Leominster, Herefordshire - Kelly's Directory, 1913


Extract from Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire, 1913

Transcription by Richard Lane © 2003


LEOMINSTER is a municipal borough, market and union town, head of a petty Sessional division and county court district, 42½ miles from Gloucester, 38½ south from Shrewsbury, 11 south from Ludlow, 24½ north-by-west from Ross, 77½ from Bristol, 84 from Bath, 137 by road and 141½ by rail from London and 12½ from Hereford, in the Northern division of the county, hundred of Wolphy, rural deanery of Leominster and archdeaconry and diocese of Hereford. There are three rivers running through the town - The Lugg, Pinsley, and Kenwater. In the Doomesday Survey this place was called "Leofminstre," and tin the character of 1123 "Leominstre". Queen Mary's charter of incorporation, in 1553, recites the name as "Leompister", alias "Lempster", and it has also been written "Loveminster". That the name is in part derived from the monastery existing here from a very early period there can be no doubt; but the origin of the prefix which has been the subject of numerous conflicting opinions is still unsettled. Leominster borough, which is upwards of seven miles in length, is divided into two parishes, viz. the Borough parish and the Out-parish, from which, however, a portion has been severed for ecclesiastical purposes and designated "The District Chapelry of St. John, Ivington". The station on the Shrewsbury and Hereford joint line of the Great Western and London and North Western Railways adjoins the town, and there is another station at Ford Bridge, 2½ miles south, which is in the Out-parish. An extensive trading business with Radnorshire and adjacent parts is carried out by the junction line of the railway from this town to Kington and its neighbour hood, which was opened in August 1858. An Act of Parliament was passed in the year 1874 for the construction of a line of railway between Leominster and Bromyard, so as to form a junction with the Worcester and Bromyard Railway; this line was finished in 1897.

   The Town was incorporated by charter of Queen Mary in 1553, and as early as the year of 1295 returned two members to Parliament: by the "Representation of the Peoples Act, 1867", it returned one member only, and by the "Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885", the representation was merged in that of the county. The Corporation consists of four aldermen and twelve common councilmen, from whom or from outside the council a mayor is chosen yearly. The borough, which is divided into North and South Yards, has a commission of the peace. The "Local Government Act, 1858", has been adopted by the borough, the Home Secretary excluding from the operation of the Act all that portion of the municipal borough known as the Out-parish of Leominster; in 1867 upwards of £13,000 was expended in perfecting a system of sewerage and water supply for the inhabitants and completed in 1868: the water is pumped from the engine-house on the Worcester Road to the reservoir at Newlands, which in 1902 was enlarged and now holds 425,000 gallons.

   The Town is clean in appearance, and well paved, and is lighted with gas from works in Broad Street, the property of a company, established in 1836, and also with electricity; some of the streets are wide and many of the houses are modern and of good design, but there are also some fine specimens of timber built houses, with grotesquely carved brackets and barge boards.

   The Town is undoubtedly of great antiquity, for in the year 658 Merewald, King of Mercia, founded a monastery here for religious virgins and endowed it with all the lands about the town, and in 1125 it became a cell to the Benedictine Abbey of Reading: In 777 a great part of the town, with the nunnery, was destroyed by the Britons: In 1055 the Town appeared to have been fortified and to have taken part in the wars at that time carried out against the Welsh, after which a garrison was put here by command of King Harold II: In the reign of King John the town suffered much by the incursion of William de Braose, Lord of Brecknock, who, about the year 1207, in the absence of the King's Troops from this Town, burst into it with great impetuosity, took possession of its extensive works and plundered and burnt the priory, together with the greater part of the church, and reduced the town to a heap of ruins: It was afterwards rebuilt, but suffered many subsequent misfortunes during the baronial wars: in the time of Henry IV. Owen Glendower, after his defeat in 1402 of Sir Edmund Mortimer, uncle of Edmund, 5th Earl of March, of that name, despoiled the priory and appropriated its revenue to his own use; in 1539; the priory was dissolved, John Glover being the last prior: The manor belonging to the priory, with its appendages, was transferred to the Crown, its courts abolished and the inhabitants subjected to the control of the Lords Marchers; shortly after this event the inhabitants of Leominster, in large numbers, supported the interests of the Princess Mary Against those of the Lady Jane Grey, and inflicted a decisive check on the Protestant party, who had taken possession of the old British entrenchments at Cursneh Hill, on the banks of the Pinsley, killing nearly the whole of them in open combat and summarily executing the few who survived the contest; this blow was thought by Mary to be of such importance to her cause that she heaped individual honours and preferments on those who were instrumental in obtaining the victory, and granted to the inhabitants in general their first Charter of Incorporation, dated 28th March 1553, by which Charter the court of record was established, power given to have a separate court of quarter sessions, a gaol, coroner, certain markets, annual fairs and many other privileges and lands; and the corporation were directed for ever to maintain a Free Grammar School out of lands and hereditaments thereby granted unto them; the priory buildings have since its dissolution undergone many alterations and were finally sold to the Poor Law Guardians, Sept. 7th, 1837, for the sum of £745, and incorporated with the union workhouse, of which, with the exception of the church, it now forms a part.

   Leominster has given the title of baron (Lempster) to the Fermors, Earls of Pomfret, which title became extinct on the death of the 5th Earl, 8 June, 1867.

   The priory church of SS. Peter and Paul is a large and irregularly built structure, about 125 feet in length by 124 feet wide, in the Norman, Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular styles, consisting now of the original nave of seven bays, with its engaged western tower and north aisle, and two collateral naves of later date, with porch on the south side: the tower, of four stages, has an embattled parapet and pinnacles, and contains a clock (without dial) with chimes and 10 bells, rehung, and 2 others added in 1894, at a cost of £354: the existing church thus comprises the parochial portion of the ancient priory church, viz. the nave and certain additions to the south; the choir, transepts and eastern chapels, forming the monastic portion, have almost entirely disappeared, only their foundations, discovered and excavated in 1853, being now extant: apportion of the piers of the former central tower now forms buttresses to the present east end: The Norman nave, c. 1130, is perfect, and furnishes a noble specimen of that style in its simplest form: it consists of seven bays, including that occupied by the central tower, and has triforium and clerestory, but is destitute of any regular vertical division: The lower half of the western tower, up to the parapet of the clerestory, is Norman, retaining its original west window and doorway; the upper stages are Perpendicular: the north aisle, also Norman, was considerably altered in the Early English Period by the insertion of Lancet Windows, some of which are disposed under dormer gables: in 1239 the narrow Norman south aisle appears to have been moved and a large collateral building erected in its place, of much the same size as the Norman nave itself; this now forms the nave proper and is fitted with stalls for the clergy and choir, seats for the corporation and a fine oaken screen; at the west end is a large Perpendicular window, copied from the west window of Gloucester Cathedral, and partially filled with stained glass: beyond this on the south side is the third nave, a structure of singular magnificence and one of the noblest examples in existence of the Early Decorated Style, with a series of five magnificent windows of equal size, divided by buttresses, and profusely adorned with the ball flower ornament: the interior has three beautiful sedilia similarly enriched, and an Early English piscine: the two south naves are divided by a modern arcade, replacing those erected after a great fire which broke out in the church March 18th, 1699, and destroyed a great portion of the fabric: at the south-west angle is a polygonal stair turret and between the two naves a square bell-cote containing the old pre-Reformation Sanctus bell: the mural decorations include an example of the "Wheel of Fortune": the south porch is Early English work: the font, presented in 1842 by the Rev. W. Evans, then rural dean, is a copy of that in the church of St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford: the organ, purchased in 1737, was enlarged in 1797: the church plate includes an ancient paten and chalice, the latter a very fine and perfect specimen of Early 15th century work; a silver chalice and cover, made in 1576, and said to have been given by Sir Thomas Coningsby; a silver flagon, given by Mrs. Ann Osborne in 1722, with other pieces: one of the windows in the nave was carefully renewed in 1884, at a cost of £367 10s.; in 1870 one of the south windows was restored and filled with stained glass by the late Mrs. Elrington, as a memorial to her father and sister: in the baptistery is a stained window erected by the Rev. A. E. Edouart, vicar 1886-1896, in commemoration of the 50th year of his ministry and the 29th of his incumbency: in the south nave is a stained window erected in 1904 at a cost of £800, as a memorial to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, and here also is a fine oak screen erected in 1887: the church was restored after the fire of 1699 at a cost of £16,500, raised by subscription and re-opened on Whit Sunday, May 26th, 1705: the Norman nave was restored in 1865-6, under the direction of the late Sir G. G. Scott R. A. and the restoration of the first south nave was completed in 1879: the fine Decorated nave with its south porch was restored in 1886, at a cost of £400 bequeathed by the late James Whalley, esq.: the tower was thoroughly restored at the beginning of 1891, at a cost of £1,200. The much admired avenues round and in the churchyard were planted at intervals in 1724, 1752, 1778, and 1795; the yew avenue in 1752, at the sole cost of Mr. Isaac Whittington. In the churchyard are monuments to John Ward, gent. D. 30 Oct. 1773, and Sarah his wife, d. 30 Jan. 1786, grandparents of Mrs. Siddons, the actress, and to members of the Kemble family. The register dates from 1549, but part from 1649 to 1652 is very much defaced. The living is a discharged vicarage, net yearly value £270, including glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1912 by the Rev. Henry George Burden M. A. of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, rural dean of Leominster, and surrogate. The presentations to the vicarage of St. John, Ivington, and of stoke Prior and Docklow are vested in the vicar of Leominster.

   The ancient "Ducking Stool", formerly preserved in the old Borough Gaol, has been removed to the church. The latest recorded example of its use here occurred in 1813.

   The Catholic church, dedicated to St. Ethelbert, in the Bargates, erected in 1886, from designs of the late Mr. Peter Paul Pugin, is an edifice of stone in the Gothic style, consisting of chancel, nave, side chapel and sacristy, and has 200 sittings. In front of the church is a statue of St. Ethelbert, erected in 1908, executed by W. G. Storr-Barber, sculptor, of Leominster. There is also a Baptist chapel in Etnam Street, founded in 1656, with 300 sittings, and a Sunday School, erected about 1895; The Congregational Chapel, in Burgess Street, erected in 1867, will seat 250; The Moravian Chapel, in South Street, was built in 1759, and seats 250; The Wesleyan Chapel, in Burgess Street, erected in 1861, seats 250 persons; The Primitive Methodist Chapel, in Green Lane, built in 1873, affords 200 sittings; and there is a Friends' Meeting House, in South Street, erected in 1887, and holding 250, and a burial ground at Newlands, opened in 1904; the Plymouth Brethren meet at 43a, Broad Street, and have a burial ground at Newlands; The Christians' Meeting House is in Bridge Street.

   The ancient "chapelle in Le Fourbury", built by John Peckham, Archbishop of Canterbury 1278-94, and dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury, is a plain building in the Pointed Style, with good east window and two low pointed doorways; it is now occupied by William Thomas Sale esq., as offices, his late father having purchased the property and rebuilt it in 1861.

   The Town Hall, built in 1855, at a cost of about £8,000 (including the site), under a special Act of Parliament obtained in 1853, and from designs of James Cranston esq., of Birmingham, is plain edifice of brick, with dressings of Bath and Grinsel Stone, in a mixed Italian Style, with frontage of nearly 50 feet and a total length of about 100 feet: the interior includes a spacious county court, council room and magistrates' apartments; the lower portion of the building forms the butter and poultry market, which is 125 feet long and upwards of 40 feet wide, conveniently fitted with stalls and packing rooms, back and side entrances, the whole being covered with a corrugated galvanized iron roof: over the entrance is the council chamber, a handsome room, containing a half length portrait of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams K. B., M. P. for Leominster in 1754: here also is a halberd, presented by Sir Thomas Coningsby in 1618: above rises a lofty clock turret, with cupola, containing a clock with four dials, the whole being surmounted by a vane at a height of about 70 feet. The municipal insignia include two maces, a staff of office, the halberd mentioned above and a borough seal. The maces, of silver, are of the usual late type and 27½ inches long, and were presented by Thomas, Lord Coningsby in 1692. The seal of the 13th century is a pointed oval, with a figure of St. Peter holding a book and keys, and a marginal inscription.

   The Old Town Hall, which originally stood in the centre of the town, at the junction of the four main thoroughfares, was erected in 1633 by John Abel, a celebrated architect of his day, who built several other market-houses in this and adjoining counties, and who was afterwards honoured by King Charles I. With the title of "King's Carpenter": it was an elaborately framed timber structure, with four dormers in the roof and a bell cupola, and was supported by twelve oak pillars of Ionic order, with brackets, heads and other carved work and appropriate inscriptions in Latin and English: the lower stage served as a market, and in the upper portion were spacious rooms to serve as a meeting place for the guilds, for quarter sessions and for the transaction of other public business. The building is exhibited in detail, at considerable length, in "Clayton's Ancient Timber Edifices of England", and is there described as being not only then (1846) "in an extremely perfect condition" but also "without doubt the most interesting building of the kind in the Kingdom": being at length found to incommode the traffic it was taken down and sold by public auction May 4th, 1853, for the sum of £95, and was eventually purchased by the late John Arkwright esq., of Hampton Court, and re-erected by him with great care in the Grange, being at the same time converted into a dwelling house: at the base of the upper storey are the following inscriptions: on the north side - Vive Deo gratvs-toti mvndo tvmvlatvs-semper transire paratvs. West side - Where jvstice rule there virtu flow-Vive ut post vivas Sat cito sat bene - Like collvmnes doo vpprop the fabrik of a bvilding so noble gentri doo svpport the honor of a kingdom. South side - In memoria æterna erit jvstvs - 1633: it is now the residence of Theodore Neild esq., M. A., J. P., who thoroughly restored it in 1909, the work being executed by Mr. W. G. Storr-Barber.

   The Free Library in South street was opened in November, 1892; it contains convenient reading and lecture rooms, and has now (1913) over 6,00 volumes, including many books dealing with local antiquities. The library is controlled by a committee, elected annually by the Town Council; H. J. Southall, chairman, John B. Dowding, secretary and librarian.

   The Corn Exchange, on the west side of Corn Square, was erected in 1858 by a company, at a cost of £4,000, raised in shares of £10 each, and is an edifice of brick with Bath Stone copings, containing a large hall, well fitted for the convenience of the numerous dealers who frequent this market; when arranged for meetings it will hold 500 persons.

   The Post Office, in Corn Square, erected in 1908 at a cost of £2,500, is of red brick and stone in the Elizabethan Style.

   The Church Institute, in South Street, erected in 1906, at a cost of £1,780, is an iron building, and contains reading and billiard rooms, and a lecture hall.

   The following banks have branches in the Town: - National Provincial Bank of England Limited, Lloyds Bank Limited, a substantial and commodious building in Corn Square, erected in 1866 from designs by Mr. Henry day, architect, of Worcester, and United Counties Bank Limited.

   The Savings Bank in Burgess Street, established in 1816, is a detached building of brick with Bath Stone dressings, erected in 1857 at a cost of £750.

The old Borough Gaol, in New Street, built in 1750, is a structure of brick, now used as a drill hall by F Company of the 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment, Territorial Force.

   The County Police Station, a structure of brick, in Burgess Street, occupies the site of the old theatre; some adjacent property was purchased and a magistrate's room with waiting and retiring rooms, erected in 1883, at a cost of £1,130.

   The Ancient Order of Foresters (Court Royal Hackluyt), of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (M. U.) and other benefit societies have been established here.

   The Royal Edward lodge of Freemasons (No. 892) meets at the Royal Oak Hotel.

   The town is in the midst of a most fertile district, abounding with orchards, hop gardens and fruitful valleys, producing quantities of corn, timber, wool, bark, cider, and breeding and feeding large numbers of cattle and sheep; there is considerable amount of traffic carried on in these products, large quantities of which are constantly being sent off by rail to the consuming districts. There are implement works, an iron and brass foundry, also several corn mills; woolstapling, brewing and brick making carried on.

   Messrs. Alexander and Duncan limited, of the Lion Works, have a large implement factory here, with a tram road running through the premises, which are completely fitted with the best modern machinery: in connection with these works is a large wholesale and retail ironmongery business.

   The market day is Friday. An auction for the sale of cattle is held fortnightly on Tuesdays. The Cattle Market, available for 300 head of Cattle is in Dishley Street, and the sheep and pig market in Rainbow Street. The fairs are held on the second Friday in January, February 13th, second Friday in March and April, May 2nd, second Friday in June, July 10th, second Tuesday in August, September 4th, Monday before the third Wednesday in October, November 8th and the first Friday after December 11th. The Corporation obtained and Act of Parliament for the better regulation of their markets and fairs, by which many important privileges were conferred, but this power is now transferred, together with the management of the Police, weights and measures &c. to the County Council by the "Local Government Act, 1888".

   The Cottage Hospital, in South Street, erected in 1899 at a cost of £1,500, is a structure of brick, containing three wards and has eight beds and two cots; the number of in-patients treated in 1912 was about 80.

   Leominster Municipal Borough Isolation Hospital, in Leominster Out-Township, was erected in 1902, at a cost of £178, and will hold six patients.

   There are almshouses in the Bargates, erected in 1735 by Mrs. Hester Clark, widow, and endowed by her with £20 yearly; these, which are for four widows, were rebuilt in 1874: the exterior bears a double tablet with a rude but quaint figure of a man in a cocked hat, formerly holding a hatchet in his right hand; but, the hand having dropped off, the hatchet is now suspended against the wall. On one tablet is this couplet -

He that gives away all before he is dead
Let 'em take his hatchet and knock him on ye head

   George B. Cornwall left in 1795 4s. 6d. each to 40 poor widows, to be distributed on Christmas Eve, and to 60 poor housekeepers 2s. each, to be given on New Years Eve; there is also a small charity given in bread to the poor.

   The Orphans' Home in Ryelands road, erected in 1873, at a cost of £1,250, for destitute orphan children, were founded by the late Mr. Henry S. Newman, of Leominster. They are of brick with stone dressings, in a plain style, and consist of two houses under a single roof, holding 40 children (which is the present number), one house being for boys and the other for girls. Orphans under 10 years of age are taken irrespective of creed, and cared for and educated until capable of taking situations. The two homes are under the superintendence of two matron. The Orphans' Printing Press in Broad Street is worked in connection with, and all the profits go towards the support of, the homes; Mr. Harold Easton is the hon. Sec. of the Homes and Press.

   The walks around Leominster are numerous, and embrace "The Grange", a large public recreation ground, situated near the Priory Church, and deriving its name from a grange, or barn, which formerly occupied nearly the whole length of its northern side; it was for many years used as a place for the deposit of rubbish, but in 1855 was rented from the lessees by a committee, who transformed the whole space into gardens, with extensive attached grounds, in which cricket and other matches are played.

   The Old Town Hall, removed from the town in 1853, was re-erected here in1854, at a cost of the late J. Arkwright Esq., and there is also a Russian Gun, brought from Sebastopol and placed here in 1860; Eaton Hill, The extensive camp at Ivington and Cursneh Hill Camp, both in the parish, are worthy of a visit.

   Ryelands, the residence of Miss Wood, is a commodious mansion and stands in its own grounds, commanding an extensive view of the Black Mountains and the Brecon Hills.

   Eaton hill is the residence of Thomas Davies Burlton Esq., J. P.

   Hennor House is the residence of Arthur William Walker, Esq., J. P.; the mansion is approached by a fine avenue of trees half a mile long.

   The manor of Leominster is vested in Mrs. Burrell, of Hampton Court, Leominster.

   The earl of Meath P.C., K.P., Messrs. John and S. H. Wood, J. S. Arkwright Esq., Thomas Davies Burlton Esq., J.P., and Arthur William Walker Esq., are the principle landowners.

   Area of the municipal borough, 8,728 acres; that of the Borough parish being 833 of land and 5 of water, and the Out-parish, 7,847 of land and 43 of water; rateable value: Borough-parish £20,716; Out-parish £15,294. The population of the Borough parish in 1911 was 4,589, and of the ecclesiastical parish, 4,983. The town is included in the Borough parish. The population of Leominster Out-parish in 1911 was 1,148. The municipal borough is divided into north and south wards; the population of the former in 1911 was 4,822, and of the latter 1915.

   Leominster comprises within the Parishes besides the town, the following places: Eaton, Hennor and Stretford; Broadward, Brierly and Wharton; Newton, Stagbatch and Cholstrey; Ivington, Hyde Ash and Wintercott; the extreme length of the parishes being upwards of 7 miles.

   Parish Clerk, Philip Johnson, 38 Burgess Street.

   IVINGTON is an ecclesiastical parish formed, by Order in Council, dated Jan. 1 1844, from Leominster, and comprising Ivington, Hyde Ash and Wintercott; the church being of St. John, 2 miles south-west of the town and erected in 1842, is an edifice of stone, consisting of chancel and nave and west porch, and a western bell gable containing one bell: the stained east window is a memorial to Mrs. May Ann Lane, formerly of Ryelands, about a mile distant, d. 2 Nov. 1851; in the south Aisle is a smaller window, to Mrs. Juliana Bloomfield, daughter of the above, d. 11 Nov. 1860: the church was partly restored in 1868, and further restored in 1900 and 1902 by Miss Wood of the Ryelands at a cost of £900. The register dates from the year 1844. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £270, endowed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, in the gift of the Vicar of Leominster, and held since 1889 by the Rev. Robert Horton, of St. Aidens, who resides at Leominster. The Primitive Methodists Chapel was built in 1907 and will seat about 90 persons. The population in 1911 was 754.

   Letters are delivered in Ivington at 7.30 a.m. & 4 p.m.

   Wall Letter Boxes. - Ivington, cleared at 9.25 a.m. & 6.15 p.m. week days only & Aulden, cleared 9.10 a.m. & 4.45 p.m., week days only.

   WINTERCOTT is 3 miles south-by-west; HYDE ASH, is 4 miles south-west. Wall letter box, cleared at 7.30 a. and 4.15 p.m. daily.

   EATON is 1 mile south on the River Lugg; HENNOR is 2½ miles south-east (Wall Letter Box cleared 5.40 p.m. week days only), and STRETFORD, 2½ miles south-east, on the Cheaton Brook.

   NEWTOWN, 1½ miles south-west, near the River Arrow. Wall Letter Box, Newtown, cleared at 6.15 p.m. week days only. STAGBATCH is 2¼ miles west, on the Pinsley Brook. Wall Letter Box, Baron's Cross, cleared 9.15 and 11.20 a.m. and 6 p.m. week days only. Wall Letter Box, Cholstrey, cleared at 11.10 a.m. and 6,35 p.m. daily. Wall Letter Box, Hennor, cleared at 6 p.m.

   BROADWARD, 1¼ miles south, on the road from Leominster to Hereford, on the River Arrow. BRIERLEY is about 2 south (Wall Letter Box cleared 6.15 p.m. week days only). WHARTON is 2½ south, near Ford Bridge Station. Wall Letter Box, Ford Bridge Station, cleared at 7.10 a.m. and 6.15 p.m.; Sundays, 9.25 a.m.

   Of the above named places, Brierley, Cholstrey, Eaton, Hyde Ash, Ivington, Stagbatch, Stretford and Wharton are in Leominster Out civil parish.


   Post, M.O. & T.O. &Telephonic Express Delivery Office. - Postmaster, W. C. Dixon, 3 Corn Square.

   Hours of all kinds of business, on week days 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays, for sale of stamps &c. registration of letters & other packets, express delivery (outward service) & telegraph business, 8.30 to 10 a.m.; on Bank Holidays sale of stamps &c. registration of letters and other parcels, parcel post, express delivery & telegraph & telephone business, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; postal money order, savings bank, government stock, inland revenue & telegraph money order business, 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

   Telephone, continuous service.

   Letters are delivered on week days at 7 a.m. & 12.40, 4.30 & 8.50 p.m. and on Sundays at 7 a.m.

   Express letters & parcels arriving between the hours of 8 a.m. & 8 p.m. on week days & express letters arriving between the hours of 8.30 & 10 a.m. on Sundays are delivered at once by special messenger.

   Letters & parcels may be posted for each delivery up to 10 minutes before the hour of commencement.

   Parcels for the first delivery should be posted overnight.

   On Christmas Day, Good Friday & Bank Holidays there is only one delivery of letters & parcels, & on Sundays one delivery of letters only (no parcels), commencing at 7 a.m.

   Letters are despatched at *+4.15, *+5.50, 9.25, 10.10 & 11.40 a.m. & 12.30, 3.10, 5.10, *6.20, *7, *+7.35 (extra ½d. stamp, 7.50) & *8.45 p.m.

   On Bank Holidays only the mails marked thus * are dispatched & on Good Friday & Christmas only those marked thus + are dispatched.

Mayor, Councillor George James Abell.
Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Job Biddle.
Retire Nov. 1913Retire Nov. 1916
Henry GoslingRobert Davies
VacancyJames Page
North or Borough Ward.
Presiding Alderman at Ward Elections, vacant
Retire Nov. 1913
Harry BachGeorge Page
Edward Hammond 
Retire Nov. 1914
George James AbellJohn Watkins
John Job Biddle 
Retire Nov. 1915
George GoughHenry John Southall
Elijah Molyneux 
South or Out Parish Ward
Presiding Alderman at Ward Elections, James Page
James Kerr HyslopRetire Nov. 1913Philip Stephen BachRetire Nov. 1915
James MossRetire Nov. 1914 
The ordinary meetings of the Council are held quarterly, & meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month
Mayor's Auditor, Councillor James Kerr Hyslop
Elective Auditors, A. E. P. Hammond & W. J. Walters
Town Clerk & Clerk to the School Attendance Committee, William Thomas Sale, 17 Church Street.
Borough Treasurer, Edwin Preece Lloyd, 28 South Street.
Treasurer to the Urban Authority, William Elsmere, 13 Broad Street.
Medical Officer of Health, Robert Williams, M.B., C.M., Edin, Kingsland.
Borough Surveyor, Sanitary Inspector & Inspector of Common Lodging Houses, James Budd C.E., A.S.I., Town Hall, High Street.
Veterinary Inspector under the "Disease of Animals Acts", Walter Vernon Tuson M.R.C.V.S., 28 bridge Street.
Collector of Rates, James Wilkes, 29 Broad Street.
School Attendance Officer, J. H. Davis, 102 South Street.
Town Crier, William Charles Baxter, 68 South Street.
Sergeant-at-Mace, J. Jarvis & Police Sergeant Powell; William Charles Baxter, Town Beadle.
The Mayor.
Abell George James, 26 Broad Street (Chairman)
Biddle John Job, 21 Etnam Street
Daggs John Arthur, 9 Corn Square
Duncan Andrew, Bankfield House, Newton
Ellwood Michael John, 25 Draper's Lane
Golley James Gill, 151 Bargates
Lloyd Edwin Preece, 30 South Street
Page James, 107 Bargates
Sandland Robert B. 2 High Street
Smith Thomas, 136 South Street
Southall John T., Parkfields, Ross
>Clerk, Charles Edward Arthur Moore, 5 & 6 Corn Square
Borough Petty Sessions are held at the Town Hall every Thursday at 11 a.m.
Burlton Thomas Davies esq., Eaton Hall, Leominster (Chairman)
Arkwright John Stanhope esq., D. L., Kinsham Court, Presteign
Campbell Lieut.-Col. John Edward Robert D.S.O., Brimfield Hall, Herefordshire
Cawley Sir Frederick bart., M.P., Berrington Hall, Leominster
Chambers Major Arthur, Hatfield Court, Leominster
Crichton-Browne Lieut.-Col. Harold William Alexander Francis, Buildwas Park, Cressage, Shrewsbury
Duncan Andrew esq., Bankfield House, Newton, Leominster
Evans Rev. Richard M. A., Eyton Hall, Leominster
Evans Robert Henry esq., Eyton hall, Leominster
Farr James esq., Brierley Court, Leominster
Gillam Thomas Henry esq., Stoke House, Tenbury
Hart-Smith Frank Chamberlain esq., M.B., 24 Church Street, Leominster
Heygate Capt. Edward Leonard Aspinall, Buckland, Docklow, Leominster
Kevill-Davies William Albert Somerset Herbert esq., Croft castle, Herefordshire
Neild Theodore esq., M. A., Grange Court, Leominster
Nott John Harley esq., 18 Etnam Street, Leominster
Page James esq., Hazeldene, Bargates, Leominster
Prescott-Decie Col. Richard D.L., Pontrilas Court, Herefordshire
Russell Henry Freeman esq., Southfield, Hereford Road, Leominster
Scales Martin esq., L.R.C.P.&S.I., Dutton House, Etnam Street, Leominster
Speer Frederick Arthur esq., M.A., Street Court, Kingsland
Southall John Tertius esq., Parkfields, Weston-under-Penyard
Vale Thomas esq., Tyrrelcote Manor, stony Stratford
Walker Arthur William esq., Hennor, Leominster
Wood John esq., M.A., D.L., Hengrave Hall, Bury St. Edmunds
Wright George Ernest esq., Pudleston Court, Leominster
The Mayor of Leominster and the Chairman of the Leominster Rural District Council, for the time being, are ex-offocio justices.
Clerk to the Justices, Charles Edward Arthur Moore, 5 & 6 Corn Square.
Petty Sessions are held at the Court House, County Police Station, Burgess Street, every alternate Friday at 11 a.m. The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division: - Ashton, Bodenham, Brimfield, Bircher, Brockmanton, Croft, Docklow, Eye, Eyton, Ford, Kimbolton, Kingsland, Lawton, Laysters, Little Hereford, Longford, Lucton, Luston, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Mileshope, Monkland, New Hampton, Newton, Orleton, Pudleston, Richard's Castle (Herefordshire Portion), Risbury, Stoke Prior, Stockton, Upton, West Town, Westwood, Woonton, Yarpole.
The parishes in the District are: - Bodenham, Brimfield, Croft, Docklow, Eye, Moreton & Ashton, Eyton, Ford, Hampton New, Hampton Wafer, Hatfield, Hereford Little, Hope-under-Dinmore, Humber, Kimbolton, Kingsland, Laysters, Lucton, Luston, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Monkland, Newland, Orleton, Pudleston, Richard's Castle, Stoke Prior & Yarpole. The area is 55,492 acres; the population in 1911 was 7,915.
Council meets at Leominster Guardians Board Room, Workhouse, monthly, on Friday at 11 a.m.
Chairman, George Butters.
Clerk, Henry Gosling M. A., 17 West Street, Leominster.
Treasurer, John Arthur Daggs, Lloyds Bank, 9 Corn Square, Leominster.
Medical Officer of Health, Herbert Jones, D.P.H., South Bank Road, Hereford.
Sanitary Inspector, Daniel Walter Cave, Brick House, Luston, Leominster.
Surveyor, William Oliver Davis, 61 Mill Street.
Assistant Surveyor, James E. Budd.
Almshouses, Bargates, for four poor widows; W. T. Sale, treasurer, Church Street.
Corn Exchange, Corn Square, J. B. Dowding, sec.
County Court, His Honor George Harris Lea M. A., judge; George Thomas Preston Robinson, registrar & high bailiff; Ernest Edwin Diggory, chief clerk & head bailiff; offices 32 Etnam Street. The sittings of the court are held monthly at the Town Hall, on Mondays. The jurisdiction extends to the following places, viz.: - Aymestrey, Berrington, Bircher, Birley, Bodenham, Croft, Docklow, Eardisland, Dilwyn, Eye, Eyton, Ford, Hampton Wafer, Hatfield, Hope-under-Dinmore, Humber, Ivington, Kimbolton, Kingsland, Laysters, Leinthall Earles, Leominster, Lucton, Luston, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Monkland, New Hampton, Orleton, Pudleston, Shobdon, Stoke Prior, Stretford, Weobley & Yarpole.
The Leominster county court jurisdiction in bankruptcy includes the county court districts of Bishop's Castle, Kington, Knighton, Ludlow, & Presteign, having been attaches thereto by order of the Lord Chancellor; Mackay John Graham, Scobie C. B., 2 Offa Street, Hereford, official receiver.
Certified Bailiffs appointed under "The Law of Distress Amendment Act", Mostyn A, Edwards, Corn Street; Edward Hammond, 25 Broad Street; Richard H. George, Croftmead, Langford, Kingsland.
Cottage Hospital, South Street, George J. Cressy L.R.C.P.&S.I., Charles A Robinson B.A., M.B., C.M., Camb. Gordon Wilson Thomas M.B., B.S. Lond., F.R.C.S. Eng., John Scott L.R.C.P.&S. Edin. Martin Scales L.R.C.P.&S.I. & Gerard Steel L.S.A. hon. Medical staff; Alfred George Hudson L.D.S. Irel. Hon. Dentist; Robert Bright, treasurer; J. B. Dowding, sec. Miss E. Tew, matron.
County Police Station, 15 Burgess Street, Charles Rooke, superintendent; 2 sergeants & 4 constables.
Customs & Excise Office, John Baker Kendrick, 139 Bargates, surveyor Thomas A Brook, Perseverance road, Officer.
Fire Brigade House, Town Hall, High Street. The brigade consists of a Captain and 12 men; James Budd C.E., A.S.I., captain. There is one engine kept always in readiness at the Town Hall, also reel & fire escape.
Free Library, 14 South Street, Henry John Southall, chairman; Henry John Southall, chairman; John B. Dowding, sec.
Leominster Municipal Borough Isolation Hospital, Out-Township.
Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society; Hon. Representative, Mrs. Russell, Southfield Stamp Office, 3 Corn Square, W. C. Dixon, sub-distributor.
Town Hall, High Street, William C. Baxter, keeper.
Herefordshire Regiment (1st Battalion) (F Company), Drill Hall, 23 New Street; Capt. C. H. Cowling; William Herbert, Sergeant-Instructor
Board Day, every alternate Friday at the Board Room, Union Workhouse, at 11 a.m.
The Union comprises the following places: - Aymestrey, Bodenham, Croft Docklow, Eye, Moreton & Ashton, Eyton, Ford, Hampton Wafer, Hatfield, Hope-under-Dinmore, Humber, Kimbolton, Kingsland, Laysters, Leominster Borough, Leominster Out Parish, Lucton, Luston, Middleton-on-the-Hill, New Hampton, Newton, Orleton, Pudleston, Shobdon, Stoke Prior & Yarpole. The population of the union in 1911 was 13,236; area, 66,408 acres; rateable value at Lady Day, 1913, £110,497.
Chairman of the Board of Guardians, Robert W. Hall.
Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, Henry Gosling M. A., 17 West Street, Leominster.
Treasurer, John Arthur Daggs, 9 Corn Square, Leominster.
Collectors to the Guardians, William R. Thomas, Hereford Road, Leominster & James George Spencer, West Town, Kingsland.
Relieving Officers, first district, William R. Thomas, Hereford Road, Leominster & James George Spencer, West Town, Kingsland.
Vaccination Officers, William R. Thomas, Hereford Road, Leominster; J. B. Dowding, 5 Corn Square, Leominster & J. G. Spencer, West Town, Kingsland.
Medical Officers & public Vaccinators, No. 1 district, John Scott L.R.C.P.&S. Edin., South Street, Leominster; No. 2 district, Robert Williams M.B., West Town, Kingsland; No. 3 district, Albert Warren Swettenham L.R.C.P.&S., Bodenham.
Workhouse, Priory, a building of stone & will hold 141 inmates; John Scott L. R. C. P. & S.Edin. medical officer; George Attwell, master; Mrs Ann Tracey, matron.
Superintendent Registrar, Henry Gosling M.A., 17 West Street, Leominster; deputy, Alfred Henry Gibson, Highbury, Bargates, Leominster.
Registrars of Births & Deaths, Bodenham sub-district, W. R. Thomas, Hereford Road, Leominster; deputy, W. G. Beaman, Bargates, Leominster; Kingsland sub-district, Miss Mary Mason, Yarpole; deputy, Richard H. George, Croftmead, Longford, Kingsland; Leominster sub-district, John Benjamin Dowding, 5 Corn Square, Leominster; deputy, Henry G. Griffiths, 4 Grange Walk, Leominster.
Registrars of Marriages, John Benjamin Dowding, 5 Corn Square & W. R. Thomas, Hereford Road, Leominster.
Assistant Overseers in Borough, V. S. Colley, 22 Etnam Street; Collector for Out Parish, A. Reynolds, 115 Bargates.
Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes for Leominster District, Edwin Preece Lloyd, 28 South Street.
Coroner for the Leominster District of the County, Chas. Edward Arthur Moore, 5 & 6 Corn Square, deputy, John B. Dowding, 5 Corn Square.
Collector and Assessor of Income Tax & Collector of Poor Rates, V. S. Colley, 22 Etnam Street.
Public Auditor under the "Friendly Societies Act" & the "Industrial & Provident Societies Act", John Benjamin Dowding, 5 Corn Square.
Veterinary Inspector under Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, for Leominster Petty Sessional Divisions, Walter Vernon Tuson, M.R.C.V.S., 28 Bridge Street.
Veterinary Inspector & Lecturer for the Herefordshire County Council, William D. Blanchard M.R.C.V.S., 40 Etnam Street.
PLACES OF WORSHIP, with times of service
SS. Peter & Paul's Church, Rev. Henry George Burden M. A., vicar; Rev. Austin Verdon Isaac Bickerstaff, curate; 7, 8 & 11 a.m. & 3.15 & 6.30 p.m.; wed. & fri. 10 a.m. & thurs. 7.30 a.m.
St. John's Church, Ivington, Rev. Robert Horton, vicar; 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. (winter), 6.30 p.m. (summer).
St. Ethelbert's, Catholic, Bargates, Rev. Athanasius Rogers, priest; mass, Sun. & holy days, 10.30 a.m.; benediction, 6.45 p.m.; daily mass at 9 a.m.
Baptist, Etnam Street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. Tues. & Wed. 7.30 p.m.
Congregational, Burgess Street, Rev. Thomas Howell B. A.; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Wed. 8 p.m.
Friends' Meeting House, South Street, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Wed. 10 a.m.
Moravian, South Street, Rev. John N. Libbey M. A.; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; 8 p.m. Wed. in winter.
Plymouth Brethren Meeting House, 43a Broad Street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.' Mon. & Wed. 8 p.m.
Primitive Methodist, Green Lane (Herefordshire Mission), Rev. Robert Alger Buckley, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Tues. 7.30 p.m.
Primitive Methodist, Ivington; 2.30 & 6 p.m.
Wesleyan Methodist, Burgess Street, Rev. William Henry Lawson, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Wed. 7.30 p.m.
Christians' Meeting House, Bridge Street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Wed. 8 p.m.
Leominster Secondary School, South Street, erected 1908-9 at a cost of £4,000, including site and equipment, is a building of red brick & stone & will hold 160 boys and girls; it is under the control of eleven governors; William Thomas Sale, 17 Church Street, clerk to the governors; W. St. G. Drennen M. Sc. Master.
A Committee of 12 managers was formed in 1903
Correspondent, Edwin P. Lloyd, 28 South Street.
Attendance Officer, J. Hicks Davis, South Street.
Bargates (mixed & infants), built in 1861, at a cost of £509, for 400 children; average attendance, 220 boys & girls & 150 infants; Herbert G. Hankinson, master; Miss Annie C. Gilbert, infants' mistress.
Church Street, built in 1858 & enlarged in 1872, at a cost of 2,000, with residence adjoining for the master, for 557 children; average attendance, 118 boys, 122 girls & 96 infants; Harry Train, master; Miss Brailford Hand, mistress; Miss Florence Coward, infants' mistress.
Ivington (mixed), built, with master's house, in 1874, for 200 children; average attendance, 80; William Richard David, master; a parish library of about 300 volumes was formed in connection with the school in 1894 by Miss Woods, of The Ryelands, who also gave a parish reading room in 1912.
Kington Times & North Herefordshire Advertiser (1d), 27 Draper's Lane; Leominster Printing Company Publishers; published Saturday. See advertisement.
Leominster News & North Herefordshire & Radnorshire Advertiser, 27 Drapers' Lane, Arthur Trusted Southall, publisher & proprietor; published Friday. See advertisement.
Leominster & Kingsland Rural Deaneries Magazine, Rev. J. Davies, Stoke Prior, editor; Frederick A. Dalley, publisher, 13 High Street; monthly.
Leominster News Almanack, Diary & Directory, 27 Drapers' Lane, Leominster Printing Company, Publishers & Proprietors, annually.
Leominster Standard, 11 West Street, George Williams Press Limited; published Tuesday.
Tenbury Wells Mail, 27 Draper's Lane; published Saturday & Monday.
The Great Western & London & North Western Railway Companies Joint Station, Worcester Road, William George Watson, Station Master; Richard Thomas Heath, goods agent; Traffic & Timber Agents' Offices (G. W. R.), James Burton, (L. & N. W. R.) E. James; Ford Bridge Station, Frederick Bidgens Station Master.
Omnibuses from the Royal Oak & Talbot Hotels meet every train
Ashton---George Mantell, from 'Blue Boar', Friday.
Aymestrey---Mrs. Guntrip, from 'Bull's Head', Friday; Miss Alice Jones, from 'Greyhound', Friday & Bowcott, from New Inn, Friday.
Bircher---Alfred Leek, from 'Blue Boar', Friday.
Bodenham---Mrs. Gravenor, from 'Elephant & Castle', Friday.
Bowley---Mrs. Guildford, from 'Chequers', Friday.
Byton---Mrs. Taylor, from 'Greyhound', Friday.
Canon Pyon---Mrs. Powells, from ''Greyhound', Friday; Mrs. Shuker. From 'Bull's Head', Friday.
Cold Harbour---T. Bottom, from 'Elephant & Castle', Friday.
Dilwyn---James Wood, George Herriott & William Bagley, from the 'Black Swan', Friday; Mrs. Simmonds, from the New Inn, Friday; Edwin Davies, from 'Greyhound, Friday.
Eardisland---Frank Stead, from 'Greyhound', Friday; Mrs. Lloyd, from 'White Hart', Friday.
Easthampton---Mrs. Whittall, from' Greyhound', Friday.
Eye---George Mantell, from 'Blue Boar', Friday.
Eyton---Mrs. Warburton, from 'Blue Boar', Friday.
Hatfield--Mrs. Dallow, from 'Chequers', Friday.
Hope-Under-Dinmore---Edwin Garrett, from 'Bowling Green', Friday & George Taylor, from 'Elephant and Castle', Friday and Saturday.
Kimbolton---Mrs. Langford, from New Inn, Friday.
Kingsland---Mrs. Chamberlain, from 'White Horse', Tuesday and Friday; Mrs. Preece, from New Inn Friday and Saturday.
Laysters---John P. Bird & R. Maund, from 'Blue Boar', Friday; Hyde, from 'Bull's Head', Friday.
Limebrook---Jones, from 'Greyhound', Friday.
Lingen---Mrs. Palfrey, from 'White Horse', Friday.
Lucton---Mrs. Powell, from the 'Black Swan', Friday.
Luston---Mrs. Trumper. Mrs. Millichip & James Heapy, from 'Blue Boar', Friday.
Middleton-on-the-Hill---John P. Bird & Richard Maund, 'Blue Boar', Friday; Hyde, from 'Bull's Head', Friday.
Moseley---Mrs. Gallier, from New Inn, Friday.
Orleton---Mrs. Wall, from the 'Blue Boar', Friday.
Pembridge---George Smith, from Bell Inn, Friday.
Pudleston---Mrs. Minton, William Maund & James Pugh, from Bell Inn, Friday.
Risbury---Richard Morris from Bell Inn, Friday; Josiah Burgess, Charles Pugh & James Lawrence, from 'Chequers', Friday.
Shobdon---Mrs. Whittall, 'Greyhound', Friday; & B. Davies, 'Bull's Head', Friday.
Stoke---Pilling, 'Bell', Friday.
Upper Hill---George Watkins, from 'White Hart', Friday & Miss Powell, 'White Horse', Friday.
Upper Lye---Parsons, from 'Greyhound', Friday.
Westhope---Mrs. Griffiths, from 'White Horse', Friday.
Wigmore---Mrs. Guntrip, 'Bull's Head', Friday; John Bywater, from 'White Horse', Friday.
Womersley---T. Sheward, from 'Golden Cross', Friday.
Yarpole---Charles Goodman, from 'Blue Boar', Tuesday and Friday; Alfred Leek & Mrs. Amos, from 'Blue Boar', Friday & Mrs. Payne, from 'Black Swan' Friday.
Yatton---Price, from 'Elephant and Castle', Friday.
London & all parts---Sutton & Co. (Charles Cole, agent), 29 Cranes Lane.



Marked + are in the Outparish of Leominster.
Abell George James, 26 Broad StreetLibbey Rev. Jn. Norman (Moravian), 51 South Street
+ Adlington William, St. Botolph's, Hereford RoadLloyd Edwin Preece, 30 South Street
Andrews John, 106 BargatesLonghurst Miss, 137 Bargates
Andrews Mrs., 18 Church StreetMarchant Harold, 2 Burgess Street
Bach Harry, 140 South StreetMarshall Miss, 153 Bargates
Baker Joshua Jn., The Rosary, Green LaneMayor Mrs., 22 Church Street
Baker William Henry, 16 Pinsley Road.+ Merras Miss, Buckfield Villa, Baron's Cross Road
Ballard Mrs., 1 Peel Villas, Bargates.Miles Wm. Craddock, 57 South Street
Bannister Misses, 8 Church Street.Millichamp Thos. Hy., 2a Perseverance Road
Bannister Thos. Johnson, 2 Bridge Street.Mills William, 9 Pierrepont Road
Barber Wm. Geo. Storr, 88 Bargates.Molineux Mrs., 5 Hereford Road
Barbutt Laurence Mark, 63 Mill Street+ Molyneux Elijah, Newton House
Barker Edward, 112 South Street.Monnington Thomas Samuel, 7 Perseverance Road
Barnett Arthur Douglas, 149 Bargates.Monnington, Miss, 42 Burgess Street
+ Barnett Miss, 2 Richmond Villas, Baron's Cross.Moore Chas. Edward Arthur, Fairlawn, 21 Ryelands Road
Barton W., 13 Broad Street.Moore James, 78 Bargates
Batten William H., 13 South Street.Moore Mrs., 2 Grange
Beaman William, 56 Bargates.Morgan Edward, 81 South Street
Beamand Mrs., 11 Pierrepont Road.Morris Mrs. T., 34 Burgess Street
Beavan Miss., 63 South Street.Morris Thomas Henry Vaughan, Hillcrest, Bargates
Bellow E., The Hawthorns, Newlands.Moyle Alfred, 18 Bridge Street
Bellow Edward A. Vista, Ryelands Road.Moyle John, 104 Bargates
Bickerstaff Rev. Austin Verdon Isaac (curate), 138 South Street.Neatby Mrs., 5 Perseverance Road
Birch William E., 4 Bridge Street.Neatby Walter Timlin, 6 Hereford Terrace
Blacklock Mrs., 9 Church StreetNeild Theodore M.A., J.P., Grange Court
Blanchard William D., M.R.C.V.S., 40 Etnam Street.+ Newman Miss, Buckfield House, Baron's Cross Road
Blomer Richard, 37 Broad Street.Norgrove Charles, Townsend House, Green Lane
+ Boulton Mrs., Cholstrey.Nott John Harley, J.P., 18 Etnam Street
Bradford Miss, Eaton View, South Street.Oliver Herbert, 5 Hereford Road
Brewer Charles, 3 Pierrepont Road.Owen Herbert Benjamin, 83 South Street
+ Bright Mrs., Ivington.Page Jas., J.P., Hazeldene, 107 Bargates
Brooke Richd. Wm., Fairlawn Cottage.Pallot Harold, Hill View, South Street
Brown Rev. Daniel Arthur (Congregational), 3 Grange Walk.Parker Miss., 66 Bargates
Buckley Rev. Robert Alger (Primitive Methodist), 163 BargatesParry John B., 20 Etnam Street
Budd James, West Dean, BargatesParry Joseph M., 7 Westbury Street
Burchell Arthur W., 6 Pinsley RoadParry Mrs., 1 Ryelands Road
Burden Rev. Henry George M.A. (vicar), Vicarage, Church Street.Paxton Edwin J., 38 South Street
+ Burlton Thos. Davies, J.P., Eaton HillPhillips Mrs., 102 Bargates
Carman William, 169 BargatesPhillips Mrs., 44 Ryelands Road
Carwardine Jas. Albert, 48 BargatesPhillips Reginald, 53 South Street
Castle James, 38 Etnam StreetPhillips William, 16 Perseverance Road
Chandler Mrs. 13 Perseverance RoadPoulton Hy. Adolphus, 15 Church Street
Child George, 30 Broad StreetPounds Edward John, 131 Etnam Street
Colley Mrs. 22 Etnam Street+ Powell Mrs., Broadwood Lodge, Hereford Road
Cook Misses, 113 BargatesPowell Thomas Treherne, 17 Perseverance Road
Coslett Edwin, 67 South StreetPreece Mrs., 117 Bargates
Craddock Quinton Duncan, Oakdene South StreetPrice Mrs. M.A., 27 Hereford Road
Cressy George John, 27 Broad StreetPrice Mrs., 58 Bargates
Crimp Herbert Edward, 65 South StreetPrice Thomas, 98 Bargates
+ Croker Mrs. North Eaton+ Price-Jones Miss, Eaton Hennor
Cross Harry Alban, 19 Perseverance RoadPritchard Samuel, Westfield, Bargates
Daggs John Arthur, 9 Corn SquareReichel Miss, 59 South Street
Dalley Arthur, 91 Etnam StreetReynolds Arthur, 115 Bargates
Davies Edward H., 47 Etnam StreetReynolds Edwd. Bassett, 86 Bargates
Davies Edward Hy. Jun, 64 BargatesReynolds Hubert, 14 Broad Street
Davies John Hy. The Vinery, 43 Etnam StreetRobinson Charles Allen, B.A., West Lodge, Rainbow street
+ Davies Robt. Glaslyn, Baron's CrossRobinson George Thomas Preston, Crescent House, 32 Etnam Street
+ Davies Thomas Bowker, NewtonRodgers William Edgar, 5 Pierrepont Road
+ Davis Mrs. R., The Lodge, Baron's Cross.+ Rogers Rev. Athanasius (Catholic), St. Ethelbert's
Dent Robert Matthew, CornhillRoss Ephraim, 76 Bargates
Dent, Mrs. CornhillRowley Walter Herbt., 129 Bargates
Dixon Walter Chas., 125 BargatesRussell Henry Freeman, J.P., Southfield, Hereford Road
Dockett James, 46 Rylands RoadSale William Thomas, The Forbury, Church Street
Dowding John Benjamin, 25 Hereford Road. T.N. 16YSanders B. W., Marsh Court
Downes Wesley, 46 BargatesSanders Mrs., Marsh Court
Drennen W., St. G. UplandsSandiland Robert B., J.P., 2 High Street
Easton Harold, 135 BargatesScales Martin, J.P., 2 Etnam Street
+ Edwards James, Broadward Hall, Hereford RoadScarlett Miss, 24 Broad Street
Edwards Thomas, 94 BargatesScott John, 26 South Street
Edwards Wm. Dew, 7 Pierrepont RoadScudamore Richard Ernest, 1 Pierrepont Road
Ellwood Michael Jn., 25 Draper's LaneSharp Mrs., 12 South Street
Elsmere William, The Pleasaunce, BargatesShaw Mrs., 1 Hereford Terrace
Evans Mrs. C. A., Ferndale Villa, Perseverance RoadSlaymaker Frederick, 167 Bargates
Everill Mrs., 14 Perseverance RoadSmith john, 11 Corn Square
+ Farr James J.P., Brierley Court, BrierlySmith Thomas, 136 South Street
Farr John Philip, GladwynSouthall Arthur T., 1 Corn Square
Froysell Miss, 40 Bargates StreetSouthall Henry John, 171 Bargates
Gibson Alfred Henry, 100 BargatesSouthern Mrs., 90 Bargates
Gittens Job, 52 BargatesStafford W. R., 3 Hereford Terrace
Golley James Gill, 151 BargatesSteel Gerard, L. S. A. Lond., 16 Church Street
+ Gosling Henry M.A., Ashfield, Baron's Cross Road+ Stephens William Turner, China Hall, Cobnash, Kingsland
Gough George, 6 Church Street+ Sykes Mrs., Baron's Cross
Gould Mrs., 111 BargatesTaylor Henry Edward, 23 Hereford Road
Greenhouse Joseph, 133 BargatesTaylor Rd. Cable, Amerherst, South Street
Gregory Miss, 68 BargatesTaylor Samuel Richard, 9 Broad Street
Griffiths Arthur John, 53a South StreetTaylor William, Twyford, South Street
Griffiths Miss, Hagley, IvingtonThomas Alfred Williams, 134 South Street
Hall Charles Addison, 34 Etnam StreetThomas Henry, 15 Broad Street
Hall John, 10 Pinsley RoadThomas Richard William, 127 Bargates
Hall Miss, 12 Church RoadToogood John, 92 Bargates
Hammond Alfred Edward Priden, 59 BargatesTurner Absalom Chas. 3 Hereford Road
Hammond Edward, 25 Broad StreetTurner Miss, 36 Etnam Street
Harold Mrs., 2 Pierrepont RoadTuson Walter Vernon, M.R.C.V.S., 28 Bridge Street
Hart-Smith Franke Chamberlain M.B., J.P., 24 Church StreetVale Mrs., Bryanston House, 33 South Street
Heath Richard Thos., 65 Mill Street+ Walker Arthur William, J.P., Hennor House
Herring Mrs., 11 Church StreetWalters William J., 85 South Street
Hill John Roberts, 74 BargatesWatkins Mrs., 46a Etnam Street
Hinton George Felton, The Rugg, Green Lane+ Weaver Alfred, Colaba Lodge, Hennor
+ Horton Rev. Robert (vicar of Ivington), 2 Peel Villas, Baron's Cross RoadWeaver Isaac, 3 Rainbow Street
+ Howell Rev. Thomas B.A. (Cong.), White Lodge, Baron's Cross RoadWeaver Mrs., 38 Broad Street
Hudson Alfred George, 32 South StreetWest Mrs., 3 Hereford Terrace
Huskisson Joseph Cliff, 45 Broad Street+ Whiteman William, The Hyde
Jay Mrs., 161 Bargates+ Whittam William Livsey, Penwynidd, Hennor
Jones Edward William, 80 BargatesWhyteman Mrs., 7b Perseverance Road
Jones Mrs., 26 Church StreetWilkes Joseph, 11 Bridge Street
Kostin Mrs., 1 Grange+ Wilkinson Miss, Patty's Cross, Hennor
Larcombe Frederick, 119 BargatesWilliams John Handyside, 165 Bargates
Laver William, Elm Lodge, Hereford RoadWinnal Misses, 14 Church Street
Lawrence Percy, 62 BargatesWood miss, Ryelands
Lawson Rev. William Henry (Wesleyan), 84 BargatesWoodhouse Richard, 123 Etnam Street
Lee Arthur, 145 BargatesWynne John France, 131 Bargates
Levick William Parry, 26 South StreetYapp Henry, 57 Mill Street
+ Lewis Mrs. MarlbrookYates Charles, 127 Etnam Street
Lewis Robert, 46 Broad Street 
a Court Jane (Mrs), apartments, 17 Broad StreetLeominster Corn Exchange Co. Limited (J. B. Dowding, sec.), Corn Square
Alexander & Duncan Limited, manufacturing Ironmongers, agricultural, hot water & sanitary engineers, bar iron, steel, nails, & oil & color merchants, implement makers & erectors of galvanized iron buildings, Lion Works, 15 Broad Street (T. N. 17 Leominster) & iron & brass founders, Vulcan Foundry, 41 & 43 West Street, Leominster; & 10 New Market Street, Hereford, T. N. 75X3Leominster Cottage Hospital (J. B. Dowding, sec.; R. Bright Treasurer; George J. Cressy L.R.C.P.&S.I., Charles Allen Robinson B.A., M.B.; Gordon Wilson Thomas M.B., B.S.; John Scott L. R. C. P. & S. Edin.; M.Scales L.R.C.P.&S. Irel; & G. Steel L. S. A. honorary medical staff; Alfred George Hudson L. D. S. Irel. Hon. Dentist; Miss E. Tew, Matron, South Street
Allen George, Golden Lion P. H., 69 Bridge St.Leominster Electric Supply Co. Limited (Herbert Henry Spurrier, engineer. West St.
Almshouses Charity (James Page, Sec.) BargatesLeominster Football Club (A. J. Harris, hon. Sec.), Corn Square
Alton Court Brewery Co. Limited, brewers, ale & stout bottlers & wine & spirit merchants, 26 Broad Street (T. A. "Abell, Leominster;" T.N. 2) & wine & spirit vaults, 1 High StreetLeominster Free Library (H. J. Southall, chairman; Jn. B. Dowding, sec.), 14 South Street
Anglo-American Oil Co. Limited, Oil Mers. 40 Etnam StreetLeominster Gas & Coke Co. Limited (T. H. Edwards, sec.; J. B. Dowding, collector); works (Charles Eastment, manager), Broad Street
Armitage Wm. Gardener to Miss Wood, The RyelandsLeominster Gentlemen's Club (J. A. Daggs, sec.), 35 South Street
Bach Harry, grocer, 28 High StreetLeominster Golf Club (Dr. G. Steel, hon. sec.), Church Street
+ Bach Philip Stephen, farmer, Upper Wintercott, IvingtonLeominster Lawn Tennis Club (T. A. Brook, hon. Sec.), Perseverance Road
+ Badger George, cowkeeper, NewtonLeominster Liberal Club (Ernest George Williams, sec.), Burgess Street
Bagshaw Malin, hair dresser, 18 School LaneLeominster News & North Herefordshire & Radnorshire Advertiser (Arthur Trusted Southall, publisher & proprietor; published Friday), 27 Draper's Lane. See advertisement
Baldwin Archer Ernest, auctioneer, see Edwards, Russell & Baldwin.Leominster News Almanac, Diary & Directory (Leominster Printing Co. publishers & proprs.), 27 Draper's Lane
Bannister Clara (Miss), Berlin wool repository, 9 Bridge Street & 2 Market High StreetLeominster Polo Club (R. H. Evans, esq. of Eyton, hon. Sec.
Bannister Thomas & Co., tailors, clothiers, hatters, hosiers, boot & shoe dealers & general outfitters, Church Street & High StreetLeominster Printing Co. printers, stationers, booksellers, news agents, fancy goods dealers, & circulating library, 27 Draper's Lane
Barber Sarah (Miss), laundress, 9 Perseverance RoadLeominster Sanitary Laundry Co. (J. B. Dowding, sec.), Hereford Road
Barber William George Storr, monumental mason, 95 Etnam Street & 88 BargatesLeominster Secondary School (W. St. G. Drennen M.Sc. master), South Street
Bassett & Sons, tailors, 7 South StreetLeominster Standard (The) (George Williams Press Ltd. Publishers; published Tuesday), 11 West Street
Bassett Bernard, wine & Spirit merchantLeominster Tract Association (E. B. Reynolds, hon. Sec.), 86 Bargates
Bassett Eliza Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 51 BargatesLevick William Parry, solicitor, Grange Walk
Bassett John, Radnorshire Arms, P. H. BargatesLewis Andrew, cabinet maker, 3 Corn Street
Bateman Percy R. whole sale fruit, potato & general merchant & commission agent, Ryelands Road, T. A. "Bateman, Leominster;" T.N. 5 & 5XLewis Charles H., ladies' tailor & outfitter, blouse & corset specialist, 8 draper's Lane
Baxter William, town crier, 68 South StreetLewis Charles Harry, tailor, clothier, hatter, hosier & gentlemen's complete outfitter, 32 High Street
Bays Henry, manager of the Orphans' Printing Press, 10 & 12 Broad StreetLewis Henry John, cattle dealer, 58 Etnam Street
Bealt Elizabeth (Mrs.), fishmonger, 25 Etnam StreetLewis Rowland, manager of labour bureau, 129 Etnam Street
Beaman J. & Son, plumbers, 97a Etnam StreetLewis Thomas & Son, house furnishers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, undertakers & furniture removers, 11 & 34 Broad Street
Beck William Walter, horse slaughterer, 2 North RoadLewis William Thomas, Blue Boar P. H., 21 Broad Street
Bellow & Son, ironmongers, 26 High StreetLloyd & Son, solicitors, 28 South Street
Bentley Henry, confectioner, 19 & 21 Draper's LaneLloyd Brothers, bakers, 1 South Street
Biddle John Job, Chequers P. H., 61 Etnam StreetLloyd Edwin Preece, J.P., (firm, Lloyd & Son), solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths, treasurer of the borough, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for the Leominster district, sec. To the Leominster & Church of England School managers, treasurer of Leominster Savings Bank, deputy registrar of county court & agent to the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation, 28 South Street
Biddle John, hay trusser, 27 Cranes LaneLloyd Geoffrey Poppleton, solicitor, 30 South Street
Biddle Thomas, assistant superintendent Pearl Life Assurance Co. Limited, 27 Cranes LaneLloyd James, cowkeeper, Crabtree, Ivington
Bigglestone Caleb James, draper, 5 Market High StreetLloyds Bank Limited (branch) (John Arthur Daggs, manager), 9 Corn Square; draw on London Office, 71 Lombard Street E.C.
Birch John William, baker, 5 Bridge StreetLondon Central Meat Co. Limited, 3 High Street
Blanchard William D., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, & veterinary inspector & lecturer under Herefordshire County Council, 40 Etnam Street.Lowe Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 66 Bridge Street
Blomer Charles, fly & fishing tackle maker, 13 West StreetLuther Albert, cottage farmer, Ivington
Blomer Frederick Charles, painter, 22 Broad StreetMann William Henry, shopkeeper, 51 West Street
Blomer Frederick, shopkeeper, 47 Bridge StreetMapp Agnes (Miss), White Hart P. H. 10 West Street
Blomer Henry, tailor, 115 Etnam StreetMapp William & Sons, coach builders, 38 Dishley Street
Blomer Richard & Son, painters & decorators, 16 corn SquareMarchant Brothers, general & fancy drapers, milliners, hosiers, glovers, ladies' outfitters & carpet factors, 1 Broad Street
Bon Marche Drapery Co., 8 & 10 High StreetMasonic Lodge (Royal Edward, No. 892) (Elijah Molyneux, W. M.), Royal Oak Hotel, 17 South Street
Boneham Sarah Ann (Miss), dressmaker, 39 Mill StreetMassey Gertrude M. (Mrs.), dress maker, 40 West Street
Boodle D. Gore & Co. Limited, artificial teeth makers (attend Friday only), 5 Church StreetMassey John H. agent to Old Radnor Trading Co. Ltd., Railway Station, Worcester Road & West Street
Bott George Edward, newspaper Proprietor, 81 Etnam StreetMaund Mary (Mrs.), laundress, 31 South Street
Boulton Francis, coal dealer, 79 Bridge StreetMiles John T. tailor, 56 Etnam Street
+ Boulton William Cooke, farmer, CholstreyMillward George, apartments, 35 Broad Street
Bowen George, apartments, 2 Perseverance RoadMitchell Robert, Bird-in-Hand P. H., 44 Broad Street & mineral water manufacturer, 3 Vicarage Street
Bowen Mary Ann (Mrs), White Lion P. H., 133 Etnam StreetMoore & Son, solicitors, 5 & 6 Corn Square. T.N. X30
Bower Eleanor & Minnie (Misses), milliners, drapers, ladies' & children's outfitters; work done on the premises; millinery orders executed at short notice, 27 West StreetMoore Charles Edward Arthur (firm, Moore & Son), solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths & for affidavits, coroner for Herefordshire, Leominster District, clerk to the county & borough magistrates & steward of the manor of Kingsland, 5 & 6 Corn Square
Brace James, blacksmith, 39 Broad Street & 27 South StreetMoore James, secretary & Conservative Registration agent, Constitutional chambers
Bradford William, Royal Oak family & commercial Hotel & posting house, 17 south StreetMorgan Edward, jeweller, 16 Draper's Lane
Bradley's, clothiers, 4 Corn Street+ Morgan George, farmer, Newton
Brewster James Howe, news agent, 11 Draper's LaneMorgan James, haulier, 27 Bargates
Bridge Sidney J., painter & plumber, 20 Broad StreetMorgan Mary Ann (Mrs.), laundress, 67 Bridge Street
+ Bridgens Frederick, station master, Ford BridgeMorris Emma (Miss), apartments, 50 Bargates
Bright R. (Mrs.), butcher, 30 High Street & 17 Etnam StreetMorris John, painter, 27 Mill Street
British Women's Temperance Association (Miss G. Easton, hon. Sec.), 135 BargatesMorrow Robt. Tobacconist, 41 High St. & nurseryman. South Street
+ Brook Thomas Ashworth, customs & excise Officer, 7a Perseverance Road+ Moss James, farmer & hop grower, Eaton
+ Brooks Thomas, blacksmith, IvingtonMoyle & Son, woolstaplers & seed merchants 16 & 18, & millers (water) 81 Bridge Street & corn & seed merchants, 3 & 5 Etnam Street. T.N. 22 Leominster
Brown Alfred, jobbing gardener, 83 Etnam StreetNational Provincial Bank of England Limited (branch) (William Elsmere, manager), 13 Broad Street; draw on head office, 15 Bishopsgates, London E C
Brown Thomas, refreshment rooms, 26 Burgess StreetNelson James & Sons Limited, butchers, 4 High Street
Bruton, Pugh & Colley, coach builders, 59a Bargates+ Newman William, farmer, Newton
Budd James C. E., A. S. I. Borough surveyor & sanitary inspector, & inspector of common lodging houses & captain of Fire Brigade, Town Hall, High Street+ Newton Wm. Stone mason, Rowley Cottage, Stretford
Bufton Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 15a Perseverance RoadNicholas Richard, apartments, 13 Bridge Street
Bufton Harriet (Mrs.), apartments, 4 Victoria Terrace, Etnam StreetNicholas William, painter, 3 Bridge Street
Bufton Harriett (Miss), nurse, Croft House, Perseverance RoadNorgrove Charles, builders' merchant, timber, slate, brick, tile, drain pipe & coal merchant. Telephone 31 Leominster
Bufton James, timber inspector for G. W. R. Co. Railway Station, Worcester RoadNorth Hereford Farmers' Union (Mr. Powell, of Middleton, sec.), Royal Oak Hotel
Burton Joseph & Sons Lim. Grocers, 9 & 11 High StreetNorthern Hereford Constitutional Association (Sir James Rankin bart. President; Jas. Moore, organising & registration sec.), Constitutional Chambers
Burton Kate Annie (Mrs), Talbot commercial & family hotel & posting house, 5 & 7 West Street; 'bus meets all trainsNorthwood John Henry, apartments, 82 Etnam Street
Carter Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Mill StreetNutt George, White Swan P. H. 28 School Lane
Carwardine James, apartments, 63 Etnam StreetOld Radnor Lime, Roadstone & General Trading Co. Limited (John H. Massey, agent), Railway Station, Worcester Road
Chadwick Joseph Whittaker, engineer in charge of Corporation Water Works, Worcester RoadOliver Herbert, fishmonger, 31 High Street & 1 Burgess Street
Cheney Hy. Robert, pharmaceutical chemist, 21 High StreetOrphans' Home (boys & girls) (Harold Easton, hon. Sec.), Ryelands Road
Christy Agnes (Mrs.), apartments, 20 School LaneOrphans' Printing Press (Henry Bays, manager), printers, stationers, booksellers & publishers, 10 & 12 Broad Street
Church Institute (A. Williams, sec.), South StreetOwen Annie (Miss), laundress, 6 Priory
Cinema Co., Corn ExchangeOwens Charles Edward, baker, Rainbow Street & 8 West Street
Clarke Rose M. (Miss), dress maker, 42 Broad StreetOwens Price Thomas, gardener to Sir George Newman, Bryn-hyfryd, South Street
Clayley John Thomas, Barons Cross InnPage Elizabeth & Jessie Isabella (Misses), saddlers& harness makers, 9 West Street
Cole Charles, agent for Sutton & Co. carriers, 29 Cranes LanePage George, painter, paperhanger & glazier, 21 West Street
Cole Eliza, apartments, 3 Perseverance RoadPage John Edward, watch maker, 15 South Street
Cole Joseph Arthur, draper, 24 High StreetPage Robert, bazaar, 7 School Lane
Colley Charles, coach builder, see Bruton, Pugh & ColleyPalmer George, wheelwright, 26 West Street
Colley Herbert, White Horse P. H., 39 West StreetParry J. M. & Co. Limited, manufacturers of pure cider & perry, Telephone 33; Telegrams, "Cider, Leominster"
Colley James, baker, Perseverance RoadParsons William Henry, assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co. Limited, 61 South Street
Colley V. S., assessor & collector of income tax & poor rate, 22 Etnam StreetPassey, Nott & Co. corn & seed merchants, 6 Church Street (Telephone 34; Telegrams, "Passey Nott, Leominster"); & at Kington
Collins Arthur, confectioner, 28 West StreetPaxton & Co. brewers, 38 South Street
Colwell Elizh. E. & Agnes (Misses), fancy drapers, 12 West StreetPearks Ltd. Grocers, 36 High Street
Cook George, greengrocer, 38 West StreetPennell Wm. & Edith (Mrs.), cabinet makers, Burgess Street
Corn Exchange (J. B. Dowding, sec.), Corn SquarePenny Harry, musical instrument dealer, 5 Corn Street
Coslett Edwin, insurance agent, 67 South StreetPerkins Mary Ann (Miss), dress maker, 53 Bargates
County Court (His Honour Geo. Harris Lea, judge; George Thomas Preston Robinson, registrar & high bailiff), Town Hall, High Street; Offices, Corn StreetPerry Benjamin, coal dealer, 22 Dishley Street
County Police Station, (Chas Rooke, supt.), 15 Burgess StreetPhillips & Son, painters & decorators, 30 West Street
Cressy George John, L. R. C. P. & S. I., surgeon, 27 Broad StreetPhillips Elizabeth (Mrs.), Cross Keys P. H., 31 Bridge Street
Cricket Club (Kenneth Kendrick, sec.), 2 PleasauncePhillips Florence & Edith (Misses), boot & shoe dealers, general hardware & fancy goods, trunks & leather goods, 4 West Street
Crimp Herbert Edward, professor of music & organist of Priory Church, 65 South StreetPhillips Henry Davis, stationer, & Liberal registration agent, 8 Broad Street
Customs & Excise Office (John Baker Kendrick, surveyor; Thomas A. Brooks, Officer), 139 BargatesPocknell Elizabeth (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 32 Broad Street
Daggs John Arthur, manager of Lloyds Bank Limited & treasurer to Leominster Guardians & Rural District Council, 9 Corn SquarePoiner William, baker, 73 Etnam Street
Dalley Frederick Arthur, printer, stationer, news agent, circulating library, athletic outfitter, shipping & insurance agent, 13 High Street & 12 Draper's LanePoole Abraham N., cabinet maker, 44 West Street & Rainbow Street
Davies Charles George, boot maker, 46½ Bridge StreetPoole Edgar Henry, insurance agent, 43 Bargates
Davies Edward Henry, carting agent for G. W. R. & furniture remover, 20 Corn SquarePorter Emily (Mrs.), corn, flour seed, oil cake, hay, straw & potato merchant 6, & baker & confectioner 13, South Street & miller (water), 2 Mill Street. Telephone 35 Leominster
Davies Elizabeth & Alice (Misses), confectioners, 4 Market, High StreetPoston Mary Elizh. (Miss), dress maker, 4 Perseverance Road
Davies Francies (Mrs.), dress maker, 7 Church StreetPounds Samuel, pig dealer, Bridge Street
Davies Harold, commercial traveller, 53 Etnam StreetPounds W. & Son, coal merchants, 26 Bridge Street & Railway Station, Worcester Road
Davies Rachel (Mrs.), & Jn. Paul, milk sellers, 40 Broad StreetPowell James, butcher, 57 Mill Street
Davies Robert, butcher, 3 South Street+ Powell Joseph Edwin, farmer, Bank Farm, Wharton
Davis Jestinia (Mrs.), apartments, 51 Etnam StreetPowell William, apartments, 10 Bridge Street
Davis John Henry, builder, contractor & undertaker, The Vinery, 43 Etnam Street. T.N. 15Preece Charles, boot & shoe maker, 7 Mill Street
Davis Thomas, shopkeeper, 4 School LanePreece Louisa (Miss), art teacher, Newlands Croft, Ryelands Road
Davis William, surveyor of roads to Leominster District Council, 61 Mill StreetPrice Charles, Bull's Head P. H., 48 West Street
Daybill Louisa Fanny (Miss), dress maker, 66 Etnam StreetPrice Elizabeth Ruth (Mrs.), dress maker, 32 Burgess Street
DeAth Alfred W., Photographic artist & dealer in photographic materials (agent for the celebrated Kodak & all the leading makers of cameras), & picture frame maker, 7 Broad Street. T. A. DeAth+ Price John Truelove, farmer, Knoakes' Court, Ivington
+ Dent Robert Matthew, farmer, hop grower & landowner, Cornhill+ Price Thomas, farmer & Pedigree Hereford cattle breeder, & shire horses, Upper House, Ivington
DeVall Alice (Miss), hatter, 24 West StreetPrice William, boot & shoe maker, 11 School Lane
DeVall Owen, practical machinist, hot & cold water engineer, cycle dealer & repairer; petrol for motors kept in stock, 22 West StreetPritchard Alice (Mrs.), hosier, 25 West Street
Dixon W. C., postmaster, 3 Corn SquareProsser Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 36 Burgess Street
Doogood Robert, watch maker, 8 Bridge Street+ Prosser John, farmer, Wegnall's Farm, Gin Hall Lane
Dowding John Benjamin, deputy coroner for Herefordshire Leominster District, incorporated accountant & auditor, registrar of births, deaths & marriages & vaccination officer for the Leominster sub-district & correspondent to the Stoke Prior School Managers & sec. To the Free Library & public Auditor under the "Friendly Societies Act" & the "Industrial & Provident Societies Act," 5 Corn Square. T.N. 16Prosser Thomas, Prince of Wales P. H., 14 Bridge Street
+ Downes Henry, blacksmith, WhartonProthero Edward, farmer, 25 North Road
Downes Wesley, saddler, 2 West Street+ Pudge Henry James & Richard, farmers & hop growers, St. Oswald's Farm, Cholstrey
Drennen Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 3 PrioryPugh Edwin, coach builder, see Bruton, Pugh & Colley
Dukes George, Boot repairer, 24 BargatesPugh Harriet (Mrs.), laundress, 19 Ryelands Road
Dukes William, farmer, SummergallsPugh Henry, builder, stone, marble & monumental mason & sculptor, Bargates
Dyke Arthur, boot maker, 1 Corn StreetPugh Leonard, butcher, 17 Corn Square
Dykes Eliza (Mrs.), Bell Inn, 39 Etnam StreetPugh Thomas, shoe maker, 34 High Street
Early Closing day, Thursday 1 p.m.Ralph, Preece, Davies & Co. (Coal Merchants) Limited, coal, coke, lime & salt merchants; moss peat litter & colliery agents & furniture removers, 20 Corn Square & Railway Station; & at Hereford
Eastmans Limited, butchers, 45 High StreetRankin Conservative Club (Sir James Rankin bart. President; F. H. Millichip, sec.), Corn Square
Eastment Charles, manager of gas works, Broad StreetRawlings William, manager, 41 Broad Street
Eastment Gilbert, butcher, 16 High StreetReynolds Charles, cattle dealer, 19 Broad Street
Easton Harold, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 4 Corn Square (T.N. 18 Leominster); & 6 St. John's Street, Hereford. T.N. 119Reynolds Eliza Emma (Mrs.), laundress, 17 Ryelands Road
Ebnal New Brick Co. (Joseph Fletcher, propr.), EbnalReynolds Hubert, grocer, 14 Broad Street
Edmunds Arthur, carpenter, 6 Corn Street+ Reynolds William (Mrs.), farmer, Hyde Ash, Ivington
Edwards Andrew, timber haulier, 66 Etnam StreetRhodes Herbert Walter, chemist, 36 West Street
Edwards Charles, apartments, 60 Etnam StreetRice Henry, shopkeeper, 5 School Lane
+ Edwards Charles, farmer, Widgeon HillRidler Robert, shopkeeper
Edwards George, tailor, 15 West StreetRidley Gabriel, baker, 46 South street
+ Edwards James, farmer, hop grower & breeder of pedigree Hereford Cattle & shire horses, Broadward Hill, Hereford RoadRobinson & Son, solicitors, 8 Corn Street
Edwards Mostyn A., (firm, Edwards, Russell & Baldwin), certified bailiff under the "Law of Distress Amendment Act," Corn StreetRobinson & Thomas, physicians & surgeons, West Lodge, Rainbow Street
Edwards Olivia (Mrs.), Golden Cross P. H., 49 West StreetRobinson Charles Allen B.A., M.B., B.C. Camb., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. (Firm Robinson & Thomas), West Lodge, Rainbow Street. T.N. 25
Edwards, Russell & Baldwin, auctioneers, valuers, surveyors, accountants, house, estate & insurance agents, Corn Exchange Offices, Leominster (Telegrams, "Edwards, Leominster:" telephone 19); & at Tenbury & Hereford. See advertisementRobinson Edward, jobbing gardener, 1 Pinsley Road
Elliot Ellen (Miss), preparatory school, 87 Etnam StreetRobinson Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 33 Broad Street
Ellwood & Son, chemists, 25 Draper's LaneRobinson George Thomas Preston (firm, Robinson & Son), solicitor, commissioner for oaths, Registrar & High Bailiff to the county court, 8 Corn Street
Elsmere William, Manager of National Provincial Bank of England Limited (Branch) & treasurer to the Urban Authority, 13 Broad StreetRodgers William Edgar, hardware dealer, 19 West Street
Enoch Thomas John, rope & twine maker, 18 West StreetRooke Charles, supt. Of county police & inspector under "Contagious Disease (animals) Act" & inspector of food, drugs & explosives, 15 Burgess Street
Evans Louisa H. (Mrs), apartments, 6 Perseverance RoadRooke Frederick, New Inn, 7 Burgess Street
Evans William Henry, painter, 22 & 24 Burgess StreetRose James Maurice, Barrell Inn, 12 High Street
+ Farr James J.P., farmer & hop grower & breeder of pedigree Hereford cattle & shire horses, Brierley Court, BrierleyRoss & Son Limited, boot & shoe manufacturers & leather merchants, 17 & 19 High Street & 12 & 14 Draper's Lane. Telephone 36; Telegrams, "Ross, Leominster"
Farr John Philip, solicitor, 4 Corn SquareRoss Charlotte Louisa (Mrs.), apartments, 12 Bridge Street
Faulkner J. & Sons, furniture removers, 18a Vicarage StreetRouch Alfred, confectioner, 2 South Street & 8 Market, High Street
Fire Brigade (James Budd C. E. captain), Engine House, Towns Hall, High StreetRowe John Westaway, chemist, 35 High Street
Firkins Edward, Hop Pole P. H., 40 Bridge StreetRowley Walter Herbert, traffic agent, L. & N. W. Railway Station, Worcester Road
Fletcher Robert, chimney sweeper, 4 Dishley StreetRoyal Oak Commercial & Family Hotel (William Bradford, proprietor), 17 South Street
Fletcher William Henry, yeast merchant, The MarketRuff Richard, apartments, 54 Bargates
Foster Henry, baker, 31 West StreetSale William Thomas, solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner to administer oaths, town clerk, clerk to the school attendance committee & to the governors of Lucton School & Leominster Secondary School, 17 Church Street
Foster Thomas, trap proprietor, 70 South St.Sandiland Mary (Miss), L.R.A.M. teacher of music (pianoforte & violin), 2 High Street
Foxhall James, blacksmith, 26 West StreetSandiland Robert B., M.P.S., Pharmaceutical Chemist; agent to Liverpool & London & Globe Life & Fire Insurance Co.; The Plate Glass Insurance Co. &c. & local sec. To the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 2 High Street
Freeman William Henry shopkeeper, 56 Dishley StreetSavings Bank (Edwin Preece Lloyd, treasurer; James Castle, auditor; John Benjamin Dowding, actuary), Burgess Street
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd. Boot & shoe mas. 20 High StreetSaxby & Co. grocers, 1 West Street
"Friend" weekly paper, Broad StreetScales Martin L.R.C.P.&S. & L.M. Irel., J.P., physician & surgeon, 2 Etnam Street
Froysell Elizabeth Ann (Miss), stationer, 9 South StreetScandred Ernest G. cider retailer, Ivington
Fryer James, motor engineer, 25 South Street+ Scandrett George, wheelwright, Ivington
Fudger Thomas, Crown & Sceptre P. H., 22 Bridge StreetScott John, L. R. C. P. & S. Edin. Surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator No. 1 district, Leominster union, 26 South Street
George & Tudor Ltd. Timber & slate mers. 90 Etnam StreetScudamore Richard Ernest, ladies' & gentlemen's tailor, livery & breeches maker, hatter, hosier &c. Old Post Office
+ George Frederick, farmer, Buckfield, Baron's Cross RoadSeager Joseph, boot & shoe dealer, 5 South Street
George Richard Henry, auctioneer, valuer, land & estate agent & surveyor; property & timber specialist; periodical sales of properties; established 1880, 14 Corn Square; & Croftmead, Longford, Kingsland. T. A. "George, Kingsland, Herefordshire"Seager William, fishmonger, 38 High Street & 19 Etnam Street
Gibson Alfred Hy., deputy supt. Registrar, 100 BargatesSharp & Son, antique dealers, Worcester Road
+ Godfrey Sarah Jane (Mrs.), & Son, farmers, BrierleyShelton Eliza (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 23 Broad Street
Goode Fanny (Mrs.), common lodging house, 12 New StreetShiipcott Gertrude (Mrs.), confectioner, 87 Etnam Street
Goodwin Chas., butcher 20, & tobacconist 22 Draper's Lane+ Shute Ernest, farmer & hop grower, Court Farm, Ivington
Goodwin D. W. & Co., millers (Water), Etnam StreetSimmonds James, boot & shoe maker, 21 New Street
+ Goodwin Samuel, farmer, MarlbrookSinger Sewing Machine Co. Limited, 46 West Street
Gosling Henry, M.A., solicitor, clerk to the guardians & assessment committee of Leominster union, superintendent registrar of the Leominster district & clerk to the Leominster Rural District Council, 17 West StreetSmall Julia (Miss), nurse, 66 Bargates
Gough Charlotte (Miss), shopkeeper, IvingtonSmith & Co. grocers, 25 & 27 High Street
Gough G. & Co., grocers, 2 Broad Street & 23 Draper's LaneSmith Ann (Mrs.), farmer, 28 Etnam Street
Gould Ann & Sarah Elizh. (Misses), dress mas. 66 South StreetSmith Arthur, saddle & harness maker, 18 Broad Street
Gregory Mary Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 89 Etnam StreetSmith Emma (Miss), dress maker, 30 Etnam Street
+ Griffiths Edwin, beer retailer, Baron's CrossSmith farmer, Baron's Cross
Griffiths Eliza (Miss), apartments, 128 South StreetSmith Frederick Herbert, tobacconist, 39 High Street
Griffiths Henry O., deputy registrar of births & deaths, Leominster sub-district, 4 Grange WalkSmith George, coal agent, 90 Etnam Street
+ Griffiths Henry, builder, Aulden, IvingtonSmith George, farmer, 114 South Street
Grubb Frederick William, hair dresser, 9 School LaneSmith Hedley Harold, fried fish dealer, 9 Draper's Lane
Hall Emily (Mrs.), dress maker, 29 South StreetSmith John, linen & woollen draper, milliner, costumier, carpet & floorcloth factor, funeral furnisher & undertaker, Victoria House, 5 & 7 Victoria Street
Ham Thomas, Greyhound P. H., 6 Rainbow StreetSmith Thomas, shopkeeper, 35 Etnam Street
Hammond Edwd. & Son, auctioneers. & valuers, 25 Broad StreetSmith W. H. & Son, news agent, 33 High Street
+ Hancorn William James, farmer, EatonSouthall Arthur Trusted, publisher & proprietor of the "Leominster News & North West Herefordshire & Radnorshire Advertiser", 27 Draper's Lane, see advertisement
Hankinson Annie (Mrs.), grocer, 60 Bargates+ Speakmen Samuel, farmer, & hop grower, Stagbacth
Harris Eliza (Miss), dress maker, 44 BargatesStallard Josiah Orlando, coal dealer, 58 Bridge Street
Harris Ellen (Miss), dress maker, 64 Etnam StreetStandage William, Duke's Arms P. H. 75 Etnam Street
Harris Henry, shopkeeper, 10 New StreetStanley E. (Miss), art needlework, 10 South Street
+ Harris John, farmer, Dishley CourtStead Alice (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 83 Bridge Street
Harris John, fruiterer, 11 BargatesSteel Gerard L.S.A. Lond. & L.M.S.S.A. physician & surgeon, & certifying factory surgeon for Leominster district, 16 Church Street
Harrison John, tobacconist, 18 Smith StreetStephens William Lewis, Bowling Green P. H., 74 South Street
Harvey Charles Henry, outfitter, 2 Corn StreetSutton & Co. (Charles Cole, agent), parcel carriers, 29 Cranes Lane
Hatton Richard William, baker, 49 Etnam StreetTalbot Commercial & Family Hotel (Mrs. Kate Annie Burton, proprietress), 5 & 7 West Street
Heath Richard Thomas, goods agent, Railway Station, Worcester RoadTalbot Hotel Posting Yard (J. B. Dowding, proprietor); offices, 5 Corn Square
+ Helme S. A. (Mrs.), farmer, hop grower & breeder of pedigree Hereford cattle & shire horses, Wharton Court, WhartonTalbot William, refreshment rooms, 48 Wets Street
Herbert William, drill instructor to F Co. 1st Battalion, Herefordshire Regiment, Territorial Force, Drill Hall, 23 Newt StreetTaylor & Ward, ironmongers, certified sanitary engineers & registered plumbers, hot & cold water fitters, coppersmiths &c. 6 High Street
+ Hereford Football Association (W. R. David, hon. Sec.), IvingtonTaylor George, tobacconist, 121 Etnam Street
Herefordshire & Worcestershire Agricultural Society (T. H. Edwards, sec.), Corn Exchange Offices, Corn StreetTaylor Samuel Richard, manager of the United Counties Bank Limited (branch), 9 Broad Street
Herefordshire Regiment (1st Battalion) Territorial Force (F Co.; Capt. C. H. Cowling; William Herbert, Sergeant-Instructor), Drill Hall, 23 New Street+ Tedstone John, farmer & hop grower, Park Farm, Ivington
Hetch Sarah Helen (Miss), dress maker, 2 Ryelands RoadTenbury Wells Mail (1d.; published Monday & Saturday), 27 Draper's Lane. See advertisement
Hewitt Mary A. (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 3, 5 & 7 Draper's LaneTew M. (Miss), matron of the Cottage Hospital, South Street
Hill Charles Evans, Three Horse Shoes P. H. 15 Corn Square+ Thomas Edward, farmer, Bury Farm, Stretford
Hill John, confectioner, 13 & 15 Draper's LaneThomas George, boot maker, 65 Etnam Street
Hinton George Felton, clover, hay, straw, flour, corn, potato & fruit merchant; seed & cake & artificial manures, Rainbow Street. T.N. 26 LeominsterThomas Gordon Wilson, M.B., F.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. Surgeon (see Robinson & Thomas), 46 Etnam Street
Hinton George, confectioner, 18 Draper's Lane+ Thomas James, farmer, Caldwell Farm, Stretford
+ Hodges Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Baron's Cross+ Thomas William Allen, farmer, Leasows Farm, Hennor
Hoff Charles, hair dresser, 14 West StreetThomas William R. relieving officer for Leominster NO. 1 district, vaccination officer, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Leominster & collector to the guardians, 11c Hereford Road
+ Holland James, farmer & hop grower, TagbatchThompson Andrew, Black Swan P. H. 33 West Street
Holloway Frederick, carpenter, 78 Bridge StreetThompson Andrew, hair dresser, 17 Draper's Lane
+ Holloway Sarah (Mrs.), farmer, Gin Hall, Gin Hall LaneThorne James Hill, boot & shoe dealer, 29 West Street
Holmes Frederick, cabinet maker, 16 South StreetTomkins George, farmer, 23 North Street
Holmes John, cabinet maker, 10 & 12 Corn StreetTown Hall (William C. Baxter, keeper) High Street
Home & Colonial Stores Limited, 14 High StreetTubb Francis George, manager, 125 Etnam Street
Hudson Alfred George L. D. S. R. C. S. Irel., Surgeon-dentist, 32 South StreetTuson Walter Vernon, M.R.C.V.S. Vetinary surgeon, & Vetinary inspector for the petty Sessional divisions of Leominster & Wigmore & for the board of agriculture, Marsh House, 28 Bridge Street
+ Hughes Allen Edwards, pedigree Hereford cattle breeder (herd established 1845; & shire horses; fruit & hop grower, farmer & official judge of Hereford Cattle, Winter CottageTwyman Rebecca Melia (Miss), apartments, 2 Green Lane
Huskisson Joseph Cliff, watch maker, 37 High StreetUnited Counties Bank Limited (branch) (S. R. Taylor, manager), 9 Broad Street; draw on Barclay & Company Limited, 54 Lombard Street, London E C
+ Hyslop John Kerr, farmer & hop grower, breeder of pedigree Herefordshire cattle, shire horses & Kerry Hill sheep, Chipps House, IvingtonUrwick Jane (Mrs.), bill poster, 9 South Street
India & China Tea Co., grocers, High StreetVaughan Richard, cattle dealer, 3 School Lane
International Tea Co.'s Stores Limited, grocers, 5 & 7 High StreetVearnal's Commercial Temperance Hotel (2 minutes from station; motor accommodation), 50 Etnam Street
Jackson Joseph C., master mariner, 43 Ryelands RoadWainwright Arthur Hilditch, tailor, 18 High Street
James E., timber inspector, L. & N. W. R., 12 Pinsley Road+ Walker Thomas Edward, dairyman, Baron's Cross
James W. inspector of permanent ways, G. W. R. Railway StationWall Edwin, Anchor P. H. 46 Bridge Street
James William, apartments, 3 Victoria Terrace, Etnam StreetWalsh John, tailor, 120 South Street
Jarvis James, Elephant & Castle P. H., 6 West Street+ Ward Thomas Maddy, farmer, Westfield House (postal address, Cobnash, Kingsland)
Jay Gregory, builder & contractor, sanitary engineer & undertaker, BargatesWarner Frederick Alfred, ladies' & gentlemen's tailor, 43 Broad Street
Jenkins Edgar Benjamin, miller (water), CholstreyWater Works (Corporation) (Joseph Whittaker Chadwick, engineer), Worcester Road
Jenkins Oliver, fried fish shop, 20 South StreetWatkins John & Son, builder & contractors, monumental sculptors & church masonry; designs & estimates given; office & works, Bridge Street. Telephone 20 Leominster
John Wm. Humphrey, refreshment rooms, Railway StationWatkins William, chimney sweeper, 65 Bridge Street
Johns William H., Railway Station BuffetWatson Frank, motor car dealer, Etnam Street
Johnson Brothers (Dyers) Limited, 43 High StreetWatson William George, Station Master, Worcester Road
Johnson Philip, Parish Clerk, 38 Burgess StreetWeale Henry George, cycle agent, 103 Etnam Street
Johnson Thomas Richard, artificial teeth maker, 15 Church Street (attends Friday only)Weale Ruth (Miss), dress maker, 101 Etnam Street
Jones Arthur William, cycle repairer, 1 Bridge StreetWeaver & Son, boot & shoe makers, 1 Draper's Lane
Jones Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 School LaneWeaver Susannah A. (Mrs.), Grapes P. H. 4 Broad Street
Jones Frederick, lamp oil dealer, Cox Buildings, Broad StreetWebb Annie Jane Maud (Miss), midwife, 45 Etnam Street
Jones John Ferguson, boot & shoe maker, 14 Bridge StreetWelsh John, tailor, 3 West Street
Jones John Henry, Ring of Bells P. H., 8 South StreetWent Emma (Mrs.), apartments, 31 Broad Street
Jones Joseph, insurance superintendent. 44 Etnam Street+ Whiteman William, farmer & landowner & breeder of pedigree Herefordshire cattle & thoroughbred horses, The Hyde
Jones W. R., carpenter, joiner, shop fitter & general contractor, 45 South StreetWiddowes Leonard, commercial traveller 11b Hereford Road
Jones William, carriage builder; motor cars repaired & painted, Borough carriage works, 72 South StreetWilkes James, rate collector for the borough, 29 Broad Street
Kell & Co. Ltd., agricultural implement mas. 16a Burgess StreetWilliams Eleanor (Miss), refreshment rooms, 20 Burgess Street
Kendrick John Baker, surveyor Customs & Excise Office, 139 BargatesWilliams James, cottage farmer, Coldharbour, Ivington
Kington Times & North Herefordshire Advertiser (Leominster Printing Co. publishers), 27 Draper's Lane; & at 33 High Street, Kington. See advertisementWilliams Jas. & Co., marine store Dealers, 17 & 19 Bridge Street
Kitson William, jobbing gardener, 92 South StreetWilliams William, boot & shoe maker, 16 West Street
Labour Exchange & Unemployment Insurance (R. Lewis, local manager), 16 Broad StreetWilson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 25 Bridge Street
Land Valuation Office (J. W. Wynn), 62 Etnam StreetWilson George, chimney sweep, 25 New Street
Larcombe Frederick, cycle agent, 6 broad StreetWinterbourn T. Henry, photographer, 36 Broad Street
Laver William, land & estate agent & surveyor, estate agent to Lord Bateman, Messrs. John & S. H. Wood, Ivington, Brierley & Felton estates & Shobdon Court estate; agent for Fire & Life Insurance, 1 Hereford Road+ Witts Charles, blacksmith, Stretford
+ Law William, farmer, Lower House, IvingtonWood Andrew, Baker's Arms P. H., 3 Church Street
Lawrence Thomas, farm bailiff to Thomas D. Burlton esq. J.P., Eaton hallWood Ernest, hair dresser, 28 Broad Street
Leominster & Kingsland Rural Deaneries Magazine (Rev. J. Davies, Stoke Prior, editor; Frederick A. Dalley, publisher), 13 High StreetWood William Frederick, watch maker 23 & cycle agent 15, High Street
Leominster Agricultural Association (Edwards, Russell, & Baldwin, hon. secs.), Corn StreetWyman & Sons Limited, news agents, Railway Station, Worcester Road
Leominster and District Teacher's Association (John W. Palmer, sec.), Elementary School, Church StreetWynn James Wilton, land valuation office, 62 Etnam Street
Leominster Art Class Committee (T. Neild, M.A., J.P., hon. Sec.), Free Library, 14 South StreetYapp Henry & R. C. butchers & graziers, 22 High Street
Leominster Borough and Outparish Conservative & Unionist Association (I. H. Millichip, hon. Sec.), 7 Corn SquareYeast Limited, yeast merchants, 6 Market, High Street
Leominster Choral Society (Herbert Edward Crimp, conductor), 65 South StreetYoung Women's Christian Association (Miss Shelton, hon. Sec.), Rainbow Street
Leominster Coal Supply Co. Railway Station 


[Transcribed by Richard Lane in January 2003
from a copy of Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire, 1913 in Hereford Central Library]