• The parish was in the Alford sub-district of the Spilsby Registration District.
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  • The table below gives census piece numbers, where known:
Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 640
1851 H.O. 107 / 2110
1861 R.G. 9 / 2378
1871 R.G. 10 / 3397
1901 R.G. 13 / 3080

Church History

  • The Anglican parish church is dedicated to Saint Thomas of Canterbury (several sources refute this, claiming St. Peter).
  • This church was extensively repaired in 1844.
  • This church chancel was rebuilt in 1874.
  • This church was restored in 1903.
  • The church seats 300.
  • The Anglican parish church in Mumby Chapel is dedicated to Saint Leonard. Much of the land of the chapel has been lost to the sea. The first chapel here was washed into the sea in 1570, then again in 1750.
  • Mumby Chapel's chapel of ease is mentioned in "The Inquisitions of Henry VIII" in 1532.
  • There is a photograph of St. Thomas Church on the Wendy PARKINSON web site.
  • John READMAN has a photograph of St. Thomas Church on Geo-graph, taken in May, 2006.
  • Here is a photo of St. Thomas Church, taken by Ron COLE (who retains the copyright):



Church Records

  • The Anglican parish register for St. Thomas dates from 1573.
  • We have a partial parish register extract in a text file for your review. Your additions are welcome.
  • The Lincolnshire FHS has published several marriage indexes and a burial index for the Calcewaith and Candleshoe Deanery to make your search easier.
  • The Wesleyan Methodists built a chapel in Mumby in 1839.
  • The Primitive Methodists built a chapel in Mumby and another in Mumby Chapel. The Primitive Methodists built a new chapel in 1909. For more on these chapels and their records, check our Non-Conformist Church Records page.
  • Richard CROFT has a photograph of the Primitive Methodist Centenary Church on Geo-graph, taken in September, 2010.
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Civil Registration

  • The parish was in the Alford sub-district of the Spilsby Registration District.
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Description & Travel

This parish and village are only about 2 miles from the North Sea and 5 miles southeast of Alford. Anderby parish and town lies to the northeast, Huttoft parish to the north and Hogsthorpe parish to the south. The parish covers about 3,000 acres and includes the hamlets of Mumby Chapel, Elsey and Langham-Row.

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Historical Geography

You can see the administrative areas in which Mumby has been placed at times in the past. Select one to see a link to a map of that particular area.



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You can see maps centred on OS grid reference TF515743 (Lat/Lon: 53.244417, 0.268478), Mumby which are provided by:


Military History

  • Richard CROFT has a photograph of a WW2 Pillbox by Main Drain on Geo-graph, taken in September, 2010.
  • The Traces of War website notes that there is a Crash Memorial for 4 crewmembers of a Halifax BB216 which crashed in the parish in World War II.

Politics & Government

  • Mumby Chapel is a chapelry in the parish.
  • The parish was in the Marsh division of the ancient Calceworth Wapentake in the East Lindsey district in the parts of Lindsey.
  • In 1888, a detached portion of Mumby parish was transferred to Hogsthorpe parish.
  • You may contact the Mumby Parish Council regarding civic or political issues, but they are NOT funded to assist you with family history searches.
  • For today's district governance, see the East Lindsey District Council.

Poor Houses, Poor Law

  • Bastardy cases would be heard in the Alford petty session hearings on alternate Tuesdays.
  • The Common Land was enclosed here in 1804.
  • As a result of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act, the parish became part of the Spilsby Poor Law Union.
  • We have the transcript of a Settlement Certificate for Joshua Roberts in 1799.


Year Inhabitants
1801 461
1811 494
1821 582
1831 619
1841 786
1851 839
1871 762
1881 639
1891 576
1901 270
1971 277


  • A National School was purchased here around 1875 to hold 70 children.
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