Use of 1868 Gazetteer in GENUKI Middlesex pages


The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - 1868

Under "Description and Travel" on most of the GENUKI Middlesex parish pages there is a description taken from an 1868 Gazetteer. This is "The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland", 1868, originally publlished by Virtue & Co., London. Colin Hinson, who maintains the GENUKI pages for Yorkshire, has scanned a copy of the three volumes. He has turned it into text by Optical Character Recognition, and written software which extracts the text for each place so it is placed in a database and can be extracted by county. His software also builds a web page in GENUKI format for each parish, putting on it the description of the parish and descriptions of smaller places within the parish. For places with long descriptions, it arranges that a short introductory section can be placed on the main parish page, with the remainder of the text on a subsidiary page. It also builds a webpage listing the parishes, and a web page listing all places with entries in that county.

The facsimile of the books is available on 2 CDROMs for sale from Colin Hinson. See Ordering the National Gazetteer CDROMs

Conditions of Use

Extracts from the books published on GENUKI web pages are intended for personal use only, so please respect the conditions of use.

Additions to text on GENUKI Middlesex pages

In adding the texts to GENUKI Middlesex pages, each place has been identified on modern or historical maps, and the Ordnance Survey Grid Reference has been added to each parish page and smaller place. Colin Hinson's software interfaces with the Genuki gazetteer, to provide information for the links to nearby places at the top of each parish page.

In many cases the name of a historical place no longer appears on modern maps. A note to indicate a nearby place has been added in square brackets at the end of the text describing the place. In some cases this indicates that the place name no longer appears as a locality, but does appear in the name of a nearby street.

Inevitably there are some mis-prints in these texts. Some are in the original books, others have appeared during the Optical Character Recognition process. We hope most of them have been removed by spell checking and by inspection during the preparation of the web pages. Inevitably some remain; please use the link at the bottom of this page to advise us of any you notice. The names of parishes as used for the titles of web pages have been changed to modern forms where necessary, but the older spelling remains as an alternative.