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Copyright © Hawkshead Parochial Church Council, 1969

Transcribed into computer-readable form by MARTIN LEONARD, 2005


April 7 Robert Hirdson Husbandman and Ann Dixon Spinster (B; Br mark)
April 10 Gilbert Crackenthorp of the Parish of Kirkby Kendal in the County of Westmorland Clerk and Anne Ridgeway Spinster (L.)
May 26 Thomas Thompson and Dorothy Rigge (B; Gr mark)
July 21 John Slater of the Parish of Cartmell in the County of Lancaster Yeoman and Esther Walker Spinster (L; Br mark)
Aug. 25 William Waterson Yeoman and Elizabeth Thwaites Spinster (L.)
Sept. 2 Richard Newton Hatter and Elizabeth Coward Spinster (L; Br mark)
Nov. 9 Matthew Brockbank House Carpenter and Sarah Jenkinson Widow (B; Br mark)


Jan. 27 Nathan Wilson Skinner and Elizabeth Woodend Spinster (B; Br mark)

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Feb. 3 Henry Williamson Tailor and Margaret Danson Spinster (L.)
March 29 Thomas Heaviside Husbandman and Ann Rawlinson Spinster (L; Br, Gr mark)
May 9 James Harrison Weaver and Agnes Bentham Spinster (B; Br mark)
May 11 John Holme Husbandman and Eliz. Mitchel Spinster (B; Br mark)
July 13 John Dixon of Windermere Parish Weaver and Margaret Holme Spinster (B; Br mark) [N.B. compare with entry for Dec. 10 below.]
Oct. 5 John Pearson Husbandman and Jane Wilson of the Parish of Barton Spinster (L; Br mark)
Oct. 10 Edward Satterthwaite Waller and Ruth Tyson Spinster (L; Br, Gr mark)
Nov. 17 William Knipe of the Parish of Ulverstone Blacksmith and Mary Drinkel Spinster (B; Gr mark)
Dec. 10 John Fisher of the Parish of Windermere in the County of Westmorland Weaver and Margaret Holme Spinster (L.) [N.B. compare with entry for July 13 above.]


Jan. 10 John Pearson of the Parish of Ulverstone and Margaret Rigge Spinster (L.)
Feb. 8 Thomas Turner and Jane Benson Spinster (B; Br mark)
April 13 David Kirkby and Agatha Sawrey Spinster (L.)
April 26 John Milner and Agnes Tyson (B; Br mark)
May 3 William Smith and Agnes Vickars (B; Br mark)
May 9 Edward Braithwaite and Agnes Benson (L.)
May 9 William Stephenson and Ann Alexander (L.)
June 29 John Braithwaite and Ruth Mowson (L.)
Nov. 29 Thomas Cook of the Parish of Colton and Rebecca Gardner (B; Br mark)


Jan. 3 John Brocklebank and Alice Harrison (L; Br mark)
April 11 William Holmes and Margaret Garner (B; Br, Gr mark)
April 12 Nicholas Tyson and Elizabeth Wilkinson (B.)
May 22 George Barker of the Parish of Castlesowerby in the County of Cumberland and Mary Braithwaite (B.)

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May 24 William Wilson and Agnes Mowson (B; Br, Gr mark)
June 16 Thomas Shorrocks of the Parish of Salford and Agnes Taylor (L.)
July 19 James Swainson of the Parish of Ulverstone and Sarah Coulthred (L.)
Oct. 25 George Dodgson and Elizabeth Benson (B; Br mark)
Nov. 17 John Hawkrigge and Eleanor Trouton (B; Br, Gr mark)
Dec. 19 Isaac Knipe of Ambleside in the Parish of Grasmere clerk and Magdalen Satterthwaite (L.)


Feb. 19 John Atkinson Miner and Sarah Middlefell Widow (L.)
March 1 Paul Postlethwaite Husbandman and Margaret Mowson (L.)
March 19 John Martin and Deborah Tyson (B; Br mark)
May 28 George Pearson Husbandman and Eleanor Barker (L; Br mark)
June 9 John Sawrey Butcher and Margaret Dodson (signed Dodgshon) (L.)
June 9 Olliver Ottley Taylor and Allice Deason (L.)
June 10 Isaac Garner and Sarah Jopson (B; Br mark)
June 11 John Richardson and Mary Park (B; Br mark)
June 11 Thomas Dixon of the Parish of Kirkby Irelyth and Margaret Brockbank (B; Br mark)
June 12 James Fisher Husbandman and Hannah Holme Spinster (L.)
Aug. 6 William Wilson Slate-getter and Agnes Robinson Widow (L; Br mark)
Nov. 19 William Elleray and Mary Yerkes (L.)
Dec. 23 William Watson Slate-getter and Mary Stable (L.)
Dec. 23 William Ritson Weaver and Elizabeth Jopson (B; Br mark)