Copyright © Hawkshead Parochial Church Council, 1969

Transcribed into computer-readable form by MARTIN LEONARD, 2005


Unless otherwise stated, all brides and grooms are of the Parish of Hawkshead.


B: Marriage by Banns
L: Marriage by Licence
Br: Bride
Gr: Groom.

Title Pages of Original Volumes

(1) 1754-1790: A MARRIAGE REGISTER BOOK For the Parish of Hawkshead in the County of Lancaster and Diocese of Chester According to Act of Parliament.

(2) 1790-1812: A REGISTER BOOK for MARRIAGES in all Parish Churches and Chapels, Conformable to an Act of the Twenty-Sixth of King GEORGE II. Intitled, An Act for the better Preventing Clandestine Marriages. Published according to Act of Parliament by Joseph Fox, Parochial Clerk To the Honorable the House of Commons. (Note: In this volume Banns are recorded from August 1790 to June 1810 only)

(3) 1813-1837: REGISTER of MARRIAGES in the Parish of Hawks­head in the County of Lancaster. In pursuance of the Act of Parliament, 52 Geo.III. Cap.146. (passed 28th July 1812) a Copy of which is prefixed to the Register of Baptisms.


The material which follows derives from a transcription from the original registers made in 1969, by Kathleen Leonard of Roger Ground, Hawkshead, who died in 1974. It is being prepared by her son for transfer into the standard format required for Internet use, with a view to making it freely available through one or more of the principal genealogy sites. The copyright of all versions is retained by Hawkshead Parochial Church Council, who have given permission for the free use of the material for non-commercial purposes.

This material is a preliminary stage in the transfer process, and takes the form of a computer-readable version of the 1754-1837 Marriage Register, with an index in conventional form and a statistical breakdown. It has been checked against the printed version, and both transcriptions from the original to the printed version, and from that into the present form are believed to be reasonably accurate. No guarantee is, of course, given or implied in either case. The same applies to the index and the summary statistics prepared for the printed version, which are included here but will not be suitable for major genealogy sites. Some minor errors in the printed version of the statistical table have been corrected, and some small editorial changes made, mainly to the index.

The principal part of this version, consisting of the transcript of the register itself, with its details of 928 marriages, will not be externally searchable, which is why the original index has been retained.

It should be noted that some of the information in this version, such as the incidence of marks rather than signatures, is lost in the transfer to final version.

Martin Leonard
Cheltenham, December 2005.
email jmartinleonard[at]f2s[dot]com.