cupboard   Glos St
TOVEY William JAO:p.15: taught John in 1850s age 90, in Glos Str
LTA21: 21= 2 tenements; School=cottage[John Major,1935]
Schoolmaster 1760 - 1855
TOVEY William JAO:p.10: opposite Corner Cupboard Weaver  
TRENFIELD Denis Sold part for road widening,1835. Dismantled Smallbread Hall
JAO:p.8: 1860s,lived Jacobean House
Solicitor Abbey Grounds
TROTMAN William JAO:p.6: 1870- burgled by David Johns
LTA21: 47= house; 2/8d
  High Street
WALKER James JAO:p.7: School Schoolmaster Smith-Wood house
WHITE John JAO:p9. John White lived in cottage against Vicarage wall. Ag Lab  
WILLIS Sam JAO:p.6 & 20:1860s Grist Miller Castle Street
WOODWARD JAO:p10. lived in cottage to west of Balloon House    

COUNT OF Names: 82

[This information was kindly contributed by John Fox in April 1998]