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Help and advice for Cholera Inquiry Commission 1854

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Cholera Inquiry Commission 1854

On 31st December 1853 a commission was established to inquire "into the causes which have led to, or have aggravated, the late outbreak of Cholera in the towns of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead and Tynemouth." And on 15th July 1854 the commission presented its report.

For convenience the report is presented here in 4 parts:-

The report relating to Gateshead is accompanied by a map which shows, by means of black dots, the locations of all Cholera deaths in the town.

The map is large so it is made available in eight overlapping sections - just select a thumbnail below to access the corresponding section of the map at a scale of about 60% of the original.

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A full size scan of part of the map showing the area around High Street and West Street is also avalable - but please note that this is a large file (377 Kb). This map is very useful in its own right as it names many of the courts, yards, lanes and buildings which feature in the 1851 census and which would otherwise be very difficult to locate.