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Transcripts of Parish Registers - Farnborough 1813-1850

Groom First Name             Batch Wid OTP etc Groom's Occ'n Bride Bride's First Name           Spin Wid Date Married              Of                      How             Witnesses Notes
FOX John B Upper Dean, Beds - BEARDSWORTH Susannah Margaret S 19 July 1813 O.T.P. By Licence Sam WOODMAMS, Mary WOODHAMS, E. BEARDSWORTH -
DEALE George (X) B O.T.P. - PAINTER Harriet S 03 February 1814 O.T.P. - William RICHARDSON, Mary RICHARDSON -
CUTBUSH Charles (X) B O.T.P. - JONES Mary Ann (X) S 17May 1814 O.T.P. - Henry BARTHOLOMEW (X), Ann ADAMS With consent of their parents
DEVIN Thomas B O.T.P. - DRIVER Sarah (X) S 29 May 1814 O.T.P. - Charles SWINDLE (X), Charlotte WATSON (X) Wm. RICHARDSON, Clerk
VINE James (X)  B O.T.P. - MITCHELL Jane Belcher S 21November 1814 O.T.P. - Sarah MITCHELL (X), William RICHARDSON -
HILL Robert (X) B O.T.P. - WHIFFIN Mary (X) S 19February 1815 O.T.P. - William HILYER (X), Wm. RICHARDSON -
NASH Edward B O.T.P. - ALLEN Sophia S 18January 1816 Chelsfield, Kent - ThoS. DENNET, Mary ALLEN -
STAPLES James W O.T.P. - ASHDOWN Elizabeth W 27May 1816 O.T.P. - Geo. SMITH, John SMITH -
ROLES George (X) B O.T.P. - EYLES Mary Ann (X) S 02July 1816 O.T.P. - Richard ROLES, Silester HODGMAN (X) -
ROLES Richard B O.T.P. - HODGMAN Silester (X) S 17October 1816 O.T.P. - John WAKELING (X), Harriet ROLES (X) -
BUCKINGHAM Robert (X) B O.T.P. - BEADLE Harriet (X) W 30January 1817 O.T.P. - David RARATY, William RICHARDSON -
FRIEND James (X) - O.T.P. - ROLES Harriet (X) - 21March 1818 O.T.P. - Edward MARRET, Charlotte STRINGER (X) -
MANTLE Thomas (X) - O.T.P. - WELLS Sarah - 25May 1818 O.T.P. - Edward MANTLE (X), Mary MANTLE (X) -
OOSLER William - - - LUCK Sophia - 13July 1818 - - William RICHARDSON, Mary RICHARDSON -
MITCHELL John (X) - O.T.P. - KEMBER Sarah (X) - 02January 1819 O.T.P. - George LUKIN (X), Charlotte STRINGER (X) -
SWINDLE John (X) - O.T.P. - SEABROOK Sarah (X) - 04July 1819 Chevening, Kent - Francis SWINDELL, Catherine SWINDLE (X) -
JONES Thomas (X) B O.T.P. - KINSLEY Mary Ann (X) S 02September 1820 O.T.P. - Thomas JONES (X), Ann JONES (X) -
WALKER Richard - O.T.P. - HILLS Susannah - 06January 1821 O.T.P. - Gearge WHIFFIN, Amey PENFOLD (X) -
LANE John (X) - - - GREGORY Sarah - 31October 1821 - - George ROLLS (X), Jane GREGSON -
TWIDDY Joseph William - O.T.P. - BARTLETT Mary Ann - 06July 1822 O.T.P. - John HENLEY, Wm. RICHARDSON -
PENTEYCOST Thomas (X) B O.T.P. - JONES Alice (X) S 28October 1822 O.T.P. - Thomas JONES (X), Sarah GIBBS (X) -
GALYARD Richard (X) B O.T.P. - WELLS Mary (X) S 18January 1823 O.T.P. - Stephen GARDNER (X), Sarah STAPLES -
POINTER George (X) - O.T.P. - PENFOLD Ann (X) [Should be Amey see] - 22April 1824 O.T.P. - Edward WHIFFEN, Sarah BRISH? (X) Note: Heather has written saying that George POINTER married "Amey" PENFOLD on 22 April1824 - not "Ann" PENFOLD
STEPHENS John - of Redborn - STEPHENS Mary - 20October 1824 O.T.P. - John STEPHENS, William RICHARDSON -
HEAD Richard B O.T.P. - HARBOUR Mary (X) S 02July 1825 of Eynsford, Kent - John BRITTES? (BRITTEN?), Mary SHAD?, Wm. RICHARDSON -
SCHILD John Conrad B of St. Ann's, Soho, London - PADDY Mary S 03November 1825 O.T.P. - Jno. SCHILD, Thomas WELDON, Eliz.PADDY, Maria WELDON, John PADDY -
STANDEN James B O.T.P. - SEABROOK Harriet (X) S 06August 1826 O.T.P. - Martha SEABROOK (X), William FULLER Wm. RICHARDSON
COSTIN Arnold (X) - O.T.P. - DENTON Charlotte - 29September 1826 O.T.P. - Elizabeth NEALE (X), John NEALE -
HALL William (X) - O.T.P. - SUDDS Sarah (X) - 29August 1830 O.T.P. - Richard SKINNER (X),Sarah SKINNER (X) -
DAWES William B O.T.P. - GARSON Elizabeth S 20November 1832 of Sevenoaks - George MUNFORD (X), Sarah GARSON -
NASH John - O.T.P. Shoemaker LOCKYER Patience (X) - 14May 1837 O.T.P. - Charlotte PECK (X), Henry LOCKYER (X) -


Groom First Name                     Batch Wid Age   OTP etc           Groom's Occ'n Groom's Father           Groom's Father Occ'n Bride Bride's First Name           Spin Wid Bride's Age Date Married            Of                     Bride's Occ'n Bride's Father                     Bride's Father Occ'n Witnesses
ASHDOWN Daniel (X) W F Chelsfield Labourer John ASHDOWN Labourer WOOLFORD Jane (X) S 20 14August 1837 Chelsfield Servant Robert WOOLFORD Labourer Philip ATKINS (X), Wm. RICHARDSON
PLOWMAN James W F - Labourer John PLOWMAN Gamekeeper LETTS Elizabeth S F 25September 1838 - Servant Thomas LETTS Sawyer James MORTLOCK, Wm. RICHARDSON
SPARKS James B F - Shoemaker Robert SPARKS Shoemaker ASHDOWN Elizabeth S F 04December 1838 - Servant Edward ASHDOWN Labourer John NASH,.Patience NASH
WHITEHOUSE Daniel Saunders (X) B F - Labourer Nathaniel SAUNDERS Labourer RINGWOOD Sarah (X) S F 25December 1838 - Servant Father:?? - James CHEESEMAN (X), Sarah SAUNDERS(X)
BURTON James W F - Labourer William BURTON Labourer JOHNSON Eliza (X) S F 08September 1839 - Servant Jasper JOHNSON Labourer Henry LOCKEY (X), Mary JOHNSON (X)
HUMPHRIES John B F - Shepherd Thomas HUMPHRIES Labourer BURGESS Mary S F 26October 1839 - Servant Timothy BURGESS Labourer William LOCK (X), Ann WESTBROOK
WHISBEY William (X) B F - Labourer William WHISBEY Labourer DEAN Amelia S F 12April 1840 - Servant James DEAN Fishmonger William DEAN, Elizabeth MARRELL
HAYES George (X) W F - Labourer Samuel HAYES Labourer BROOKS Susannah S F 17October 1840 Chelsfield Servant Robert BROOKS Labourer Wm. RICHARDSON, Isabella SINFIELD(X)
NASH Stephen (X) B F - Labourer John NASH Labourer HARBOUR Sarah S F 18October 1840 - Servant James HARBOUR Labourer Mary NASH (X), Mary LANGLEY
HUMBEL John B F Chelsfield Labourer John HUMBEL Labourer STAPLES Elizabeth S F 27December 1840 Chelsfield Servant George STAPLES Labourer Wm.RICHARDSON, Louisa GEAR
HOWELLS William B F Goudhurst Coachman Richard HOWELLS - MAYNARD Mary S F 28October 1841 - Servant William MAYNARD Labourer Wm. RICHARDSON, Susanna RICHARDSON
THORPE Thomas B F Kemsing, Kent Labourer Thomas THORPE Labourer ROLLS Matilda S F 03November 1841 - Servant George ROLLS Labourer William POYNTER, Catherine MITCHELL:Susan ROLLS, John STURDET (X)
MITCHELL Thomas B F - Labourer William MITCHELL Labourer BULL Hannah S 19 16April 1843 - - Edward BULL Labourer William RICHARDSON, Edward BIRD, MaryBIRD,
SHARP James W F - Carpenter Thomas SHARP Millwright RICHARDSON Susannah S F 28December 1843 - - William RICHARDSON Smith Edward BIRD, Robert HARMAN, ElizabethGEARING
HILL Rowland John B F - Bricklayer John HILL Bricklayer BEDFORD Mary (X) S F 22July 1844 - - James BEDFORD Shoemaker Charles SAVAGE (X), Sarah GREY (X)
BRIDGER Edward B F Chelsfield Labourer Richard BRIDGER Labourer MITCHELL Sarah (X) S F 18August 1844 - - William MITCHELL Labourer William POYNTER, Fanny JONES
YALLOP John (X) B F - Carman Joseph YALLOP Tailor HUTCHINGS Fanny (X) S F 24October 1844 Orpington - John HUTCHINGS Labourer Joseph YALLOP, James SPI.ÿCER,.JosephYALLOP
ASHDOWN John (X) B F - Labourer Stephen ASHDOWN Labourer GOODHEW Ann S F 03November 1844 - - George GOODHEW Labourer George VALLINS (X), Eliza TAPSELL
YALLOP Joseph B F - Tailor Joseph YALLOP Tailor SPICER Jane S 19 26December 1844 - - Edward SPICER Smith Mary Ann BACKHAM, Henry WALKER, RebeccaBACKHAM
THOMPSON Samuel W F - Labourer Samuel THOMPSON Labourer BOOKER Martha (X) S F 09February 1845 - - Henry BOOKER Labourer Richard CHEESEMAN (X), Sarah BOOKER(X)
HOMEWOOD George B F - Labourer James HOMEWOOD Labourer ROLLS Alice Jane S F 06April 1845 - - George ROLLS Labourer Priscilla STRATTON, James DAVIS
BENNETT George (X) B F - Hostler Edward BENNET Labourer SILLMAN Sophia (X) S F 24May 1845 - - Samuel SILLMAN Gardener Edward BENNETT (X), Fanny PACKHAM(X)
SPICER Edward B 20 - Smith Edward SPICER Smith BUTCHER Ann S F 24July 1845 - - George BUTCHER Engineer Edward SPICER, Charlotte KIBBLE
HOGG William Alexander  B 31 - Farm Bailiff William HOGG Farmer LARKIN Harriet s 23 05May 1846 - - John LARKIN Licenced Victualler John LARKIN, Elizabeth LARKIN
GARRETT Thomas B 27 - Bricklayer Thomas GARRET Bricklayer DENTON Jane (X) - 24 04January 1847 Orpington - John DENTON Blacksmith William ANDERSON (X), Charlotte WALE
WEBSTER James Mair B 25 - Grocer John James MAIR Painter GILES Sarah S 25 25January 1847 - - Charles GILES Market Gardener Thomas GILES, Ann SESSIONS
STEERS Edwin B 25 - Labourer John STEERS Tilemaker TAPSELL Matilda S 25 11April 1847 - - William TAPSELL Labourer David SAVAGE (X), Ann JEPP (X)
BOOKER John B 23 - Labourer John BOOKER Labourer BRAND Eliza S 28 26May 1847 - - James BRAND Shoemaker James BRAND (X).ÿ, Isabella BRAND(X)
ARROW John W F - Carpenter George ARROW Publican WEBB Eliza W F 31July 1847 - - George TIBBS Publican George GREENSLADE, Catherne. STEPHENS
CHITTENDEN Edward Thomas B 26 - Mariner James CHITTENDEN Labourer SANDWELL Elizabeth Browning S 21 02August 1847 - - Thomas SANDWELL Painter Henry VINCENT, Mary Ann BOYLETT
BALL Samuel B 20 - Labourer Edward BALL Bailiff PRICE Maria (X) S 25 07May 1848 - - John PRICE Horse Keeper Joseph GALLEON (X), Susannah GREGORY(X)
HOLLAND Charles (X) B 28 - Labourer Charles HOLLAND Labourer MAYNARD Ann S 27 09September 1848 - - William MAYNARD Labourer Daniel WHITHEAD, Emily HOLLAND
BENNETT Edward (X) B 31 - Gardener Edward BENNETT Labourer PECKHAM Fanny (X) S 25 18November 1848 - - Isaac PECKHAM Labourer Harriet BENNETT, William BENNETT (X)
BALDWIN Henry B F - Shoemaker He.ÿnry BALDWIN Grocer FENN Harriet W F 04May 1849 - - Robert ROUTLEY Accountant James LARKIN, Abigail LARKIN
SINFIELD John B F - Labourer Thomas SINFIELD Labourer POINTER Louisa (X) S F 08September 1849 Orpington - Richard POINTER Labourer William SAVAGE, Catherine GREGORY
MORGAN Charles B F Bromley, Kent Surgeon - - FOX Mary Margaret S F 31October 1849 - - John FOX Brewer John Woodham FOX, Thomas Samuel FOX
KNIGHT James B F - Pensioner John KNIGHT Carpenter KARMES? Catherine (X) W F 03September 1850 St Mary Cray - Thomas GREER Blacksmith Joseph GEARING, Catherine MARR? (X)
COGHLAN James B F - Labourer John COGHLAN Farmer ALCHORN Jane (X) S - 16September 1850 - - William ALCHORN Labourer Henry STAPLES (X), Ellen SIMS (X)
SAVAGE William B - - Labourer Charles SAVAGE Labourer MESSENGER Sarah S - 09November 1850 - - James MESSENGER Bailiff Charles SAVAGE (X), Sophia DUNMALL(X)