St Helens graveyards


Eileen Williams has provided this list of graveyards in the St. Helens area. Not all the churches in the St Helens area have their own burial grounds but these are the one's that have.

  • Christ Church, Church Road, Eccleston St Helens. C of E
  • St Nicholas Church, Eaves Lane/New Street, Sutton, St Helens. C of E
  • St Annes at Monestary Lane, Sutton, St Helens. R C
  • St Mary's RC Church, Birchley Road, Billinge, Nr St Helens RC
  • Around the St Thomas's Church Westfield Street St Helens there are a few graves certainly couldn't be described a a cemetery as such.
  • At Lowe House, there are about 10 graves of past priests, and of the lady founder of the church but again could not be described as a cemetery.
  • St Mary's Blackbrook, is a R C church but I have never seen any graves there. (there maybe but I've never seen them).
  • St Aidans Main Street Billinge Nr St Helens. (This Church is within the St Helens boundary) - C of E. there is a graveyard there
  • St Julies, Howards Lane , Eccleston. R C No graves.
  • St Mary's Parish Church. Church Square, St Helens. No graves now, graveyards uncovered and all bodies removed to the St Helens cemetery.
  • There were several Old Churches in the town centre, and all bodies removed from those as well.
  • The graveyard in Hewitt Avenue was got rid of. due to housing development when the chapel was demolished. C of E. St. Thomas This cemetery has not been built on, most of the headstones were removed but it is a memorial garden. The trees have been left in stitu and it is grassed over with 2 paths.
  • There are Roman Catholic sections in the St Helens Cemetery (office) - Rainford Road , St Helens, or you The cemetery has very old graves some going back to the chantry - 1500's.
  • St Peters Church (C of E) in Parr. There are a few graves in front of the church of old clergy, but there is also quite a large grave yard on the road that runs down the side of it.