Bury Civil Registration


The LancashireBMD site has details of some the births, marriages and deaths recorded at Bury Register Office, and provides an easy mechanism to order certificates.

Bury council provide information about Births, Deaths, Marriage Registration.

The register office holds details for events in Bury and some records for the closed offices that were in Heywood & Manchester North.

Certificates of birth, death and marriage can be obtained from the Superintendent Registrar at the Register Offices:

If ordering from a District Office, please note the following:

(a) the cost of a certificate is currently (April 2003) £7.00. - send a Sterling cheque payable to the Superintendent Registrar plus return postage or two International Reply Coupons.
(b) the reference numbers from the St Catherine's Index are of no value, but the year and quarter may reduce the amount of searching that the office has to perform.
(c) for marriage certificates, the precise place of marriage must be given.
(d) Civil Registration in England and Wales began on July 1st 1837.

Details of the place names in the civil registration districts of Bury can help in identifying the census returns to consult as they use a common structure.