Lawres Deanery



The name appears to derive from the Old English for "lark". In the 19th century, the Lawres Deanery, just north of the City of Lincoln, consisted of the following parishes:

The Lincolnshire Family History Society has published these indexes for this Deanery:

  • Lawres Deanery, Marriage Index, 1700 - 1753 on microfiche.
  • Lawres Deanery, Marriage Index, 1754 - 1812 booklet.
  • Lawres Deanery, Marriage Index, 1813 - 1837 booklet.
  • Lawres Deanery, Burial Index, 1813 - 1900 on microfiche.

To purchase these indexes, go to the Lincolnshire FHS. Indexes may be purchased by Credit Card.

The name of the deanery is given in some old records as Lawreso. This deanery was split into East and West Lawres deaneries about 1900 due to the population growth of the city of Lincoln and its surroundings.

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