Amber Hill



  • The parish was in the Swineshead sub-district of the Boston Registration District.
  • In 1896, the Swineshead sub-district was merged into the Kirton sub-district.
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  • The table below gives census piece numbers, where known:
Piece No.
1871 R.G. 10 / 3346
1891 R.G. 12 / 2576

Church History

  • The Anglican church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.
  • The church was built in 1867.
  • There is a photograph of St. John's Church on the Wendy Parkinson web site under "Yet More Lincolnshire".
  • Here is a photograph St. John the Baptist's Church supplied by Ron Cole (who retains the copyright):


  • St. John Church was declared redundant by the Diocese of Lincoln in February, 1995. In April, 1998, it was sold for residential use. The churchyard continues to be used for burials.
  • The church remains a Grade 2 listed historical building.

Church Records

  • The LFHS has published several indexes for the Holland West Deanery to make your search easier.
  • The Wesleyan Methodist's had a chapel built here in 1846, rebuilt in 1877. The Methodist chapel has since closed. The Primitive Methodists built a chapel here in 1892. Find out more at our non-conformist religions page.
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Civil Registration

  • The parish was in the Swineshead sub-district of the Boston Registration District.
  • In 1896, the Swineshead sub-district was merged into the Kirton sub-district.
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Description & Travel

Amber Hill has been described as a "gravel field of 30 acres". The parish, after formation, covered just over 5,400 acres. The village was described as "sparse" in 2002. The parish lies 7 miles west-north-west of Boston.

If you are planning a visit:

  • Visit the Draining Scoop Wheel and Channel on Claydyke Bank built in the 19th century.
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Historical Geography

You can see the administrative areas in which Amber Hill has been placed at times in the past. Select one to see a link to a map of that particular area.



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You can see maps centred on OS grid reference TF232470 (Lat/Lon: 53.006149, -0.165375), Amber Hill which are provided by:


Military Records

The parish notice board is located at the front of the building and the local war memorial was relocated here when the church closed.

John Emerson provides: "War memorial 1914-1918, inside the church".

Name Unit Died Notes Name Unit Died Notes
George Bush       James Pocklington Suffolk Yeomanry    
Joseph Carey 8th Lincs Oct 1917   George Robinson 3/4 Lincs    
Percy Chapman 8th Lincs Aug 1916   George Smith 8th Lincs Oct 1916  
Herbert Clark 3rd Lincs April 1917   Herbert Smith 8th Lincs Dec 1917  
Frank Holmes MT Coy April 1917   George Westmoreland 3rd Lincs    
David Proctor 8th Leic July 1916   Herbert Williamson 8th Lincs Oct 1917  
Norman Hasnip 17/21 Lancers 1947   Thomas Wright Pioneer Corp 1944  
William Seymour RAF 37 Sqdn. April 1940          

Names, Geographical

  • The "Amber" portion or the name comes from the amber-coloured gravel (granite) that covered the ground here.
  • Locals pronounce the name as "Ambrill". [Simon Meeds, 2001]

Politics & Government

  • This parish was in the ancient Kirton Wapentake in the Borough of Boston in the parts of Holland.
  • For the today's parish governance, contact the local Parish Council site. Remember, they are not staffed to help with family history questions. The council meets in the abandoned schoolhouse.
  • It is interesting to note that in the 1871 census, it is listed as a "parish".
  • On 20th December, 1880, Amber Hill, an extra-parochial area, was formed as a new Civil Parish. It had been part of Holland Fen's ecclesiastical parish, and included Algarkirk fen allotment, Sutterton fen allotment and a detached part of Dogdyke.
  • On 1 April, 1935, Amber Hill, gained a 39 acre parcel from South Kyme Civil Parish.
  • For today's district governance, visit the local Boston Borough Council.

Poor Houses, Poor Law

  • Bastardy cases would be heard in the Kirton and Skirbeck petty session hearings.
  • As a result of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act reforms, this parish became part of the Boston Poor Law Union.


Year Inhabitants
1871 715
1881 607
1891 562
1901 546
1911 529
1921 502
1931 570
1951 537
1961 430


  • Amber Hill School was built in 1881 to hold up to 137 children.
  • The school became the Toftstead School.
  • In 2005 only 43 students were on the school roster. The school was officially closed in July, 2010.
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