Notes from the 1821 Census, Herefordshire


Abstract of Population 1821 - Census Statistical Returns 1822.
"Items of Interest in the Notes"

A compilation of the significant increases, or decreases in population since 1811,
transcribed by Alan Longbottom. © 2000

Note: Most Census returns between 1801 and 1831 amounted to little more than 'head counts'. This account (compiled in 1822) simply suggests reasons for local population changes, based on a comparison of those counts. Names of individuals were not recorded.

Greytree Hundred - Weston under Penyard

Increase of machinery and consequent idleness, is supposed to have caused an increase of bastardy at Weston under Penyard.

City of Hereford

The increase of Population is ascribed to vaccine innoculation, to the Peace, and to the convenience of a market.

[Transcribed by Alan Longbottom in February 2000 from returns at the PRO, and made available with permission]