Earsdon Parish


Surnames, Occupations & Immigration 1813

From an unpublished 1905 transcript of the Earsdon registers by H.M. Wood, held in the Local Studies collection of the Newcastle City Library, call #L929-3 E12

According to Wood's transcript, there were a total of 123 baptisms in Earsdon parish, in 1813. There follows an index to the surnames of the parents, including the maiden names of the mothers.

Adams Allen Armstrong Bately Beal Bell Bertram Black Boure Boyd Brewis Brocket Brotherick Brown Bruce Byers Carnaby Carr Charlton Clasper Cleugh Coldwell Coleman Collingwood Cook Cooper Coulson Cowans Cowell Crawford Dakres Damahoy Dawson Dees Detchon Dixon Dobson Dodds Drummond Dunn Elliott Elsdon Embleton Emerson Emery Falens Fawcus Fenwick Fergusson Forster Fortune Fotherick Fountains Gibson Gledstone Gowland Grant Gray Green Grey Hall Harper Hedley Hempseed Henderson Hepple Herron Hindmarsh Hornsby Hunter Jackson Johnson Kell Lamb Laws Lawson Learmouth Lee Lodge Long Mafflin Maggleshaw Manners Matthewson Matthwin Mattison McKenzie Mills Minim Mitchell Moor Morrison Murton Mustard Newman Nicholson Ochaltrie Ogle Ord Oxen Patterson Pearson Pettigrew Poad Potts Pringle Ramsay Ranney Reay Redhead Reed Richardson Riddle Robinson Robison Robson Rutter Sadler Sample Sanderson Scurfield Shanks Short Simpson Skeill Slater Smith Smoult Softly Stephenson Stobbs Swann Tate Taylor Telford Thompson Tully Wallace Wardell Watson Weatherburn Weightman Wheatley Wilkinson Wilson Wood Wright Yarrow Young

In the register, the occupation of the father is also noted, as well as the mother's status, if the child is illegitimate. Here is a complete list of the descriptions given, with the numbers of individuals in each category.

Description Number Description Number
Seaman 17 Pitman 14
Labourer 13 Master mariner 9
Husbandman 6 Glassmaker 5
Farmer 5 Shipwright 5
Single woman 5 Tailor 3
Joiner 3 Weaver 2
Baker 2 Butcher 2
Banksman 2 Shoemaker 1
Sinker 1 Ship's carpenter 1
Tallow Chandler 1 Mariner 1
Glazier & Painter 1 Stone-cutter 1
Widow 1 Butler 1
Tide Surveyor 1 Agent 1
Gardener 1 Mason 1
Engine Wright 1 Hair Dresser 1
Soldier 1 Clock & Watchmaker 1
Trimmer 1 Shop-keeper 1
Pilot 1 Corf-maker 1
Blacksmith 1 Rope-maker 1

In the transcript, the parish of origin of both parents is also given, allowing some analysis of immigration trends, although the smallness of the sample must be taken into account. Here is a complete list, showing the numbers born in each parish. The counties and countries are abbreviated, using the standard Chapman codes.

Place Number County/country Place Number County/country
Allendale 2 NBL Alnmouth 1 NBL
Alnwick 2 NBL Ayton 1 DUR
Bamburgh 1 NBL Barmoor 1 NBL
Bedlington 8 NBL Benwell 1 NBL
Berwick-on-Tweed 1 NBL Bolam 1 DUR
Bothall 3 NBL Brampton 1 -
Brancaster 1 NFK Bywell St.Peter 1 NBL
Cambois 1 NBL Carham 1 NBL
Chester-le-Street 2 DUR Chillingham 1 NBL
Chollerton 2 NBL Corbridge 1 NBL
Earsdon 79 NBL Edinburgh 1 SCT
Eglingham 1 NBL Elford 1 NBL
Elsdon 1 NBL Embleton 2 NBL
Eyemouth 1 SCT Gateshead 2 DUR
Gosforth 3 NBL Hammersmith 1 MDX
Hartburn 5 NBL Hebron 1 NBL
Heddon-on-the-Wall 2 NBL Heworth 3 DUR
Horsley 1 DBY Horton 3 NBL
Howick 1 NBL Leith 1 SCT
Lilburn Tower 1 NBL London 1 LND
1 LND London
Longbenton 4 NBL Longframlington 1 NBL
Lynn 1 NFK Mitford 1 NBL
Morpeth 4 NBL Nethwerwitton 1 NBL
Newburn 7 NBL Newcastle
(All Saints)
2 NBL North Shields 6 NBL
Ovingham 1 NBL Ponteland 4 NBL
Rothbury 2 NBL Ryton 1 DUR
Shilbottle 2 NBL Simonburn 2 NBL
South Shields 1 DUR St John Lee 1 NBL
Stamfordham 6 NBL Stannington 5 NBL
Sunderland 1 DUR Sussex 1 SSX
Tanfield 1 DUR Thornhill 1 YKS
Tweedmouth 2 NBL Tynemouth 6 NBL
Warkworth 3 NBL Washington 1 DUR
Whickham 2 DUR Woodhorn 6 NBL
Wooler 2 NBL      

Of the 147 immigrants, 33% were baptised within a 15-mile radius of Earsdon, but the majority (39%) came from between 15 and 30 miles. After that, there is a dramatic fall-off in numbers, although a pattern can still be discerned. 20% of those baptised more than 30 miles from Earsdon came from other parts of Northumberland and Durham. The most distant immigrants come from four specific areas east of the Pennines, three of which were linked by the coastal shipping trade out of Seaton Sluice.

  1. Edinburgh/Borders
  2. London/Home Counties
  3. North Norfolk
  4. Yorkshire/Midlands



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