City of London Wards and their Parishes

"The City of London (also known simply as "the City") is divided into 25 wards. The City is the historic core of the much wider metropolis of Greater London, with an ancient and sui generis form of local government, which avoided the many local government reforms elsewhere in the country in the 19th and 20th centuries. . . The wards are a survival of the medieval governmental system that allowed very small areas to exist as self-governing units within the wider city. They are both electoral/political sub-divisions and permanent ceremonial, geographic and administrative entities within the City. They had their boundaries changed in 2003, and to a lesser extent in 2013, though the number of wards and their names did not change. . . The wards are ancient and their number has only changed three times since their creation in time immemorial . Their number was stated as 24 in the year 1206. In 1394 Farringdon was divided into Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. In 1550 the ward of Bridge Without was created south of the river, with the ward of Bridge becoming Bridge Within. These two wards were merged in 1978, into the present-day Bridge ward. Thus the number of wards was 24 prior to 1394, 25 from 1394 to 1550, then 26 from 1550 to 1978, and has been 25 since 1978." [Wikipedia, 14 November 2016]

Aldersgate Ward
            St Anne and St Agnes Aldersgate
  St Botolph without Aldersgate
  St John Zachary
  St Leonard Foster-lane
  St Mary Staining
  St Olave Silver-street

Aldgate Ward
  St Andrew Undershaft
  St James Dukes-place
  St Katherine Coleman
  St Katherine Cree-Church

Aldgate Ward
  St Michael Bassishaw

Billingsgate Ward
  St Andrew Hubbard
  St Botolph Billingsgate
  St George Botolph-lane
  St Margaret Pattens
  St Mary at Hill

Bishopsgate Ward
  St Botolph without Bishopsgate
  St Ethelburga
  St Helen Bishopsgate

Bread Street Ward
  All Hallows Bread-street
  St John the Evangelist
  St Margaret Moses
  St Mildred Bread-street

Bridge and Bridge Without Ward
  St Benet Gracechurch-street
  St Leonard Eastcheap
  St Magnus the Martyr
  St Margaret New Fish-street

Broad Street Ward
  All Hallows London Wall
  St Bartholomew by the Royal Exchange
  St Benet Fink
  St Christopher-le-Stock
  St Martin Outwich
  St Peter le Poer Bread-street

Candlewick Ward
  St Clement East-Cheap
  St Lawrence Pountney
  St Martin Orgars
  St Mary Abchurch
  St Michael Crooked-lane

Castle Baynard Ward
  St Andrew by the Wardrobe
  St Benet Pauls Wharf
  St Gregory by St Paul
  St Mary Magdalen Old Fish-street

Cheap Ward
  All Hallows Honey-lane
  St Benet Sherehog
  St Lawrence Jewry
  St Martin Pomroy
  St Mary Colechurch
  St Mildred Poultry
  St Pancras Soper-lane

Coleman Street Ward
  St Margaret Lothbury
  St Olave Old Jewry
  St Stephen Coleman-street

Cordwainer Ward
  St Antholin
  St Mary Aldermary
  St Mary le Bow

Cornhill Ward
  St Michael Cornhill
  St Peter Cornhill

Cripplegate Ward
  Lamb Chapel
  St Alban Wood-street
  St Alphage Sion College
  St Giles without Cripplegate
  St Mary Aldermanbury
  St Mary Magdalen Milk-street
  St Michael Wood-street

Dowgate Ward
  All Hallows the Great
  All Hallows the Less

Farringdon Within Ward
  Christchurch Newgate-Street
  St Anne Blackfriars
  St Augustine Watling-street
  St Faith the Virgin
  St Martin Ludgate
  St Matthew Friday-street
  St Michael le Quern
  St Paul's Cathedral
  St Peter West-Cheap
  St Vedast Foster-lane

Farringdon Without Ward
  Barnard's Inn
  Furnival's Inn
  Precinct of Bridewell
  Precinct of St Whitefriars
  Serjeant's Inn
  St Andrew Holborn
  Staple Inn
  St Bartholomew the Great
  St Bartholomew the Less
  St Bride
  St Dunstan in the West
  St Sepulchre
  Thavie's Inn
  The Temple

Langbourn Ward
  All Hallows Lombard-street
  All Hallows Staining
  St Dionis Backchurch
  St Edmund the King
  St Gabriel Fenchurch-street
  St Mary Woolnoth
  St Nicholas Acons

Lime Street Ward

Portsoken Ward

  Holy Trinity Minories
  St Botolph without Aldgate

Queenhithe Ward
  Holy Trinity-the-Less
  St Mary Mounthaw
  St Mary Somerset
  St Michael Queenhithe
  St Nicholas Cole Abbey
  St Nicholas Olave
  St Peter near Pauls Wharf

Tower Ward
  All Hallows Barking
  St Dunstan in the East
  St Olave Hart Street

Vintry Ward
  St James Garlick-Hythe
  St Martin Vintry
  St Michael Paternoster Royal
  St Thomas Apostle

Walbrook Ward
  St John the Baptist Walbrook
  St Mary Bothaw
  St Mary Woolchurch-Haw
  St Stephen Walbrook
  St Swithin London Stone