Outline map of parishes of Islington, Middlesex in 1903


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1- St Andrew, Hornsey Lane
2- St Stephen, Upper Holloway
3- St Mary the Less, Hornsey Rise
4- St Saviour, Tollington Park
5- St Peter, Highgate Hill
6- St John, Upper Holloway
7- St Paul, Upper Holloway
8- St Mark, Tollington Park
9- St Anne, Holloway
10 St Thomas, Finsbury Park
11 All Saints, Upper Holloway
12 St George, Tufnell Park
13 Emmanuel, Hornsey Road
14 St Barnabas, Holloway
15 Christ Church, Highbury
16 St John, Highbury Vale
17 St Augustine, Highbury
18 St Luke, West Holloway
19 St James, Holloway
20 St Mary Magdelen, Holloway Road
21 St Saviour, Aberdeen Park
22 St Matthias, Caledonian Road
23 St David, West Holloway
24 St Clement, Barnsbury
25 St Paul, Balls Pond
26 St Jude, Mildmay Park
27 St Michael, Caledonian Road
28 St Andrew, Thornhill Square
29 St Thomas, Barnsbury
30 Holy Trinity, Cloudesley Square
31 St Mary, Upper Street
32 part of St Mary
33 St Stephen, Canonbury Road
34 St Matthew, Essex Road
35 St John the Baptist, Cleveland Road
36 St Bartholomew, Shepperton Road
37 All Saints, Caledonian Road
38 St Silas, Pentonville
39 St Peter, St Peter Street
40 St James the Apostle, Prebend Squ.
41 St Philip, Arlington Square

Parish boundaries traced from "A map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London, 1903" published by Edward Stanford of London, reprinted as a facsimile by the London Topographical Society. List from that map is of parishes within the rural deanery of Islington in 1903; they were all sub-divisions of the historic parish of St Mary, Islington. They were in the Archdeaconry of London, and Diocese of London. We have a list of other deaneries.

Map and list by David Hawgood. ©2003, page modified 17 Dec 2003