Leominster, Extract from E.C. Lascelles Directory of Herefordshire, 1851


Extract from E.C. Lascelles Directory of Herefordshire, 1851

Transcription by Richard Lane © 2002


LEOMINSTER, a small Market Town, situated in a pleasant valley, is 136 miles from London, 13 from Hereford, 14 from Presteign, 14 from Kington, and 11 from Ludlow. The town is delightfully situated in a beautiful and healthy neighbourhood, surrounded on every side by scenery of the most picturesque and romantic character. The surrounding country is interspersed with extensive woods, and an abundance of water, The Rivers Lugg and Arrow, and other smaller ones, running through the immediate neighbourhood, which contribute much to the beauty of the scenery, as well as to the advantage of the inhabitants. The roads are good, and the approach to the town from Hereford exceedingly romantic and pleasant. The town has a remarkably clean and respectable appearance; the streets are good, abounding with shops containing all the comforts and necessaries of life. There are many houses bearing the semblance of great antiquity, being ornamented with a variety of figures and devices, carved of wood, many of which are still in a high state of preservation, and many through the despoiling hand of time much defaced.

   This town was formerly in a very flourishing condition, but owing to the great reduction in the prices of agricultural produce, is at present time in a very depressed state. The walks around are pleasant, and the various streams and rivulets with which this neighbourhood abounds, affords amusement and recreation to the lovers of angling,- trout and other fish being very plentiful. There are numerous flour mills around the town, which through the regular and plentiful supply of water, are enabled to carry on an extensive trade.

   The Municipal affairs are managed by a Mayor and Corporation, and the interests of the town are carefully watched over by two Members who represent it. The population in 1841 numbered 4916, and the census of the present year (1851) 4191, but this does not include the Out Parish of Leominster. John Arkwright, Esq., of Hampton Court, is Lord of the Manor.

   The Camp at Ivington, once the scene of Bardic Worship and Instruction, must be regarded by every tourist with feelings of interest and pleasure. A tradition has existed from the earliest ages that there is a subterraneous passage between this Camp and Leominster Priory. Some Years ago an attempt was made to discover this passage by opening an excavation in the Priory Green, and at a depth of twelve feet a human skeleton, of very large dimensions, was found, with various other things, all of which have contributed greatly to strengthen the opinion which many have formed respecting it.

   The Parish Church is a remarkably fine specimen of gothic architecture. Of the original Church nothing now remains but the back aisle; of this, the north side, is of unequalled antiquity: the wall is of amazing thickness, having a very singular and arched door-way, with a smaller one within it, and six very curious windows, which are the admiration of every visitor; three of these only remain perfect, time having demolished the other three. The interior contains the nave and north aisles of the ancient Church, separated by massive columns, with round arches, above which are rude arched windows. On the south side are a corresponding row of columns, which formerly separated the nave from the south aisle of the church. Both of these aisles were fitted with altars, dedicated to particular Saints.

   On the west side was the grand entrance, and here is a very beautiful doorway having a recessed arch, with three pillars on each side, whose capitals are ornamented with sculptures of foliage, a couchant man, a tiger, and snakes entwined round branches, birds, &c. The lower part of the tower is of Saxon workmanship. Whoever examines this ancient building will readily discover the style of its architecture. The interior was formerly fitted up as a Collegiate Church, with stalls, chantries, and chapels. On the 18th March 1700, this structure was partly destroyed by fire through the carelessness of some plumbers, who were repairing the roof. The cost of repairing amounted to £14,541 18s. 1d.

   The interior part of the south side, now used for Divine Service, is modern, and particularly neat. The roof is supported on a row of Tuscan pillars. The pews, composed of oak, are regularly disposed. At the west end is the font, over which is a gallery supported by handsome Corinthian pillars. There is no chancel, the Communion Table being divided from the body of the Church by neat railing. The altar piece represents the Lord's Supper, from Reubens, and the whole length figures of Moses and Aaron. This Church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul.

   Besides the tower, in which are a clock, eight bells, and chimes which play every fourth hour, there is, on the south west angle of the Church, a spire, in which is a small bell rung on prayer days. Most of the ancient monuments were destroyed by the fire. Rev. Charles Sweet Escott, B.A., Vicar; Mr. John Philpotts and Mr. William Bennett, Churchwardens; Mr. Jonathan Huxley, Sexton; Mr. George Barnes, Organist; Mr. John William Dickins, Clerk. Services - 11 a.m., and 6.30 p.m.; Wednesday, 6.30 p.m.

   IVINGTON CHURCH is a small neat stone erection, without tower or spire; built in 1842, dedicated to St. John. Rev. George Henry Kirwood, M.A., Curate; Mr. Wm. George, Clerk. Service - 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

   LLEWELLYN CHAPEL, Burgess Street, formerly a Presbyterian, but since the introduction of a new faith by a late minister, they now claim no connection with any other sect; they are styled the Llewellyns. Rev. Joseph Banghham Froysell, Minister. Service - 10.30 a.m., 2.30 p.m., 6 p.m.

   FRIENDS' MEETING HOUSE, in South Street, is a neat and substantial square brick building. Service - Sunday and Wednesday, 10.30 a.m.

   MORAVIAN CHAPEL, in South Street, is a small but neat erection, to which is attached a house and school room, in which the present Minister, The Rev. James Lang, conducts a private day school. Service - 10.30 a.m., 6.30 p.m., Thursday 7 p.m.

   PARTICULAR BAPTIST CHAPEL, situated in Etnam Street, is a small brick building, erected 1771, and containing about 350 sittings. Rev. Maurice Jones, Minister. Service - 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday and Thursday 7 p.m.

   PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL, situated in Green Lane, is a small neat brick building; erected 1839. No Minister stated. Services - 11 a.m., 1.30 p.m., 6 p.m. Tuesday 7.30 p.m.

   PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL, Stockton. No stated Minister. Services - 2.30 p.m. and 6 p.m.

   WESLEYAN CENTENARY Chapel is a plain brick building, in Burgess Street. Supplied by Circuit Preachers, Services - 10.30 a.m., 2.30 p.m., 6 p.m.

   INFANT SCHOOL, in the Priory, is recently erected, and arranged in every way suited for the purpose intended. Average number of scholars, 50. Catherine Smith, Mistress; Frances Clement, Sub-Mistress.

   INFANT SCHOOL, Middle Marsh. Mary Bird, Mistress. Average number of scholars, 50.

   NATIONAL SCHOOL, in Church Street, are held in a building formerly used as a Place of Worship, as late as the beginning of the last century. It is of very antique appearance, with pointed windows. Average number of scholars, 140. Edward Wells, Master; Jane Wells, Mistress.

   NATIONAL SCHOOLS, Ivington, are well arranged and commodious rooms, situated opposite the Church; built 1849. William George, Master; Emma Allen, Governess. Average number of scholars, 60.

   THE TOWN HALL, situated at the top of Broad Street, is a building consisting of upper and lower floors. The upper is used for public meetings, transacting Magisterial and other business, and the lower ones as poultry and butter market. It is a building of singular construction, and was erected A. D. 1633, by the celebrated architect, John Abel. It is composed of timber and plaster, and ornamented with curious grotesque carvings, and stands on twelve pillars. The brackets of the arches above the pillars, and the upper part of the building, display a profusion of carving. Numerous compartments are formed by the disposal of the beams at the sides and ends of the structure, which exhibit various shields of the arms of those who contributed to defray the expense of raising it, on which are inscribed the following sentences:-

   On the south side-

Vive Deo gratus, toti mundo tumulatus crimini mundatus, semper transire paratus.

   On the east side-

Where justice reigns, there virtue flows.
Sat cito, si sat bene.
As columns do support the fabric of a building, so noble gentry do sub-prop the honour of a State.

   On the north side-

In memoria aeterna erit justis, 1633

   The Magistrates hold their petty Sessions here every Thursday.

   BOROUGH GAOL, New Street, Mr. John McCrohon, Superintendent.

   THE COUNTY COURT is held at the King's Arms, in Corn Street; office in the Corn Market. John Morris Herbert, Esq., Judge, Thomas Watkin Maddy, Esq., Clerk; Mr. Robert Phillips, High Bailiff; Mr. George Thomas Robinson, Assistant Clerk. The County Magistrates' Meetings are also held here every Friday.

   THE THEATRE, in Burgess Street, is a small building, in which, through want of support, no dramatic performance has taken place for some time past.

   CHARITIES. - At the top of the Bar Gates are four Almshouses, for the support of four poor widows. In a niche, in the centre of the building, is a stone figure, holding a hatchet in his hand; on each side of it is a tablet, that on the left bears the following inscription: -

He that gives away all
Before he is dead,
Let 'em take this hatchet,
And knock him on ye head.

On the right of the figure we find the following: -

ANNO DOM. 1735.
This Hospital was erected
by Esther Clark, Wid-
dow, and endowed at her
death with Twenty pounds
Per Annum, for four decay'd
Widows, each to have
Five pounds per year, fifty
Shillings every* six months,
Paid them by the Trustees

* This letter e in the word every is placed according to the original.

   THE UNION WORKHOUSE in the Priory, was originally an asylum of consecrated virgins, afterwards a receptacle of monks. The north side still remains unaltered, being distinguished by several Saxon windows, now walled up by lancet windows, and strong buttresses. It is a large and well-arranged building, to which considerable addition has been made, of recent date. The site upon which the modern part has been erected, is exceedingly good and healthy. Major Evans, Chairmen; Mr. Robert Langdon, Governor; Ann Langdon, Matron; Mr. Henry Griffiths, Surgeon; Mrs. Tringham, Schoolmistress; T. W. Davies, Esq., Clerk; Mr. Richard Thomas Jones, Relieving Officer.

   THE CORN RETURN OFFICE is in Turnbull Street. Mr. Benjamin Lewis Thomas, Inspector.

   THE EXCISE OFFICE is situated in Turnbull Street. Mr. Samuel Cathcart, Collector; Mr. Henry Lutwiche, Supervisor; Mr. Thomas Chaplin, Clerk; Mr. Benjamin Lewis Thomas, Officer.

   THE CORN EXCHANGE is situated at the bottom of Corn Street. It is a small building, supported by stone pillars, erected by the Corporation A. D., MDCCCIII.

   THE SHEEP AND PIG MARKET, in Rainbow Lane, is small, but arranged with pens for the convenience of those farmers who attend there.

   STAMP OFFICE, High Street. Mr. John Went, Distributor.

    GAS WORKS, situated in the Marsh. Mr. Francis Hay, Manager; Mr. Edward Wells, Clerk.



With the Out Parish, including the following places, with their distances from the town:- Ryelands, about ½ mile; Broadward, 1 mile; Eaton, 1 mile; Newtown, 1 mile; Brierley, 2 miles; Colstrey, 2 miles; Stagbach, 2 miles; Stretford, 3 miles; Wharton, 3 miles; Ivington and Park, 3½ miles; Alden, 4 miles; Hennor, 4 miles; Hide, 4 miles; Wintercott, 4 miles.

Arrowsmith Rev. Wm. Robson, Curate of Lingen and Byton, Church Street Kinnersley Miss Elizabeth, Colaba Cottage, Stretford
Bach Misses Elizabeth and Margaret, South Street Lane Robert, Esq., County Magistrate, The Ryelands
Balls Mr. George, Church Street Lang Rev. James, Minister of the Moravian Chapel, Day School, South Street
Barrar Mrs. Ann, Etnam Street Lewes Mr. Hugh Aythan, Broad Street
Barrow Mr. Richard James, Copper Hall, South Street Lewis Mr. Wm., Church Street
Bateman Mr. John, Bar Gates Lewis Rev. David, Baptist Minister, Etnam Street
Bateman, Mr. Isaac, Bar Gates Manwaring Mr. John, Cockcroft
Bevan Mrs. Mary, Upper Hyde Manwaring, Mrs. Elizabeth, South Street
Bowen Mrs. Ann, Buckfield Place Marshall Mr. Thomas, Broad Street
Brayen Mr. Thomas, South Street Matthews Mr. Timothy, Etnam Street
Brick Mrs. Rebecca, Mill Street Morris Mrs. Ann, Broad Street
Caldwell Bonham, Esq., County Magistrate, Broad Street Newman Mr. Henry, Etnam Street
Chilcote Mrs. Anna Maria, Bar Gates Newman Wm., Esq., Magistrate, Etnam Street
Clarke Miss Esther Catherine, Middle Marsh Pember Mrs., Eliza, Etnam Street
Clarke Mr. John, Etnam Street Poker Mr. Philip, Buckfield Place
Coleman Mrs. Ann, Corn Market Price Mrs. Elizabeth, Westfield Cottage
Cooke Mrs. Elizabeth, Etnam Street Proctor Miss Mary, Upper Marsh
Davies Miss Ann, Etnam Street Pyefinch Mrs. Sarah, Etnam Street
Davies Thomas, Esq., Church Street Roberts Mr. John P., Middle Marsh
Davis Mr. Thomas, Etnam Street Roberts Mrs. Martha, South Street
Davis Mr. Wm., Duke's Walk Rogers Miss Sarah, Grange Cottage
Dipple Mr. Samuel, Etnam Street Shore Mrs. Mary, Copper Hall, South Street
Edwards Mrs. Ann, Priory Smith, Mrs. Ann, Bar Gates
Edwards Mrs. Mary, Broadward Southall Mr. John, Mount Pleasant, Bar Gates
Elliott Mr. James, Bolthopth's Green, Near Broadward Southall Mrs. Mary, The Farm, Rainbow Lane
Elrington Miss Catherine, Etnam Street Stanway, Mr. Wm., Middle Marsh
Escott Rev. Charles Sweet, B.A., Vicar, Church Street Taylor Rev. John Peirpoint, Curate of Eye, Green Lane
Forty Mrs. Sarah, Bar Gates Tudor Miss Rebecca, West Street
Froysell Rev. Joseph Bangham, Minister of the Burgess Street Chapel, Burgess Street Turner Mr. Charles Ernest, Etnam Street
Green Mrs. Ann, South Street Wainwright Mr. Samuel, Roseland Cottage
Gregory Mrs. Elizabeth, South Street Westwood Mrs. Ann, Etnam Street
Harris Mr. Frederick, Rose Hill Weyman, Stagbach House
Harvey Mrs. Sarah, Etnam Street Wharton Miss Ann, New Street
Hodges Mrs. Hannah, South Street Wilkes Mrs. Elizabeth, West Street
Holland Mr. Richard, Etnam Street Williams Mrs. Mary, Middle Marsh
Holland Mr. Trevor, China Cottage, Cobnash Winnal Mrs. Eleanor, Middle Marsh
Howis Mr. Charles, South Street Woodhouse Francis, Esq., Magistrate, h Westbury.
Jones Miss Mary Ann, South Street Woodhouse Mrs. G., Etnam Street
Jones Rev. Maurice, Baptist Minister, Etnam Street Woolley Mrs. Elizabeth, Etnam Street
Alford Alfred, beer retailer, and spade tree maker, Mill Street Lurcott Elizabeth, shopkeeper, South Street
Alford James, victualler, Golden Cross, West Street Lurcott William, tailor & draper, Corn Street
Allen Ann, King's Arms Commercial, family Hotel, and Posting House, Corn Street Lyth John, earthenware dealer, The Dingle
Anderson Sidney, baker, and flour dealer, West Street Mann Robert, cooper, West Street
Anthony William, hair dresser, perfumer, and cutler, Draper's Lane Manwaring Edward, corn miller, Etnam Street, h South Street
Archer George, shopkeeper, School Lane Marshall John, surgeon, Church Street
Archer Richard, wood turner and wheelwright, West Street Martin William, hair dresser, School Lane
Archibald Henry James, Road Surveyor, bar Gates Mattey Diana, victualler, The White Swan, Etnam Street
Baird Mary, Infant School Governess, Burgess Street Mattey Elizabeth, china, glass, and earthen ware dealer, South Street
Baker James, grocer, &c., h Draper's lane Mattey George, victualler, hatter, and shopkeeper, Bridge Inn, Middle marsh
Baker James, maltster, Broad Street Mattey Henry, plumber, glazier, painter and paper-hanger, South Street
Baker T. and J., grocers and tea dealers, Draper's Lane Mattey John, auctioneer and appraiser, Etnam Street
Baker Thomas, grocer, &c., h Draper's lane Maynard John, currier & leather cutter, Burgess Street
Bannister Sarah, woolstapler, Woollen manufacturer and dyer, Waterloo House, Upper marsh McCrohon John, Superintendent of Borough, Gaol, New Street
Barnes George, Organist at the Church, Church Street Meredith Edward William, grocer and tea dealer, Iron Cross
Bateman Edward, farmer, Pool Farm Meredith Edward William, ironmonger, &c., h Upper Westbury
Beard Henry, baker and flour seller, School Lane Meredith Jonathan, farmer, Broadward
Beard Thomas, baker and flour dealer, Etnam Street Miell Isaac, rope maker, Mill Street
Beavan Thomas, Steward to Sir Edward Henry Vaughan Colt, Bart., West Street Miell Thomas, rope maker, Lower Marsh
Bechtle William, confectioner and fancy biscuit baker, High Street Miles Richard Preece, Millwright, Etnam Street
Bedford Elizabeth, butcher and grazier, Corn market Miles Richard, millwright, South Street
Bedford George, butcher, h Etnam Street Milnes Henry, solicitor, h Broad Street
Bedford Henry, maltster and corn factor, Broad Street Morris Herbert, farmer, Wharton
Bedford John, butcher, Corn Market Morris James Davies, coach proprietor, South Street
Bedford John, solicitor, Turnbull Street Morris James, hop, seed and corn merchant, Turnbull Street
Bedford Mr. James, Manager of National and Provincial Bank of England, Broad Street Morris John, carpenter and joiner, Middle Marsh
Bedford William, farmer, Broad Street Morris John, farmer, Newtown
Beech John, victualler, Bull's Head, West Street Morris Richard, butcher, Middle Marsh
Bennett William farmer, Stretford Bury Morris William, tailor, and cider retailer, Broad Street
Bird Edward, boot & shoemaker, High Street Moyll George, tailor, Middle Marsh
Bird Elizabeth, victualler, Baron's Cross, Cholstrey Nash John, rope and twine maker, Bar Gates
Bird Susanna, shopkeeper, Westfield House, Cobnash Nash Martha, tailor & clothier, West Street
Blomer, Jeremiah, painter, gilder, and paper hanger, West Street National and Provincial Bank of England, Broad Street; Bedford James, Manager; Draw on London Joint Stock Banking Company; open from 10 to 3, Market Day till 4
Bluck Timothy, farmer, Newtown Neale William, broker, nail and pattern maker, South Street
Bodenham James, coach builder and beer retailer, Crown, Upper Marsh Newton George, wheelwright, Lower Marsh
Boulton John, builder, carpenter and joiner, West Street Nicholls John, currier & leather cutter, Draper's Lane
Bradford Edward, tailor, Lower Marsh Nicholls Richard Crowe, watch & clock maker, High Street, h Middle marsh
Bradford Edward, tailor, School Lane Nicholls William, baker & flour dealer, High Street
Bradford John, plumber, ironmonger, brazier and tin plate worker, High Street Noakes James, victualler & shopkeeper, Crown Inn, High Street
Bradford John, saddler and harness maker, Broad Street Owen Ann, milliner, & straw bonnet maker, West Street
Bridgewater Frances, linen and woollen draper, h Etnam Street Owen Phoebe, shopkeeper, New Street
Bridgewater William, victualler, farmer, and maltster, Black Swan, West Street Page Edward, victualler, Anchor, Middle Marsh
Bright George, boot, shoe and nail manufacturer, School Lane Page James, builder, South Street
Brimfield James, bricklayer and plasterer, Bar Gates Page Richard, hat manufacturer, High Street
Brown James, haulier, Broad Street Page Thomas, glazier & painter, West Street
Burlton Thomas, Surgeon, and Mayor of Leominster, Church Street Passey Amelia, confectioner & fruiterer, Draper's Lane
Bury Benjamin, victualler, Millwright's Arms, West Street Pearce George Robert, woolstapler, Middle Marsh
Bush James, painter, plumber, and glazier, Draper's Lane Pearce George, baker & flour seller, Bar Gates
Caffull Susan, milliner and dress maker, Vicarage Street Pearce Rhoda, straw bonnet manufacturer, Middle marsh
Caldicott Robert, corn miller, Cholstrey Pearce William, shopkeeper, Etnam Street
Caldicott William, corn miller, Lower Marsh Pember James, farmer, Widgeon Hill, near Eaton and Stretford
Caldwell William, beer retailer, Royal Oak, Wharton Pendry Thomas, tailor, Church Street
Carwardine George, cider retailer, Etnam Street Perry Maria, milliner & dress maker, Corn market
Carwardine Joseph, farmer and cattle dealer, The Wignalls Perry William, accountant, Corn market
Chambers Amira, milliner and dress maker, Priory Perry William, farmer & cattle dealer, Cholstrey
Cheshire Edward, grocer, tea and provision dealer, Draper's Lane Phillips John, cider retailer, Mill Street
Cheshire James, victualler, Elephant and Castle, West Street Phillips Sarah, milliner & straw bonnet maker, Broad Street
Chilcott James Valentine, printer and publisher; general newspaper agent: and Agent for the General Life and Fire Insurance Company, Broad Street Philpotts John, grazier, Etnam Street
Clement Henry, woolstapler, Priory Philpotts William, blacksmith, Stretford
Clements Frances, Superintendent Mistress of Infant School, h Priory Pinch Ann, milliner & dress maker, Etnam Street
Clift Edward, coach builder, h South Street Pinch John, boot & shoemaker, Etnam Street
Coake Isaac, grocer, tea and provision dealer; Agent for Cassell's Tea and Coffee, West Street Pitt Eliza, milliner & dress maker, Etnam Street
Coates Martha, farmer, Brierley Pitt William, bricklayer, South Street
Coates William, shopkeeper, Middle Marsh Poulton Joseph, builder, Bar Gates
Cole Thomas, tailor, and Letter Carrier, Burgess Street Poulton Joseph, jun., brickmaker, Sandpits
Cole William, shopkeeper, Bar Gates Poulton William, boot & shoemaker, West Street
Coleman Joseph, leather dresser, Middle Marsh Poulton William, plumber, glazier, & paper hanger, Draper's Lane
Coleman Robert, grocer and chemist, High Street Powell Jane, cider retailer, South Street
Collins John, architect and surveyor, Corn Market Powell John, confectioner & pastry cook, High Street
Collins Julia, milliner and straw bonnet warehouse, High Street Powell Thomas, boot and shoemaker, High Street
Collins William, hair dresser and perfumer, Turnbull Street Powell Thomas, farmer & grazier, Middle Marsh
Connop James, farmer, Knoakes Court, Ivington Powell Thomas, gamekeeper, Brierley
Cook John, victualler, Nag's Head, the Narrows Pratt William, baker & flour dealer, West Street
Cooke Henry, farmer, Upper Wintercott Preece James, baker, Corn Street, h Etnam Street
Cooper Samuel Bedee, Boarding and Day School, Grange House Preece John, butcher, Draper's Lane
Cox Joseph, carpenter and joiner, Etnam Street Preece John, shopkeeper, High Street
Coxall Samuel, blacksmith, Upper Marsh Preece Samuel, butcher, High Street
Crane Henry, painter and glazier, Corn Street Price John, victualler, Greyhound, Rainbow Inn
Cropper John Thomas, baker, confectioner and flour seller, Middle Marsh Price Joseph, farmer, Corner Cop, Stagbach
Crow Henry, carpenter and joiner, Etnam Street Price Sarah, straw bonnet maker, South Street
Crump John, grocer, tea, provision dealer and tallow chandler, High Street Price Thomas, boot & shoemaker, School Lane
Crump William, victualler, New Inn, Burgess Street Price Thomas, shopkeeper, Middle Marsh
Davenport Thomas, cooper, Draper's Lane Price William, blacksmith, Wharton
Davies James Henry, basket maker, Draper's Lane Prisley Ann, beer retailer, The Castle, Sandpits
Davies James, basket maker, Vicarage Street Pritchard Thomas, cider retailer, Disley Street
Davies John Caswell, tanner, Lower Marsh Probert Thomas, corn miller, Etnam Street
Davies Josiah, farmer, Chipp's House Probert Thomas, wholesale & retail corn & flour dealer, Broad Street
Davies Mary, milliner, dress, and straw bonnet maker, High Street Prosser Samuel, victualler, Bowling Green Inn, South Street
Davies Thomas William, Solicitor; Clerk to the Borough Magistrates, and Leominster County Division Magistrates; Treasurer to the Borough of Leominster; Superintendent Registrar; Clerk to the Board of Guardians; Agent to the Farmers' General, Fire, Life, and Hail Office; and the Legal and General Life Assurance Societies, Corn market Prosser Walter, victualler, White Horse, West Street
Davies Thomas, plasterer, High Street Protheroe William, farmer, Lower House
Davies William, builder, South Street Proudman John, butcher, High Street
Davies William, grocer and tea dealer, Corn Street Pugh George, boot & shoemaker, Etnam Street
Davis Elizabeth, milliner and straw bonnet maker, West Street Pugh John Michael, wheelwright, Wharton
Davis Francis, chemist and druggist, High Street Purcell George, butcher, Corn Street
Davis Francis, painter, plumber, glazier, paper hanger, and eating-house keeper, Corn Street Rae James, grocer, tea & provision dealer, Etnam Street
Davis John, builder and timber merchant, Etnam Street Raggatt William, currier & leather Cutter, Corn Market
Davis Martha Maria, tallow chandler, High Street Reece George, boot & shoemaker, High Street
Davis Samuel, basket maker, Middle Marsh Reece John, boot & shoemaker, Middle marsh
Davis Samuel, blacksmith, Ivington Ridley Thomas Lewis, baker & flour seller, South Street
Davis Susan, milliner and Dress Make, Middle Marsh Roberts Thomas, farmer & corn miller, Ivington Bury
Davis Thomas, builder, Etnam Street Robinson George Thomas, solicitor's Clerk, & clerk to the County Court, Church street
Davis Thomas, victualler and shopkeeper, Red Lion, Wharton Robinson, Thomas, victualler, The Angel, Lower Marsh
Davis Thomas, whitesmith, locksmith and bell hanger, Etnam Street Roe Benjamin, grocer, tea and provision dealer, carpenter & joiner, West Street
Day John, shopkeeper, West Street Rogers Ann, baker & flour dealer, Church Street
Dearn John, nail manufacturer, School Lane Rogers Charles, chemist & druggist; Agent to the Westminster General Life Assurance Company, Draper's Lane
Devall Samuel, hat manufacturer, West Street Rogers John, boot & shoemaker; Agent to the London Union Fire and Life Insurance Company, Corn Street
Devereux William Philip, victualler, Talbot Inn, West Street Ross Henry, boot & shoe maker, West Street
Dickins Mary Ann, milliner, dress and straw bonnet maker, High Street Rudge Henry, M.D., surgeon, Middle Marsh
Dickins William John, shopkeeper, Registrar of Births and deaths for Leominster District; Parish Clerk; and Collector of Poor Rates for the Borough, High Street Sale Thomas, solicitor, Forbury House, Church Street
Durham John, builder, carpenter and joiner, South Street Saviger John, butcher and grazier, Draper's Lane
Edwards Henry, butcher, Middle Marsh Saxby John James, grocer & provision dealer; Agent to the Sun Fire and Fire And Life Offices, Iron Cross
Edwards John, Town Crier, High Street Scandrett George, tailor, Ivington
Edwards John, victualler, Cross Keys, Middle Marsh Scarlet John, farmer, Middle marsh
Edwards Lewis, shopkeeper, Broad Street Scarlet Thomas, victualler, Crown and Sceptre, Middle marsh
Edwards Miss Susan, Day and Boarding School, Middle Marsh Scrimpshaw Charles, artist, (portrait), Burgess Street
Edwards Thomas, farmer, Lower Wintercott Scriven Frederick, Day and Boarding School, (boys), Burgess Street
Ensoll Francis, farmer, Town's End Seargent John, victualler, King's Head Inn, Turnbull Street
Ensoll James jun., farmer, South Street Sharman William, Bailiff of County Court, Priory
Ensoll, William, maltster, provision and flour seller, Middle Marsh Sheen Elizabeth, farmer, shopkeeper, & cider retailer, Ivington
Evans Edward, grocer and provision dealer, and rope maker, Lower Marsh Smith Catherine, Infant School Mistress, h Burgess street
Evans Elizabeth, Day School, Corn Market Smith George, butcher, Etnam Street
Evans Richard, tailor, Bar Gates Smith John, butcher & stone mason, Draper's lane
Evans Richard, Victualler, Three Horse Shoes, Corn market Smith Joseph, framework knitter, Draper's Lane
Fencott Mary, farmer, Eaton Farm Smith Mary Carpenter, Day School, Burgess Street
Fire Engine Station, Church Street Smith Richard, Stone mason & bricklayer, Etnam Street
Footitt Samuel, woolstapler, West Street Smith Robert, beer retailer, Corn market
Ford Edward Thomas, victualler, Harp, Poplands Smith Sarah, dress maker, South Street
Foster John, brickmaker, Bar Gates Smith Thomas, bricklayer & shopkeeper, School Lane
Freeman Timothy, shopkeeper, West Street Smith Thomas, wine & spirit merchant, Broad Street
Froysell Thomas, corn miller, and shopkeeper, Mill Street Smith William, butcher, High street
Gamble Henry, solicitors' Clerk; and Clerk to the Paving and Improving Trustees; and Deputy-Superintendent Registrar, Corn market Smith William, Police Officer, South Street
Gardner Thomas Trumper, jobbing gardener, Turnbull Street Smith William, shoemaker, West Street
Gilkes T. & W., printer's ink and lamp black manufacturers, Osborn Mill Southall John Tertius, linen & woollen draper, haberdasher & hosier, Draper's Lane
Gilkes Thomas, printers' ink maker, h Etnam Street Southall Samuel, grocer & tea dealer, Broad Street
Gilkes William, chemists & druggist, Draper's lane Spencer Thomas, rag dealer, Lower Marsh
Gilkes William, printer's ink manufacturer, &c., h Draper's Lane Spragg James, wine & spirit merchant, High Street
Gould Edward, linen, woollen draper, haberdasher and hosier, Church Street Stallard Thomas Bristow, Wine and spirit merchant, Broad Street
Gower Paul, victualler and maltster, Blue Boar, Broad Street Steele William, blacksmith, Ivington
Graves Thomas & Bridgewater Frances, linen and woollen drapers, High Street Stephens Francis William, Solicitor's Clerk, Etnam Street
Green & Thomas, victualler, The Fox Tavern, Bar Gates Steward William, farmer & corn miller, Hennor Mill
Greenhouse James, saddler and harness maker, West Street Stockton Elizabeth, shopkeeper, New Street
Gregg Joseph, boot & shoemaker, The Dingle Stone Richard, glass, china, & earthenware dealer, Burgess Street
Griffin Benjamin, tailor & draper, High Street Tatum William, cutler, grinder, umbrella & parasol maker, Middle marsh
Griffiths James wheelwright & carpenter, Alden Taylor Edward, cider retailer, Broad Street
Griffiths James, boot & shoemaker, High Street Taylor Richard, farmer, Ivington gr
Griffiths Mary, milliner & dress maker, Etnam Street Taylor Thomas, victualler, White Hart, West St
Griffiths Samuel, farmer, Brierley Tew George, grocer, tea dealer, & provision Merchant, High Street
Griffiths, grocer, tea dealer, and tallow chandler, High Street Thomas Ann, flour seller, Ivington
Hall George, victualler, Ring of Bells, Turnbull Street Thomas Benjamin Lewis, Inland Revenue Officer, Broad Street
Hall Henry, wood turner, West Street Thomas Edward B., wine & spirit merchant, Broad Street
Hammond James Thomas, solicitor's Clerk, West Gate Villa Thomas George, Day School, Etnam Street
Hammond James, solicitor; Agent to the Law Fire Assurance Office, Broad Street Thomas John, farmer, Cholstrey
Harding James & Edward, linen & woollen drapers, silk mercers, haberdashers, &c., High Street Tillam Samuel, farmer, Marle Brook, Wharton
Harper James, confectioner & fancy biscuit baker, Draper's Lane Tipton Thomas, boot & shoemaker, Middle Marsh
Harris Francis, Land surveyor, Etnam Street Tipton, Elizabeth, farmer, Brierley
Harris James, farmer, Hay Lane Farm Tombs Matthew, chemist & druggist, Broad Street
Harris Thomas Atkins, hair dresser, Draper's Lane Tomkins Thomas, clock & watch maker, West Street
Haynes James, cooper, West Street Toogood Thomas, grocer, tea dealer, & corn factor; Agent to the Birmingham Fire Office; Burton Ale and Dublin Porter Stores, High Street
Hayward Francis, lodging-house keeper, Corn Market Trudall John, shopkeeper, School Lane
Herbert Henry, solicitor; Master Extra in Chancery, Turnbull Street Tunks Samuel, cider retailer & brick maker, Baron's Cross, Cholstrey
Herefordshire Banking Company, Turnbull Street; Francis Woodhouse, Esq., Manager; Draw on the London & Westminster Banking Company; open from 10 till 3, Market and Fair Days till 4 Vale Mary, milliner & dressmaker, Corn market
Hickman Herbert, farmer, Upper House Vaughan Sarah, farmer, Ivington Court
Hill & Clift, coach builders, South Street Vaughan William, farmer, Cholstrey
Hill Thomas, coach builder, h South Street Vearnals Benjamin, carpenter & pump maker, West Street
Hinton George, hatter, High Street Vevers Charles, farmer, Ivington Park
Hinton Thomas, small ware, toy, and general dealer, West Street Wainwright Humphrey, farmer, Disley Court
Hinton William, butcher & grazier, Corn Market Wainwright Richard, farmer, Newtown
Hodges Edward, farmer, Wharton Court Walker, Charles, farmer, Eaton Hall
Holder Eliza, milliner, dress Maker, and upholsteress, South Street Wall John, blacksmith, West Street
Holmes Henry, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and broker, Corn Street Wall Thomas, blacksmith, South Street
Hopcott John, victualler, The Bell, Etnam Street Ward Richard, Solicitor's Clerk, Gate House Field
Hudson Robert; Agent to Sir Edward Blount, Bart., Wharf Cottage Waterson John, flax dresser, Burgess Street
Hughes James Allen, veterinary surgeon, Middle Marsh Watkins Joseph, nail, patten, and French clog maker, Draper's lane
Hughes James, boot & Shoemaker, Bar Gates Watkins William, boot & shoemaker, School Lane
Huxley John, house, sign, and ornamental painter, Middle marsh Watling & Son, surgeons, Broad Street
Huxley Jonathan, Sexton, Etnam Street Watling Henry Wyatt, surgeon, h Broad Street
Hyde Walter, shopkeeper, Etnam Street Watling Thomas Fairchild, surgeon, h Hennor
Jackson John, Royal Oak Family And Commercial Hotel and Posting House, Turnbull Street Weaver Isaac, shoemaker, South Street
Jackson John, Police Constable, Vicarage Street Weaver Mary, straw bonnet maker, Poplands
Jaine William, boot & shoemaker, Turnbull Street Weaver Samuel, wheelwright, Ivington
James Henry, solicitor, Church Street Weaver Thomas, farmer, Upper Hide
James Samuel, boot & shoemaker, Gateway Lane, South Street Weaver William, boot & shoemaker, Corn Street
James William, hat manufacturer, High Street Webb H. & J., general carriers, Rainbow Lane; Jones James, Agent, h West Street
James William, shopkeeper, & dealer in tea and coffee, Broad Street Webb John, shopkeeper, lower Marsh
James William., Linen and woollen draper. Broad Street Wells Edward, National Schoolmaster: General Accountant; Registrar of Marriages; Agent for the London Fire and Life Assurance Company, Church Street
Jay John, shopkeeper & cider retailer, Corn St Wells Jane, National Schoolmistress, Church Street
Jenkins Benjamin, tailor & clothier, High Street Went Francis, printer, bookseller, stationer, and Postmaster, High Street
Jenkins Edward, tailor & draper, Draper's Lane Went John, jun., Distributor of Stamps, h Turnbull Street
Johnson Samuel Walker, auctioneer, appraiser, law stationer, and general accountant, Church Street West John, Clerk at the Savings' Bank, Grange Cottage
Jones Ann, grocer & tea dealer, Draper's Lane Wheeler Hannah, farmer, Longfield Cottage
Jones James, Agent to H. & J. Webb, general Carriers, h West Street White Thomas, tailor & woollen draper, High Street
Jones James, corn & hop merchant, West Street Whitefoot Thomas H., carrier & licensed to let horses, Middle Marsh
Jones James, maltster, &c., Rainbow Inn, h West Street Whittle William, farmer, Etnam Street
Jones James, rope & twine manufacturer, Lower Marsh Wilkes Elizabeth, victualler, The Chequers, Etnam Street
Jones John, carpenter & victualler, Hop Pole, Middle Marsh Wilkes James, ironmonger, brazier, & tin plate worker, High Street
Jones John, fishing tackle maker, Burgess Street Wilkes John, millwright, music seller & piano forte tuner, South Street
Jones John, travelling tea dealer, Bar Gates Wilkes William, shoemaker, Lower Marsh
Jones Richard Thomas, Relieving Officer, Priory Wilks Mary, milliner & dress maker, South Street
Jones Samuel, stone mason, Rollers Cottage, near Stretford Williams Eleanor, shopkeeper, Etnam Street
Jones Susan, milliner & dress maker, Etnam Street Williams George, victualler, Globe Tavern, Upper marsh
Jones Thomas Sheriff, saddler & harness maker, High Street Williams Jane, wine & spirit merchant, High Street
Jones Thomas, farmer, Lower Marsh Wilton Charles, victualler, The Lion Hotel, Broad Street
Jones Thomas, plumber, ironmonger, brazier, and tin plate worker, High Street Winnall Misses Mary Ann Helen, and Louisa, ladies' Day and Boarding School, Light House
Jones Thomas, small ware, toy, and general dealer, Middle Marsh Wood George, painter & glazier, West Street
Juson John, baker, Middle Marsh Wood Gilbert, grocer, tea & provision dealer, High Street
Kay Thomas, maltster, Burgess Street Wood James, builder, carpenter, & joiner, West Street
Kinsey Edward, shopkeeper and thrashing machine proprietor, Draper's Lane Wood Robert, Stone & marble mason, Bar Gates
Kirkland Elizabeth, Day School, South Street Wood William, silk dyer, Burgess Street
Kirkland Mary Phillipena, Berlin Wool Depot, Church Street Woodhouse Francis, ironmonger, hop & seed merchant, High Street
Knight Joseph, shopkeeper, Middle marsh Woodhouse Francis, Manager of Herefordshire Bank
Knight Richard, blacksmith & farrier, Upper Marsh Woodhouse James George, solicitor, Broad Street
Knight Thomas, blacksmith, Etnam Street Woodhouse James Thomas, solicitor, West Street, h Turnbull Street
Knill Thomas, victualler, Old Duke's Head, Draper's Lane Wooding George, dealer in games, Church Street
Lanning Walter, brazier, tin plate worker, and general furnishing ironmonger, Broad Street Woodward Francis, beer retailer, The Iron Boat, Etnam Street
Lawrence John, farmer, Etnal Farm, Cholstrey Woodyatt William, farmer, Newtown Cottage
Lea John, brickmaker, Disley Street Woolley Henry, boot & shoemaker, Corn Market
Lewis Elizabeth, milliner & dress maker, West Street Woolley John, printer, bookseller, &c., h Broad Street
Lewis William, butcher, High Street Woolley Martha, stay maker, Corn Market
Lloyd Ann, milliner & dress maker, Corn Market Woolley T. and J., printers, booksellers, and stationers; Agents for the Minerva Life Office; and the Accidental Death Insurance Company, Broad Street
Lloyd David, watchmaker and silver smith, Broad Street Woolley Thomas, printer, bookseller, &c., h Broad Street
Lloyd Edwin, solicitor, South Street Woolley William, ladies boot & shoemaker, Middle Marsh
Lloyd John, builder, carpenter and joiner, West Street Wormington William, victualler, Golden Lion, Middle marsh
Lowe John, corn factor and provision merchant, Broad Street Wright John, chimney sweeper, South Street
Lucas Henry, victualler, Queen's Head, Turnbull Head Wynde Hannah, milliner, dress and straw bonnet maker, Green Lane
Luckett J. & Co., grocers and tea dealers, Broad Street Wynde John, boot & shoemaker, Middle marsh
Luntley Phoebe, shopkeeper, Vicarage Street Yapp Edward, butcher, Turnbull Street


[Transcribed by Richard Lane in November 2002
from a copy of Lascelles Directory of Herefordshire, 1851 in Hereford Central Library]