Vowchurch St Bartholomew's Church, Herefordshire - a list of Incumbents 1560-1993

This list was collected and transcribed © 2005
1560Edward VAGHAN
 … … …
1661Thomas BOWKER[1]
1672William CALDICOTT B.A
1678John WOTTON
1683William WILLIAMS
1685Edward JONES B.A
1690John CHELMICK[2]
1704William SEWARD
1729Robert LLOYD M.A
1750Thomas WILLIAMS B.A
1785James BULLOCK B.A
1815William EVANS
1B31Harry LEE B.A
1836Beresford LOWTHER B.A
1874Charles LONGFIELD B.A
1885James Oliver BEVAN
1895Skeffington Hume DODGSON M.A[3]
1936Thomas LAWRENCE (& Turnastone)
1939J. H. GORST (& Turnastone)
1940W. R. HANCOCK (& Turnastone)
1948Reginald G. HAYDEN (& Turnastone)
1953James S. de C. BENSTED (& Turnastone)
1957John C. de la T. DAVIES (& Peterchurch, Turnastone, Dorstone)
1993Philip WILLIAMS (& Peterchurch, Turnastone, Dorstone)


[1] Thomas BOWKER was instituted in 1661 to Vowchurch (as Vicar) on 13 January (patron: the Prebendary of Putson Major) and then to Turnastone (as Rector) on 5 May (patron: Humphrey Howarth, arm[iger]).

[2] Information from the Will of John CHELMICK, 1704.

[3] Skeffington Hume DODGSON was the younger or youngest brother of Charles Luttwidge DODGSON otherwise known as Lewis Carroll.