1851 Census Eastwell, Leicestershire


Victor Paul has supplied this transcript of the 1851 census for Eastwell.


1851 Census of Eastwell, Leicestershire transcription. Original records are in the custody of the Public Record Office (The National Archives). Their reference HO 107/2091 pages 529-536. Transcription done under the guidelines applying from 26th March 1999 and confirmed by PRO email of 21 April 1999 citing reference "3 CPY 4(1)".


1851 Summary:
     32 houses:        2 unoccupied, 30 occupied.
     158 people total: 78 males, 78 females.
     2 males and 3 females not in houses.
     158 people total: 75 Eastwell born, 83 non-Eastwell born.


    Name              Rel.                Occupation          Where Born
1   Walkers Lodge
    Andrew Oughton    Head  M    49       Ag. Lab.            Nosington
    Mary Oughton      Wife  M        51                       Uffington.
    Mary Oughton      Niece U        18                       Church Over.

2   Goodsons Far Lodge
    John Judson       Head  M    27       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Catharine Judson  Wife  M        24                       Sewstern
    Thomas J Judson   Son        3                            Stathern
    Elizabeth Haynes  Visitor        13                       Sewstern

3   Goodsons Far Lodge
    John Foister      Head  M    25       Ag. Lab.            Goadby Marwood
    Sarah Foister     Wife  M        25                       Chadwell
    Thomas Foister    Son        1                            Melton Mowbray

4   Goodsons Near Lodge
    Joseph Goodson    Head  M    49       Farmer of 123       Eastwell
	                                  acres employing 2
        	                          labs and 1 boy
    Ann Goodson       Wife  M        39                       Langar
    Elizabeth         Dau.           12   Scholar             Eastwell
    John Goodson      Son        9        Scholar             Eastwell
    William  Goodson  Son        8        Scholar             Eastwell
    Ann Goodson       Dau.           5    Scholar             Eastwell
    Thomas J Goodson  Son        3        Scholar             Eastwell
    Richard Goodson   Son        1                            Eastwell
    John Hubbard      Serv. U    20                           Eaton
    Page Osborne      Serv  U    13                           Stathern
    Maria Osborne     Serv  U        18   Gen. Serv.          Eastwell
    Dorothy Goodson   Sist  U        50                       Eastwell
    Sarah A Goodson   Niece          8                        Holwell

5   Hiltons Lodge
    Martin Turner     Head  M    28       Ag. Lab.            Branston
    Susannah Turner   Wife  M        25                       Sproxton
    Thomas Turner     Son        6                            Sproxton
    Elizabeth Turner  Dau            2                        Eastwell

6   Anthony Jackson   Head  M    54       Farmer of 212 acres Wyfordby
                                          employing 3 labs
    Ellen  Jackson    Wife  M        52                       Eaton
    William  Jackson  Son   U    20                           Stathern
    Mary S Jackson    Dau.           9    Scholar             Eastwell
    Mary Osborne      Serv  U        18   Gen. Serv. Farm     Eastwell
    Samuel Skinner    Serv  U    21       Farm Serv.          Harby
    John Whitaker     Serv  U    16       Farm Serv.          Stathern

7   James Judson      Head  M    51       Ag. Lab.            Plungar
    Elizabeth Judson  Wife  M        51                       Eastwell
    Sarah Judson      Dau.  U        21                       Eastwell
    Mark Judson       Son   U    16       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Ann Judson        Dau.           11                       Eastwell
    Isaac Judson      Son   U    18       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell

8   John Hallard      Head  M    37       School Master       Stoke Prior
    ?       Hallard   Wife  M        42                       Grantham
    Jane Briggs       Mo.   Wid      73   Annuitant           Ancraoft,
                      in law                                   Northum.

9   Editha Goodson    Head  Wid      63   Farmers Widow of    Eastwell
                                    	  200 acres employing
                            		  3 labs.
    Mary F Goodson    Dau.  U        23                       Eastwell
    Sarah Allin       Serv  U        21                       Scalford

10  Thomas Goodson    Head  U    26       Farmer of 200       Eastwell
                                    	  acres employing
                                          3 labs + 3 boys
    John Frisby       Serv  U    25       Farm Serv.          Branston
    Edward Jefson     Serv  U    16       Farm Serv.          Eaton

11  John Exton        Head  U    84       Farmer of 380       Scalford
                                    	  acres employing
                                          2 labs
    William Brutnell  Serv  M    62       Gen. Serv.          Scalford
    Mary Brutnell     Serv  M        70   Housekeeper         Hose
    Mary Boyce        Serv  U        20   House Serv.         Stathern
    Mary Turner       Serv  U        16   House Serv.         Eastwell
    Thomas Judson     Serv  U    29       Farm Serv.          Eastwell

12  Jane Dixon        Head  Wid  53       Farmer of 83 acres  Hose
                                          employing 2 labs
    Mary A Dixon      Dau.  U        20                       Eastwell
    Thomas Hubbard    Serv  U    16                           Eaton
    John Taylor       Serv       12                           Eastwell

13  James Smith       Head  M    51       Ag. Lab.            Hose
    Elizabeth Smith   Wife  M        51                       Clawson
    William Smith     Son   U    19       Ag. Lab.            Stathern
    Mary Smith        Dau.           11                       Eastwell

14  William Judson    Head  M    24       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Sarah Judson      Wife  M        24                       Eaton
    James Judson      Son        3                            Eastwell
    Elizabeth Judson  Dau.           1                        Stathern

15  William Watchorn  Head  M    56       Shoe Maker          Croxton Kerrial
    Sarah Watchorn    Wife  M        45                       Gunerby
    Charlotte         Dau.  U        21                       Eastwell
    Mary Watchorn     Dau.           13                       Eastwell
    Martha Watchorn   Dau.           11                       Eastwell
    John Watchorn     Son        7                            Eastwell

16  Edward Osborne    Head  M    48       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Mary Osborne      Wife  M        58                       Bottesford
    William Osborne   Son   U    26       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    George Osborne    Son   U    21       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell

17  George Harby      Head  M    51       Ag. Lab.            Plungar
    Ann Harby         Wife  M        50                       Plungar

18  Thomas White      Head  M    56       Ag. Lab.            Warfield,
    Elizabeth White   Wife  M        57                       Knipton
    William White     Son   U    32       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Edward White      Son   U    23       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Mary Fielding     Dau.  M        26                       Eastwell
    Daniel White      G. Son     5                            Stathern

19  John Taylor       Head  M    69       Ag. Lab.            Ashby,
    Jane Taylor       Wife  M        62                       Eastwell
    Ann Taylor        Dau.  U        35                       Eastwell
    Jane Taylor       Dau.  U        27                       Eastwell
    William Taylor    G. Son     9                            Melton Mowbray
    Clara Taylor      G. Dau.        8                        Eastwell

20  Charles Boyce     Head  M    45       Ag. Lab.            Colston Bassett
    Ann Boyce         Wife  M        37                       Hose
    John Boyce        Son        13                           Eastwell
    Rebecca Boyce     Dau.           10                       Eastwell
    Elizabeth Boyce   Dau.           6                        Eastwell
    Sarah A Boyce     Dau.           3                        Eastwell
    Edward Boyce      Son        8m                           Eastwell

21  Thomas Cook       Head  M    70       Sheppard            Eastwell
    Ann Cook          Wife  M        77                       Bescaby Lodge

22  Edward Simons     Head  Wid  73       Ag. Lab.            Stathern

23  Samuel Skinner    Head  M    51       Ag. Lab.            Colston Bassett
    Ann Skinner       Wife  M        51                       " "
    John Skinner      Son   U    26       Ag. Lab.            Kinoulton

24  William Gilian    Head  M    50       Cottager            Skirbeck,
    Sarah Gilian      Wife  M        37                       Eastwell
    John Gilian       Son        14                           Eastwell
    Elizabeth Gilian  Dau.           4                        Eastwell
    Fanny Gilian      Dau.           1m                       Eastwell
    Mary Judson       Lodger     13                           Eastwell

25  Henery Pyzer      Head  M    46       Ag. Lab.            Loughborough
    Sarah Pyzer       Wife  M        45                       Buckminister
    William Pyzer     Son        12       Scholar             Stathern
    John Pyzer        Son        7        Scholar             Eastwell
    Elizabeth Pyzer   Dau.           5                        Eastwell

26  Elizabeth Tyler   Head  Wid      55   Laundress           Ashby Folville
    Mary Tyler        Dau.           25   Lace Worker         Eastwell

27  Edward Holmes     Head  M    59       Farmer of 40 acres  Eaton
                                    	  employing 1 Lab.
    Ann Holmes        Wife  M        56                       Branston
    Ann Holmes        Dau.  U        21                       Eastwell
    Harriet Holmes    Dau.  U        16                       Eastwell
    William Holmes    Son        13       Scholar             Eastwell
    Roger Holmes      Son        11       Scholar             Eastwell
    William           Son   M    32       Saddler - Visitor   Heversham
      Lancaster       in Law                                    Westmoreland
    Elizabeth         Dau.  M        28                "      Eastwell
    John Lancaster    G. Son     1                     "      Heversham

28  Thomas White      Head  Wid  29       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell

29  Martin Turner     Head  M    55       Farmer of 49 acres  Eastwell
    Susan Turner      Wife  M        57                       Ashdon, Essex
    John Hallam       Serv  U    29       Farm Serv.          Stroxton, Linc.

30  Thomas Turner     Head  M    32       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell
    Sarah Turner      Wife  M        32                       Oakham
    Eliza Turner      Dau.           7    Scholar             Eastwell
    William Turner    Son        6        Scholar             Eastwell
    Mary A Turner     Dau.           4                        Eastwell
    Maria Turner      Dau.           2                        Eastwell
    Ellen Turner      Dau.           6m                       Eastwell
    Robert Haywood    Lodg. U    56       Ag. Lab.            Eastwell

31  Elizabeth Turner  Head  Wid      59   Ag. Labs. Pauper    Branston

32  Charles Baines    Head  M    39       Curate              Barwell, Cambs.
    Jane E Baines     Wife  M        31                       Tiverton, Devon
    Montague Baines   Son        8                            Eastwell
    Florence Baines   Dau.           7                        Eastwell
    Egerton Baines    Son        4                            Eastwell
    Harold Baines     Son        2                            Eastwell
    Julia Baines      Dau.           1                        Eastwell
    Susan Clark       Serv  U        19   Gen. Serv.          Denton, Lincs.

33  Joseph Bick       Head  U    56       Clark officiate at  Handley, Worcs.
                                    	  St Joseph's
                                    	  Chapel, Eastwell
    Basil Slaughter   Board.U    45       Annuitant           Gosport, Hants.
    Mary Gregg        Niece U        21   House Keeper        Handley, Worcs.
    Mary Harwood      Serv  U        23   House Serv.         Irnham, Lincs.


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