TETWORTH: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1932.


[Description(s) transcribed by Martin Edwards and later edited by Colin Hinson ©2010]
[from The Victoria County History series - 1932]

"TETWORTH lay in the extreme south of the county with a detached portion in Everton (Co. Bedfordshire). The parish consists of undulating land which rises gradually from the River Ouse until it approaches the eastern boundary where the rise is more abrupt. The soil of the high land is sand, and elsewhere a deep clay, growing corn, beans and potatoes.

The relationship between Everton and Tetworth is complex. Everton, or Everton-cum-Tetworth, was partly in Huntingdonshire and partly in Bedfordshire, but it has always formed a single ecclesiastical parish. Everton and Tetworth, however, are dealt with as two townships in the inclosure award of 1802, and have since been considered separate civil parishes. When the Act for settling and describing the divisions of counties declared that the isolated portion of the parish of Everton situated between Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire (and belonging to Huntingdonshire) was annexed to Huntingdonshire, it created no new position. It is in the Huntingdonshire portion of Everton, which is now said to form part of Tetworth, that the church which serves both Everton and Tetworth civil parishes, is situated.

Everton became a civil parish in Bedfordshire in 1810, and this was transferred to Huntingdonshire in 1842. Everton has never had a separate ecclesiastical identity; it is united ecclesiastically with Tetworth which has always been in the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon, and the parish was in Huntingdonshire.

Tetworth, which was always in Huntingdonshire, was a hamlet in Everton. The church, serving both places, is in Everton village in what was until 1965 a detached portion of Tetworth ecclesiastical parish.

The village of Tetworth occupies the south-western angle of the parish and of the old county. At the southern end of the village is Tetworth Hall. Two moats, which can still be traced in this isolated portion of Everton, probably marks the site of the Manor House of Everton (or Everton Bury); this was the principal manor, and that of the manor which was held of it. The moat at Biggin Wood which, with Little Biggin Wood, lies on the western boundary of this portion of Everton, probably marks the site of the manor of Biggin or Everton Biggin.

In 1965 the detached part of Tetworth, including within it the parish church of Everton-cum-Tetworth, was transferred to Bedfordshire where it remained until 1974 when it then became part of the enlarged county of Cambridgeshire."

[Description(s) transcribed by Martin Edwards ©2003 and later edited by Colin Hinson ©2010]
[mainly from The Victoria County History series- 1932]