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The Barton-on-Humber Library is open at 9:30AM 6 days a week most weeks:

Bernard SHARP has a photograph of Providence House on Geo-graph, taken in April, 2017.



  • Barton Cemetery covers about 8.5 acres and is on Barrow Road. It was consecrated in 1867 and had two mortuary chapels. The cemetery was under the control of a Burial Board and, later, the Urban District Council.


  • The parish was in the Barton sub-district of the Glanford Brigg Registration District.
  • We have a handful of 1901 census surnames in a text file. Your additions are welcome.
  • Check our Census Resource page for county-wide resources.
  • The table below gives census piece numbers, where known:
Piece No.
1841H.O. 107 / 627
1861R.G. 9 / 2404
1871R.G. 10 / 3437 & 3438
1881R.G. 11 / 3290 & 3291
1891R.G. 12 / 2629 & 2630
1901R.G. 13 / 3108

Church History

  • There are two ecclesiastical parishes in the civil parish of Barton: St. Mary and St. Peter.
  • This section is now a separate web page having over 5MB of photographs. Click on Church History.

Church Records

  • We have a handful of entries in our St. Mary parish register extract file. Your additions are welcome.
  • The Family History Centre has: St. Peter, marriages 1837-1967, burials 1813-1930, on film. There are a few dates skipped.
  • The Lincolnshire FHS has published several marriage indexes and a burial index for the Yarborough Deanery to make your search easier.
  • This parish has, at times, been in the Wraggoe rural deanery of the Stow Archdeaconry.
  • The Catholic church, dedicated to St. Augustine, was erected in 1840 and could seat 90.
  • Alex MacGREGOR has a photograph of the Jehovah's Witness Hall on Geo-graph, taken in June, 2013.
  • The Baptists built a chapel here as early as 1663. The Wesleyan Methodists built one in 1840. There was a Primitive Methodist chapel, also, which was rebuilt in 1862. For information on researching this chapel, see our non-conformist religions page.
  • Check our Church Records page for county-wide resources.

Civil Registration

  • The parish was in the Barton sub-district of the Glanford Brigg Registration District.
  • Check our Civil Registration page for sources and background on Civil Registration which began in July, 1837.

Description & Travel

Barton is both a village, a town and a parish on the south edge of the River Humber, sitting 165 miles north of London, 10 miles northeast of Brigg and 20 miles northwest of Grimsby. Hull lies 6 miles northeast across the River Humber.

If you are planning a visit:

  • Take a Virtual Walk first at Barton's homepage.
  • By automobile, take the A15 trunk road north out of Barnetby le Wold or south out of Hessel in Yorkshire.
  • Train service came to Barton in March, 1849. There is still a direct route to Cleethorpe.
  • Visit our touring page for more sources.
You can see pictures of Barton on Humber which are provided by:





  • Barton was an ancient market town. Market day was Monday.
  • A hiring for servants was held on the Wednesday before May Day.
  • Barton had a coastguard station prior to 1882 through at least 1912.
  • The parish used to extract 35,000 tons of chalkstone annually.
  • The parish also contained a clay suitable for firing to create tiles and local pottery.
  • A Temperence Hall was built in 1843.
  • Barton was the terminus of a railway branch from New Holland.
  • A Police Station was built in 1847.
  • The Corn Exchange was built in 1851.
  • A Drapery business changed hands in 1862 and was recorded in an advertisement in the Hull Time.
  • The Oddfellows' Hall was built in Queen Street in 1866.
  • A Literary Institute was formed in 1868, but was not housed in a building until 1874.
  • Bernard SHARP has a photograph of the 18th century White Swan Hotel on Geo-graph, taken in April, 2017.


  • Bardney Hall is the Manor House.
  • Baysgarth Park was formerly the seat of the NELTHORPE family.


  • See our Maps page for additional resources.

You can see maps centred on OS grid reference TA034219 (Lat/Lon: 53.683335, -0.43589), Barton on Humber which are provided by:


Medical Records

  • The parish had the Tuberculosis Dispensary & Orthopaedic Clinic on Holy Dyke. I could find no reference to this place in 1913. There was no requirement for archiving patient records. Miss HINCH was the "health visitor" in 1930.

Military History

  • I Company of the 1st Lincoln Rifle Volunteers was established in 1859. They practiced shooting on the banks of the Humber River and had their drill hall in the old Corn Exchange building. Walter AUSTIN was the Captain in 1882; H. W. MEGGITT was the Lieut.; Wm. MERSOM was the drill instructor.
  • William MERSOM, above, was born in Oxfordshire.
  • In 1900, I Company of the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, still had a drill hall in the Market Place. Captain Harold STEPHENSON, commanding; Lieut. A. R. DOVE; Color-Sergt. John BANKS was the drill instructor.
  • In 1912, E Company of the 5th Territorial Force Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, had a drill hall on Butts Road. Captain H. G. WILSON, commanding; Color-Sergt. Arthur Edward GOODLEY was the drill instructor.
  • The War Memorial and the name plaques can be seen at the Cemeteries.

Military Records

From the Barton War Memorial, by John EMERSON (with additional notations). The webpage author has placed these in rough alphabetical order to make them easier to find:

Surname Given names Btn. Regt.Died CemeteryNotes
AdlardJohn K.7E. Yorks29 Mar 1918Bouzincourt Ridge Cem. 
AlcockHenry Dixon1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Memorial 
AllisonWilliam8Lincs12 Apr 1917Arras Mem. 
AlltoftJohn R.  29 Apr 1917 a
AndersonClifford W.  24 Oct 1918 b
ArkseyJoseph William7E. Yorks25 Aug 1918Fienvillers Brit. Cem. 
AtkinsonCharles1Lincs22 Jul 1917Duisans Brit. Cem. 
BalderstonFred9King's RRC9 Apr 1917Arras Mem. 
BarkerHerbert16Lancs Fusiliers1 Apr 1918Arras Mem. 
BarkerRobert1Dragoons13 May 1915Ypres - Menin Gate 
BarkerWilliam Coldstream Gds1 Sep 1914Villers Cotterets Forest 
BarleyJohn Edward HMW Blackwhale3 Jan 1918Chatham Naval Mem. 
BarleyWilliam Herbert1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Mem. 
BateThomas Henry HMS Hogue22 Sep 1914Chtham Naval Mem.c
BlytheWalter Ernest50Machine Gun Corps27 May 1918Soissons 
BoydJoseph  13 Nov 1916 b
BrownWalter12Royal Fusiliers22 Mar 1917Bully-Grenay Communal 
BurgessHarry8Lincs29 Sept 1915Loos Mem. 
BurgessLaurence10West Yorks1 Jul 1916Fricourt New Military 
CantJohn Morris16Sherwood Foresters22 Sep 1917Tyne Cot Mem. 
ChaferGeorge W.1/5Northumberland27 May 1918La Ville-Aux-Bois Brit. Cem. 
ChappellPercy  27 Oct 1916 b
ClapsonWilliam H.6Lincs16 Aug 1917New Irish Farm Cem. 
ClarkeJoseph Ellerby8Lancs13 Apr 1918Ploegsteert Mem. 
ClaytonHarry  13 Oct 1915 a
ClaytonPercy2Yorks Light Inf.1 Aug 1917Valenciennes Com. Cem. 
ClewlowThomas  23 Apr 1918 a
ClipsonGeorge1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Mem. 
ClipsonJames William71RFA16 Nov 1918Terlincthun Brit. Cem. 
ClipsonWilliam E.  21 Mar 1917 b
CookHerbert1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Mem. 
CooplandJohn William5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Mem. 
CoulamHarold10Lincs20 Sep 1917Jeancourt Communal Cem. 
CoulamHerbert9Sherwood Foresters8 Aug 1916Arras 
CoulamHerbert22Durham Light Inf.7 Apr 1918Poziers Mem. 
CoxCharles1Royal Lancs23 Oct 1916Thiepval Mem. 
CoxCharles  28 Sep 1918 b
CoxFrank11E. Yorks27 Jun 1916Mesnil-Martinsart 
CoxJohn Edward8Lincs26 Apr 1917Arras Mem. 
CoxWilfred H. M. North  2 Mar 1916 b
CredlandHarold HMS Doon17 Dec 1914South Shields (Harton) Cem. 
CurtisFred1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Memorial 
CurtisGeorge Henry HMS Victory23 Jan 1917Haslar Royal Navy Cem. 
DansonFrank11E, Yorks28 Jun 1918Aval Wood Military Cem. 
DentPercy6Yorks23 Mar 1917Varennes Military Cem. 
DeweyDonovan1Lincs22 Oct 1918Berlin South Western Cem. 
DeweyGeorge  29 Apr 1916 a
DickinsonHorace1/5Lincs3 Jul 1917Noeus-les-Mines Com. Cem. 
DinsdaleWalter1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Mem. 
DixonGeorge3Coldstream Grds20 Sep 1914Soupir Churchyard 
DoughtyFrederick2/5W. Yorks20 Jul 1918Soissons Mem. 
DoughtyHarry5Canadian Inf.15 Aug 1917Longueval, London Cem. 
ElmCharles H.2Lincs27 Oct 1918Niederzwehren Cem. 
EverittArthur E.1Sherwood Foresters25 Mar 1918Poziers 
FarmeryCharles Henry1/5Leics10 Jan 1917Bienvillers Mil. Cem. 
FieldGeorge1/5Lincs20 Apr 1917Arras 
FosterOswald12Glouchester10 Oct 1917Tyne Cot 
FranklinCharles58Machine Gun Corps24 Apr 1918Poziers 
FranklinEdward1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos Mem. 
FranklinHarry1/5Lincs2 Jul 1916Thiepval 
GadieFred5Lincs5 Jun 1917Metz-en-Couture Com. Cem. 
GeareyAlbert E.8Sherwood Foresters17 Oct 1918Fresnoy-le-Grand Com. Cem. 
GilfoyGeorge5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos 
GilfoyHarold1/5Lincs3 Apr 1916Arras 
GilfoyHerbert59Australian Inf.26 Jul 1916Calais Southern Cem. 
GloverArthur B.6E. Yorks21 Aug 1917No Man's Cot Cem. 
GodthorpeWilfred G.  20 Sep 1918 a
GoldthorpeCharles L.6Lincs28 Sep 1916Thiepval Mem. 
GoldthorpeGeorge F.  25 Sep 1915 a
GoldthorpeGeorge F.  14 May 1918 a
GoodsonGeorge E.11E. Yorks8 Nov 1917Arras 
GrassbyOliver7E. Yorks11 Oct 1918Montay-Neuvilly Road Cem. 
GreenAlfred  2 Jul 1915 b
GreenJohn William HMPMS "Jupiter II"23 May 1918Barton on Humber New Cem. 
GrimblebyErnest2/5W. Yorks20 Jul 1918Soissons Mem. 
HallCharles E.  29 Sep 1918 b
HardyErnest  9 Apr 1917 a
HareWilliam Ernest8E. Yorks13 Nov 1916Serre Road Cemetery 
HarroldGeorge Philmore10Yorks and Lancs1 Jul 1916Thiepval Mem. 
HavercroftErnest2Machine Gun Corps10 Jun 1918Doullens Communal Cem. 
HewittGerald64RFA27 Oct 1917Nine Elms Brit. Cem. 
HildyardAlbert L.  15 Apr 1918 a
HillErnest  10 Jul 1917 a
HillHarold1/8W. Yorks9 Oct 1917Tyne Cot 
HollandHerbert5Lincs10 Jan 1917Roughton Churchyard 
HoodlessFred11Northumberland Fus.21 Sep 1917Hodge Crater Cem. 
HopeSamuel Richard5Lincs23 May 1915Manchester Southern Cem. 
HowellHarry13E. Yorks16 May 1917St. Catharine Brit. Cem. 
HowsonWilliam A.1E. Yorks1 Jul 1916Thiepval Mem. 
HuntHarry9Ryl. Engineers13 Dec 1914Strand Mil. Cem. 
HuntJohn P.49Australian Inf.4 Oct 1917Wimereux Communal Cem. 
HuntReginald10E. Yorks29 Sep 1918Underhill Farm Cem. 
JubbJohn Thomas1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos 
JusticeHerbert J.Labour CorpsLincs10 May 1918Barton on Humber New Cem. 
KingSidney8Lincs29 Apr 1917Arras 
KirkJohn W.11E. Yorks27 Mar 1918Arras 
KirkTom HMW "Blackwhale"3 Jan 1918Chatham Naval Mem. 
LawteyRobert Wood7Ryl West Surrey10 Aug 1917Menin Gate Mem. 
LeamanWalter  14 Sep 1914 a
LingWilliam Regnald11E. Yorks3 May 1917Arras Mem. 
LongWilliam1/4E. Yorks2 Mar 1917Bray Mil. Cem. 
LyonHarold Norman20Northumberland Fus.25 Oct 1917Tyne Cot 
LyonLaurence Hellerby251RFA14 Aug 1917London Cem., Neuville-Vitasse 
MatthewsHerbert Lancelot HD Drifter "Ocean Star"26 Sep 1917Chatham Naval Mem, 
MillsWilliam H.  12 Sep 1916 a
MilsonArthur6Lincs8 Sep 1917Mont Huon Mil. Cem. 
MilsonHarold2/5West Riding6 Nov 1918Fontaine-au-Bois Communal 
MoorChristopher  6 Aug 1915 b
MumbyWilliam E.  17 Oct 1918 b
NewbownThomas E.7E. Yorks7 Nov 1916Thiepval 
NewbownWalter10W. Yorks23 Apr 1917Arras 
NewtonJames1/4E. Yorks14 Jul 1916Menin Gate 
NicholsonFred5Lincs3 Nov 1915Le Treport Mil. Cem. 
NorrisRobert1Lincs21 Mar 1918Poziers Mem. 
OldridgeArthur6Yorks20 Oct 1918Mendinghem Mil. Cem. 
OsgerbyJoseph2/5Lincs19 Feb 1918Mory Abbey Mil. Cem. 
OsgerbyJoseph  18 Mar 1918 a
OsgerbyThomas190RFA5 Oct 1917The Huts Cem. 
ParkerWalter13E. Yorks13 Nov 1916Thiepval Mem. 
ParksHarry2Lincs10 Mar 1915Le Touret Mem. 
PeckCharles Henry6Lincs7 Dec 1917Noeux-les-Mines Communal Cem. 
PeckHarold Grassby2/5Lincs26 Sep 1917Tyne Cot Mem. 
PickardHerbert1/5Lincs4 Jul 1917Calais Southernd
PickardRobert Herbert1/5Lincs26 Jun 1917Arras 
PickardWalter1/5Lincs19 Mar 1918Cambrin Mil. Cem. 
PlaskittCharles William7Lincs12 Oct 1917Tyne Cot Mem. 
ProctorGeorge  27 Oct 1917 d
ProctorThomas1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos 
RichardsonEdmund HM Trawler "Waltham"10 Oct 1917Chatham Naval Mem. 
RobinsonEdward1Lincs1 Nov 1914Menin Gate Mem. 
RobinsonEdwin7Lincs12 Jan 1917Thiepval 
RobinsonThomas J.  9 Nov 1916 a
SeddonHarry1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos 
SellarsArthur Herbert2/6South Staffs27 Apr 1917La Chapelette Brit. Cem., Perronne 
SmithFrederick6Lincs1 Oct 1915Helles Mem. 
SmithWalter W.1/5E. Yorks18 Aug 1916Thiepval Mem. 
SmithHerbert1/5Lincs20 Jul 1916Warlincourt Halte Brit. Cem. 
SobeyJames Walter7Lincs12 Oct 1917Tyne Cot 
SparksErnest2Ryl Warwicks13 May 1917Arras 
SpeareyFrederick William HMS "Cressy"22 Sep 1914Chatham Naval Mem. 
StowCharles William423Ryl. Engineers28 Sep 1917Tyne Cot 
StowFrederick G.7Lincs6 Oct 1918Terlingthun Brit. Cem. 
TaylorArthur8W. Yorks27 Sep 1918Orival WOod Cem. 
TaylorGeorge Robert M.S.295RFA30 Sep 1917Mendinghem Mil. Cem. 
TaylorGilbert  1 Jul 1916 b
ThompsonGeorge William1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos 
ThompsonJohn R.2/4Leics16 Apr 1918Bandighem Mil. Cem. 
ThompsonJohn Wm. Morwood HM Trawlwer "Yucca"24 May 1918Chatham Naval Mem. 
ToddHarry Rupert10E. Yorks14 Jan 1917Hull Western Cem. 
TonksGeorge Alexander1/5Lincs13 Oct 1915Loos 
WardJohn Wilkin HM Trawler "Epworth"22 May 1917Chatham Navel Mem.d
WeltonEdwin196Machine Gun Corps11 May 1918Conde-Sur-L'escaut Com. Cem. 
WeltonTom2/5W. Yorks20 Jul 1918Soissons 
WestArthur7Lincs18 Sep 1918Vis-en-Artois Mem. 
WestHorace7Yorks Light Inf.16 Aug 1917Tyne Cot 
WhitakerAlfred E.7Lincs12 Mar 1916Etaples Mil. Cem. 
WilesTheodore HMS "Invincible"31 May 1916Portsmouth Naval Mem.e
WilsonHerbert Alexander8Royal Fusiliers9 Apr 1917Gourock Trench Cem. 
WindleGeorge William8Lincs20 Apr 1917Arras 
WoodHarry2/5Lincs26 Sep 1917Tyne Cot 
WoodRichard Hammond2/5West Riding27 Nov 1917Etaples Mil. Cem. 
WoodWilliam G.  12 Apr 1918 b
WoodcockAlfred T.4E. Yorks4 Jun 1918Cologne Southern Cem. 
WrightFreeman12E. Yorks13 Nov 1916Euston Road Cem., COlincamps 

Key to Notes:

  1. Not found in CWGC database.
  2. Not enough info. to research.
  3. "Best guess" given available data.
  4. Date of death in CWGC database doesn't match original source.
  5. Battle of Jutland

World War 2:

To keep in lasting remembrance the Barton men & women, who in the 1939-1945 war, died that England might live. Their names are here recorded, and three new bells are placed in St. Mary's steeple.

Surname Given names Btn. Regt.Died CemeteryNotes
AdlardHarry1Northamptons15 Apr 1944Imphal War Cem. 
BarracloughLeonard Henry201RAF21 Aug 1941Runnymead Mem. 
BartonFred2Lincs Cambes-en-Plaine War Cem. 
BellHarold    b
BirksArthur1/7West Surrey29 Oct 1944Bergen-op-Zoom War Cem. 
BrooksDorothy Margaret London Aux. Amb. Svc.9 Sep 1940Holborn, Metropolitan Borough 
CammackLeonard Arthur5Grenadier Grds13 Jul 1944Foiano Della Chiana War Cem. 
ChantWilliam Edward3Coldstream Grds11 Sep 1943Salerno War Cem. 
ChaferCecil67Ryl. Artillery13 Aug 1944Barton New Cem. 
ChaferHarry Ryl. Army Service corps24 Dec 1942Barton New Cem. 
ChapmanGeorge Arthur HM Trawler "Tervani"7 Feb 1943Lowestoft Naval Mem. 
ClaytonRonald W.    a
CoddArchibaldNo. Irish HorseRyl Armoured Corps23 May 1944Cassino War Cem. 
CresseyLeslie G.156Ryl. Artillery23 Jan 1944Minturno War Cem. 
DruryJames Francis Cyril4Lincs4 Jul 1940Akureyri Cem. 
EayerRaymond    a
FranklinPercy122Ryl. Artillery21 Sep 1944Singapore Mem. 
FrenchEdith R.    a
FrenchTimothy James Carlile125RAF16 May 1942Malta Naval Cem. 
GoddardJames Walter106RAF Vol.22 Aug 1941Durnbach War Cem. 
GouldingHarold    b
GowshallJames Henry SS "Empire Sky"6 Nov 1942Tower Hill Mem 
GrimblebyClarence HMS "Dulverton"13 Nov 1943Chatham Naval Mem. 
HallHarry    b
HavertoftWalter    a
HewittDonald    b
HoughtonKenneth    b
HudsonRichard Taylor Anthony199RAF28 May 1943Reichswald Forest War Cem. 
KerridgeHerbert HMS "Hood"24 May 1941Portsmouth Naval Mem. 
KingFred    b
LaceyErnest A.55Ryl. Artillery16 Apr 1944Rangoon Mem. 
LakemanMaurice William282Ryl Artillery18 Sep 1940Gloucester Old Cem. 
LangleyJoseph Ryl. Army Svc. Corps16 Dec 1944Schoonselhof Cem. 
NewbittWilliam Ernest HMS "Delhi"16 Apr 1941King Tom, Freetown Cem. 
NowellGilbert Hugh HMS "Phoenix"21 Jul 1940Portsmouth Naval Mem. 
RowntreeHorace11Ryl. Horse Artillery29 May 1942Knightsbridge War Cem. 
SeddonAlbert Edward HMS "Penelope"18 Feb 1944Portsmouth Naval Mem, 
SmithAlfred    b
SnellingArchibald Reginald HMS "Harvester"11 Mar 1943Chatham Naval Mem. 
SpencerJack    b
StoreyArthur William Ryl. Armoured Corps16 Sep 1943Cassino Mem. 
ThompsonArthur    b
TowleWilfred HMS "Acheron"17 Dec 1940Portsmouth Naval Mem. 
WatkinRalph180RAF22 Jan 1943Runnymead 
WatsonJohn    b
WestJames7Royal Artillery18 Apr 1941Athens Mem. 
WindleEdmund Harold HMS "Bideford"27 Feb 1943Barton on Humber New Cemetery 

Key to Notes:

  1. Not found in CWGC database.
  2. Not enough info. to research.

One man who is missing from the memorial:

DonnerFrank Victor1st Btn.Lincs8 Dec 1916Barton on Humber 

He was the husband of Jennie Donner, of 19, Priestgate, Barton.


Names, Geographical

  • In the 1086 Domesday book, the village is given as Bereton.
  • Locals pronounce the name as Bartun on Umber.


  • The principal newspaper serving the town was the Hull and Lincolnshire Times, published on Saturdays.
  • The Barton Times, published on Fridays in Grimsby appears to have ceased publication before World War One.
  • See our Newspapers web page for more on local newspapers.

Politics & Government

  • Both St. Mary's parish and St. Peter's parish were ancient parishes in Lincoln county and became modern Civil Parishes when those were established.
  • On 25 March, 1887, the two parishes of St. Mary and St. Peter were amalgamated and to be known as Barton-upon-Humber.
  • The parish was in the north division of the ancient Yarborough Wapentake in the Glanford district in the parts of Lindsey.

Poor Houses, Poor Law

  • Bastardy cases would be heard in the Barton-on-Humber petty session hearings every other Monday at the police court.
  • The enclosure of the Common Lands took place here in 1803.
  • The Town Houses belonged to the poor since time immemorial. They were located at the Ferry.
  • The parish had a number of small charities which contributed to supporting the parish poor.
  • In 1669, Thomas HOLLAND left an almshouse for four poor widows.
  • In 1679, John TRIPP bequeathed some lands here and directed that the proceeds be distributed yearly as blue clothing among poor men and women. (A so-called "Blue Coat" charity.)
  • In 1701, Christopher BENTON left Chantry House in Barton as an almhouse for the poor, but it was converted into a workhouse in 1749. In 1878 it was sold and the profits applied toward various parish charities.
  • In 1729, Mrs. Magdalene GEORGE bequeathed some lands here and directed that the proceeds be distributed yearly as grey cloth among poor men and women.
  • In 1830, Mrs. Alice INGLE left the interest on £300 which was distributed monthly as bread.
  • After the Poor Law Amendment Act reforms of 1834, this parish became part of the Glanford Brigg Poor Law Union.
  • In 1861, J. Gilby UPPLEBY, of Leeds, left £200 for distribution amongst the poor householders.


Where only one figure is given, it is for the entire civil parish.

 YearSt. MarySt. Peter

Probate Records

Ros DUNNING provides a transcript of the will of LEVI, Isaac of Barton on Humber.



  • A National School (for boys, girls and infants) was built in 1844-45 in Queen Street and enlarged in 1879.
  • The Green School (for boys) was formerly the Grammar School.
  • The Infants School was built near the church in 1895-6.
  • The Wesleyan School, on Maltby Lane, was built in 1866. The school closed in 1915.
  • Bernard SHARP has a photograph of the Maltby Lane School on Geo-graph, taken in May, 2017.
  • The Catholic School was built in 1878 in Fleetgate.
  • St. Chad's School, on Waterside Road, opened in 1905.
  • For more on researching school records, see our Schools Research page.