Lincolnshire Poor Law Bastardy Cases 1842


From the Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury newspaper

Note: From Anne Cole: "Few Bastardy cases were reported in the newspapers until 1844 when a new Poor Law Act stated that all cases were to be initiated by the mother, who was to apply for an Order of Bastardy at her local Petty Sessions Court after the child had been born. Corroborative evidence was also to be provided. The following are taken from the Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury beginning in 1840. It will be seen that the number of cases being reported increases dramatically in 1844. I have not included details of the amounts to be paid by the putative fathers. The cases are usually to be found on pages two, three or four of the newspaper, in very small writing, with the Petty Sessions reports."

Dates in Bold are newspaper edition dates.
Entries in Italic are the locations and dates of the petty session hearings, where given.

25 February 1842

Boston Petty Sessions.
Mother: Mary Ann WARD, singlewoman of Boston. Putative father: Wm. GRAVES, boatman of Heckington.

20 May 1842

Boston Petty Sessions.
Mother: Sarah PATMAN, singlewoman. Putative father: Thos. MILLHOUSE, of Kirton Holme, laborer.

29 July 1842

Spilsby Sessions 25 July 1842.
Mother: Charlotte WINTER of Stickney. Putative father: Henry JOHNSON of Freiston.

19 August 1842

Spilsby Magistrates Office 8 August 1842.
Mother: Eliz BLAY of Stickney. Putative father: Andrew JACKSON of Bourne.

30 December 1842

Boston Petty Sessions 28 December 1842.
Mother: Ann GOODWIN, singlewoman. Putative father: Jas WARD of Algarkirk, labourer.

Thank you, Anne Cole, for the above.