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Help and advice for 1620 Puritans

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1620 Puritans

Provided by Rita EFFNERT:

  • John CARVER and Katherine, his wife.
  • Desire MINTER and two manservants, John HOWLAND, Roger WILDER.
  • William LATHAM, a boy.
  • A maidservant and a child that was put to John CARVER and called Jasper MORE.
  • William BREWSTER and Mary, his wife; their two sons, Love & Wrestring. A boy that was put to him called Richard MORE, and his sister Mary. The rest of the Brewsters' children were left behind but came later.
  • Edward WINSLOW and Elizabeth, his wife.
  • Two manservants called George SOULE and Elias STORY; also, a little girl was put to him called Ellen, the sister of Richard MORE.
  • William BRADFORD and his wife, Dorothy. The Bradfords had one son who remained behind but came on a later ship.
  • Isaac ALLERTON and his wife, Mary, and their three children, Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary. And a servant boy named John HOOKE.
  • Samuel FULLER and a servant called William BUTTON. Samuel Fuller's wife and their child came afterwards.
  • John CRACKSTONE and his son, John CRACKSTONE.
  • Captain Mile STANDISH and Rose, his wife.
  • Christopher MARTIN; his wife Marie and two servants, Solomon PROWER and John LANGMORE.
  • William MULLINS, his wife Alice, and their two children Joseph and Priscilla; as well as a servant Robert CARTER.
  • William WHITE and his wife Susanna, and their son, Resolved, and a son born aboard ship, called Peregrine. Also two servants named William HOLBECK and Edwarsd THOMPSON.
  • Stephen HOPKINS and Elizabeth, his wife, and their two children, Damaris and Oceanus; the latter was born a sea. Also Stephen HOPKINS' children from his first marriage, Giles and Constance. And two servants called Edward DOTY and Edward LESTER.
  • Richard WARREN. His wife and children were left behind but came later.
  • John BILLINGTON and his wife Elinor, and their two sons John and Francis.
  • Edward TILLEY and Ann, his wife, and two children that were their cousins, Henry SAMPSON and Humility COOPER.
  • John TILLEY and his wife Joan, and Elizabeth their daughter.
  • Francis COOKE and his son John. Francis Cooke's wife and other children came afterwards.
  • Thomas ROGERS and Joseph, his son; his other children came afterwards.
  • Thomas TINKER, his wife and son.
  • John RIGDALE and his wife Alice.
  • James CHILTON, his wife, and their daughter Mary. Their other daughter, who was married, came later.
  • Edward FULLER, his wife and Samuel their son.
  • John TURNER and two sons. He had a daughter who came some years later to Salem.
  • Francis EATON and Sarah, his wife, and Samuel their son, a young child.
  • Moses FLETCHER. His wife Sarah and his children remained in Holland.
  • Digory PRIEST. His wife, Sarah, and children stayed behind in Holland. Sarah, with the knowledge of her husband's death, married Godbert GODBERTSON. The family came to New Plymouth in 1625.
  • John GOODMAN.
  • Thomas WILLIAMS.
  • Edmund MARGESSON.
  • Peter BROWNE.
  • Richard BRITTERIDGE.
  • Richard CLARKE.
  • Richard GARDINER.
  • Gilbert WINSLOW.
  • John ALDEN was hired as a cooper at Southampton where the ship was supplied. Left to his own liking to go or stay, he decided to stay and married in New Plymouth.
  • John ALLERTON and Thomas ENGLISH were both hired. The latter to master a shallop in the new colony; the other was reputed as one of the company but was to go back (being a seaman) for the help of others behind. However, they both died before the ship returned.
  • There were also two other seamen hired to stay a year in the colony. William TREVOR and one ELY, but when their time was out they both returned to England.

Details of various households in the Pilgrim village

  • The Household of Myles and Barbara STANDISH: Veteran soldier, Captain Myles Standish is the Colony's military commander. He married Barbara after arrival in 1623.
  • The Household of Edward and Susanna WINSLOW: Edward Winslow has made several journeys amongst the Native people. His marriage to Susanna White was the first in New Plymouth.
  • The Household of John and Priscilla ALDEN: John Alden served as a cooper (barrelmaker) on Mayflower. He married Mayflower passenger Priscilla Mullins.
  • The Household of Francis and Hester COOKE: Francis Cooke arrived on Mayflower with his son John. Hester, a Walloon (Belgian) Protestant, followed in 1623 with the rest of the family.
  • The Household of Isaac and Fear ALLERTON: Isaac Allerton is the agent for the Plymouth colonists during the 1627 negotiations with the financial backers of the colony. Fear is his second wife.
  • The Household of John and Helen BILLINGTON: The Billington family, including sons John and Francis, arrived on Mayflower in 1620.
  • The Household of William and Alice BRADFORD: William Bradford is the Governor of the colony. Wampanoag sachem (leader) Massasoit attended Bradford's marriage to Alice Southworth in 1623.
  • The Household of William BREWSTER: William Brewster holds the office of Ruling Elder in the Church. His wife Mary died here in April 1627.
  • The Household of Stephen and Elizabeth HOPKINS: Stephen Hopkins is the only Plymouth colonist who had been to America before - Virginia in 1609. The Hopkins family came on Mayflower in 1620.
  • The Household of Peter and Martha BROWNE: Peter Browne arrived on Mayflower. In New Plymouth, he married Martha Ford, one of two women who arrived on Fortune in 1621.
  • The Household of John and Elizabeth HOWLAND: John Howland was a servant of the colony's first governor. He is married to fellow Mayflower passenger Elizabeth Tilley.
  • The Household of Samuel and Bridget FULLER: Samuel Fuller, a deacon in the church in Leiden and New Plymouth, is surgeon to the colony. Bridget joined him in 1623.
  • The Household of Robert and Margaret HICKS: Robert HICKS arrived on the Fortune in 1621, the rest of his family followed in the summer of 1623.

For more information, visit the Plymouth Colony website.


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