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Index to the "Civilian War Dead Roll Of Honour"
for Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire.


ACCAssistant Chief Constable
AFSAuxiliary Fire Service
AGIOAssistant Gas Identification Officer
ARPAir-Raid Precautions
ARPAARP Ambulance Driver
ARPCCARP Control Centre
ARPDARP Demolition Service
ARPDSARP Decontamination Service
ARPIARP Instructor
ARPMARP Messenger
ARPSBARP Stretcher Bearer
ARPTARP Telephonist
ARPWAir-Raid Precautions - Works
ARWAir-Raid Warden
ASAmbulance Service
ATCAir Training Corps
BRCSBritish Red Cross Society
CDSLCivil Defence Service Leader
CMSCDOCyclist Messenger Service Corps, Divisional
CSCasualty Service
DHWDeputy Head Warden
DMOHDeputy Medical Officer of Health
DURCo. Durham
ERYYorkshire, East Riding
FAPFirst-Aid Party
FAPLFirst-Aid Party Leader
FBFire Brigade
FGFire Guard
GISGas Identification Service
HFVAFSHull Fishing Vessels Association Fire Service
HGHome Guard
HRSHeavy Rescue Service
MNMerchant Navy
NFSNational Fire Service
NFSDRNFS Dispatch Rider
NFSMNFS Messenger
NRYYorkshire, North Riding
PCPolice Constable
PCLNERRailway Policeman
PFPolice Fireman
PSGTPolice Sergeant
PTOPolice Telephone Operator
PWRPolice War Reserve
RDRural District
ROCRoyal Observer Corps
SCSpecial Constable
SJABSt John Ambulance Brigade
SRNState Registered Nurse
SWShelter Warden
UDUrban District
WRYYorkshire, West Riding
WVSWomen's Voluntary Service
YMNYugoslav Merchant Navy
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