Dorstone St Faith's Church, Herefordshire - a list of Incumbents 1321-1887

This list was collected and transcribed © 2005

25 Jun 1321 William de GOSYNGTON
16 Nov 1321 John FEES
30 Apr 1351 Roger WHIPPE
5 Oct 1362 Wm. YEONGE on resig. of Roger WHIPPE
22 Apr 1364 Sir Walter GARNAGE ?
4 Dec 1369 John ELY
28 Nov 1370 Richard KUN
28 May 1395 Robert de WOLVESDALE
19 Dec 1401 Hugh BALDEWYN
17 Mar 1409 Thomas BURGEYS on resig. of Hugh BALDWYN
? Richard JANNDO
1 May 1421 John ADDERLEGHE on resig. of Richard JANNDO
? John EKLEY
12 May 1453 William CLERKE on resig. of John EKLEY
25 Feb 1481 Robert WAUGHAM on death of Wm. CLERKE
10 Jan 14B6 Thos. ap GRYFFYTH on death of Robt. WATHAM ?
12 Mar 1664 Thomas PROSSER B.A[1]
15 Jul 1685 Hugo PUGH M.A on death of T.P[2]
21 Nov 1699 Thomas PROSSER B.A on resig of Hugo Pugh
3 Dec 1737 Thomas PROSSER B.A on death of last incumb.
7 Aug 1751 Thomas PROSSER B.A on death of T.P
1 Apr 1761 Samuel PROSSER B.A or. death of T.P
29 Oct 1765 Thomas PROSSER on resig. of S.P.
11 Apr 1780 Theophilus PROSSER on death of T.P.
17 Nov 1794 Thomas PROSSER on death of Th.P
9 Aug 1843 Thomas POWELL on death of T.P
17 Feb 1887 Thomas PROSSER POWELL B.A. on death of Thos P.[3]


[1] At Dorstone, the Patronage was in the hands of the PROSSER family, hence the long run of PROSSERs, with almost every new man being the son or nephew of the previous incumbent.

The first of the line, Thomas PROSSER, graduated BA from New Hall Inn at Oxford and was Vicar of Llansadwrm and of Llanwrda co Carmarthen from 1663; by 1663/4, he had acquired the advowson of Dorstone and became its Vicar then and also of Moccas from 1673. He was buried 18 Feb 1684/5 at Dorstone leaving issue who provided the Vicars of Dorstone from then until well into the 20th Century.

Thomas's brother William PROSSER was baptised at St Margarets, co Hereford and went to London where he became a wealthy Coachbuilder. He returned to Herefordshire c1650 and acquired the Snodhill estate in Peterchurch.

[2] Thomas's widow Sarah married Hugh PUGH, a Clerk in Holy Orders, on 29 Jun 1685 at Dorstone and he was inducted into the Vicarage there on the 15 Jul following; he resigned before 21 Nov 1699 when the Testator's eldest son Thomas became the next incumbent. This Thomas further augmented the family fortunes by marrying Joan MADDY (on 14 May 1700 at Dorstone) who brought with her the advowson of Bredwardine with Brobury.

The Snodhill and Dorstone Prossers were then (re)united in 1739 when Thomas PROSSER their son married Sarah PROSSER of Snodhill.

[3] Thomas Prosser POWELL was the grandson of the last Thomas PROSSER.