Lancashire help required


Lancashire was a large county but as a county maintainer I don't have local knowledge about everywhere in Lancashire. There are large parts of the county where I have no personal genealogical interest as I haven't found any ancestors there in the brief moment when I can do some research.

But there is a lot of basic simple knowledge that many researchers know, and which could be easily added to the pages if you tell me. When this information is provided in the GENUKI Lancs pages then we can refer newcomers to them without having to tell them these basic facts individually.

If you would like to help add information to the Lancashire GENUKI pages then there are a number of areas where specific help is required. Please take a look at these links and see if you could help.

Specific help

I am concentrating on adding specific information topics to the pages, and the list below will develop as I work on each topic. So please look at each one and if you have that piece of information, then please tell me.

Maintenance information