Kirkby Ireleth Residents


From Mannex's directory of Furness and Cartmel, 1882.


Ashburner Miss Margaret, Laburnum cottage
Ashburner Townson, gent., Prospect hs.
Atkinson Joseph, Slate river, Beckside
Braithwaite Robert joiner, Soutergate
Cartmel John, miner, Sandside
Casson Mr. John, Beckside
Casson William, shoemaker, Beckside
Coulton George & Joseph, joiners, builders, and yeomen, Sandside
Coulton Mr. Thomas, Beckside
Deason James, agricultural implement maker, stone saw mill, and parish clerk, Beckside
Deason Matthew, millwright, Beckside
Dickinson M. J. A., solicitor at Broughton, Soutergate
Gifford John, quarryman, Beckside
Herbert Eleanor, beerhouse, Railway Inn, Sandside
Hodgson George, vict., Punch Bowl Inn, Beckside
Holmes Wm. Casson, tailor, Beckside
Jenkinson Miss Elizabeth, Coppice shaw, Sandside
Johnson Mr. John, Bank house Kendall John, vict., Ship Inn, Askewgate
Kirkby Ireleth Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, drapers, boot and shoemakers, &c., Sandside; James Robinson, manager
Lowry Rev. Charles H., M.A., vicar, Beckside
Martin Thomas, miner, Ledgate
Mason Hartley, assistant overseer and commission agent, South view, Soutergate
Mason Mrs. Little croft
Myers Isaac, tailor, Beckside
Newcomb Mrs. Todd, The Guards
Parker Mrs. Margaret Hannah, Bridge End, Soutergate
Parker William, carter and carrier to Ulverston (Thursday), Soutergate
Postlethwaite Mrs. Agnes, Beckside Relph William, beerhouse, Sun Inn, Soutergate
Rigg George, quarryman, Sandside Walters Mrs. Ellen, Soutergate
Winder Thomas Dickinson, blacksmith, Soutergate
Woodend Thomas, grocer, Soutergate



Abbotson Thos., Headgate, Soutergate
Ashburner George, Low hall
Atkinson William, Mere beck
Barton Hugh, Gargreave
Briggs Abraham, Low Mere beck
Briggs Robert, Bank house
Chamley Thomas (yeoman), Pear tree
James Eliz., Rectory farm, Beckside
Knowles John, Bailiff ground
Mason Wm. Isaac (yeoman), Crossbeck
Postlethwaite Robert (and miller), Beck side mill
Postlethwaite Thos., High Gill house Postlethwaite Thos. (and carter), Sandside
Russell James, Bailiff ground
Seward Thomas (yeoman), Cart house
Tyson James (and butcher), Soutergate


Barnes William, quarryman, Colash
Barr Thomas, postmaster, Sandside
Barrow Mr. Hugh, Marshfield
Benson Mary, shopkeeper, Beanthwaite
Bird Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Old Kiln
Bird John, tailor and beerhouse. Chapels
Boulton William, slate river, St. Mary's well
Brownlee John, jeweller, Head cragg
Burlington Schools; Edward N. Lewis, master
Burlington State Quarries, Kirkby, Sandside; James Ray Eddy, Esq., manager
Crookall Robert, station master, Kirkby, Sandside
Farrer John, blacksmith, Chapels
Johns Thomas, cashier, Duddon view
Johnson Edward, grocer, Wall end
Johnson Mr. John, Hill
Leece Henry, shoemaker, Grizebeck
Lewis Thomas, quarryman, Bell hall
Machell William, vict., Buck Horn, Beanthwaite
Parkinson Robert, slate river, Doveford
Postlethwaite George, vict., Bridge Inn, Grizebeck
Rigg William, slate river, Head eragg
Roberts John, manager, Duddon view
Simpeon Isabella, dressmaker, Annis- croft
Simpson Robert, shoemaker, Stone Arthur
Simpson Thomas, wood tnrner, Grizebeck, and vict, Commercial Inn
Sykes David, shopkeeper, Well house
Turner William, quarryman, St. Mary's well
Tyson Henry, shopkeeper, Grizebeck
Wayles Mrs. Dorothy, Fair view
Woodend William, shipper, Burlington Slate Works, Marsh side


Barr Casson (and shoemaker), Wall end
Benson James Barrow, Kirkby hall
Christian James, Hill
Crayston John, Hermitage
Darby Alfred (and market gardener), Gill Beck
Dodgson Roger (yeoman), Friar's ground
Irving William, Beanthwaite
James John (yeoman), Anniscroft
Kendall William, Sturdy bank
Lewis George, High Beanthwaite
Parker Joseph, Chapels
Phizacklea Thomas (yeoman), Bell hall
Postlethwaite Joseph (yeoman), Boulton ground
Robinson Roger, Croglin
Sawrey John, Dovebank
Southward Richard, Hallsteads
Sykes George, Head cragg
Williamson William, Doveford
Wilson William (yeoman), Doveford and Fowlbriggs
Woodend John (yeo.), Low Gill house