Early Herefordshire Probate Records: Publication by Michael Faraday


New (June 2009) Publication

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1407 - 1550

With an Appendix
of Abstracts of Registered-Copy Wills

Edited by M.A. Faraday, MA (Cantab.)

This is a revised and considerably augmented edition of a Calendar issued in 1989 by the British Record Society as a set of microfiche, of which Michael was co-author. The current publication is to be available in hardback as a limited edition.

The Calendar, which is fully indexed, is based on the surviving act books of the Hereford Consistory Court from the period 1407-1550 and contains some 13,500 documents. Researchers from other counties may wish to be aware that as well as almost all of Herefordshire, the diocese covered Shropshire south and west of the Severn, north-western Worcestershire, eastern Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire (Powys), north-eastern Monmouthshire (Gwent) and Gloucestershire west of the Severn.

Indexes include 36,000+ references to personal names and 18,000+ place-names. There are also an additional 378 Wills from the period 1552-1581. Inventory valuation-totals from the later act books in this series are also given. This is a valuable resource for both genealogists and historians in an area and period for which few published records of this kind exist.

The book of 719 pages includes an Introduction, describing the records on which the calendar is based, a map of the diocese and deaneries and an example of a typical court itinerary, together with facsimiles of three pages of the act books from different periods. Footnotes include relevant detail from certain actions in the Court of Common Pleas relating to some of the probates in the calendar; some of these show executors' subsequent marriages.

Michael is also author of 'Ludlow 1085-1660' and editor of (inter alia) 'Herefordshire Taxes in the Reign of Henry VIII' (WNFC 2005), 'Herefordshire Militia Assessments of 1663' (R.Hist.S. Camden IV 10), ''The Lay Subsidy for Shropshire 1524-7' (SRS3), 'The Westmorland Protestation Returns 1641/2' (CWAAS, TS xvii), 'Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s' (WHS NS19), and the forthcoming 'Bristol and Gloucestershire Lay Subsidy of 1523-1527' (GRS23).

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