Mayors of Huntingdon


Mayors of Huntingdon

Mayors of Huntingdon 1800-1840, as advised by Huntingdon Record Office

1800 Charles Slow
1801 William Desborough
1802 John Perkins
1803 Owsley Rowley
1804 William Herbert
1805 George Viscount Hinchingbrooke
1806 Robert Stafford
1807 Sir J Arundel
1808 Robert Slow
1809 Owsley Rowley
1810 James Morton
1811 William Herbert
1812 William Margetts
1813 James Morton
1814 J S Dobyns
1815 Henry Sweeting Junior
1816 William Margetts
1817 J S Dobyns
1818 Henry Sweeting Junior
1819 Capt William A Montagu RN
1820 Sir John Arundel
1821 David Veasey jnr
1822 Samuel Edward Gooch
1823 George F Maule
1824 Capt Sir William A Montagu
1825 David Veasey jnr
1826 David Rowley
1827 Samuel Edward Gooch
1828 Henry Edwards
1829 Henry Larratt Stafford
1830 David Rowley
1831 Charles Slow
1832 Henry Edwards
1833 Samuel Edward Gooch
1834 David Veasey jnr
1835 Sanuel Edward Gooch
1836 David Veasey
1837 William Ward
1838 Charles Veasey
1839 James Howson
1840 George Betts Pumfrett

Capt Sir William A Montagu RN

Capt Sir William A Montagu RN, later Vice Admiral Sir William Augustus Montagu, CB, KCH (c.1785-1852). He married Ann Leeds in 1823, dau of George William Leeds, Bart. According to a caption on a painting of Montagu in the Hinchinbrooke Manor house (now a school), he was an illegitimate son of the 5th Earl of Sandwich (John Montagu), of Hinchinbrooke Manor. He is not to be confused with his uncle who died 1776, Admiral William Augustus Montagu, son of the 4th Earl. (William Augustus Montagu is being researched by his 4th Great Grandson, Peter L. Johnson, of P.O. Box 34 Paterson, NSW, 2421, (via Newcastle) Australia.

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