Winchcombe, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"WINCHCOMBE lies 17 miles from Gloucester City, 11 from Tewkesbury and 7 miles from Cheltenham. Its ancient name was "Wincelcombe" in the kingdom of Mercia. Catherine PARR widow of Henry VIII died here in child birth on Sept 5th 1584. In 1830 two paper mills were owned by Messrs LLOYD & Co, and Mr P. TRIGENT. The parish church dedicated to St Peter was built in the reign of Henry VI; the vicar in 1830 was Revd. Jno. James LATES. Two seats are 'Toddington' of C.H. TRACY Esq. and 'Stanway' the seat of the Earl of Wemyss & March. In 1821 the population was 2,240 inhabitants."
ASHMORE ThomasGentWinchcombe
ASTON JohnRevd.Hood Stanway, Winchcombe
BANCKS AdamSurgeonWinchcombe
BANCKS ClementSurgeonWinchcombe
BAYLIS JohnGentFarm, Winchcombe
BECKETT ElizabethGrocer / DraperWinchcombe
BECKETT WilliamTailorWinchcombe
BEE JamesWheelwrightWinchcombe
BELL EdmundStone MasonWinchcombe
BEST ThomasInnkeeperTracy Arms Inn, Winchcombe
BLABY AnnDay AcademyWinchcombe
BLABY MaryMilliner /DressmakerWinchcombe
BRISCOE BenjaminSmithWinchcombe
BROWN Edmund ThomasGentWinchcombe
BRYDGES EdwardTannerWinchcombe
BURROWS AnnConfectionerWinchcombe
CASTLE JohnHairdresser / PerfumerWinchcombe
CASTLE JohnSaddler / TawerWinchcombe
CHADBORN CharlesCarrierWinchcombe
CHADBORN CharlesInnkeeperThe Old Gate Inn, Winchcombe
CHADBORN Jos.Boot & Shoe MakerWinchcombe
CHADBORN SamuelTailorWinchcombe
COMB ThomasTailorWinchcombe
COOPER JohnStraw Hat MakerWinchcombe
COOPER JohnInnkeeperThe George Inn, Winchcombe
CUNNINGHAM JamesGrocer / DraperWinchcombe
DIXON PriscillaBoarding & Day SchoolWinchcombe
EDDY -----Revd.Toddington, Winchcombe
ELCHO SusanLadyChurch Stanway, Winchcombe
FLUCK SarahMiliner / DressmakerWinchcombe
GELDER AnthonyTailorWinchcombe
GREENING AustinGentHales, Winchcombe
GREENOUGH RobertButcherWinchcombe
GRIFFIN ThomasSaddler / TawerWinchcombe
GRIFFITHS John HigfordAttorneyWinchcombe
GRIZZELL SarahLinen DraperWinchcombe
GRIZZELL ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerWinchcombe
GUIST JosiahEsq.Wormington Grange, Winchcombe
HALE ThomasGentGreet, Winchcombe
HALL JohnBakerWinchcombe
HALL ThomasSlater / PlastererWinchcombe
HALL Thomas junSlater / PlastererWinchcombe
HALL WilliamSlater / PlastererWinchcombe
HALL William junSlater / PlastererWinchcombe
HAMP ThomasEsq.Castelett, Winchcombe
HAMPTON AnthonyWheelwrightWinchcombe
HARDING JohnCarrierWinchcombe
HARVEY AnnButcherWinchcombe
HARVEY Mary & AnnMilliner / DresmakerWinchcombe
HARVEY RichardButcherWinchcombe
HAWKES JosephSmithWinchcombe
HIRONS ElizabethMrs.Winchcombe
HITCHMAN WilliamRetail BrewerWinchcombe
HORNSBY WilliamTailorWinchcombe
HOWMAN JaneInnkeeperThe New Inn, Winchcombe
HOWMAN ThomasParchment makerWinchcombe
HUGHES JamesWheelwrightWinchcombe
HUGHES RichardPaper Mould makerWinchcombe
HUGHES WilliamCarpenter / JoinerWinchcombe
HUNT WilliamTailorWinchcombe
HYATT JohnBaker, Maltster & MillerWinchcombe
IRELAND ThomasInnkeeperThe White Lion, Winchcombe
JACKSON GeorgeInnkeeperThe Unicorn, Winchcombe
JACKSON WilliamCarpenter & joinerWinchcombe
JOHNSON WilliamWatch makerWinchcombe
JONES FerdinandoButcherWinchcombe
JONES HenryPainter, Plumber, GlazierWinchcombe
JORDAN ThomasBoot & Shoe MakerWinchcombe
KENDRICK CharlesAuctioneer & Land AgentWinchcombe
KENDRICK Jno.Baker, Maltster & MillerWinchcombe
KITCHEN WilliamBoot & Shoe MakerWinchcombe
LACEY StephenGentWinchcombe
LANE HenryStone MasonWinchcombe
LATES Jno. JamesRevd. Free SchoolWinchcombe
LATES John JamesRevd.Parsonage, Winchcombe
LLOYD & Co.Paper ManufacturerSudley Mills, Winchcombe
MARTIN PaulEsq.Alderton, Winchcombe
MASON EdwardCooperWinchcombe
MASON JohnGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
MASON WilliamGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
MASON WilliamGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
MATTHEWS WilliamChymist & DruggistWinchcombe
NEWMAN MaryPainter, Plumber &c.Winchcombe
NEWMAN ThomasCarpenter & JoinerWinchcombe
PARKER CharlesGentHales, Winchcombe
PEARSON WilliamCarpenter & JoinerWinchcombe
PHYTHIAN & ADAMSSurgeonsWinchcombe
POTTER JohnTailorWinchcombe
POWDRELL JohnTailorWinchcombe
POYNER CharlesAuctioneerWinchcombe
RENARD JosephSurgeonWinchcombe
ROBERTS JohnCarpenter & JoinerWinchcombe
ROWLAND JohnStocking WeaverWinchcombe
SANDFORD JosephAttorneyWinchcombe
SCILLUM WilliamGentWinchcombe
SEXTY GeorgeShopkeeperWinchcombe
SHEWELL WilliamBrazier & TinmanWinchcombe
SHOTTON GeorgeStone Mason & BuilderWinchcombe
SIMMONDS FrancesMilliner & DressmakerWinchcombe
SIMMONDS WilliamPostmatserWinchcombe
SIMMONDS WilliamGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
SLATER SarahGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
SLATTER EmanuelInnkeeperThe Plough Inn, Winchcombe
SLATTER EmanuelCarpenter & JoinerWinchcombe
SMALLBROOK MaryEarthenware DealerWinchcombe
SMITH HenryEsq.Greet, Winchcombe
SMITH JohnGentFord, Winchcombe
SMITH JosephMaltsterWinchcombe
SMITH Mary AnnMrs.Winchcombe
SMITH WilliamGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
SPENCER WilliamTailor & DraperWinchcombe
STAITE JohnIronmongerWinchcombe
TALBOT GeorgeEsq.Temple Guiting, Winchcombe
TAYLOR CyprianGentHales, Winchcombe
TIMBRELL GeorgeBoot & Shoe MakerWinchcombe
TIMBRELL GeorgeIronmonger & Fire OfficeWinchcombe
TOMBS MaryDay SchoolWinchcombe
TOWNSEND WilliamGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
TRACY Cs HanburyEsq.Toddington, Winchcombe
TREADWELL WilliamFellmongerWinchcombe
TREGENT PatrickPaper ManufacturerPostlip Mills, Winchcombe
TRENFIELD DennisAttorneyWinchcombe
TURBERFIELD RichardCooperWinchcombe
TURBERFIELD WilliamCooperWinchcombe
TUSTIN WilliamCarrierWinchcombe
TUSTIN WilliamGrocer & DraperWinchcombe
WAGSTAFF SamuelSmithWinchcombe
WALKER JohnEsq.Lower Guiting, Winchcombe
WEBB GeorgeLand SurveyorWinchcombe
WELLS ThomasDay SchoolWinchcombe
WHITE JohnEsq.Candean House, Winchcombe
WHITE WilliamButcherWinchcombe
WHITMORE BarnwellInnkeeperThe White Hart, Winchcombe
WILLIAMS AmbroseShopkeeperWinchcombe
WILLIAMS ThomasAttorneyWinchcombe
WILLIAMS ThomasFire Office AgentWinchcombe
WILLIS JohnBakerWinchcombe
WILSON SusannahMrs.Winchcombe
WINTER JohnShopkeeperWinchcombe
WOOD RichardEarthenware DealerWinchcombe
WOOD SusannahMrs.Winchcombe
WYNETT ReginaldRevd.Guiting Grange, Winchcombe
WYNETT ThomasEsq.Stanton, Winchcombe
WYNNE CharlesRoad SurveyorWinchcombe
YARRINGTON HenryInnkeeperMarquis of Granby, Winchcombe

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 10th November 1993]