Turnastone St Mary Magdalene Church, Herefordshire - a list of Incumbents 1259-1993

This list was collected and transcribed © 2005
7 Mar 1259 Hamo de SANDWICH
24 Nov 1300 John DEVEREUX
4 Feb 1301 Adam de ORETONE
5 Nov 1316 Robert RAGUN acol
15 Jul 1349 John le SMYT - on death of Robert RAGUN
4 Jul 1363 John DICTUS le SMYTHES de Bedwardyn
26 Nov 1367 Walter son of John de EWYAS
2 Mar 1372 John GOHZ
11 Feb 1415 John SMYTH
15 Apr 1432 John WEYBROW
26 Sep 1523 David ap HOPKIN
10 Feb 1560 John KENWELL
26 Apr 1569 Richard EVANS
5 Mar 1571 Roger APARRIE
1607 Thomas BARNSLY or BARNSLEY[1]
5 May 1661 Thomas BOWKER[2] (also v. of Vowchurch)
4 Mar 1672 William CALDICOTT B.A (also v. of Vowch.)
6 Nov 1677 John WILLIM B.A
16 Nov 1720 Thomas BROADS B.A
30 May 1753 Thomas HIGGINS B.A
19 Dec 1768 James ROBERTS M.A
4 Jun 1798 Richard SANDILAND LL.B[3]
1836 Thomas POWELL
1838 Beresford LOWTHER (also v. of Vowchurch)
? Charles LONGFIELD (------- " --------- )
1887 Frederick Richard GREEN (d.1917)
1922 E. A. WHITFIELD (also v. of Vowchurch 1910)
1936 Thomas LAWRENCE also v. of Vowchurch
1939 J. H. GORST
1940 W. R. HANCOCK
1948 Reginald G. HAYDEN
1952 James S. de C. BENSTED
1957 John C. de la T.DAVIES (& Peterch; Vowch; Dorstone)
1993 Philip Alan WILLIAMS


[1] Thomas BARNSLEY, Clerk in Holy Orders, has been noted as witnessing the Will of Robert VAUGHAN, 1599, of Vowchurch. He is named on the list of Incumbents from 1607 as the Rector of Turnastone but it is apparent from this Will that he may have been instituted earlier. According to Alumni Oxoniensis, he was of Oxfordshire and not of gentle status. He matriculated at Magdalen Hall on 16 Oct 1584 aged 18, obtaining his BA 7 Feb 1588/89. "One of these names rector of Turnastone co. Hereford 1604".

[2] The next Rector of whom we have information was Thomas BOWKER, who was instituted in 1661 to Vowchurch (as Vicar) on 13 January (patron: the Prebendary of Putson Major) and to Turnastone (as Rector) on 5 May (patron: Humphrey Howarth, arm[iger]). Whether Thomas BARNSLEY survived until that time or there was an inter-regnum is not known.

The Advowson of Turnastone Rectory was held by Essay [?Esau] PROSSER and passed from him to Thomas JENNINGS and his estate, and then on through Nicholas PHILPOTT and Mary his wife, and Mary Dowager Duchess of Beaufort to Robert PRICE (fl.1714), one of the Barons of HM Court of Exchequer.

[3] Richard SANDILANDS was the son of Richard S of Upton co. Worcester gent and was educated at Balliol College Oxford and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Whilst Rector of Turnastone, he was also (!) Minister of the English Church of St Omer (France) where he died 29 May 1836 aged 77.