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Victor Paul has supplied this transcript of the 1851 census for Eastwell. He formerly had the information online in his own web pages.

1891 Eastwell census transcription Doubtful spellings have a question mark following. Original records are in the custody of the Public Record Office (The National Archives). Their reference RG 12/2545. Transcription done under the guidelines applying from 26th March 1999 and confirmed by PRO email of 21 April 1999 citing reference "3 CPY 4(1)".


1891 Summary:
     45 schedules, 38 inhabited houses, 15 tenements of less than 5 rooms.
     200 people total: 102 males, 98 females.
     200 people total: 75 Eastwell born, 125 non-Eastwell born.


1.  Farm Cottage
    Robert Roe            Head   M      35      Ag. Lab          Lincs., Stroxton
    Martha Ann Roe        Wife   M          29                   Rut., Cottesmore
    Robert Healey Roe     Son           3                        Lincs., Springthorpe

2.  Farm Cottage                                3 rooms
    John Harwood ?        Head   M      38      Ag. Lab [wife    Lincs., Bardney
                                                in lunatic Asy]
    George Harwood        Son           10      Scholar          Notts., Upton
    Mary Beatrice         Dau               9   Scholar          Notts., Upton
    John Samuel Harwood   Son           7       Scholar          Notts., Upton

 3  Farm Lodge
    Thomas Burton         Head   M      29      Ag Lab           Notts., Marnham
    Mary Burton           Wife   M          26                   Notts., Shelton
    Reuben Burton         Son           3                        Notts., Marnham
    Florence Burton       Dau               1                    Eastwell
    James Carrington      Lodger Wid    57      Ag. Lab          Notts., Orston
    Emily Carrington      Lodger S          21                   Notts., Shelton

4.  John Sentence (or     Head   M      21      Ag. Lab          Notts., Ossington
    Charlotte Sentence    Wife   M          21                   Notts., Southwell
    Florence Mabel        Dau               4m                   Eastwell

 5  Farm Cottage
    Henry Swift           Head   M      35      Ag. Lab          Derby, Selstone
    Clara Swift           Wife   M          36                   Notts., Arnold
    William Swift         Son           9                        Yorks, Sheffield
    Ellen Swift           Dau               5                    Notts., Southwell
    Alice Swift           Dau               2                    Notts., Southwell
    Frank Swift           Son           1m                       Eastwell

 6  Farm Cottage
    Henry Clater (or      Head   M      41      Farm Bailiff     Cotgrave
    Elizabeth Clater     Wife   M          43                   Southwell
    Alice Clater         Dau               12  Scholar          Notts., Halam
    William Pacey Clater Son           10      Scholar          Notts., Halam
    Marian Clater        Dau               8   Scholar          Notts., Halam
    Dora Agnes Clater    Dau               6   Scholar          Eastwell
    Robert Edgar Clater  Son           4                        Eastwell
    Elizabeth Clater     Mother            63                   Notts., Morton
    John Lambert          Serv.         24      Farm Serv.       Buckminster
    William Lambert       Serv.         20      Farm Serv.       Buckminster
[name in document might be Clater or Chater, a descendant of the Lamberts in the household
knew them as Clater]

7.  Rectory
    William? F.C. West    Head   M      40      Rector of        Surrey, Battersea
    Elizabeth Jane West   Wife   M          34                   Middlesex, London
    Fanny Darby           Serv   S          22  Gen. Serv. Dom   Eaton
    Mary Eliz. Boyce      Serv.  S          14  Gen. Serv. Dom   Eastwell

8.  The Hall
    Eliza Freeston        Head   M          64                   Notts., Thurgaton
    Mary Ann Gresham      Dau.   M          32                   Notts., Carlton
    Mary Freeston         Grand             3                    Eastwell
    Gresham               Dau.
    Sarah Sheperd         Sister M          59  Housekeeper      Notts., Thurgaton
                          in Law
    William Foster        Son in M      30      Chartered Acct.  Yorks, Hull
      Gresham             Law
    Henry Kirke Harriman  Nephew S      18      Groom Dom.       Yorks., Grimethorpe
    Sara Amanda Clegg     Visit. S          25                   Yorks., Stannington
    Helena Milford Dyson  Visit. S          25                   Waltham
    Mary Maryan           Visit. S          55  Living on her    Waltham
                                                own income
    Harriet S  ?          Visit. M          50                   Waltham
    Elizabeth Cook        Serv.  S          19  Gen. Serv. Dom.  Lincs., Walcot
    Helena Winifred       Serv.  S          24  Gen. Serv. Dom.  Melton

9.  Ellen Turner          Head              40  Dressmaker       Eastwell
    Francis Turner        Lodger Wid    75      Farm Lab.        Branston

10  Martin Turner         Head   M      68      Farm Lab.        Branston
    Susanna Turner        Wife   M          66                   Sproxton

11  John Poyzer           Head   M      48      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Ruth Poyzer           Wife   M          47                   Chadwell
    William Poyzer        Son    S      20      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Elizabeth Ann Poyzer  Dau.              8   Scholar          Eastwell
    William Brierley      Boarder S     20      Gen. Lab.        Lincs., Freestone
    John Horsborne        Boarder S     30                       Eastwell

12  Alfred Henry Hill     Head   M      56      Gardner          Rut., Liddington
    Frances Hill          Wife   M          48  Schoolmistress   Rut., Uppingham
    Frances Mildred Hill  Dau.              10  Scholar          Leics., Little Bowden

13  John Boyce            Head   M      52      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Jane Boyce            Wife   M          49                   Goadby
    Emily Caroline        Niece             11  Scholar          Lincs., Great Glenn
    Mathy?. Pick          Lodger S      24      Gen. Lab.        Lincs., Burton Coggles
    Henry Walker          Lodger S      56      Gen. Lab.        Lincs., Folkingham

14  James Osborne         Head   Wid    60      Farm Lab.        Eastwell
    Herbert               Son    S      17                       Eastwell

15  Alfred Osborne        Head   M      27      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell
    Mary Ann Osborne      Wife   M          26                   Stonesby
    Edith May Osborne     Dau.              1                    Eastwell

16  Samuel Skinner        Head   M      62      Gen. Lab.        Harby
    Eliza Skinner         Wife   M          57                   Knipton
    William Skinner       Son    S      34      Carrier          Lincs., Barrowby
    Alfred Henry Skinner  Son    S      20      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Ernest Albert         Son    S      14                       Eastwell

17  George Parnham        Head   M      50      Gen. Lab.        Leics., Normanton
    Rebecca Parnham       Wife   M          49                   Lincs., Bourne
    William R Parnham     Son           13      Scholar          Notts., Bulwell
    Anne R Parnham        Dau.              11  Scholar          Notts., Bulwell
    Albert Hodson         Son           9       Scholar          Notts., Bulwell
    Herbert Lowe          Lodger        23      Ironstone Lab.   Leics. Queniborough

18  John Watchorn         Head   M      46      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell
    Walter Watchorn       Son           15      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell

19  Thomas Jackson        Head   M      41      Ironstone Lab.   Harston
    Anne Jackson          Wife   M          39                   Notts., Radford
    Charlotte Jackson     Dau    S          22  Gen. Serv.       On Ship ??
    John William Jackson  Son           2m                       Eastwell

20  John Judson           Head   M      66      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Catherine Judson      Wife   M          69                   Sewstern

21  William Skinner       Head   M      60      Farm Lab.        Eastwell
    Eliza Skinner         Wife   M          59                   Scalford
    Edward Skinner        Son    S      21      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell
    Henry Skinner         Son    S      18      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell
    Florence Skinner      Dau.   S          16  General Serv.    Eastwell
    Algy Skinner          Son           14      General Serv.    Eastwell
    Celia Skinner         Grand             3                    Eastwell
    David Tinsley         Boarder S     18      Ironstone Lab.   Long Clawson

22  Thomas Judson         Head   Wid    69      Ag. Lab.         Eastwell

23  William White         Head   M      37      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell
    Mary White            Wife   M          36                   Eastwell
    Betsy Ann White       Dau.              9   Scholar          Eastwell
    Mary White            Dau.              5   Scholar          Eastwell
    Emily White           Dau.              4                    Eastwell

24  Edward Boyce          Head   M      40      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Anne Boyce            Wife   M          40                   Stathern
    Alice Mary Boyce      Dau.              12  Scholar          Eastwell

25  William White (Snr)   Head   M      70      General Lab.     Eastwell
    Ann White             Wife   M          69  Hat  Maker       Eaton

26  Thomas White          Head   M      69      Ag. Lab.         Eastwell
    Mary White            Wife   M          66                   Eastwell
    Edward White          Son    S      38      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell

27  William Scrimshaw     Head   M      67      Grazier          Notts., West Drayton
    Frances Scrimshaw     Wife   M          59  Grocer           Eastwell
    Caroline Dunkley      Serv.  S          26  Cook Dom. Serv.  Yorks., Stannage

28  John Bass             Head   M      57      Gen. Lab.        Croxton
    Elizabeth D Bass      Wife   M          55                   Leics., Normanton
    Eleanor Garner        Grand             11  Scholar          Notts., Barnstone

29  Post Office
    Sarah Gilian          Head   Wid        77                   Eastwell

30  Post Office
    Joseph Cobley         Head   M      42      Cottager         Stonesby
    Fanny Cobley          Wife   M          40  Dress Maker      Eastwell
    George W Cobley       Son           8       Scholar          Eastwell

31  Thomas Skinner        Head   M      29      Ironstone Lab.   Eastwell
    Emma M Skinner        Wife   M          29                   Garthorpe
    Charles H Skinner     Son           5                        Eastwell
    Frederick S Skinner   Son           3                        Eastwell
    Hilda Skinner         Dau.              1                    Eastwell

32  Edmund Morris         Head   M      30      Ironstone Lab.   Stapleford
    Mary Ann Morris       Wife   M          37                   Eastwell
    Eliza Morris          Dau.              7   Scholar          Stathern
    Ann Mary Morris       Dau.              5   Scholar          Eastwell

33  Mark Judson           Head   M      30                       Eastwell
    Eliza Judson          Wife   M          28                   Thorpe Satchville
    William E Judson      Son           7       Scholar          Eastwell
    Lucy Judson           Dau.              5                    Eastwell
    Mabel Judson          Dau.              1                    Eastwell

34  Charles Shelton       Head   M      27      Ironstone Lab    Notts., Bulwell
    Mary Shelton          Wife   M          28                   Stathern

35  George Brumbley       Head   M      31      Groom and        Lincs., Heckington
    Anne E Brumbley       Wife   M          27                   Lincs., Denton

36  Catholic Presbytery
    Frederick W Frances   Head   M      65      Retired Coach    Notts., Newstead
    Ida A St Clair        Wife   M          37                   Ireland
    Frederick Frances     Son           8       Scholar          Derby., Normanton
    Madeline Frances      Dau.              6   Scholar          Notts., Hoveringham
    Leonard Frances       Son           5       Scholar          Notts., Hyson Green
    Bernard Frances       Son           2                        Notts., Hyson Green
    Sarah Connolly        Visitor           10  Scholar          Derby
    John Staton           Lodger        27      Hosier           Shepshed
    Arthur Staton         Lodger        17      Tailor           Shepshed

37  West End House
    William Jackson       Head   M      60      Farmer           Stathern
    Sarah Jackson         Wife   M          62                   Rut., Ryhall
    Lucy Ann Jackson      Dau.   S          25                   Eastwell
    Ida A Goodson         Niece             12                   Eastwell
    Ada Swain             Serv   S          22  Gen. Serv. Dom.  Redmile
    John W Baker          Serv.  S      20      Farm Serv.       Oakham
    Robert Pearson        Serv.  S      23      Farm Serv.       Eaton
    Arthur Bardett        Serv.         16      Farm Serv.       Chesterfield

38  John Henry Baker      Head   Wid.   40      Ag. Lab.         Oakham
    Frederick C Baker     Son           9       Scholar          Teigh
    Charlotte A Baker     Dau.              10  Scholar          Teigh
    Selina Hudson         Sister S          39  Housekeeper      Oakham
    Samuel A Hudson       Nephew S      17      Ironstone Lab.   Oakham
    Sarah Jane Hudson     Niece                 Scholar          Oakham
    Ernest N Hudson       Nephew                Scholar          Oakham

39  Mary S Goodson        Head   Wid        50  Farmer           Eastwell
    Thomas Goodson        Son    S      26      Gen. Lab.        Eastwell
    Mary Ellen Goodson    Dau    S          29                   Eastwell
    Emily J Goodson       Dau    S          26                   Eastwell
    Ethel J Goodson       Dau    S          24                   Eastwell
    Edith Guy             Lodger Wid        69  Living on her    Eastwell
                                                own income
    Thomas Guy            Lodger S      38                       Eaton

40  Thomas Goodson        Head   M      30      Ag. Lab.         Eastwell
    Elizabeth Goodson     Wife   M          25                   Lincs., Hough
    Percy N Goodson       Son           1                        Eastwell
    Sarah Hardy           Visit. S          20  Gen. Serv. Dom.  Lincs., Hough
    James Hardy           Boarder S     30      Engine Driver    Lincs., Hough

41  Farm Cottage
    William Hunt          Head   M      39      Ag. Lab.         Notts., Cottingham
    Charlotte Hunt        Wife   M          35                   Notts., Cottingham
    Fanny Hunt            Dau               15                   Notts., Cottingham
    Annie Hunt            Dau               10  Scholar          Notts., Cottingham
    Willie Hunt           Son           8       Scholar          Notts., Cottingham

42  Farm Cottage
    William Shields       Head   M      36      Gen. Lab.        Lincs., Pickworth
    Ruth Shields          Wife   M          36                   Lincs., Pickworth
    Thomas Shields        Son           11                       Eastwell
    Elizabeth Shields     Dau               8                    Eastwell
    George Shields        Son           4                        Eastwell
    John Shields          Son           6m                       Eastwell

43  Farm Cottage
    Elijah Cook           Head   M      40      Gen. Lab.        Stathern
    Eliza Cook            Wife   M          29                   Eastwell
    John S Cook           Son           8       Scholar          Stathern
    George W Cook         Son           6       Scholar          Eastwell
    Mary A Cook           Dau               5   Scholar          Eastwell
    Sarah Cook            Dau               4                    Eastwell
    Robert Cook           Son           3                        Eastwell

44  William Tomlinson     Head   M      49      Gardener         Bottesford
    Lucy A Tomlinson      Wife   M          39                   Melton Mowbray
    Horace Tomlinson      Son           4                        Hunts., St Taver

45  Thomas Rowbotham      Head   M      59      Farmer           Goadby Marwood
    Fanny B Rowbotham     Dau    S          24  Housekeeper      Goadby Marwood
    James Leachman        Serv.         17      Gen. Serv. Dom.  Notts., Garrick

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